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This is the prompting post!

Prompts can be from any fandom. Please read the rules first.

When leaving prompts, please leave them in the following form: Fandom, characters, prompt. 

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RPF prompts should be left in the following form: RPF, fandom(s), characters, prompt.

You can leave as many prompts per comment as you like and as many prompts in one comment as you like! You do not have to plan to claim prompts in order to post prompts and posting prompts does not mean you have to participate in the claiming round. If you wish to recycle prompts from previous rounds of queer_fest or lgbtfest, you are welcome to do so.

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Things to keep in mind:

  • Comics fandoms: When prompts are compiled for claiming, all Marvel comics will be grouped together by universe - i.e., Marvel 616 or Marvel Ultimates, including the X-Men. The same is true for the DC Comics universe. Movies will be grouped together as well. The Avengers movies will be grouped together, but the X-Men and Spider-Man movies will be listed separately because they are not the same 'verse. Likewise, the Nolan Batman movies and Superman movies will be listed separately from the comics and from each other.  So if you want to keep that in mind when you are prompting, that's great! If you don't, that's fine, too, and we'll take care of it during the compiling period.
  • Agents of SHIELD will be listed under Agents of SHIELD, not the MCU.

Happy Prompting! Don't forget to read the rules! Prompting ends on March 29.

Prompting for 2014 Queer Fest is now closed.
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Date: 2014-03-14 09:48 pm (UTC)
minkhollow: (live long and prosper)
From: [personal profile] minkhollow
Any cop fandom, any character. Being LGBT does not automatically make one an expert on all related topics, but the rest of the team/squad seems to think it should.

Any fandom, any bi/pan/omnisexual character, being excluded because of one's orientation sucks, no matter how it's sliced, but being declared "not gay enough" for one's local queer community is just salt in the wound.
Any fandom, any character, "Not all trans guys were lesbians first, you know." A nonstandard (FtM) trans narrative.
Any fandom, any character, a bisexual character explains mathematically why being bi doesn’t double one’s chances of a date.
Any fandom, any character, a non-op transperson or a genderqueer person doesn't tell their significant other because it'll just cause too much trouble. They're shocked when their partner comes out to them, instead.
Any fandom, any character, A self-professed poly character finds themselves unexpectedly jealous of a lover's second relationship.
Any fandom, any character, Being queer and mentally ill, and knowing the difference between the two.
Any fandom, any characters, A gay man and a lesbian woman living in a repressive society get married in order to protect themselves.
Any fandom, any characters, The religious conservatives are the ones adamant about protecting the rights of lgbt people; the scientific liberals are the ones causing problems.
Any Fandom, any Muslim lesbian character, Being a Muslim and a lesbian is hard - not because she struggles with her faith, but because the minute girls see her headscarf they just assume that she isn't looking for a girlfriend!

Any magic-based fandom, any character, A particular type of magic is based on sex or sexual orientation. How does this affect a queer character? An MtF character who wants to learn women's magic, an FtM character who is forced to despite identity, an asexual character who doesn't want to participate in sex magic...

Any modern day fandom, any character, How does a nation react when their newly-elected head of state comes out on live national television?

Avatar (2009), any characters, How do the Na'vi view gender/sexual identity?

bare: A Pop Opera, Nadia McConnell, She didn't *mean* to follow in Jason's footsteps. It was just that her parents already didn't know what to do with her and making out with girls pissed them off. But she's starting to think she's got more in common with her twin than she realised.
bare: A Pop Opera, Peter Simons, After the mess of his senior year of high school, Peter takes some time away from the whole church thing - and then, much to his surprise, finds a church tradition he's happy in that accepts him for who he is.

Brave, Merida, After a while she realises it's not even that she wanted to marry out of love (though that certainly makes the idea more bearable); it's more like she... doesn't want to marry anyone. Ever.
Brave, Merida, If it's all right for the male head of house to have a mistress, it should be all right for her to have one too.
Brave, Merida, She doesn't want to marry a man, she wants to marry a woman. And Merida is used to getting her way.

Cold Case, any detective, One of the cold jobs involving a queer victim (a canon case or one the author makes up) prompts one of the team to come out.
Cold Case, Billie Doucette/Rose Collins, So it's not easy for teenage interracial lesbians to hack it in 1932. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying, even when things get ugly. (Feel free to AU the heck out of canon here, seriously.)
Cold Case, Daniela, She thought getting out of her mother's house would be enough to let her claim her own identity and stop living in the shadow of her birth name. Unfortunately, Edwin is harder to lose than she'd expected.
Cold Case, Sam Randall, AU in which Sam gets a chance to figure out some answers rather than being strong-armed into performing 'girl' as 'girl' was performed in 1963. (Sam's identity - butch lesbian, FtM, genderqueer - is up to the author.)

Crossover, Eureka/Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan & or / Douglas Fargo, Claudia's got questions; Fargo doesn't necessarily have answers, but he's had questions before himself, so he's willing to try to help.

Daria, Jodie Landon, Having finally secured a little space to live her own life separate from her parents' high-octane agenda for her, Jodie hesitates to come out to her parents lest they start pressuring her to be the Model Minority for yet another underprivileged group.

Discworld, Maladict, he confessed to being a girl because he thought that's what he was. But it didn't take long for him to realize that being a boy had fit him more than anything else.

Doctor Who, the Corsair (mentioned in "The Doctor's Wife"), The Doctor mentions that the Corsair regenerated as both male and female, and was evidently comfortable in both sorts of body. Run with that - was it ever deliberate? Was it unusual/frowned upon in Gallifreyan society to embrace such a fluid gender identity?

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, any characters, Sometimes, the line between hero and villain is less important than a common LGBT orientation.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dr. Horrible, Doc starts working on a sex-swapping ray with the thought of humiliating Captain Hammer. When someone in the local trans community hears about it and offers a group of free (and enthusiastic) test subjects, Doc starts reconsidering the ultimate goal... and whether it's a far more personal project than it first seemed to be.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles, any dragon, Dragons don't pick their name until they decide what gender they want to be. Roll with that.

Final Fantasy X, any character, As the extent to which Sin was a manufactured crisis comes to light, along with the church's various other cover-ups, they start wondering what else Yevon's teachings were lying about.
Final Fantasy X, any fayth of Zanarkand, Hey, as long as they're dreaming, they might as well make the kind of place where it's finally safe to be trans, right?
Final Fantasy X, Tidus or Jecht or original character, Zanarkand and Spira are two very different places in terms of queer experience (the kind of non-straight/cis, as well as which place is the better experience, are up to the author).

Friends, Chandler Bing, Even after they've outlived their usefulness, those 'you are a strong, confident woman who does not need to smoke' tapes have... complicated things. (MtF!Chandler)

Harry Potter, any character, A canon character uses spells/potions to transition from one sex to another.
Harry Potter, any character, With magic, there are many ways to change one's body; a trans character is determined to bring those avenues to muggle trans folk, in direct opposition of Ministry laws governing muggles/magic.
Harry Potter, any characters, A spell goes awry and the entire population of Hogwarts swaps gender. When they find a way to fix the spell, some people refuse to change back.
Harry Potter, any half-blood, quarter-blood (muggle grandparents), or muggleborn character, Character A gets so confused. Their orientation (or identity) breaks rules and expectations in the muggle world and in the wizarding world. Only it breaks DIFFERENT rules in each world! (The rules and expectations could be verbalized or they could be unspoken rules of the kind that everybody within a culture knows without ever stating them.)
Harry Potter, any muggleborn character, a muggleborn trans character, entranced by the possibilities of magic, sees no good reason why the (unfortunately conservative) wizarding world has not yet developed a workable method to permanently reassign gender, and so sets out to develop it hirself.
Harry Potter, any of the Trio's kids, Coming out would be daunting enough if their parents' fame didn't mean they'd be in the national spotlight whether they want to or not.
Harry Potter, any Slytherin, A House that is so devoted to keeping up appearances is... not the most welcoming place to be anything but straight and your assigned gender. On the surface, anyway.
Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, The Weasleys thought they had a daughter much earlier than they did. Charlotte disagreed.
Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley, He doesn't know what will upset his parents more--marrying someone who can do magic, or marrying a guy.
Harry Potter, Gellert Grindelwald, Grindelwald has been in loose alliance with the Nazis for the Greater Good; then he finds out what the Nazis do to people like him (and Albus).
Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Every time someone calls her the Boy Who Lived is like a punch to the gut.
Harry Potter, Harry/Ron and Hermione/Ginny, The marriages were just to cover up Harry and Ron's and Hermione and Ginny's relationships - what happens when this comes out in the Daily Prophet?
Harry Potter, Harry/Ron/Hermione, the wizarding world is slightly more accepting of bisexual polyamory than the muggle equivalent, but not that much.
Harry Potter, Lily Luna Potter, The Wizarding World has always been socially conservative, and--thanks to the small population and the many war deaths--is now both overtly and covertly stressing the importance of marriage and children. Lily, now grown-up, is perfectly willing to marry her girlfriend and eventually adopt a child or two, but that's not what her family or her fellow wizards had in mind.
Harry Potter, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, They never talk about it, but they're both greatly relieved Draco was a boy; between Narcissa's preference for women and Lucius' total disinterest in sex, neither of them wanted to go through that again.
Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, The House of Black is used to getting what they want - but what happens when what you want isn't the acceptable path for a pureblood lady to follow?
Harry Potter, Padma and Parvati Patil, Their House isn't the only difference between them.
Harry Potter, Parvati and Padma Patil, They're not scarily similar twins the way Fred and George Weasley are, but they do have very similar taste in girls.
Harry Potter, Parvati or Padma Patil or Dean Thomas or Blaise Zabini (or anyone else who might fit), They're already a minority as one of Hogwarts' few non-white students. Is it worth coming out as LGBT and adding yet another minority to the list?
Harry Potter, Petunia and Lily Evans, Petunia Evans hated her sister ever since Lily laughed and told her that there was no magic spell to make these strange feelings go away.
Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, The fact that he has a thing for Tonks doesn't invalidate his relationship with Sirius. And the fact that he's had insecurities in both relationships has nothing to do with his sexuality.
Harry Potter, Remus/Tonks, Remus wouldn't have married Tonks if she hadn't gotten pregnant by a person or persons unknown and he hadn't felt obligated to do the honorable thing before considering the problems of being a gay werewolf married to a straight human. Tonks doesn't know how to tell Remus that her 'lovelorn' behavior was a yearlong act to convince the Death Eaters that she'd lost her powers, that she knew all about Remus's lover (or lovers) and that she has a girlfriend in Chelsea.
Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, no one thinks anything of it when Teddy's hair or nose changes, so why are they having so much trouble accepting this? (MtF!Teddy)

NCIS, Amanda Reed aka Lt. Commander Voss (S1 episode "Dead Man Talking"), Amanda wasn't looking for the sex change operation to get away with the embezzlement; the embezzlement was to pay for the sex change. (She may be a pretty horrible person, but I want something where she's not horrible on 'lol Tony tongued a tranny' grounds. Anything that does that, whether it uses this specific prompt or not, will make me a happy camper.)

Once Upon a Time, any dwarf, "There are no female dwarves." Except then there is one, she's just not female-bodied.
Once Upon a Time, any or original characters, Rumplestiltskin offers to fulfill someone's wish to live as the gender they identify with... for a price, of course. (What that price is and whether the character decides the price is worth it are both up to the author.)
Once Upon a Time, Mulan/Aurora(/Philip), This True Love business got rather more complicated than any of them were expecting, but all they can do is find a way to make it work.
Once Upon a Time, Red Riding Hood | Ruby/Victor Frankenstein | Dr. Whale, Ruby is extremely sexual (bi or pan); Dr. Whale is hetero- or bi-romantic, but very, very asexual. As their friendship starts sparking into romantic chemistry, they have to figure out how they're going to work with this difference.

Oz the Great and Powerful, Oscar "Oz" Diggs, Actually, the greatest trick of them all was getting people to take him seriously as a man.

Peanuts, Peppermint Patty(/Marcie), Maybe 'sir' isn't so far off the mark after all.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any character, Pondering whether it's allowed to ask the gods for a sex change/undertaking a quest to earn one.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any child of Aphrodite, Sometimes it's hard to convince your siblings there's more to love than sexual attraction, and yes, you can use Mom's blessings without wanting to sleep with anyone.

Date: 2014-03-14 09:48 pm (UTC)
minkhollow: (pls help?)
From: [personal profile] minkhollow
Quadrophenia (rock opera by the Who), Jimmy Cooper, As if things inside his own head weren't screwed up enough, one of Jimmy's alternate personalities turns out to be gay/bi/trans.

St Trinian's (2007), any characters, Going from the ultra-permissive world of St. Trinian's to the expectations of wider society is never easy, but the girls have each other's backs no matter what.

