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Claiming is now open for the third annual round of queer_fest! Sorry it's going up so late. Coding is evil.

Prompts can be found alphabetically on these three posts. No more sorting through 8 posts thanks to Dreamwidth!

Prompt Post 1: hack/SIGN - Gunnerkrigg Court
Prompt Post 2: Hamlet - Mythology
Prompt Post 3: National Treasure - Xena Warrior Princess

Things to note

1. All the Marvel Avengers movies are listed under "Marvel." The X-Men movies, including First Class, are listed Under X-Men Movies. X-Men comics characters are listed under "Marvel."

2. Crossovers are listed under "c," not at the end, as in some fests.

3. All the Mythology prompts are listed under "Mythology - (specific region/religion)"

4. Please read the rules post before claiming. Some of the prompts are a little vague, so please be sure that you only claim prompts that you can fill in the spirit of the community.

5. Everyone may claim up to 3 prompts. When you claim a prompt, you must claim a posting day from the calendar. 10 people may sign up for each date. Please double check the calendar and the visible comments to make sure the date you want is not already full. If you multiple prompts, you will need to pick multiple days, one for each prompt.

6. Posting dates run from May 1 to June 16. More information on posting will be posted closer to the posting period, but in general, we will be running it very similar to the way it was run last year.

7. Comments will be screened once we add you to the calendar and the prompt posts.

8. Please keep this post for claims only. Any questions/concerns should go on the rules/mod post.

9. When making a claim, please claim in a comment to this post and use the following format to make our lives easier:

Posting Date:

HAPPY CLAIMING! We're extending claiming by a day since this is going up so late. Claiming ends on 11:59 p.m. April 3 Pacific Time. Claiming is now closed.


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