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National Treasure, Abigail Chase, It's flattering when a man as handsome as Benjamin Franklin Gates makes a pass at you, but how do you tell him that you have a girlfriend?

 National Treasure, Ben/Riley, Ben and Riley have always had a thing on the side, neither being good at getting/keeping girlfriends, but it's only after Ben meets Abigail, his complete intellectual match, that he realizes she's missing what he really wants in a partner - and figures out what/who he *does* want.

National Treasure, Riley Poole, At first, he'd become Ben's friend because of his talk of treasure. He'd stayed Ben's friend for an entirely different reason. How do you tell your best friend that you're attracted to them? 

NCIS, Abby Sciuto, she isn't self-conscious about being goth, but somehow being queer is a whole different story.

NCIS, Abby Sciuto, people always seem to assume she's not straight/into alternative sexualities just because she looks different. Just because one or both of these things are true doesn't make the assumption any less stupid or annoying.

NCIS, Abby Sciuto/Jethro Gibbs, Abby is asexual and heteroromantic, and the only man who's ever gotten that is Gibbs.claimed by cpwatcher

NCIS, Abby Sciuto/Tony DiNozzo/Tim McGee, falling into a threesome was easy . . . figuring out a stable triad (with people you work with!) is harder, but worth the effort. 

NCIS, Abby Scuito, Getting your plumbing turned outside-in. It's so [...] Way beyond hinky. It's, uh...' [From 1.19, 'Dead Man Talking'.] The lady doth protest too much. Abby is trans.

NCIS, Abby, Abby is proud of being the ultimate straight ally. When she realizes that she’s not as straight as she thought, she’s disappointed to lose the title.

NCIS, Abby, McGee wasn't the first guy she dated, but he was the first one who didn't assume that being bi and kinky meant she'd be okay with an open relationship

NCIS, Abby/Ziva, Abby's never revealed that she's had relationships with women, but she has. Ziva's hinted that she has, but no one's ever been sure if her hints were jokes or truth. What happens when Abby makes it a point to find out?

NCIS, Amanda Reed aka Lt. Commander Voss (S1 episode "Dead Man Talking"), Amanda wasn't looking for the sex change operation to get away with the embezzlement; the embezzlement was to pay for the sex change. (She may be a pretty horrible person, but I want something where she's not horrible on 'lol Tony tongued a tranny' grounds. Anything that does that, whether it uses this specific prompt or not, will make me a happy camper.)

NCIS, Anthony DiNozzo, Tony's been circling Gibbs for a while. Now he's wondering why it never occured to him that it might be more than just hero worship. claimed by shrift

NCIS, Anthony DiNozzo/Timothy McGee, Tony was pretending to be a woman to chat Tim up online. He wasn't completely honest when he told Ziva it was a prank (Tony is gay/bi/trans).

NCIS, any character, Now that DADT isn't an excuse anymore, why are they still in the closet? (I don’t know if DADT affected NCIS, but that’s up to the author)

NCIS, any character/any character or OC, trying to be in the closet at work and somewhat open outside

NCIS, Fornell/Tony, Fornell's had a lifetime of picking up the pieces that Gibbs leaves behind. It would annoy him, if he didn't know that the other man was geniuely unaware of it.
NCIS, Gibbs, We've seen Gibbs treat homosexual people respect on the show, but he's not been *quite* as respectful of trans people. Why is one more uncomfortable for him to deal with than the other?

NCIS, Gibbs' ex, We've seen Shannon, Stephanie and Diane. Gibbs' final ex-wife shows up - as a man. He is unexpectedly relieved when 'her' ex-husband is supportive.

NCIS, Gibbs/Fornell, Everybody knows they have a love/hate relationship. Everybody doesn't know it occasionally involves sex. When Fornell decides he wants to come out, Gibbs is shocked. He thought it was just stress relief.

NCIS, Gibbs/Fornell, when you've got two teams who you view as your kids and who don't always get on, telling them you're dating will be...interesting. Won't it?

NCIS, Gibbs/Tony, We've seen Gibbs treat homosexual people respect on the show. He's got a live and let live attitude. But when it comes to himself, he has problems coming to terms with his male subordinate.

NCIS, Jethro Gibbs, Gibbs doesn't feel a need to out sailors and Marines to the wrath of DADT, but is he ready to out himself?

NCIS, Jimmy Palmer, After Agent Lee is killed after being discovered as the mole, Jimmy goes the cliche route of swearing off women. He also goes the non-cliche route of drowning his sorrows in gay clubs, where he surprisingly gets hit on quite a lot - which makes him think.

NCIS, Kate Todd, Kate's crack about a 'shemale' in 'Dead Man Talking' (episode 1.19) is due to her conflicted feelings about her own gender.

NCIS, Kate, Kate was not quite a good Catholic girl; at least not the times she had sex with other women.

NCIS, McGee, 'Just because I'm not attracted to you doesn't mean I’m not gay'

NCIS, McGee, Dating Abby taught him how men are expected to act in a relationship. FtM!McGee.

NCIS, Nikki Jardine, It's bad enough being germ-phobic and a person of color in NCIS, she'd rather keep her sexual orientation private.

NCIS, Sarah McGee and team Gibbs, Sarah gets gay-bashed for dating a female Marine.

NCIS, Sarah McGee, Sarah and Tim have always been close, and they have a lot in common. Liking role-playing games, mystery novels - and being bi. But Sarah doesn't like that she feels she has to hide that side of her around Tim's friends - and she certainly doesn't like that Tim hides.