The Giver, any or original characters, Sameness vs. gender identity: GO. What does it mean to identify as trans when everyone is called 'a male' and 'a female' and the only sex-specific occupation is Birthmother? Is there a place in the community's rigid rules for people who don't identify with their assigned gender?
The Giver, any or original characters, The scientists who were working on Sameness never did figure out what to do about same-sex attraction, but assumed the hormone-suppressing pills given to everyone at the onset of puberty would do the trick just fine. After Jonas leaves, a handful of people in the community stop taking the pills - and are confronted with feelings that fall outside of what they've come to expect in more ways than one.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, any or original characters, Most of the Galaxy is down with sexual orientation not always allowing for reproduction, but the concept of gender - how many there are and whether/how you present it - depends on which culture of what planet you ask.

Warehouse 13, any characters, A sex-swapping Artifact gets one of the group reconsidering their gender identity.
Warehouse 13, any or original characters, Queer life in the Warehouse in one of the less open-minded times/places it's occupied.
Warehouse 13, any or original characters, The Warehouse can't afford to be anything *but* an equal-opportunity employer, and has more than once served as a safe space to those who work there.
Warehouse 13, any or original characters, Transitioning with a little help from an Artifact: the good, the bad and the ugly.
Warehouse 13, Artie Nielsen(/James MacPherson), Artie thought he was done with this coming-out business, but then Mrs. Frederic hired new agents, and Claudia Donovan is the single nosiest person on the planet, and his ex-partner (in more ways than one) is up to no good, and past a certain point, even Myka can't help asking the question.
Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan & Steve Jinks, Claudia's long suspected that being able to have an intelligent conversation with someone is more important to her than their actual equipment, and dragging Jinksy to the only gay bar in a hundred-mile radius of the Warehouse confirms that hunch. But she's still not sure if that's a little weird; fortunately, Steve is more than willing to hear her out. (Bi or pansexual Claudia, author's choice.)
Warehouse 13, H.G. Wells, She said it herself: "Many of my lovers were men." Show us one (or more!) of the women - how did that work in the constraints of Victorian society? Did she have a fling with one of her coworkers in Warehouse 12? What does she think about the change in sexual mores between then and the 21st century?
Warehouse 13, Jane Lattimer, Now that Pete knows she's a Regent, Jane figures she might as well bite the bullet and tell her son about her girlfriend.
Warehouse 13, Joshua Donovan, The Internet isn't the only thing that's changed a hell of a lot in twelve years; it turns out the support networks for queer physicists are a lot better than they were when Joshua teleported himself into limbo. Between that and the fact that he's not Claudia's only family anymore, he decides it's time to start exploring that support network.
Warehouse 13, Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer, AU based on "Merge With Caution": One or both of the pair has been presenting as their preferred gender since before the Warehouse, but after that bodyswap, the secret's out. (Number of operations involved in their presentation, if any, up to the author.)
Warehouse 13, Myka Bering/HG Wells, Myka thought she was straight until Helena came along. Helena's trying to figure out the complex tangle that is 21st-century standards of self-identification (really, why isn't it enough that she likes who she likes?). Starting a relationship would be a lot easier if they weren't having simultaneous identity crises.
Warehouse 13, Steve Jinks, He doesn't lie about his sexual orientation, but it's not really the business of strangers. This can lead to some interesting conversations.

Date: 2014-03-14 11:27 pm (UTC)
jalu2: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jalu2
Any fandom, any character(s), Sydney Mardi Gras 2014!
Any fandom, any character, Aromantic pansexual? Isn't that just another term for slut? Character grapples with this stereotype.
Any (supernatural-based?) fandom, any character, A curse leads to a change of gender. Character doesn't understand the big deal when they're as happy being male as they are being female (or vice-verse).
Any fandom, any character, Asexual aromantic character and someone they're close to thinking they could be the 'key' to 'unlock' their romantic and/or sexual attraction. Character is annoyed and tries to explain how there is nothing to 'unlock'.
Any fandom, any character, Family reunion for young adult (20-30) aromantic character. Yet again they come without a significant other. At this point they're just hiding the fact they're gay, right?
Any fandom, any character, Trans* character attempting to begin transition when they want to be in a different body but don't fully identify with one gender.
Any fandom, any character, An asexual character can indeed enjoy sex, it just has a different meaning for them.
Any fandom, any character, Character identifies as grey-ace and experiences both sexual attraction and romantic attraction; they just don't want to be in a sexual and/or romantic relationship. Ever.
Any fandom, any character, Grappling with being transsexual and experiencing what seems to be a change of sexuality.
Any fandom, any character, Just because character is in a heterosexual monogamous marriage doesn't negate hir bisexuality. Nor does it make hir unfaithful.
Any fandom, any character, Having all close friends being queer has some advantages. It also has disadvantages when they consider you 'less queer' than them because you identify as bisexual and cisgendered.
Any fandom, any character, Kissing and cuddling within the realms of friendship is as much as character will/can give. It's hard for hir to find someone accepting of this.
Any fandom, any character, Suddenly all people change colour based on their sexuality. Character has no idea where hir attractions lie until they wake up that morning.
Any fandom, any characters, Same-sex couple is getting divorced (prefer it to be a case of just 'moving apart' rather than there being any abuse/cheating/similar). They face backlash – both from those who don't support same-sex marriage and the queer community.
Any fandom, any characters, Asexual (and aromantic?) friends decide to get married and have children. After all, best friends do make the best parents.
Any fandom, any characters, Asexual aromantic character is going to lose their virginity. Now to find someone they trust, isn't going to think this is an ongoing 'friends with benefits' scenario, and won't form a romantic connection. They never said it was going to be easy.

Ben 10 (any 'verse), Ben Tennyson, He always wished some of those aliens allowed him to express his more feminine side.
Ben 10 (any 'verse), Ben Tennyson/Kevin Levin, Kevin finds it easier to accept what they're doing when Ben is in alien form.

Brokeback Mountain, Ennis del Mar/Jack Twist, By the end of the story/movie everybody knew; how would have things been different if they'd come out?
Brokeback Mountain, Ennis del Mar, Ennis comes out to Alma Jr.

Criminal Minds, Emily Prentiss & Spencer Reid, Emily has never exactly kept her sexuality a secret, but when Reid comes out and she doesn't say anything about her own experience, Reid can't help but be hurt when he finds out later on.

Crossover, Supernatural/Supernatural RPF, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki and Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester, Falling into the FrenchMistake!verse where they're apparently in a relationship with their brother leaves Sam and/or Dean questioning where their affections really do lie.

Futurama, Turanga Leela, Leela doesn't think she should have to justify her bisexuality to her boyfriend (Fry), even if he is insecure and thinks she's going to jump into bed with the next woman who walks by.
Futurama, Turanga Leela, Being genderqueer has nothing to do with being a mutant, but it's hard for everyone else to take Leela seriously.
Futurama, any character, After the sex changes on Neutopia, a character is left considering whether the body they were born with is really the body they wish to have.

Grease, Danny Zuko/Kenickie, They've been experimenting for a while and continue to insist it means nothing, lying to both each other and themselves.
Grease, Kenickie, Why isn't he allowed to be interested in both Danny and Rizzo?
Grease, Danny Zuko/Kenickie/Betty Rizzo, Learning what polyamory means and applying it to what they have.
Grease, Danny Zuko/Kenickie, So they're finally allowed to be together, but they have to keep it a secret from the world.

Happy Days, Arthur Fonzarelli/Richie Cunningham, He's still cool, right?

Inglourious Basterds, Aldo Raine/Hugo Stiglitz, It's in a time where nobody is allowed to be themselves, only Hugo's never been very good at following the status quo. The other Basterds might not be so accepting.

Lost, James “Sawyer” Ford/Jack Shephard, Sleeping with all those women got his cons was easy when there was no chance of developing a romantic connection. Now he's actually found someone he considers a friend...and it might be more than that (Sawyer can be homoromantic hetereosexual or homoromantic bisexual/pansexual/omnisexual – writer's choice).

Oz, Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, Toby isn't sure if Chris is safety or love and what that says about him and who he is.
Oz, Chris Keller, What if he was released? Would loving Toby be enough for Chris to finally admit his sexuality and not kill because of it?
Oz, Chris Keller, Strangely enough, it's after finally coming out to himself as gay that Chris is able to find God (inspired by the canon quote: “Sister, do you think Jesus was a fag?...just looking for a role model”).
Oz, Miguel Alvarez/Ryan O'Reily, It's with another man that Miguel finally finds a place where he belongs and is accepted.
Oz, any character, Being a prag when you're a closeted MtF.

RPF, Australian journalists, any journalist, Reporting at Sydney Mardi Gras is when they discover their true sexuality and/or gender identity.

RPF, Supernatural, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Coming out to the entire fandom has mixed results.

South Park, Kenny McCormick, Everyone's trying to convince him that being pansexual has to do with the childhood sex-addiction diagnosis. The fact he doesn't think having an active sex life is a bad thing just enforces their views.
South Park, Eric Cartman, Being genderqueer and attracted to males makes nothing easy, and Cartman thinks zir friends will be less than accepting.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, There can be exceptions to the “I'm straight” rule when this is the person you've built your life around.
Supernatural, Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester, After the siren they're both left questioning their sexuality and how what they want most has never been anything but each other.
Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Coming out to Sam as genderqueer gives Dean the most confidence ze's had in years (supportive Sam, please).
Supernatural, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, Five alternative realities when Sam and Dean are still soulmates, but each with a different set of gender and/or sexual identities (can include FM!J2 if you wish).
Supernatural, Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester, They love each other more than anything, and don't need sex to prove it.

The Big Bang Theory, Penny/Sheldon Cooper, Navigating a relationship between a sexual and an asexual person. Their friends might not think they can do it, but they intend to prove them wrong.

The Lord Of The Rings, Aragorn, Before becoming King he slept with any he was attracted to. Many of these were men.

The Simpsons, Bart Simpson, Bart doesn't fit into the gender binary, and it's Lisa with her love of research who helps Bart discover just what that means.

recycled prompts

Date: 2014-03-14 11:28 pm (UTC)
jalu2: (Default)
From: [personal profile] jalu2
Any fandom, any character, A multisexual character in a long-term monogamous heterosexual relationship makes the decision to come out to hir kid(s).
Any fandom, any character, A tendency to flirt shamelessly with anything that moves is making it really hard to convince people that sie is asexual, but sie's not going to stop.
Any fandom, any character, Five times a pronoun hurt and one time it didn't.
Any fandom, any character, Just because they like to think about/watch others having sex doesn't mean they want to have it themselves.
Any fandom, any character, Being a Muslim and a lesbian is hard – not because she struggles with her faith, but because the minute girls see her headscarf they just assume that she isn't looking for a girlfriend!
Any fandom, any characters, The problems that arise when one partner believes the only consent is enthusiastic consent and the other partner is asexual.

Criminal Minds, Derek Morgan, Being bisexual and dealing with the promiscuous stereotype when he isn't ready to commit to anyone.

Daria, Daria Morgendorffer, Finding the queer community was meant to be like coming home. Turns out Daria is still anti-social.

Oz, Tobias Beecher, It was safer being queer in prison than in the outside world.

The Simpsons, Lenny Leonard/Carl Carlson, Getting married wasn't the bad idea so much as part where they were getting married by Homer. On the upside negotiating married life has to be easier than that. And have fewer fireballs.

Date: 2014-03-14 11:55 pm (UTC)
agent_squeaks: (Default)
From: [personal profile] agent_squeaks
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Rarity, Rarity can still like fashion and stallions as a stallion, right? His friends don't think so.

Date: 2014-03-15 03:50 am (UTC)
skazka: (Default)
From: [personal profile] skazka
Any canon, any character, an instance where being trans hasn't made having adventures more dangerous or fraught but has opened new and fun possibilities instead.
Any canon, any character, exploring queer identity through poetic/musical traditions.
Any canon, any character, feeling too un-delicate or unattractive to be nonbinary.
Any canon, any teen/young adult characters, queer summer camp.

ASOIAF, Brienne of Tarth, trans girl Brienne is a maid and a knight no matter what her shape or size.
ASOIAF, Loras/Renly, being out as a couple to some people but not to others.
ASOIAF, Qarl the Maid, for Westerosi standards of manhood he's lacking more than a beard.
ASOIAF, Varys/Illyrio, what'll go unremarked-upon in Lys won't fly in Pentos (and vice versa, or, other experiences of being young and queer in the Free Cities).

Demon Knights, Al-Jabr, non-monosexual identity as a 12th century Muslim science badass.
Demon Knights, Horsewoman, in a team-up with other queer people being seen as primarily The Disabled One when she's both disabled and queer (filler's choice) is starting to chafe.
Demon Knights, Sir Ystin, Merlin didn't mind and neither should they.

