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Title: The Good Not-Quite-Neighbor
Author: [personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Fandom: The Simpsons
Characters: Homer Simpson, Carl Carlson, Lenny
Pairing: Lenny/Carl
Rating: PG; Y+
Prompt: The Simpsons, Lenny Leonard/Carl Carlson, Getting married wasn't the bad idea so much as part where they were getting married by Homer. On the upside negotiating married life has to be easier than that. And have fewer fireballs.
Warnings: Rated for show-typical content.
Author's Notes: Thank you to Red Fiona for betaing this.
Summary: Carl and Lenny's plan for a quiet wedding is promptly ruined (and made EVEN BETTER) by Homer.
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Title: One Day At A Time
Author: Missy/[personal profile] bring_me_sugar
Fandom: Psych
Pairing/characters: Carlton Lassiter; Juliet O’Hara; Althea/Carlton’s Mother; Lassiter/Marlowe.
Rating: PG
Prompt: Psych, Carlton Lassiter, Internalized Homophobia
Warnings: (if any or choose not to warn): Homophobic language and stereotyping.
Summary: Carlton calls upon Juliet when he gets into a fight with his mother's partner, Althea. Detective O'Hara helps him piece together why he's got so many negative feelings about their relationship, revealing new facets of Carlton's personality.

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