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Title: Closeted
Author: Tsukino Akume
Fandom: Power Rangers Samurai
Pairing/characters: Antonio/Jayden
Rating: K
Prompt: Power Rangers Samurai, Antonio/Jayden, Jayden has difficulty even saying the word “Gay”. Antonio tries not to out him to his friends or family, despite the fact that they are together and he wants to be as OUT as possible. He has some internal struggle with going back in the closet for the sake of true love, even if only until their mission is done.
Summary: Antonio struggles to deal with needing to keep his relationship with Jayden a secret.
Warnings: Angst, slight internalized homophobia

Going into the closet is the equivalent of slamming a door in his own face.
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Title: Where Do I Even Start
Author: Punkpinkpower
Fandom: Power Rangers Samurai
Pairing/characters: Mike/Kevin
Rating: G
Prompt: Kevin/Mike Kevin has spent his whole life either training for the Olympics or training to be a Samurai. He’s never even thought of dating and what he’d want until he met Mike. He’s not sure where to start.
Summary: Mike flirts with Kevin the only way he knows how- by attempting to drive him insane. Kevin feels better about it once he understands what it all means.
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: This fandom has made me google more books about Samurai training than I ever thought existed. 

Edited: for readability? 


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