Raffles, any, anything with 19th century queer activism.
Raffles, Raffles(/Bunny), modern-day AU (or not, filler's choice) where A.J. is a trans man and is acutely aware how conditional his status as a recognized man at all, let alone a gentleman or a sportsman, is in the eyes of others.

Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier), Narrator(/Maxim de Winter), genderfluid!Narrator sometimes has more in common with a schoolboy than just shyness.

Ripper Street, Fred Best, finding a name for people like him.
Ripper Street, Long Susan, loving women is not simply a consequence of frustration with men -- but she's still in no hurry to have Jackson back.


Date: 2014-03-15 06:53 am (UTC)
mirroreuler: Riki and Kyousuke from Little Busters standing in the snow at night, kissing (Little Busters!)
From: [personal profile] mirroreuler
Some to start off with - hopefully I'll be able to get the rest in the next few weeks:


Any yuri fandom, any yuri ship, Their relationship isn't quite the utterly 'pure' romantic friendship it's often seen to be. They're dating, and they're into each other. A lot.
Any fandom, any ace/aro character, They have very strong, even romantic feelings for another person, but they have no real desire to date them – in fact, they don't really want to date anyone, and the idea of being friends this person makes them happier than anything they could imagine.
Any fandom, any robot character, No matter what their physical appearance looks like, they can't help but think it was pretty silly of humans to assume that robots would have the same feelings about gender/sexuality as they do.
Any fandom, any bisexual/pansexual character, In the past, they were given the option of being with someone of the same sex, but opted not to out of fear of homophobic repercussions. Now, they're with someone of the opposite sex, and have very particular feelings (agreeing or disagreeing) about insinuations that they 'took the easy way out'.
Any fandom, any aromantic character, In a society where romantic love is held up as the pinnacle of human existence, they find themselves quite content, thank you very much.
Any fandom, any character, They prefer to think of their sexuality as a personal thing, and don't like to tell other people unless it's necessary. It's not because of shame – they're just a private sort of person. But some other people seem to take it as shame anyway, and it's becoming very irritating.
Any fandom, any character, The difference between romance and friendship can be very hard to see, and that's especially so when you're not actually attracted to the person in question. When putting a label to it is all it amounts to, how important is it to know the difference? (Fic could go either way on it being important or unimportant.)
Any fandom, any character, It helps – it really does – to know that their friends and family would still love them if they knew. But as long as they aren't comfortable with themselves, they don't want to be out.
Any fandom, any character, People always used to joke about them, so now they can't imagine anything more irritating than admitting that they were all right all along.
Any fandom, any character, For ages they insisted that they couldn't possibly be gay because they've been attracted to the opposite sex in the past, so any feelings of attraction to the same sex must be false. When bisexuality finally becomes an option, a lot of things slot into place.
sexuality encounters someone from a culture/place/time where sexuality is irrelevant. Does their view on sexuality change, or not?
Any fandom, any character, When they realised they were bi rather than gay, they were relieved, as they thought that as long as they got married to someone of the opposite sex, they'd never have to deal with their sexuality. And then they fall in love with someone of the same sex, and everything becomes much harder.
Any fandom, any character, They knew that being queer was possible, obviously, but it always seemed to apply to other people totally different to who they were. Until one of their friends came out, and a whole new world opened up for them.

Little Busters, Haruka, It's sometimes a little hard for her to tell the difference between her family's nonsensical, abusive preferences and things that actually are bad but which they just had an exaggerated response to. So when the topic of queerness presents itself, Haruka doesn't know what to think.
Little Busters, Kengo, It isn't repression – Kengo just really isn't interested in sex or romance at all.
Little Busters, Komari, She meant it 100% when she wailed to Riki that now she'd never be able to get a wife.
Little Busters, Kurugaya, She finally gets a girlfriend and, incredibly, some people are actually surprised. Not that she cares too much what other people think, but how obvious did she need to make her flirting, anyway?!
Little Busters, Kurugaya+Riki, Riki seems strangely ignorant of the concept of bisexuality. As much as Kurugaya may feel she is an adequate enough demonstration every day, it's time for Anego to set some things straight.
Little Busters, Riki/Kyousuke, Riki seemed much, much more bothered by having 'obscene thoughts' about his friend when it was Kyousuke than when it was any of the girls. Why exactly is that?
Little Busters, Riki/Kyousuke, Kyousuke doesn't mind teasing Riki because he's convinced that Riki has an adolescent admiration of him that he's only mistaking for a crush. After all, Riki likes girls, so he has to be straight, and there's no way Kyousuke's making the mistake of going after him anyway.
Little Busters, Riki/Kyousuke, Riki's always liked to believe that Kyousuke tells him everything, so when he stumbles upon something that seems to indicate that at the least he might have been less than fully truthful about his sexuality, he has to ask himself why.
Little Busters, Riki/Kyousuke: Dating Kyousuke would be nice, sure, but with Riki's life the way it is, he has it rough enough in all kinds of ways already, and he's really not too keen on adding a queer relationship to the list.
Little Busters, Riki/Kyousuke: Riki's crush on Kyousuke has always deeply bothered him, as he sees it as a strange thing that perverts the normal course of their friendship and which would likely disturb Kyousuke if he knew. Unfortunately, to Kyousuke it just appears as though Riki finds the idea of them dating disgusting, so he's always held himself back, too.
Little Busters, Riki/Kyousuke and Riki/Rin: Growing up is hard when you're bisexual and both of your friends are hot.
Little Busters, Rin, She doesn't really know about any of this stuff, so even the complete failure of her and Riki's brief relationship coupled with her total lack of lifetime interest in men altogether doesn't immediately start to make her wonder whether she's even into guys after all.
Little Busters, Rin/Komari, Rin has basically no knowledge base of gay couples at all, and more than a few misconceptions about how they work. As far as she's concerned, she's the Man, so she'll have to be the one to lead Komari, even if she has no idea what she's doing at all.

Kanon, Yuuichi/Sayuri/Mai, Queer bisexual polyamorous domestic love – what Mai needed all along, really.

Princess Tutu, Fakir, In his studies, Fakir discovers a version of the Princess Tutu story in which the prince and his knight were lovers.

Game of Thrones, any character, While Westeros might be based on real-world medieval Europe, it most certainly isn't identical to it, and queerness is viewed quite differently there.
Game of Thrones, Loras, Just because he won't ever be able to marry a person he loves doesn't mean he's happy with marrying anyone. How much say did he have in his arranged marriages with Sansa and Cersei, and how does he feel about it all?
Game of Thrones, Loras and Margaery, What they love the most about one another is that they will never, ever have to lie to each other about who they are.
Game of Thrones, Sansa/Margaery, Even if her childish fantasies about princes and marvellous marriages have long since disappeared, it's still a little frightening to think that her truly beloved might be another woman.


Any applicable fandom, any character, what it means for an LGBT person to have 'one of us' on the TV (or fandom suitable equivalent). 
Any Fandom with Alternate Universes, any characters, Character X learns that an alternate version of them is/was in a same-sex relationship and begins to question their sexuality.
Any fandom, any asexual (but not aromantic) character, Exploring the boundaries of what kind of physical expressions of affection are enjoyable to them, and the problems of doing that with a partner who may not understand that these expressions are not a prelude to sex.
Any fandom, any character, a bisexual character is tired of people assuming that being out of the closet or identifying as queer isn't important to them.
Any fandom, any character, a bisexual or pansexual character wants to be open about being poly, but doesn’t want to be seen as or perpetuate a stereotype.
Any fandom, any character, A character passes for gay to hide the fact that they're having pretty serious issues with their gender identity
Any fandom, any character, A character struggling with the perception everyone else has of them, that they couldn't possibly be gay/bisexual. 
Any Fandom, any character, a multisexual character in a long-term monogamous heterosexual relationship makes the decision to come out to hir kid(s).
Any fandom, any character, an asexual character finds sex tolerable but dull. How does their sex partner keep it entertaining for both of them? 
Any Fandom, any character, being married to [the character's] (opposite-sex) high school sweetheart made [the character's] bisexuality/pansexuality/fluid sexuality more theoretical than anything else... until [the character's] spouse brings up the idea of polyamory and opening up their relationship.
Any Fandom, any character, bringing home her first girlfriend to meet the parents was much, MUCH easier than bringing home her current girlfriend AND boyfriend (pronouns for clarity, switch as inspired).
Any fandom, any character, Character X decides/is dared to experiment with homosexuality by kissing (or whatever) a friend who is known to be gay/bi/etc. Friend is hurt when Character X reverts firmly to heterosexuality, possibly acting cruelly toward their friend, while they process the fact that they enjoyed the experiment a lot more than they expected.
Any fandom, any character, Character X struggled to come to terms with their feelings for a same sex love interest. Discovering that their love interest was crossdressing all along leaves Character X feeling relieved *and* disappointed 
Any fandom, any character, Coming out is one thing--changing her/his behavior is another. Even if they're out in a welcoming community, they never quite stop flinching. How does s/he deal with the difference between theoretically knowing they're welcome not to conform and actually not conforming?
Any Fandom, any character, Growing up, hir guardians were particularly homophobic. Zie thought zie had gotten over it, but when zie feels utter terror at the idea that zie might be queer, forgotten prejudices surface.
Any fandom, any character, how a character deals with casual homophobia (tasteless jokes, thoughtless remarks) when it comes from somebody they care about. Is it worth saying anything when you know they don't really mean to hurt you?
Any Fandom, Any Character, They've never had any reason to doubt that they're heterosexual. And they are! But they never even considered whether they might be bi- or homoromantic, a question which turns out to be much more complicated.
Any Fandom, Any Character, Throughout their life they've internalised an idea of sex being bad and wrong, especially between two people of the same sex. So when they find themselves very close to a friend of theirs, they justify it as a purer, idealized version of strong friendship that is free from the dirtiness of sex. Unfortunately, that's not exactly true. 
Any fandom, any characters, a happy, UST-free gay friendship
Any fandom, any characters, In the vein of Bruce Coville's 'Am I Blue?' the entire queer population of any fandom is magically outed (actual blueness optional). How do they deal with this/how does the focal character respond to the knowledge that they're not alone?

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang/anyone, discussing past lives and Aang's experience of sexuality/gender identity
Avatar: The Last Airbender, any character, Each of the nations have their own view on LGBT rights. The Fire Nation, as the most advanced nation and going through an industrial revolution, is going through a similar revolution regarding queer issues. The Earth Nation, as a wide-reaching and ever-changing country that nevertheless sometimes shuts itself off from the rest of the world, is less positive, but not totally against it. The Water Tribes, very isolated areas that often very much stuck in the past regarding women's rights, are totally against it. And the Air Nomads were supposed to distance themselves from worldly pleasures, anyway. These differences have made things...difficult, at times.
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh, Iroh's sexual orientation is one reason why he is seen as being unfit to rule the Fire Nation. 
Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko, Zuko's not female, but the Blue Spirit is.
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recycling old prompts part i

Date: 2014-03-15 10:55 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Any Fandom with Alternate Universes, any characters, Character X learns that an alternate version of them is/was in a same-sex relationship and begins to question their sexuality.

Any fandom, any character, a bisexual character explains mathematically why being bi doesn’t double one’s chances of a date.

Any fandom, any character, after *insert cliche here* causes them to lose their memory, they have to come to terms with their sexuality again.

Any fandom, any character, An ace (asexual) character views sex as simply the necessary currency of love to keep their non-ace lover happy. It's not that they hate it, it's just that they wouldn't complain if the person they loved never wanted sex again. Ever. They have to explain to their non-ace partner why not being lust-crazed doesn't mean they aren't madly in love.

Any fandom, any character, an asexual character finds sex tolerable but dull. How does their sex partner keep it entertaining for both of them?

Any fandom, any character, becoming politically active after coming out.

Any fandom, any character, Being LGBT and an introvert, outside anything anyone would call a scene, making a community where you find it.

Any fandom, any character, Five lies s/he wouldn't have told if s/he'd been straight.

Any fandom, any character, how a character deals with casual homophobia (tasteless jokes, thoughtless remarks) when it comes from somebody they care about. Is it worth saying anything when you know they don't really mean to hurt you?

Any fandom, any character, it's easier to believe that someone in the older generation will be the intolerant and the younger friend tolerant, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Any fandom, any character, the five worst ways to come out.

Any fandom, any character, they've known and been comfortable with their identity for years, so why is the idea of coming out so terrifying?

Any Fandom, Any Character, Throughout their life they've internalised an idea of sex being bad and wrong, especially two people of the same sex. So when they find themselves very close to a friend of theirs, they justify it as a purer, idealized version of strong friendship that is free from the dirtiness of sex. Unfortunately, that's not exactly true.

