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Title: Trust
Author: Punkpinkpower
Fandom: Power Rangers Megaforce
Pairing/characters: Gia/Emma
Rating: G
Prompt: Gia/Emma They’ve been best friends since they were six and girlfriends since junior high, but they’re not out. How do they tell their teammates?
Summary: Gia and Emma spend three subsequent Friday evenings describing the various horrible ways in which they could tell their teammates about their relationship, which gives them the courage on the fourth Friday to finally do it.
Warnings: Minor fears of queer bashing, no actual queer bashing.
Author's Notes: None

(If this link doesn't work, I apologize, I'm not at my own computer and won't be able to fix it until Monday evening, but it *is* posted on AO3 if you search for it!)
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Author: Punkpinkpower

Fandom: Power Rangers Megaforce

Pairing/characters: Noah/Jake, background Emma/Gia

Rating: General Audiences, K

Prompt: Noah He’s had a crush on Jake for years but it’s clear Jake has a crush on Gia. Noah isn’t sure how to tell Jake that Gia is dating Emily and that he’d like a date with Jake himself

Summary: If he could make Jake understand things, if he was brave enough or smart enough to make Jake understand things, there were a lot of things he’d make sure Jake knew. 

Warnings: None

Author's Notes: It got long, which for anyone who knows me shouldn't be surprising.  :) 

Here at AO3


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