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This is the prompting post!

Prompts can be from any fandom. Please read the rules first.

When leaving prompts, please leave them in the following form: Fandom, characters, prompt. 

Crossovers should be left in the following form: Crossover, fandom a/fandom b, characters, prompt. (please put fandoms in alphabetical order)

RPF prompts should be left in the following form: RPF, fandom(s), characters, prompt.

You can leave as many prompts per comment as you like and as many prompts in one comment as you like! You do not have to plan to claim prompts in order to post prompts and posting prompts does not mean you have to participate in the claiming round. If you wish to recycle prompts from previous rounds of queer_fest or lgbtfest, you are welcome to do so.

Any questions/concerns about prompts should go to the rules post or via pm to the mod account. The rules post has been set to screen all comments to preserve privacy. If it's just a general question and not a problem with a prompt, it will be unscreened. Please contact us if you have a problem.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Comics fandoms: When prompts are compiled for claiming, all Marvel comics will be grouped together by universe - i.e., Marvel 616 or Marvel Ultimates, including the X-Men. The same is true for the DC Comics universe. Movies will be grouped together as well. The Avengers movies will be grouped together, but the X-Men and Spider-Man movies will be listed separately because they are not the same 'verse. Likewise, the Nolan Batman movies and Superman movies will be listed separately from the comics and from each other.  So if you want to keep that in mind when you are prompting, that's great! If you don't, that's fine, too, and we'll take care of it during the compiling period.
  • Agents of SHIELD will be listed under Agents of SHIELD, not the MCU.

Happy Prompting! Don't forget to read the rules! Prompting ends on March 29.

Prompting for 2014 Queer Fest is now closed.

recycling old prompts part ii

Date: 2014-03-15 10:57 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Harry Potter, any characters, Character A wants to know why Character B needs to make such a fuss about coming out. After all Character A doesn't blather on and on about being straight. Character B responds by casting a spell on A that makes A go silent (or still) and time they are about to use words (or actions) to comment on aspects of their own straightness. Could be played for laughs if you want.

Harry Potter, any characters, Every morning, he wakes up with another memory missing. He doesn't notice it's happening at first, but then the big ones start to go and soon he doesn't recognize the man he's living with anymore. It's definitely a curse, but very few think it's a hate crime, even though it seems the only memories the curse takes include the man everyone tells him he's in love with.

Harry Potter, any characters, The Hogs Head pub may not be scenic, but it's always been discreet.

Harry Potter, Any Hufflepuff (OC), asking the hat to go into Hufflepuff because they know they're different and that they'll find acceptance there, even if they can't count on it from their Muggle family. (prompter doesn't object to canon characters, but really loves OCs for this)

Harry Potter, any older character, watching as the Muggle world changes in its regard to LGBT issues (from illegality to civil partnerships) while the wizarding world stays stuck in 'don't ask, don't tell' mode.

Harry Potter, any or original characters, Dumbledore's Army was such a rousing success that some students decide an LGBT support network in Hogwarts would also be a good idea.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley and Viktor Krum. Viktor meets Charlie Weasley at Fleur's wedding and realizes why he smells brimstone and burn ointment when he makes the amortensia potion.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, being gay on the dragon reserve was easy. Being gay back in the UK proves to be harder, especially since he hasn't told his mum yet.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, Charlie didn't go to Romania to get away from his family, but the distance has made it a lot easier to avoid explaining his love life to them. Lately, though, he's started to think about coming home - and coming out

Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Dean is happy to find out wizards don't care about the colour of his skin and horrified to find out how much other bigotry exists instead.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron seemed to judge her for dating boys, so Ginny is a bit worried about telling her brother that she'd have actually liked to date a few girls as well.

Harry Potter, Lee Jordan & Fred and George Weasley, Lee's had the twins' help hiding that he was born female, but now puberty's hit and he can't hide it as easily. The twins come up with a way to keep his secret. (FtM Lee)

Harry Potter, Percy/Oliver, Percy dances with Oliver at Ginny's wedding so he doesn't have to do the whole coming out speech. He's worried about his brothers' reactions but Molly is the most upset because he didn't trust her enough to confide in her.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie, Aunt Agatha gives Bertie a choice, Marry by the end of the year, or be subjected to Sir Roderick's "cure for sodmites"

Jeeves and Wooster, Bertie Wooster, Honoria confesses that the reason she wants to marry Bertie is she thinks he's gay like she is. Bertie had never even considered the idea before. Now that he's faced with it, how does he deal with coming out to himself?