Any fandom, any character, zie's always wanted the house, the dog, the kids, the white picket fence, and doesn't see why being queer is supposed to put a stop to that.

Any fandom, any character(s), one partner wants to be 'out' and one doesn't think that's important.

Any Fandom, any character(s), Step one - save the world. Step two - tell your parents you're not as straight than they thought. So, starting off with the easy one, then.

Any fandom, any characters, 'Daytime friends and nighttime lovers/They don't wanna hurt the others/So they love in the nighttime/And shake hands in the light of day' Two coworkers struggle to hide their relationship in the office, where homophobia abounds.

Any fandom, any characters, (For some reason) deprived of feeling sexual arousal for a time, a character starts to question their emotional feelings for other characters of the same sex, and finds it easier to accept their findings before sex once again entered the equation.

Any fandom, any characters, A gay man and a lesbian woman living in a repressive society get married in order to protect themselves.

Any fandom, any characters, everybody wakes up the next day as a different sex. Some people freak out, some trans* people are very happy, and some people look in the mirror, shrug, and go on with their lives.

Any fandom, any characters, In the vein of Bruce Coville's 'Am I Blue?' the entire queer population of any fandom is magically outed (actual blueness optional). How do they deal with this/how does the focal character respond to the knowledge that they're not alone?

Any fandom, any characters, The religious conservatives are the ones adamant about protecting the rights of lgbt people; the scientific liberals are the ones causing problems.

Any fandom, any characters; a couple characters get together and start shooting the breeze about in-jokey queer milestones -- when they first got into this band, or obsessed over that movie, or had an embarrassing crush on that one Disney character -- and it's all in good fun, but someone who grew up in a vastly different environment starts to realize how much of that assumed common history they never had.

Any Fandom, any female character, working in the sex industry while being asexual is both kind of weird and vaguely hilarious.

Any Fandom, Any Pairing, They've been friends for a long time now, but after seeing no sign of any sexual attraction to anyone one half comes to conclude that their friend is asexual and tries to put aside their own feelings for them. Except said friend is actually demisexual, and is coming to feel attracted to them.

Any fandom, male/male paring, Just because he's gay, doesn't mean he cares much about LGBT politics and what the government/society thinks. Just because he has a longtime partner doesn't mean he wants to be married - after all, they know they love each other, they don't need a piece of paper to prove it. But then [insert event] happens and his partner is seriously injured. Now all he wants is to be with the man he loves and hold his hand, but the doctors say that visitation rights are for close family only and suddenly the fact that he's no one to his partner in the eyes of the law means a whole damn lot. (Would love if this was set in Russia, but can be any country/state where there is no recognition for same-sex unions/partnerships whatsoever.)

Any fandom; Any long-lived character; times change, attitudes change - not always for the better. Not always for the worse, either.

Any fandom; Any character; being queer doesn't mean gaining an automatic knowledge of all the places to hang out.

Any high-school fandom, any characters, there's a rumour amongst the pupils that a teacher is gay. The teacher suddenly finds themself inundated with students wanting advice.

Any Military Fandom, any character, He is surprised when his unit takes his sexuality really well, but their wives don't want his partner hanging around them.

Any sci-fi fandom, any character, interspecies cultural confusion on sexuality/gender norms, hilarity ensues.

Arrested Development, Maeby, other characters, Maeby's slight failure to finish coming out to her mother leads to the entire family making their own guesses at who it is who's gay. Maeby's slightly offended that no-one suspects her.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Any characters, Sunnydale High students begin to perceive the library as a safe place for lgbt kids.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, Buffy practices by coming out to vampires and demons on her nightly patrol before she faces her family and friends.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn Summers, As if she didn't have enough identity issues already: Rooming with the potential slayers makes Dawn realize she's bisexual.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Gay or Bi Giles doesn't quite get some of the Scoobies and/or Potentials using the term 'queer' to describe LGBT people; he's only ever heard it used as an insult by those who hated and wanted to hurt him and his friends.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Giles had a hard enough time trying to explain to Buffy and the Scoobies about Ethan Rayne being his friend. He doesn't know how to tell them that 'friend' was a euphemism...or that his present loathing of the man doesn't eliminate other feelings at all.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Going from being openly bi in England to being very much closeted in a US high school.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, the first time Spike was attracted to a man

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow and Giles, Willow is worried about what Giles will think when he finds out about her and Tara. Turns out she had nothing to be worried about.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow Rosenberg, during and after her relationship with Tara Willow is very definite that she is 'gay now'. Why does she identify as gay rather than bisexual, discounting her previous relationships with men and ruling out future ones?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow, Willow is tired of everyone using "witches" as a euphemism when talking about her and Tara.

Cabin Pressure, any character, you don't quite know why, but now that MJN might possibly fall apart, it's important for you to come out. Perhaps it's that you'd like the rest of the crew to remember you as the person you are, exactly.

Cabin Pressure, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey/Hercules Shipwright, it's not that Carolyn doesn't... not hate Herc; it's that she's had too many relationships falter when her partners find out who she really is. (Queer identity of writer's choice.)

Cabin Pressure, Douglas Richardson, he envies Martin for the acceptance his family showers on him (and Martin doesn't even notice). Not everyone can be so lucky...

Cabin Pressure, Douglas Richardson, he's not ashamed of who he is; it's just that other people are idiots and act as such when he tells them. He's not quite sure about Martin just yet, though...

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, continuing a trend in his life, when Martin decides to come out to his family, they already know and accept him for who he is.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, Martin has never really had that many offers, so he's always taken what he could get, regardless of gender. He rather thought that's what it was like for everyone, and that sexual orientation was sort of like picking a football team to support.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, Martin wouldn't be so sensitive about his height if it wasn't for the fact that it might start people wondering why he never has to shave. Thankfully his voice has always been deep...

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, now that he has a girlfriend, he's not queer anymore, right? It's such a relief! Except for the times when it isn't, which is more or less all of the time.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, yes, he's unusually short and is surprisingly hairless, but he doesn't mind being teased about it so long as no one jumps to the right conclusion about which gender he was assigned at birth.

Community, Abed (could be gen or Abed/anyone), Abed likes having rules, and the only rules he knows for romance are from fiction, and those romantic set-ups have rarely worked for him. Is there another way to do it?

Community, Abed Nadir, Abed comes out to his father.

Community, Abed, how Abed realized he was asexual.

Community, Annie Edison, Annie prefers being 'little Annie Adderall' to being 'the trans one'.

Community, Britta Perry, when people find out Britta's realised she's bisexual they treat it like the punchline to a joke because of her tendency to be so brash about social justice issues, or assume she's just adopting the label to be 'controversial'.

Community, Troy Barnes, Troy freaks out over so much stuff that everyone is highly confused when he apparently finds coming out to himself and them really very easy.

Crossover, Castle/Veronica Mars, Alexis Castle/Veronica Mars, While at college Alexis meets a mouthy, brilliant, infuriating woman who makes her reassess all her beliefs about her own sexuality.

DC Comics, Batman, Greg Rucka mentioned a story that he'd like to do but knows DC would never let him: A group of Gotham socialites are discussing their relationships with Bruce Wayne, and one of them eventually confesses that she's never had sex with him. They compare notes, realise that none of them have actually had sex with Bruce Wayne, and come to the inevitable conclusion... (author's choice about that conclusion and how accurate it is)

Doctor Who, any companion from a contemporary or future era or alien companion, A lesbian, gay, or bisexual companion who has never hidden their orientation gets stranded (temporarily or permanently) in a society that persecutes homosexuality.

Doctor Who, Any companion: Family and/or friends warily accepted that he/she disappeared for months at a time with some ‘Doctor’, but is bringing a same-sex S.O. from another time/planet to meet them too much?

Doctor Who, Canton Everett Delaware III, Canton as a companion to the Doctor: how does he react to the future of gay rights, and how does it change his outlook on life and his relationship?

Doctor Who, Donna Noble, Donna as MtF. The only guy on Earth she'd found who didn't mind she'd opted out of the op, and Lance tried to sacrifice her to the Spider Queen. Well, with the Doctor, she doesn't have to stick to Earth - and maybe her body wouldn't be considered 'freaky' out there in the black.

Doctor Who, Jack Harkness and Ten, Jack feels that Ten values him less as a companion and a friend because he is an omnisexual male, and confronts the Doctor about it.

Doctor Who, Jack Harkness, One of the strange things about traveling with Rose and the Doctor (early on, anyway) was Rose's outdated conceptions of sexuality.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones and Donna Noble, When someone tries to insult Martha for being gay, Donna gives them Hell like she's never given anyone Hell before.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones and Ianto Jones, Martha hadn't thought that medical students would be homophobic, and she hadn't thought that the office temp would be the one to offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones, Being with the Doctor - or working with Torchwood - and being out is so very different than being out at UNIT.

Doctor Who, Rose, Jack points out every attractive male, female, alien or other they come across and Rose starts to wonder why she’s not just agreeing about the men.

Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith, Sarah was an activist back in the early seventies and not just for women's rights. Either explore her experiences back then as a lesbian or bi woman.

Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith, She's always lived by her own rules so she's not going to apologise for being bi, but sometimes she forgets that Earth in the 20th/21st century isn't quite as open about such things as other places she's been.

Doctor Who: Susan Foreman, Susan accidentally lets the fact that she is trans slip (or the cat is let out of the bag during an adventure). Ian and Barbara react about as well as can be expected of two school teachers from the 1960s, which is to say not very well at all. (Susan does not have to ID as female, non-binary is cool too!)

Doctor Who, Ten and/or Captain Jack, both have been witness to a lot of history, what is their perspective on the LGBT history they have been around for (Stonewall? The trial of Oscar Wilde? Pink triangles?)

Ender's Game (& related books), any character/OC, Discovering one's sexuality in Battle School is about as hard as you'd think it would be, but even harder when you're not straight

recycling old prompts part ii

Date: 2014-03-15 10:57 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Harry Potter, any characters, Character A wants to know why Character B needs to make such a fuss about coming out. After all Character A doesn't blather on and on about being straight. Character B responds by casting a spell on A that makes A go silent (or still) and time they are about to use words (or actions) to comment on aspects of their own straightness. Could be played for laughs if you want.

Harry Potter, any characters, Every morning, he wakes up with another memory missing. He doesn't notice it's happening at first, but then the big ones start to go and soon he doesn't recognize the man he's living with anymore. It's definitely a curse, but very few think it's a hate crime, even though it seems the only memories the curse takes include the man everyone tells him he's in love with.

Harry Potter, any characters, The Hogs Head pub may not be scenic, but it's always been discreet.

Harry Potter, Any Hufflepuff (OC), asking the hat to go into Hufflepuff because they know they're different and that they'll find acceptance there, even if they can't count on it from their Muggle family. (prompter doesn't object to canon characters, but really loves OCs for this)

Harry Potter, any older character, watching as the Muggle world changes in its regard to LGBT issues (from illegality to civil partnerships) while the wizarding world stays stuck in 'don't ask, don't tell' mode.

Harry Potter, any or original characters, Dumbledore's Army was such a rousing success that some students decide an LGBT support network in Hogwarts would also be a good idea.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley and Viktor Krum. Viktor meets Charlie Weasley at Fleur's wedding and realizes why he smells brimstone and burn ointment when he makes the amortensia potion.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, being gay on the dragon reserve was easy. Being gay back in the UK proves to be harder, especially since he hasn't told his mum yet.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, Charlie didn't go to Romania to get away from his family, but the distance has made it a lot easier to avoid explaining his love life to them. Lately, though, he's started to think about coming home - and coming out

Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Dean is happy to find out wizards don't care about the colour of his skin and horrified to find out how much other bigotry exists instead.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron seemed to judge her for dating boys, so Ginny is a bit worried about telling her brother that she'd have actually liked to date a few girls as well.

Harry Potter, Lee Jordan & Fred and George Weasley, Lee's had the twins' help hiding that he was born female, but now puberty's hit and he can't hide it as easily. The twins come up with a way to keep his secret. (FtM Lee)

Harry Potter, Percy/Oliver, Percy dances with Oliver at Ginny's wedding so he doesn't have to do the whole coming out speech. He's worried about his brothers' reactions but Molly is the most upset because he didn't trust her enough to confide in her.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie, Aunt Agatha gives Bertie a choice, Marry by the end of the year, or be subjected to Sir Roderick's "cure for sodmites"

Jeeves and Wooster, Bertie Wooster, Honoria confesses that the reason she wants to marry Bertie is she thinks he's gay like she is. Bertie had never even considered the idea before. Now that he's faced with it, how does he deal with coming out to himself?

