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There are going to be some changes in Queer Fest this year. Unfortunately, personal issues for the mods mean that the usual claiming and posting schedule cannot be accommodated.

However, prompts have already been made, so the fest will proceed. We are simply proceeding in a much less formal manner.

Essentially, the entire fest is being run on the same basis as the freeforall basis.

The rest of the rules do still apply. Absolutely no changing of the gender identity or sexual orientation from the original prompt will be tolerated. Please review the rules before you proceed.

Sorry for the way that the fest has gone this year, but the personal and medical problems cannot be avoided. This is the best compromise we can make. Hopefully it can be back on track next year.

We hope you plan to participate this year, despite the chaos.

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If you need to reach the mods through email, the address you can use is queerfestmods at gmail.

We have a tumblr this year, too. You can ask questions or submit prompts through tumblr if you would prefer! The tumblr for the community is [ profile] queer-fest
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As a head's up, there seems to be a problem with some of the prompts missing this year. We tried a different method of compiling the prompts this year, and it has some hiccups to work out, apparently. We do apologize about that.

If a prompt of yours is missing, please link to the prompts in question, and we will add the prompts to the master list as soon as time permits.

Do not leave any comments in the claiming post other than claims. Either leave a comment in this post or in the rules post or send via PM.
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It's that time of year again! Beginning on March 1st, [community profile] queer_fest will be open for prompts. This year features a few important changes:

1. Most importantly of all, this year we'll be hosting the fest on Dreamwidth. Since you can post your story anywhere you like, this should not be an issue. We'd like to remain on LJ, but the site is currently giving your mods some serious accessibility issues and we do not want to have to fight with the site when it comes time to compile prompts.

2. The schedule for 2013 is as follows:

Prompt submission: March 1 to March 15
Prompt claiming: March 19 to April 2
Posting begins: May 1
Posting ends: June 16
Amnesty Period: June 17-June 30

3. The 2013 Rules Post is listed here.

4. Two of the mods are unavailable due to health and work commitments this year. The remaining two would really like to have some additional help, especially when it comes time to compile prompts. If you would like to help out in that capacity, please leave a comment or PM us to let us know.

5. If you any suggestions for improvement from previous rounds, now is the time to let us know so we can consider changing that policy before the next round begins.

Hope to see you on March 1st!



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