Marvel (any verse), Steve Rogers, Thanks to his close relationship with Bucky Barnes, there have always been rumors about Captain America's sexuality. In the 21st century, bisexual Steve meets someone whose life was positively impacted by having him as a queer role model.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/any, his boyfriend's attempts to read up on Steve's time period are sweet, really. But Steve wishes that people in the 21st century would realize that what historians have captured of queer culture in the 1930s and 1940s is an incomplete picture and does not reflect the queer culture of everyone who lived then - including Steve.

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, Tony is bisexual but has never been open about it due to his father's homophobia, which caused a lot of abuse when Howard suspected something was going on between Tony and Tiberius Stone. Tony struggles through adolescence and adulthood, trying to keep one side of his sexuality hidden and fight the feelings he has for some of the men in his life.

Marvel Movies (Avengers movie verse), assorted characters, the clash between Thor's classical Norse views, Captain America's forties values, and the modern world's values--and how that affects the LGBT members of the team

MCU; any SHIELD agent; traditionally, not straight agents were barred from the highest security clearances. But SHIELD has always circuited the rules, and outright broken them, when they saw fit.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers, Steve watches a lot of news and he knows this whole "we're fine with queer people" stuff isn't exactly true so he'd like it if people would quit acting like it was just his time period that was awful.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Tony is outed as Bi-sexual by one of his exes (Tiberius Stone is my personal choice, but I'm happy to hear others) how does it change the way people view Iron Man?

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, Tony stopped trying to live up to his father’s expectations years ago. He’s rich, he’s a genius and he’ll do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Except men. But that doesn't count. Because he doesn't want to. And because it's a Bad Idea. And because… yeah, okay, maybe he does have just a few residual issues there.

Marvel Movies (Captain America), Steve Rogers and the Avengers, Fury doesn't want any trouble with public relations so he holds a sensitivity training seminar for the Avengers. Many were expecting Steve to not take some parts well, they were surprised

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), James Rhodes(/Tony Stark), Rhodey lived under DADT for half his life. Rhodey has been friends with Tony for half his life. All the public womanizing that comes along with being Tony's friend also makes Tony a safe person to crush on... until the repeal, when Rhodey can finally do something about it. How does Rhodey navigate finally being able to be honest about how he feels? How DOES he feel? Gen, slash, or unrequited. Tony/Pepper welcome.

MCU; James "Rhodey" Rhodes; the habits of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" are hard to shake.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, Pepper tries to keep it secret when she starts dating a woman, because she's sure that Tony's reaction will be crude and offensive.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Tony Stark, The paparazzi follow him everywhere and he has an image to keep up, even if Pepper promises no one will find out that he didn't bring home a woman this time.

Marvel Movies, Tony Stark, "I've slept with women while I was blind drunk too, but you don't see that explained away as a drunken binge"

NCIS, any character/any character or OC, trying to be in the closet at work and somewhat open outside

NCIS, Jimmy Palmer, After Agent Lee is killed after being discovered as the mole, Jimmy goes the cliche route of swearing off women. He also goes the non-cliche route of drowning his sorrows in gay clubs, where he surprisingly gets hit on quite a lot - which makes him think.

NCIS, Sarah McGee and team Gibbs, Sarah gets gay-bashed for dating a female Marine.

Psych, Henry Spencer, it's hard to tell your kid you're finally dating again. Some time later, Henry discovers it's even harder to tell your kid you're dating a guy.

Psych, Lassiter, Internalized homophobia

Psych, Lassiter/OMC, he's always done his very best to crush that part of him, but [OMC] makes everything so much more confusing

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert". Stephen's freshly back from an invigorating two-week vacation...at an ex-gay treatment center.

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper, despite everything, one of the reasons why she cares for Sherlock so much is that he's always treated her as female, even when she rarely passed for it.

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper/Gregory Lestrade, they are both one another's last, desperate attempt at keeping up the fascade of straightness, and perhaps they both know it.

Star Trek (any era), Any human character, Most people on Earth don't see the point in identifying as a sexual orientation anymore, since the gender of one's partners is socially irrelevant. What might make a character still choose to embrace an lesbian/gay/bisexual identity

Star Trek (any series), any character or pairing, Trek's history diverges from our history right around when the gay rights movement was gaining steam. Instead of progress, the Eugenics Wars and World War III pushed social change to the backburner. As a result, the gay rights movement, far from being finished, is only in its middle stages by the 2200s. What is it like to be a citizen in a galaxy where people from different planets get along famously, but your own species still is hesitant about accepting your sexuality? (bonus points if the alien species commonly seen (Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Andorians) are more accepting than humans

Star Trek (any series), any character, It's pretty much impossible to keep secrets when you're surrounded by Betazoids.