Marvel (any verse), Steve Rogers, Thanks to his close relationship with Bucky Barnes, there have always been rumors about Captain America's sexuality. In the 21st century, bisexual Steve meets someone whose life was positively impacted by having him as a queer role model.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/any, his boyfriend's attempts to read up on Steve's time period are sweet, really. But Steve wishes that people in the 21st century would realize that what historians have captured of queer culture in the 1930s and 1940s is an incomplete picture and does not reflect the queer culture of everyone who lived then - including Steve.

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, Tony is bisexual but has never been open about it due to his father's homophobia, which caused a lot of abuse when Howard suspected something was going on between Tony and Tiberius Stone. Tony struggles through adolescence and adulthood, trying to keep one side of his sexuality hidden and fight the feelings he has for some of the men in his life.

Marvel Movies (Avengers movie verse), assorted characters, the clash between Thor's classical Norse views, Captain America's forties values, and the modern world's values--and how that affects the LGBT members of the team

MCU; any SHIELD agent; traditionally, not straight agents were barred from the highest security clearances. But SHIELD has always circuited the rules, and outright broken them, when they saw fit.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers, Steve watches a lot of news and he knows this whole "we're fine with queer people" stuff isn't exactly true so he'd like it if people would quit acting like it was just his time period that was awful.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Tony is outed as Bi-sexual by one of his exes (Tiberius Stone is my personal choice, but I'm happy to hear others) how does it change the way people view Iron Man?

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, Tony stopped trying to live up to his father’s expectations years ago. He’s rich, he’s a genius and he’ll do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Except men. But that doesn't count. Because he doesn't want to. And because it's a Bad Idea. And because… yeah, okay, maybe he does have just a few residual issues there.

Marvel Movies (Captain America), Steve Rogers and the Avengers, Fury doesn't want any trouble with public relations so he holds a sensitivity training seminar for the Avengers. Many were expecting Steve to not take some parts well, they were surprised

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), James Rhodes(/Tony Stark), Rhodey lived under DADT for half his life. Rhodey has been friends with Tony for half his life. All the public womanizing that comes along with being Tony's friend also makes Tony a safe person to crush on... until the repeal, when Rhodey can finally do something about it. How does Rhodey navigate finally being able to be honest about how he feels? How DOES he feel? Gen, slash, or unrequited. Tony/Pepper welcome.

MCU; James "Rhodey" Rhodes; the habits of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" are hard to shake.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, Pepper tries to keep it secret when she starts dating a woman, because she's sure that Tony's reaction will be crude and offensive.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Tony Stark, The paparazzi follow him everywhere and he has an image to keep up, even if Pepper promises no one will find out that he didn't bring home a woman this time.

Marvel Movies, Tony Stark, "I've slept with women while I was blind drunk too, but you don't see that explained away as a drunken binge"

NCIS, any character/any character or OC, trying to be in the closet at work and somewhat open outside

NCIS, Jimmy Palmer, After Agent Lee is killed after being discovered as the mole, Jimmy goes the cliche route of swearing off women. He also goes the non-cliche route of drowning his sorrows in gay clubs, where he surprisingly gets hit on quite a lot - which makes him think.

NCIS, Sarah McGee and team Gibbs, Sarah gets gay-bashed for dating a female Marine.

Psych, Henry Spencer, it's hard to tell your kid you're finally dating again. Some time later, Henry discovers it's even harder to tell your kid you're dating a guy.

Psych, Lassiter, Internalized homophobia

Psych, Lassiter/OMC, he's always done his very best to crush that part of him, but [OMC] makes everything so much more confusing

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert". Stephen's freshly back from an invigorating two-week vacation...at an ex-gay treatment center.

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper, despite everything, one of the reasons why she cares for Sherlock so much is that he's always treated her as female, even when she rarely passed for it.

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper/Gregory Lestrade, they are both one another's last, desperate attempt at keeping up the fascade of straightness, and perhaps they both know it.

Star Trek (any era), Any human character, Most people on Earth don't see the point in identifying as a sexual orientation anymore, since the gender of one's partners is socially irrelevant. What might make a character still choose to embrace an lesbian/gay/bisexual identity

Star Trek (any series), any character or pairing, Trek's history diverges from our history right around when the gay rights movement was gaining steam. Instead of progress, the Eugenics Wars and World War III pushed social change to the backburner. As a result, the gay rights movement, far from being finished, is only in its middle stages by the 2200s. What is it like to be a citizen in a galaxy where people from different planets get along famously, but your own species still is hesitant about accepting your sexuality? (bonus points if the alien species commonly seen (Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Andorians) are more accepting than humans

Star Trek (any series), any character, It's pretty much impossible to keep secrets when you're surrounded by Betazoids.

Star Trek (any version), any characters, Starfleet is military, right? But surely by 2255 DADT is gone. ...Right?

Star Trek, TNG, Wesley Crusher, Wesley comes out. Everyone deals with it differently

Star Trek: The Original Series, any character or pairing, Trek's history diverges from our history right around when the gay rights movement was gaining steam. Instead of progress, the Eugenics Wars and World War III pushed social change to the backburner. As a result, the gay rights movement, far from being finished, is only in its middle stages by the 2200s. What is it like to be a citizen in a galaxy where people from different planets get along famously, but your own species still is hesitant about accepting your sexuality?

Star Trek TOS or XI, Kirk, no one cared when he slept with the female aliens.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Chapel/McCoy, Chapel passed as female, until that one time she was alone with McCoy in the sickbay.

Star Trek: The Original Series, James Kirk, During 'The Naked Time' Spock went after Chapel, Sulu rescued 'damsels', and Jim...didn't flirt with any women, despite that being his modus operandi when 'sober'. Why?

Star Trek: The Original Series, Leonard McCoy, In the human worlds of the Federation, homosexuality and bisexuality are supposed to be diagnosed and cured in adolescence. McCoy hid his orientation and went untreated. Now he wonders if there are others like him.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Nyota Uhura as a MtF lady who has never felt the need to get SRS.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, During a discussion about various species' attitudes toward sexualities the lecturer states that Vulcans would view homosexuality as illogical. Spock corrects this assumption with a lecture of his own on the subject of IDIC.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, Early in Season One, McCoy practically outed Spock as gay (by saying his body chemistry prevents him from being sexually interested in a beautiful woman, when nothing we know about Vulcans would imply that it's because of his species/race). How does Spock cope with the cultural expectations of Pon Farr when he knows he's gay? Bonus points for including how McCoy knows he's gay

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, Humans assume that Vulcans disapprove of homosexuality. It's more complicated than that.

Star Trek: The Original Series, T'Pring, the reason she called challenge on Spock is that *she's* gay, and *female* homosexuality is taboo on Vulcan because it removes women from the available pool for men in a species where men will die without a monogamous life partner and most men are straight. Stonn could be a transman, a pre-transition transwoman, or just a friend she's using as cover.

Star Trek: The Original Series, T'Pring, Vulcan culture never envisioned a situation where a woman could be mind-bonded to a man but could also be attracted to and desire to marry the sister of her male best friend. All T'Pring knows is that she, the woman she loves and her girlfriend's brother Stonn are in a situation not covered by tradition, protocol or logic, and there seems to be no way out.

Star Trek: TOS : Kirk/Spock, In the novelisation of The Motion Picture, Kirk states that he finds his best [sexual] gratification with women. What does this mean for his relationship with Spock?

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, Kirk speaks publicly about being both the savior of Earth and a positive role-model for queer members of the Federation everywhere.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, One of the conditions by which Kirk received command of the Enterprise was that he act as the Federation's poster boy. Theoretically homophobia is gone, but the Admiralty is still keen that Jim represent the 'best' of Humanity: that he be young, white, male, cisgendered...and straight. Now, Kirk has to choose between being true to his queer identity and his first, best destiny.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Kirk/Spock, Spock, like all Vulcans, is asexual outside of pon farr, but is in love with Kirk. Kirk is straight, but is in love with Spock. Together, they make a pretty happy non-sexual couple. But what happens when pon farr comes along, and Spock finds himself drawn towards his mate?

The West Wing, Josh Lyman/OMC, Josh isn't homophobic, but he's definitely straight. Definitely, absolutely, no question about it. So there's no way he could be falling for a man. And if his friends think they notice a change in him, they're definitely, definitely wrong. …Right?

Torchwood, Jack Harkness and/or John Hart, They both had very good reasons to run to the semi-outlaw Time Agency and leave their own time and planets behind them.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack's life among the rentboys and ruffs of nineteenth-century Cardiff, as client, co-worker or fellow-traveler

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, the experience of Jack and other queer soldiers in WW2 (or WW1, or both).

Torchwood, Jack, One (or five) times he encountered homophobia.

Torchwood, Mickey Smith, Mickey had to get stuck in a parallel universe to accept being bisexual; how will he react when stuck in the casual everyone-shags-everyone atmosphere of Torchwood: Cardiff?

Torchwood: Miracle Day, Angelo, AU where Angelo remained Jack's 'companion.' How does he reconcile his faith and his love for Jack?

Date: 2014-03-15 12:12 pm (UTC)
lonelywalker: A young man in a baseball cap lying on his back, eyes closed, with the text "effort and error, study and love" (Default)
From: [personal profile] lonelywalker
The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Any Character, The Harpooners are totally fine with having an openly gay player… so they probably won’t freak out about having a trans* player too, right?

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Guert resolves to be “better at being gay”. But where does a sixty-year-old man even start?

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Guert uses his annual convocation speech to come out to the entire faculty and student body, and discovers that, for a liberal arts college, Westish really isn’t that liberal.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, After falling in love with Owen, Guert reflects on one or more incidents in his life that never seemed important before, but now seem like massive rainbow flags of gayness.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Identifying as gay or bi shouldn’t affect Guert’s relationship with his daughter… should it?

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Guert thinks of himself as straight, even though he’s in a relationship with a man. He and Owen discuss labels, and why identifying as gay or bi might be important.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Owen realizes that Guert constantly characterizes their relationship from a heterocentric frame of reference and gently points out that neither of them needs to be “the girl”.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Owen takes Guert to a gay bar.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Guert takes Owen to his high school reunion, which means he has to figure out how to introduce Owen to his old friends.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, The media wants to use gay-college-president Guert as some kind of LGBT icon and Owen is all for it. Guert just wishes everything would get back to normal.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Owen Dunne, Westish College doesn’t have any kind of LGBT association when Owen arrives – the few queer kids on campus don’t think they need one. Owen convinces them they’re wrong.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Owen Dunne, The team coach might not have a problem with Owen being gay, but some of the players who have to shower and share a motel bed with him disagree… until an opposing team starts hassling Owen for the same reason.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, During one of Owen’s long, rambling, pot-fed musings on love and sexuality, Henry realizes that the term “asexual” fits him pretty much to a T.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, Now a pro baseball player, Henry comes out to his teammates as asexual.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, Henry loves Mike and Pella and wants to have a relationship with them both. He just doesn’t really want to have sex with them. (Henry is asexual.)

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, Henry comes out to his parents as gay/bi/asexual/trans* and has to explain that, no, he did not somehow “catch” it from his gay roommate.

My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar Ali/ Johnny Burfoot, Omar and Johnny make a pact to come out to their respective families.

My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar Ali/ Johnny Burfoot, Omar loves Johnny, but he identifies as bi, not gay, and doesn’t understand why that makes Johnny feel so insecure.

Date: 2014-03-15 02:08 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Almost Human, Dorian/John, Dorian is asexual, but very (amusedly) willing to help his boyfriend out.

Community, Troy/Abed, Abed overthinks their relationship, Troy doesn’t think about it at all. Between the two of them, how do they make the leap from friendship to romance?

Community, Troy/Abed, They all knew Shirley was homophobic of course, but somehow they never expected it to be a serious problem. But when Troy and Abed come out, they’re suddenly faced with a serious rift in the study group.

Crossover, NCIS, Torchwood, Jack Harkness, The MCRT meets Jack Harkness and doesn’t cope all that well, but Jack refuses to be anything but himself.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones, Being with a woman isn’t at all what she expected, but it turns out to be exactly what she needed.

Jeeves and Wooster (P.G. Wodehouse), Bertie Wooster/OMC, Bertie discovers the attractions of the somewhat-less-fair sex. As ever, Jeeves is there to support and assist.

NCIS, Bishop, Bishop is bisexual and really doesn’t understand why the team is treating it like such a big deal.

Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock, Spock is asexual outside of pon farr, Kirk is very much not. They make it work anyway.

Star Trek TOS, Christine Chapel/any female character, Moving on from her crush on Spock.

