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Title: Remaining in the Calm at the Centre of The Storm
Author: ang_the_adverse
Fandom: The Princess Diaries
Pairing/characters: Mia, Lilly, Grandmere, &c
Rating: G
Prompt: The Princess Diaries (books or movies), Mia Thermopolis, When the Genovian Parliament introduces a bill that could allow gay marriage, Mia decides to come out of the closet (either as gay or bisexual) to everyone on one of Genovia's biggest holidays. How do her family, her friends, the Genovian public and the American media react?

Summary: So they asked me what I thought and I was still kind of terrified by the cameras and I just came out with, because I was just trying to be relaxed and jovial like Grandmere keeps saying, “It’s great, you know, it would mean I could marry whomever I want – because my wedding, if I have one, will be in Genovia - and more importantly, the people of Genovia can marry whomever they fall in love with.”

And I mean, I got to say ‘whom’ properly, and for feminism, say I might not get married.

But, as Lilly has pointed out, among all the other crap she has now pointed out to me about this, the media never want to hear about a princess who might not get married.

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