Star Trek (any version), any characters, Starfleet is military, right? But surely by 2255 DADT is gone. ...Right?

Star Trek, TNG, Wesley Crusher, Wesley comes out. Everyone deals with it differently

Star Trek: The Original Series, any character or pairing, Trek's history diverges from our history right around when the gay rights movement was gaining steam. Instead of progress, the Eugenics Wars and World War III pushed social change to the backburner. As a result, the gay rights movement, far from being finished, is only in its middle stages by the 2200s. What is it like to be a citizen in a galaxy where people from different planets get along famously, but your own species still is hesitant about accepting your sexuality?

Star Trek TOS or XI, Kirk, no one cared when he slept with the female aliens.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Chapel/McCoy, Chapel passed as female, until that one time she was alone with McCoy in the sickbay.

Star Trek: The Original Series, James Kirk, During 'The Naked Time' Spock went after Chapel, Sulu rescued 'damsels', and Jim...didn't flirt with any women, despite that being his modus operandi when 'sober'. Why?

Star Trek: The Original Series, Leonard McCoy, In the human worlds of the Federation, homosexuality and bisexuality are supposed to be diagnosed and cured in adolescence. McCoy hid his orientation and went untreated. Now he wonders if there are others like him.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Nyota Uhura as a MtF lady who has never felt the need to get SRS.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, During a discussion about various species' attitudes toward sexualities the lecturer states that Vulcans would view homosexuality as illogical. Spock corrects this assumption with a lecture of his own on the subject of IDIC.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, Early in Season One, McCoy practically outed Spock as gay (by saying his body chemistry prevents him from being sexually interested in a beautiful woman, when nothing we know about Vulcans would imply that it's because of his species/race). How does Spock cope with the cultural expectations of Pon Farr when he knows he's gay? Bonus points for including how McCoy knows he's gay

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, Humans assume that Vulcans disapprove of homosexuality. It's more complicated than that.

Star Trek: The Original Series, T'Pring, the reason she called challenge on Spock is that *she's* gay, and *female* homosexuality is taboo on Vulcan because it removes women from the available pool for men in a species where men will die without a monogamous life partner and most men are straight. Stonn could be a transman, a pre-transition transwoman, or just a friend she's using as cover.

Star Trek: The Original Series, T'Pring, Vulcan culture never envisioned a situation where a woman could be mind-bonded to a man but could also be attracted to and desire to marry the sister of her male best friend. All T'Pring knows is that she, the woman she loves and her girlfriend's brother Stonn are in a situation not covered by tradition, protocol or logic, and there seems to be no way out.

Star Trek: TOS : Kirk/Spock, In the novelisation of The Motion Picture, Kirk states that he finds his best [sexual] gratification with women. What does this mean for his relationship with Spock?

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, Kirk speaks publicly about being both the savior of Earth and a positive role-model for queer members of the Federation everywhere.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, One of the conditions by which Kirk received command of the Enterprise was that he act as the Federation's poster boy. Theoretically homophobia is gone, but the Admiralty is still keen that Jim represent the 'best' of Humanity: that he be young, white, male, cisgendered...and straight. Now, Kirk has to choose between being true to his queer identity and his first, best destiny.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Kirk/Spock, Spock, like all Vulcans, is asexual outside of pon farr, but is in love with Kirk. Kirk is straight, but is in love with Spock. Together, they make a pretty happy non-sexual couple. But what happens when pon farr comes along, and Spock finds himself drawn towards his mate?

The West Wing, Josh Lyman/OMC, Josh isn't homophobic, but he's definitely straight. Definitely, absolutely, no question about it. So there's no way he could be falling for a man. And if his friends think they notice a change in him, they're definitely, definitely wrong. …Right?

Torchwood, Jack Harkness and/or John Hart, They both had very good reasons to run to the semi-outlaw Time Agency and leave their own time and planets behind them.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack's life among the rentboys and ruffs of nineteenth-century Cardiff, as client, co-worker or fellow-traveler

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, the experience of Jack and other queer soldiers in WW2 (or WW1, or both).

Torchwood, Jack, One (or five) times he encountered homophobia.

Torchwood, Mickey Smith, Mickey had to get stuck in a parallel universe to accept being bisexual; how will he react when stuck in the casual everyone-shags-everyone atmosphere of Torchwood: Cardiff?

Torchwood: Miracle Day, Angelo, AU where Angelo remained Jack's 'companion.' How does he reconcile his faith and his love for Jack?


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