The Big Bang Theory, Stuart/Raj, Not treating themselves as a joke anymore.
ruuger: My hand with the nails painted red and black resting on the keyboard of my laptop (Default)
From: [personal profile] ruuger
Babylon 5, John Sheridan/Elizabeth Lochley, he was her last-ditch attempt at loving men, and she still feels a certain affection toward him for letting her try, even though it didn't work.
Babylon 5, Susan Ivanova, she thought she was straight before she fell in love with Talia. Now she's afraid if she lets herself get involved with Marcus it means Talia either meant nothing, or meant something incredible, either of which would be equally shattering.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn Summers, Willow made being out look so easy, but for Dawn, things weren't nearly so simple; she was supposed to be the normal one, after all.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Giles is outed while he's still the librarian at Sunnydale High.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, Everybody knows that vampires are bisexual, but nobody knows that as a human William was gay.
The Mentalist, Grace Van Pelt, Van Pelt has a crush on Lisbon and can't decide which one is worse - being attracted to her boss or being attracted to a woman.
The Mentalist, Madeline Hightower, What if the CHP officer that she had an affair with had been a woman?
The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho fears that Jane is only with him because having sex with a man doesn't count as cheating on his wife.
The Mentalist, Teresa Lisbon, Despite the rumours otherwise, Lisbon does have a life outside work - she just doesn't want anyone to know about her girlfriend because in her position just being a woman is difficult enough.
The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho doesn't like it when Jane uses homophobic language to get a rise out of a bigoted suspect. Jane doesn't see what the problem is.
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radondoran: Velma Dinkley disguised as a stereotypical French person, complete with little moustache (SDMI - moustache Velma)
From: [personal profile] radondoran
The Beebo Brinker Chronicles, Beth Cullison Ayers, the thrill of secretly buying and reading lesbian pulp fiction

Green Acres, Ralph, the folks in Hooterville have never made a fuss about Ralph being herself

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Velma/Amy, the first time Velma realized that she'd wanted the beautiful siren to be more than a special friend
Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Velma/Amy & Velma/Marcie, The planispheric disc, the original Mystery Incorporated, the tension with Daphne, the Nibiru prophecy--Velma has enough to worry about; why did she have to pick this year to have a sexuality crisis?

Date: 2014-03-15 10:52 pm (UTC)
gala_apples: (pirate!gerard)
From: [personal profile] gala_apples
Avengers- Rhodey/Tony, Tony/Pepper. During DADT V-shaped poly was easier when your lover was in a highly publicised hetero relationship. Now that Rhodey can tell, no one knows what to say.

Avengers- ot6 (or higher with Pepper/Coulson/Darcy/etc) "Everyone is poly because Avengers" doesn't mean that everyone is bisexual.

Buffy- Xander. The confidence he gets from mastering killing demons and carpentry isn't the sort of confidence that can be used for cruising.

Community- Abed. A young gay Abed watching tv and trying to figure out if he's a QAF gay, or a Will and Grace gay. (or other tropey early queer characters)

Doctor Who- 11/Amy/Rory. Amy is pansexual and Rory is demisexual. There's a bit of a lag between Amy liking her Doctor and Rory liking him.

Glee- Unique. There's a thin line between being who you are inside online, and catfishing.

Glee- Sam. It takes moving and attending a public school to realise he's not just looking at guys because he's surrounded by them.

Harry Potter. Any character or OC is genderqueer. Luckily the castle realises this and offers them a bed in both gendered dorms.

Kickass- transgender character. When they're in costume no one knows they're not cis.

Leverage- Parker/Eliot/Hardison. Parker's ace, but her characters (like Alice) have gotten way better at sex. Which is all fine and good until Eliot and Hardison want a just-Parker night with no roleplaying.

Macdonald Hall- Cathy/Diane. It's hard to be a butch lesbian at a finishing school with a dress and makeup uniform.

Mscdonald Hall- Any character. Sure they have a GSA of over one thousand, over two if you add Scrimmage's, but he's the only out guy.

The OC- Ryan There's a bit of a culture shock between being gay in Chino and gay in Newport Beach.

Parks and Rec- Tom is biromantic. He wants to make love to pretty women and BE in love with Jean-Ralphio.

Date: 2014-03-16 12:00 am (UTC)
perfectworry: like magic play aces stay with me go places (universe & you)
From: [personal profile] perfectworry
Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin. Book 7: Tonks and Lupin are the only (surviving) queers in the Order of the Phoenix, so they get together in a “lavender marriage” so at least they won’t die alone. (You could read this as happy or as sad, but I was thinking happy. It’s up to the author.)
Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks. What’s the Wizarding queer (particularly, lesbian) scene like in the mid-1990s?

Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion, Glorfindel. The elves had some weird ideas about sex, notably that sex and marriage were intertwined, and extra- and pre-marital sex was unheard of in Elvish culture, but marriage was mostly expected. Gay marriage was probably not a thing, either. So, what to do if you’re a gay elf?
Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion, Glorfindel. “Elves do not change sex, even if they are being reincarnated” Glorfindel is female bodied and a frustrated with the Valar for not giving him the right body the second time around, either. (Or, “how many balrogs does a man have to kill to be given a male body?”)
Lord of the Rings, any dwarf characters. There are no Dwarf women because there aren’t really dwarf men, either. Dwarves are mostly agender but they adapt and play “man” and “woman” around people from other cultures because it’s easier than explaining.

Date: 2014-03-16 03:28 am (UTC)
bring_me_sugar: lns mug - season 1 shot - made by hotelchaotica @ eljay (mugging/friendship - las - by hotelchaot)
From: [personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Archer, Pam Poovey, Pam comes out and tries to teach the office a little something about bi pride. But Isis is...less than understanding.

Blades of Glory Katie/Chad/Jimmy, How do a sex addict, a biromantic asexual, and a woman's who's never had the chance to define herself, let alone her sexuality, negotiate a happy relationship? With a little bit of discussion, a little bit of experimentation, and a little respect. Black Eyed Peas song? Optional.

Burn Notice, Fiona Glenanne/Sam Axe/Michael Westen, parenting Charlie as a polyfidelitious couple is almost as easy as adopting to Ireland's much more conservative social mores - in that it's difficult as hell. Good thing they have each other...and all of the C4 anybody would want...

Burn Notice, Fiona Glenanne, her bisexuality isn't anybody's business, not even Michael's.

Burn Notice, Sam Axe/Michael Westen, Coming out to their extended family is a breeze. Even their clients understand. But their old military buddies might be another story.

Evil Dead Trilogy, Ash Williams/Sheila/Arthur/Henry, The best solution to their problem, in Sheila's opinion, is to strengthen the union through a marriage that will bind her to Ash, Arthur to Scotland, and Scotland to Candar Castle. But can the people accept such a union? Can they? And can Ash accept his own bisexuality before it's too late?

Crossovers: Evil Dead (2013)/ Evil Dead Trilogy, Mia & Ash, Ash accepts and understand his new charge in demonslaying more readily than anyone in Mia's life ever has, which is what makes coming out to him so difficult for her.

Laverne and Shirley, Shirley Feeney, Shirley talks all the time about having a happy family and a white picket fence...but as much as she loves Carmine, she doesn't want to make love to him.

Laverne And Shirley, Laverne/Shirley, They've been together for thirty years, and Laverne will be darned if she lies down and lets Bardwells screw Shirley out of her hard-earned retirement fund just because they just got married.

Laverne And Shirley, Laverne DeFazio, Laverne is a proud and out activist.

Psych, Shawn Spencer & Burton Guster, Shawn's pansexuality comes naturally to him, but it causes him conflict with Gus - and Gus' more traditional value system.

Psych, Shawn Spencer/Juliet O'Hara/Burton Guster, Quite happy in their new poly relationship - but still closeted to their families and the SBPD - Shawn decides the three of them should change that and come out through clever use of costumes, dancing and 80's music. Juliet and Gus facepalm, go with it, and hope for the best...
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zaluzianskya: (Default)
From: [personal profile] zaluzianskya
Any fandom, any male/female set of twins, Everyone thinks they're fraternal. They're not.
Any fandom, any characters, An asexual character thinks they're being generous when they offer to put out for their same-gender allosexual partner's benefit; their partner, on the other hand, isn't the least bit interested in sex without mutual attraction.

Ace Attorney, any canon or OC member of the Fey family, How do the Feys' spiritual powers manifest in trans Feys? Is it spiritually based, meaning that trans girls can channel and trans men cannot? Or is it biological -- in which case, does it go by phenotype or genotype? What exactly decides who counts as a "woman" of the Fey family?
Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Robin Newman, She doesn't care about the repercussions of being outed as a trans girl. She's just glad that those two lawyers figured it out.

Final Fantasy IV, Rydia, Rydia is bi. She was also raised by Eidolons for most of her life. How do their views of sexual orientation compare to humans'?
Final Fantasy IV, Leonora, How do her fellow Epopts react when she tells them she's a trans woman?

Final Fantasy VI, Terra Branford, She doesn't have to fall in love to count as human.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, The Weasleys' youngest "son" is terrified of being rejected when she says she feels more like a girl, but Molly is just so happy to finally have a daughter.

Homestuck, John Egbert, "I am not a homosexual" was supposed to be a joke. He was going to follow it up with "Hehe, I'm bisexual," but Karkat derailed his brilliant prank. Now everyone thinks John is straight and he's really annoyed about it.
Homestuck, Dirk Strider, Dirk considers hiding the fact that he's gay so he can make Roxy happy, but ultimately realizes that he can't.
Homestuck, Roxy Lalonde, Trans girl Roxy knows she could have the guy of her dreams if she stayed in the closet, but it would mean denying who she really is.
Homestuck, Jake English, Figuring out you're bi is hard, especially when pop culture refuses to admit bisexuality exists.
Homestuck, Calliope/Roxy Lalonde, Neither Calliope nor Roxy can figure out how human/cherub sex would work. Good thing Calliope is asexual and Roxy has a vibrator.
Homestuck, original character(s), How do dreamselves and god-tier titles work for trans players of Sburb (either binary or non-binary)?
Homestuck, any troll character(s), "I further apologize if your orientation precludes the possibility, as a pale aromantic, panquadrant demiromantic, something in the gray palesexual department or such" -- Okay I know this was probably just a joke but hey, Watsonian interpretations! What do these terms actually mean?
Homestuck, any carapacian(s) (and/or Roxy), How do sexual orientation and gender work in carapacian society?
Homestuck, the Felt, Leprechauns probably don't even have genders, so what are the Felt's thoughts on Caliborn calling them "dudes", Caliborn's misogyny, etc.? Do they find it difficult to keep different species' gender conventions straight, and are there awkward shenanigans in the Felt Mansion when cherub/carapacian/troll gender norms clash? Do they even realize that Snowman and Lord English aren't the same gender?

I.S. ~otoko demo onna demo nai sei~, Haru Hoshino/Kenji Ibuki, Dorama-verse, Haru figures out that he can identify as male and be in love with Kenji at the same time.

Kamen Rider Fourze, Virgo Zodiarts (Kuniteru Emoto), What does it mean that Virgo's form and voice are so feminine when Emoto appears to be male?

Kamen Rider W, Shotaro Hidari/Philip, Sharing a body with the guy he's kind of sort of starting to like is awkward when Shotaro hasn't even admitted to himself that he likes guys.

Pokemon, any player character, "Are you a boy or a girl?" What do you do when the answer is "no"?

Saber Marionette J, any canon or original characters, On a world that's ostensibly all-male (actually all AMAB, but that's a topic for another prompt), the only person we've seen show same-gender attraction was the joke character. But it's not acceptable to be attracted to marionettes, either (not that that stops anyone). Is male-male attraction really taboo on Terra II? Is everyone expected to be celibate, or what?
Saber Marionette J, any canon or original characters, They say that their genetic engineering can only create male clones, but what they really mean is it can only create clones with XY chromosomes. Are there trans women or non-binary people on Terra II? Or intersex people?

Welcome to Night Vale, Carlos, Carlos comes out shortly after arriving in Night Vale and is surprised by how little it matters to anyone. As he becomes further acquainted with the strangeness of Night Vale, he is no longer surprised.
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sashataakheru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sashataakheru
Any fandom, any characters, Post-apocalyptic. You thought being queer sucked when there were six billion humans, a reasonably steady supply of food and water, and *zero* hordes of ravening undead.
Any fandom, Any character 40+, Questioning your sexuality after over two decades of not questioning is hard—especially when no one believes you. But sometimes all it takes is one person to care enough to listen.
Any fandom, any characters, Just because they're both queer, doesn't mean they agree about politics. At all.
Any fandom, any non-op FtM character, He's been living successfully as a man for decades - so what happens when he finds himself in need of an abortion?
Any fandom, any characters, why is it so hard for character to accept that they are kinky, when it was so easy to accept that they are LGBT(QIA)?
Any fandom, any character, In later life, does coming out even *matter* anymore? Perhaps he/she should just let people assume what they've always assumed.
Any fandom, any character, a gay or bi FtM character becomes pregnant and tries to cope with how that affects gender roles in his relationship.
Any fandom, any character, zie's tired of coming out as trans because then everyone thinks zie's too butch to be MtF or too femme to be FtM.
Any fandom, any character(s), 'Sometimes I feel like a fraud because I didn’t grow up wanting to be a boy like other trans men did.'
Any fandom, any non-op trans* character, dealing with the pressure to transition, whether from the trans* community, their support network, or society at large.
Any fandom, any trans* character, identifying as trans* as well as outside the gender binary.
Any fandom, any character, feeling out of place at a Gay Pride March.
Any fandom, any character, no, actually, you do NOT have an obligation to come out!

Any children's television show, any children's presenter, being queer and deciding to come out (or not).

Any comedy fandom, any comedian, just because you're gay doesn't mean it should be the only thing you're allowed to make jokes about.
Any comedy RPS fandom, any characters, all the fans thinks your comedy partner is the 'gay one', and the more they joke about it, the more they fap about it on the internet, the more you want to yell at them who you really are.

Any RPF fandom, any character, it was very different to be famous and queer when you were young...

The Adventures of Lano & Woodley (TV series), Colin Lane/Frank Woodley, Col wouldn't have guessed Frank would be the one who recognised how gay their relationship had become before he did.

Double The Fist, The Womp/Steve Foxx, Womp can't imagine being with anyone else but Steve, and can't work out why people seem to have such a problem with it.
Double The Fist, Steve Foxx, he's spent his whole life struggling to accept that his homosexuality isn't a sign of weakness.
Double The Fist, Rod Foxx, he would totally come out as bisexual if he knew Steve wouldn't disown him for doing so.
Double The Fist, Tara, she's a vending machine, a token woman, so how does she tell Rodd she's really only interested in girls? (pre-The Final Battle.)
Double The Fist, Mephisto, being a gay vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Electric Dreams, Edgar, not having a human body makes understanding human sexuality - and his own identity and sexuality - quite complicated.

Inspector Montalbano (TV series), Salvo Montalbano/Mimí Augello, they fight like a married couple for a damn good reason. They're just not going to tell anyone what that reason is because it isn't worth their jobs to come out.
Inspector Montalbano (TV series), Giuseppe Fazio, in all the years he's worked for Salvo, he's never once thought about coming out to him until a case hits too close to home, forcing his hand. Salvo turns out to be more compassionate and understanding than Fazio had anticipated.

Jonathan Creek, Jonathan Creek, the one thing people find really strange about him is that he's asexual.

Mythology - Egyptian, Sobek/Heru-sa-Aset (Horus, son of Isis), Heru always intended to take Sobek as his consort when he became King. He didn't expect there'd be so much fuss about it.
Mythology - Egyptian, Djehuty (Thoth), Djehuty feels no need to explain how he can be both androgynous and male at the same time and wishes people would just stop asking.
Mythology - Egyptian, Amun, no one knows zyr true form, which is both liberating and uncomfortable, because it means using masks to represent zemself, and they are not always understood, even by the other gods.
Mythology - Egyptian, Nit (Neith), sie is two-thirds woman, one-third man, and no one really understands that at all.
Mythology - Egyptian, FtM!Wesir (Osiris), what it means to undergo death as a trans* god.
Mythology - Egyptian, Hapi, being a trans* god who is both male, and female, and neither, at the same time.
Mythology - Egyptian, Sobek, He is as queerly gendered as his mother, Nit, in his own strange way.
Mythology - Egyptian, Set (Seth), being a god of the outsiders, of the marginal places and people, and the mistrust and fear that come with it.

Mythology - Greek, Hestia, the only reason she swore never to have sex was to get everyone off her back about why she didn't want to.
Mythology - Greek, Artemis, sie is only as gendered as sie wants to be, crossing boundaries and liminal spaces.

Ladies of Letters (TV series), Vera/Irene, it's not that Vera's oblivious to her own queerness, it's just that she'd never felt the need to label it. Indeed, Vera never even thought of herself as queer until she fell in love with Irene.
Ladies of Letters (TV series), Vera/Irene, prison brought them together in ways they hadn't anticipated.
Ladies of Letters (TV series), Vera/Irene, Irene wants to be out and proud, but Vera just wants peace and privacy. Neither are sure how to compromise on this at all.

Play School (Australian), MtF!Rhys Muldoon, the story about Gloria Grand felt like the best chance she'd ever get to come out.

Robin Hood (any version), trans!Robin/Maid Marion, Part of what Marion likes about Robin is how well he understands her. Robin hasn't gotten around to telling her why he can relate to her so well, that when he said he came from a noble family once, he had actually been a girl.

Song - Traveling Wilburys, "Tweeter And The Monkey Man", MtF!Tweeter, the story of how Tweeter became a Jersey girl.

The Garden of Rama (Arthur C. Clarke), any human character/couple, being queer while on board a giant alien spaceship, trying to survive in New Eden where most of the rules governing human societies on Earth are guidelines at best.

The Hollowmen (TV series), Phillip/Warren, being queer, and a couple, does not affect the way in which they perform their official parliamentary duties.

The Marmalade Files (book), Kimberley (Ben Gordon), perhaps it's her own fault for the fact everyone assumes she's just a transvestite, and not a transwoman, given her decision not to transition. Still, she could do without all the misgendering.

Vikings (TV series), any character, the experience of being queer in Norse society.

Date: 2014-03-16 11:53 am (UTC)
sashataakheru: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sashataakheru
RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, coming out is hard enough when you're not in the public eye. But when you're late to the game and becoming a popular comedian, is there ever a good time to come out, and even if you do, will anyone take you seriously?
RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, realising he's asexual was easier than coming to terms with his bisexuality/homosexuality (author's choice). It's a pity everyone else thinks it's the other way around.
RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, the difficulties in writing a sitcom about a fictional version of yourself and how it might affect the way people see you and your sexuality.
RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, finding another man who just wants to cuddle and let Josh bake for him is harder than it seems. (Josh as a homoromantic asexual.)
RPF, Australian Comedy, Adam Hills/Ali McGregor, they've always had a kinky sex life, but Adam discovers that the more he does drag, the more he likes it, which only leads to questioning his own gender identity and the sort of father he's supposed to be to his child. Author's choice as to whether he comes to ID as genderqueer, genderfucked, MtF or something else entirely.
RPF, Australian Comedy, Adam Hills, no one seems to mind that he might be gay, but coming out as bisexual seems to be completely unacceptable.
RPF, Australian Comedy, queer!Wil Anderson, being a little bent out of shape makes for interesting relationships.
RPF, Australian Comedy, Corinne Grant/Myf Warhurst, just because Myf's the only girlfriend Corinne's ever had, that doesn't make her a lesbian, does it?

RPF, Australian Politics, Steve Fielding/Tony Abbott, Steve Fielding and Tony Abbott pull ridiculous media stunts to distract the media from the fact that they are having an affair which they believe would destroy both their careers if the wider public were to find out about it.
RPF, Australian Politics, Penny Wong, just because she's openly gay, everyone expects her to be some sort of raging advocate for gay rights. People are surprised to find this isn't always the case.
RPF, Australian Politics, Penny Wong, marching in the 2014 Sydney Mardi Gras with Rainbow Labor for the first time.
RPF, Australian Politics, any closested politician, on deciding to go to Mardi Gras, complicated by what the rest of their party (if they have one) will think, and whether they're willing to come out or not.
RPF, Australian Politics, Louise Pratt, just because her partner is FtM doesn't mean either of them are straight.

RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, Bev Bevan, Being gay in the 70s is hard enough. It's even harder when you're also transgendered and no one understands at all.
RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, queer!Bev Bevan, just because he's spent half his life happily married to a woman doesn't mean he's straight. Or cisgendered.
RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, Hugh McDowell, a devil-may-care attitude to his sexuality means no one really knows which box to put him in and he revels in the gossip and confusion. Problem is, Hugh doesn't really know either and it's beginning to get to him at last.
RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, FtM!Melvyn Gale, the sex he was given at birth shouldn't matter when all he wants to do is make music.
RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne/Roy Wood, Jeff never meant to fall in love with Roy, but he fell so hard he moved halfway across the world to get away from him, just so he wouldn't have to deal with the questions it kept asking about his sexuality.

RPF, No Doubt, FtM!Tony Kanal/Gwen Stefani, after they break up, Tony has to deal with Gwen being unable to let go of the girl she fell in love with and accept the man he's become.
RPF, No Doubt, Tom Dumont/Tony Kanal, Tom finds it surprising that Tony finds it so hard to accept he might be bisexual, even though they've been sleeping together for years.
RPF, No Doubt, queer!Adrian Young, being able to express his feminine side in public is one of the most important things to him. Everyone assumes he's doing it for the attention, or that he's a transvestite, but neither of these come close to the reasons why he does it.

RPF, The Chaser, Andrew Hansen/Charles Firth, University-era - While Andrew might be content with his bisexuality, Charles is far from settled and struggles to accept his attraction to Andrew as more than just best friends while dealing with a girlfriend who hates him.
RPF, The Chaser, Chris Taylor, When you've got to the point of dating girls in public and making out with male friends behind closed doors, what place does coming out have in your life when all it will do is lead to disappointment?
RPF, The Chaser, Andrew Hansen, zie's never really felt comfortable as a boy or a girl, even when forced to choose. It didn't seem to matter; zie still got beaten up anyway. (high school AU, author's choice as to hir gender identity and which genitals zie was born with.)
RPF, The Chaser, Craig Reucassel, when he joked about being a woman trapped in a man's body, he was actually trying to come out.
RPF, The Chaser, Craig Reucassel, growing up being gender non-conforming in a small country town. Author's choice as to Craig's gender identity and birth sex.

RPF, The Move, Roy Wood/Carl Wayne, they dealt with being outed in very different ways, and it brought them together in spite of it all.
RPF, The Move, Ace Kefford, safety in numbers doesn't count for much when the numbers want to hurt and exclude you. On being the wrong sort of queer, and trying to find acceptance anywhere that'll have you.
RPF, The Move, Ace Kefford, being mentally ill doesn't mean his queerness isn't real.

RPF, The Traveling Wilburys, Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, Jeff hadn't counted on George being the one to finally bring him out of his very, very deep closet.

RPF, Wizzard, genderbending Roy Wood, ze's never wanted to be out and proud, but prancing about on stage in face paint, glitter and flamboyant and sometimes quite girly costumes is beginning to change hir mind.

Date: 2014-03-16 06:25 pm (UTC)
zarabithia: (pride: queer legs)
From: [personal profile] zarabithia

Marvel (any verse), Bucky Barnes, "No, of course the Russians didn't brainwash away my sexuality. Doesn't the 21st century know anything about how sexuality actually works?"

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark/James "Rhodey" Rhodes, When Tony meets Rhodey at MIT, Rhodey's the first person who doesn't give a shit about the Stark legacy. So it's only reasonable that Tony picks Rhodey as the person to lose his virginity to. Now if only Tony didn't feel so guilty telling the one guy who genuinely cared about him that a romantic relationship was off the table. (Aromantic and bisexual Tony)

Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce, Alanna/George Cooper, Alanna was always a girl who needed to dress as a boy. George was always a boy, even if his body made some people think otherwise.

Tortall Univere - Tamora Pierce, Alanna/George Cooper/Jonathan/Thayet, Modern Day A/U where our heroes are queer and poly.

Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce, Numair/Ozorne and Numair/Daine, When Numair got to Carthack, those libraries were the first ones to have books with words to describe what he felt. That his healthiest relationship has been with someone of a different gender does not change the fact that those words still describe him.

Tortall Universe - Tamora Pierce, Numair, When he left Carthack, he left behind the silly idea that he'd ever been a woman, too.

Date: 2014-03-16 06:32 pm (UTC)
zarabithia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] zarabithia
Also because I liked these prompts from the rules post:

Marvel (616 or MCU), Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson/Bucky Barnes, While they are off fighting dragons or Hydra (who can be sure which it is at this point?) they are both getting texts from Bucky, who has decided to catch up on Bomb Girls without either of his two partners.

Marvel (616 or MCU), Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson, Steve is really disappointed that this is the third time that his attempt to visit the queer friendly toy store has been thwarted by a dragon attempt.

Marvel (616 or MCU) Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Steve is really disappointed that this is the third time that his attempt to visit the queer friendly book store has been thwarted by a dragon attempt.

Marvel (616 or MCU) Steve Rogers/Clint Barton, Clint is happy to be called away to slay dragons (or Hydra?) and away from asshole republican reporters.

Date: 2014-03-16 09:39 pm (UTC)
gala_apples: (stark)
From: [personal profile] gala_apples
Queer As Folk- Fifty years later, the best stories they have about the community.

Revenge- Nolan. There are friends and corporations that like him better when he's dating a man, and those that like him better when he's dating a woman. Humanity is fickle.

Skins- Sid likes girls, but nothing's better than a quick fuck with Tony. He's not sure what that means about his sexuality.

Stargate Universe- transgender character. As everyone around them runs out of creature comforts, they're running out of their hormone supply.

White Collar- Five side businesses Mozzie has with the queer community.

White Collar- How does the story change if Peter used Neal's boyfriend Karl Moreau to catch Neal, rather than Kate?

XMmen FC- Alex Summers. Alex decides to stay in gen-pop for the first exposure to other gay men he's ever had. Charles later tries to help him understand the whole world isn't like that.

Xmen- Bobby/Pyro. Pre-X2. Bobby's not sure what to come out about first, his mutant status or his boyfriend.

Date: 2014-03-17 12:45 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
The Simpsons, Lisa Simpson, After falling in love with two women in college, Lisa becomes an out and proud activist like she does with many other things near and dear to her.
The Simpsons, Milhouse Van Houten/Bart Simpson, So maybe it was another member of the Simpson's family that Milhouse was really interested in, he just hid that part of himself for a long time.
The Simpsons, Milhouse Van Houten/Bart Simpson, Bart was a lot more jealous of Samantha when she was with Milhouse. That makes him question a lot about himself.
The Simpsons, Nelson Muntz/Bart Simpson, Until Bart came along, Nelson never really had any friends. But does friendship really feel this strong? Now he thinks his anger might be more to do with the part of himself he's repressed for so long.

Date: 2014-03-17 09:25 pm (UTC)
seiberwing: (Safeword)
From: [personal profile] seiberwing
Any character, any fandom, A queer timetraveler from one era explores the queer culture of another era, and finds it to be not what they expected from high school social studies.
Any character, any fandom, A genderqueer or trans person tries to explain the concept of gender identity (and gender dysphoria) to a robot or other member of a genderless species.
Any fandom, any robot, Realizing you have a gender identity.
Any fandom, any character, Becoming politically active after coming out.
Any fandom, any character, an asexual feeling unwelcome in an LGBT community that refuses to consider them queer.
Any fandom, any character, five times things were explained to children, and one time they were explained to adults.
Any fandom, any asexual character, You called yourself gay, because that was the option that meant you weren't attracted to [oppositegender], and assumed that you'd eventually want to have sex with [samegender] if you tried hard enough. Then you found the third option.

Ace Attorney, FtM!Ron DeLite/Desiree Delite, Desiree supports Ron through transitioning.
Ace Attorney, FtM!Ron DeLite, "If you're supposed to be a man, why do you look so much like a girl?" Why Godot's words on 'being a man' meant so much to Ron.
Ace Attorney, original Yatagarasu, Is it the Yatagarasu's business to out an anti-gay activist, even if the target's affected them personally?

Batman, Batman/Catwoman, Their constant flirting makes people assume they're sexually attracted to each other. They're not...but that doesn't make things any less complicated.
Batman, Batman, Bruce Wayne is enthusiastically heterosexual, Batman is asexual, and none of the women he dates want to admit they're the one Bruce Wayne wouldn't sleep with.
Batman, Batman/Riddler, Outthinking Batman is his prime joy in life. He did not expect that to include helping Batman unpack his sexuality issues.
Batman, trans!Riddler, "Answering the riddle of myself".
Batman, asexual!Mad Hatter, Wonderland is pure, chaste, innocent. It's one more reason he'd rather be there than in the sex-obsessed 'real world'.

Batman: Brave and the Bold, Music Meister, He's not ashamed, exactly. It's just that when you're a musical-obsessed supervillain with a fondness for purple and a Liberace outfit on your costume rack people make assumptions about your preferences, and Music Meister hates the idea of being a stereotype.

DCAU (Justice League Unlimited), Vigilante/Shining Knight, Being made to see that durn cowboy movie (Brokeback Mountain) done gave Vigilante *ideas*. But how does one go about courtin' a guy from a different *millennia*, let alone century - without getting his head kicked in by Winged Victory, or cut off by a sword. And if he's doin' the courtin', is he the man, or what? (Basically, generational differences on homosexuality/gender roles).

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dr. Horrible, Doc starts working on a sex-swapping ray with the thought of humiliating Captain Hammer. When someone in the local trans community hears about it and offers a group of free (and enthusiastic) test subjects, Doc starts reconsidering the ultimate goal...and whether it's a far more personal project than it first seemed to be.

Hogan's Heroes, Andrew Carter, He's not stupid as all that. He knows how sex works. He likes women too. He just doesn't get why the other fellas are so obsessed with getting in bed with them.

MCU, pretty much everyone, Six Avengers, three SHIELD agents, nine ways of being queer.

Pacific Rim, any characters, In order to partner in a Jaeger, all mental barriers must be dropped and all secrets will be bared. Therefore it's best to get all the awkward conversations out of the way before you go in.
Pacific Rim, any character, Jaeger Pilots are automatic celebrities, the last best hope of humanity against the kaiju menace. How does the world react to being saved by queer people?
Pacific Rim, any characters, That time your partner picked up on it before you did.
Pacific Rim, Newt Geislzer and Hermann Gottlieb, things discovered in the Drift. Pairing optional.
Pacific Rim, Sasha and Aleksis Kaidanovskys, "Yep, “Sasha” and “Aleksis” are both forms of “Alexander.” Look, they screw with people. It’s a bit of an inside joke of theirs. It’s a thing they do." - Travis Beacham Cherno Alpha's pilots like to keep people guessing on which of them has which name. As to which is the man and which is the woman...that's a little more complicated.

Psychonauts, any character, in the mental world emotional baggages are sobbing suitcases, emotional demons are actual monsters, and the closet is literally a closet.
Psychonauts, any character, the change in a mental world's terrain during a period of exploration and self-acceptance by its owner.

A Study in Emerald, Moran/Moriarty, “I have a feeling,’ he said, ‘I have a feeling that we were meant to be together. That we have fought the good fight, side by side, in the past or in the future, I do not know. I am a rational man, but I have learned the value of a good companion, and from the moment I clapped eyes on you, I knew I trusted you as well as I do myself. Yes, I want you with me.” The AU-Victorian subtext of such language, and the reasoning behind such coding. What is queer life like under the Old Ones?

Sleepy Hollow, any character, Ichabod Crane's latest culture clash involves modern culture's perceptions of LGBTQA people. He's not bigoted, just very, very confused. His friend has to guide him through his confusion, while privately panicking over exactly how to explain their own status.
Sleepy Hllow, Ichabod Crane, When someone makes an ill-informed comment about historical homophobia and gay culture, Crane once again steps in with yet another lecture on Why You Are Wrong About the 18th Century. It's not until later that Abbie asks him how he knows about the matter in so much detail.

Star Trek Enterprise, Dr. Phlox, Denobulan conception and categorization of sexuality are actually far more complicated than human ones. Fortunately, Phlox brought charts.

Welcome to Night Vale, Carlos, After Cecil gushes about their relationship to the entire town, Carlos waits for the other shoe to drop. It doesn't. (Though there is a brief rain of socks.)
Welcome to Night Vale, Megan Wallaby, After the girl often referred to as "an adult man's hand" gets her full body transplant gives her the power of speech (and significant speech therapy instructs her in how to use it), she's invited as a guest to Cecil's show. And she has a lot to say.

Date: 2014-03-17 11:04 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Harry Potter, any characters, the 'gender swapping potion makes people think differently about attraction' trope, but dealing with the actual complexities of having to walk around with a body that doesn't match your gender.


Any fandom with aliens, any character(s), When someone is heterosexually attracted to their own species, but homosexually attracted to another, are they still considered bisexual? Bispecial? A character considers labels.

Black Books, Bernard, Manny & Fran, Bernard is asexual, aromantic and has always convinced himself he doesn't need other people at all, so it's a little bewildering to realise that he's become part of a family unit without meaning to.

Twilight Saga; Renesmee Cullen; the first time she kisses a girl, she decides that she wants to do it again. And if she has to break free of all the rules that govern her life and apparent fate to do so, then she will.

Elementary, Joan Watson, Joan doesn't see any reason to come out to Sherlock; it's irrelevant to their working relationship. He disagrees strongly. (Joan's identity is writer's choice.)

Elementary, Joan, When they're home alone, Sherlock calls her John.

Elementary, Joan, She finally sums up the courage to tell Sherlock the truth, only to be told that he knew all along.

Elementary, Sherlock, He explains his complicated sexuality and/or gender identity with as little fuss as anything else, and she envies him for being so comfortable with it- not realizing that she's the only person he's ever told.

Elementary, Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock isn't as interested in Joan's sexual preferences as much as why she tried to hide them from him.

Elementary, Sherlock, He's been fantasizing for months about Joan as a man, and when she comes out to him as FtM he's convinced he's hallucinating.

Brave, Merida, After a while she realises it's not even that she wanted to marry out of love (though that certainly makes the idea more bearable); it's more like she... doesn't want to marry anyone. Ever.

South Park, Butters, Even though it was basically down to his classmates that he realised he was queer, none of his attempts to come out have gone well.

South Park, Wendy/Bebe, They're seventeen now, but one of the girls still thinks their classmates are too childish to respect their year-old relationship.

South Park, Stan/Kyle, it takes one of the boys remarkably tong to accept their LGBTQ-ness, partly due to their negative feelings towards the queer people they've been exposed to in South Park.

Ouran High School Host Club, Haruki/Tamaki, agender!Haruhi experiences a relationship with someone who has only ever flirted with girly girls. (Happy ending)

Ouran High School Host Club, Kyouya/Tamaki, their ability to function as a partnership (more recently, as parent-types) leads to an exploration of their relationship. Kyouya wants to fit into at least one of society's boxes, Tamaki will help if it will make Kyouya happy

Ouran High School Host Club, Haruki/Kaoru/Hikaru, bigender!Haruhi/primarily straight!Hikaru/Primarily gay!Kaoru, their relationship works surprisingly well.

Arrested Development, any character, the entire family somehow manages to make coming out even worse than predicted.

Friends, Chandler, He cannot believe literally everyone else guessed before he had any inkling (pre-Mondler)

Friends, Chandler/Joey, They've had so many excuses not to tell the others, it's got to the point where their coming out is an even more terrifying prospect than before.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Forced to attend another fan convention, Dean attends a panel on queerness in the books by mistake. Suddenly 50 women are energetically talking about how he's obviously bisexual and what a fantastic portrayal it is of queerness being normal and not something to make a big deal out of. Well, it's a big deal to him - because suddenly he realizes they might be right.

Harry Potter, any 'Light' character, So far in Wizarding history, the only 'out' Wizards and Witches have been Dark, and [Character] doesn't know what to do or what this means about them. (major or minor characters, I don't mind)

Bend It Like Beckham, Jesminder 'Jess' Bhamra/Juliette 'Jules' Paxton, Jules takes her L/B/T/Q status harder than Jess.

Bend it Like Beckham, Jess Bhamra, Her parents have come so far with accepting her for who she is, but she's still terrified to tell them that not only is she dating a non-Indian, she's dating a non-Indian woman. (This may, but need not be Jules)

Bend it Like Beckham, Jules Paxton, She hates it when her mother is right, but off at college she begins to consider that her mother might have been right that she was a lesbian, and that she wasn't jealous of Jess for dating Joe, but of Joe for dating Jess.

Bend it Like Beckham, Jess/Jules, Jess hates lying to her parents, but when Tony makes up the story about their engagement, she decides to play along, thinking it's the best option for both of them. But when she realizes her feelings for Jules go beyond friendship, does she just add on another lie, or does she finally admit who she really is and risk outing Tony as well?

Psych, Gus, Gus never went by Burton because it was way too masculine

Psych, Juliet, After the SBPD got their first openly gay officer, she thought it was safe to come out. Turns out it's different if you're (LBTA, a woman, etc, Author's choice).

Psych, Shawn or Gus, coming out wouldn't be so irritating if people didn't immediately assume you were in love with your straight best friend of the same sex

Psych, Shawn, Shawn is bi-gendered and the only one he feels safe in telling is Gus.

Psych, wee!Shawn, 'Boys are supposed to kiss girls, Shawn, not other boys.' 'I've heard it both ways.'

Psych, Shawn, It's easy to be fluid with your gender identity when you never stay in one place. The longer he stays home, the harder it gets to change.

Psych, Shawn Spencer, In the aftermath of his breakup with his girlfriend Abigail Lytar, Shawn finally realizes that he loves both Juliet and Gus and wants to be with both...and with typical Shawn timing and discretion, begins courting both of them openly just as a murder investigation is starting to unfold

Twilight, Claire, Eighteen-year-old Claire knows that werewolf Quil Ateara imprinted on her years ago and that the entire Quileute tribe expects her to fall in love with and marry him in the near future. Problem is, she thinks of Quil as an older brother, and she's quite happily in love with another girl.

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