NCIS, team Gibbs, Tim's made one of the characters in his books - where all of the characters are based on his teammates - gay/bi/trans. The fallout and the reasons why.claimed by gladdecease

NCIS, Tim, Abby's the only one who's ever really gotten it when he told her he was a gray Ace, but after being stuck in an elevator with Tony and Ziva for five hours he's willing to try to make them understand. Just to stop the unending stream of innuendos if nothing else.

NCIS, Tony (/McGee if prompter begs?), Physically, women are the hottest thing ever. Emotionally, he has always connected better with men. Finally, he decides to try the physical with someone he's emotionally close to, and hits the jackpot.

NCIS, Tony, After they find out he used to be a woman, some of the other agents give him weird looks when he talks about the girls he picks up

NCIS, Tony, In the episode Dead Man Talking, Tony was clearly upset about having kissed a MtF transexual. But it wasn't because Amanda Redd used to be a guy, it was because she murdered a good friend of his. Of course, playing up that he hated kissed a guy is good cover in a pseudo-military organization, too

NCIS, Tony, In the episode Dead Man Talking, Tony was clearly upset about having kissed a MtF transexual. But it wasn't because Amanda Reed used to be a guy, it was because she murdered a good friend of his. Of course, playing up that he hated kissed a guy is good cover in a psuedo-military organization, too. claimed by meatball42.livejournal.com

NCIS, Tony, The idea of coming out is terrifying, but the reality is surprisingly easy.claimed by delta_dawn_rose

NCIS, Tony, Tony is FtM. Tony has always hated being laid up in the hospital. It's because it always reminds him how alone he was when he was undergoing his transition surgery - and how alone he feels he would be if any of the team found out.

NCIS, Tony, Tony's always been free with sharing details about his hookups. People have often said he's overcompensating or covering for something. He wasn't - until he turned down Rome because of his feelings for Gibbs, and not his feelings for Jeanne

NCIS, Tony/Jeanne, Jeanne was trans. What did that mean for Tony’s assignment, and what did it mean for Tony?

NCIS, Tony/Tim, Tony pretended to be Claire and flirt with McGee, and spent days teasing him about being gay because he is really twelve and McGee has no pigtails to pull.

NCIS,Tony DiNozzo & Jethro Gibbs, One of the reasons why his last three marriages failed: Shannon knew he was bisexual, but he's hidden it ever since her death. When DADT is repealed, Jethro tries to decide whether it's time to come out, especially as Tony has.

NCIS,Tony DiNozzo, keeping the secret of being gay while working for NCIS isn't easy, but being gay and submissive was guaranteed to get out eventually.

NCIS: LA, Nell, She simultaneously makes a breakthrough on their case and outs herself. She's pretty focused on the first part, but apparently the rest of the team is focusing on the second.

NCIS: LA; Callen; Callen has a lot of things going on in his life. It's easy to let people think that he just doesn't have time for romance. [ace!Callen]

Nightside (books), Julien Advent, it's easy to tell himself he can't really love another woman after Irene, but the truth is a bit more complicated

Nightside (books), Ms Fate, people make a lot of assumptions about Ms Fate due to her civilian identity being male. Most of them are wrong; a few aren't.

Nightside (books), Razor Eddie, the Punk God of the Straight Razor does not approve of gaybashing. (he takes it rather personally.)

Nightside (books), Walker, outside, he always needs to worry about what people might say - but in the Nightside, having an affair with another man is so commonplace that it doesn't even occur to anyone they might use it as leverage against him

North & South, John/Margaret, John has been dressing, acting, and presenting himself as a man since his father died. He's worried that Margaret will leave and expose him when she finds out, but she's much more understanding than he could have hoped for her to be.claimed by neurotictealeaf

Numb3rs ,Colby ,He wasn't just revealed to be a spy/triple agent.

Numb3rs : Don/Colby, Don's flirting pisses Colby off and he ends up making a comment to Don which accidentally outs them.

Numb3rs (Primacy) Colby Granger (about a female avator) "It could be me." He finds it easier to be who he really is online.

Numb3rs Don Eppes, He's never told anyone about the time he tried to come out to his family, because he didn't want to ruin the image people have of his parents as being tolerant of just about everything. Truth is, they were, except about sleeping with guys.claimed by cpwatcher

Numb3rs, Alan Eppes, Alan likes to think of himself as accepting. That doesn't make it any easier when his son brings home his new boyfriend.claimed by cpwatcher

Numb3rs, Amita Ramanajuan, when she meets a woman who makes her feel like Charlie does, she starts questioning not just her sexuality but her relationship with Charlie,

Numb3rs, any character, coming out or being outed at work.

Numb3rs, any same-sex relationship, when a gay agent is killed/seriously injured in the line of duty, the hell their partner has getting the authorities to recognize their relationship make the couple in question give serious thought to how they would deal with such a situation.

Numb3rs, Charlie Eppes, just because she now has tits doesn't mean her math has changed one bit. But Charlie (aka Charlotte) Eppes is having a hell of a time convincing the FBI, not to mention the academic world, of that. Bonus points for Charlie getting support from an unexpected quarter. Double bonus if it's Ian Edgerton or Marshall Penfield.

Numb3rs, Charlie Eppes/Amita Ramanujan, Charlie's bisexuality has never been an issue until a case leads to a change in his and Colby's relationship

Numb3rs, Charlie Eppes/Colby Granger, Colby discovers that academia's not as liberal as he thought it was when he finds out Charlie's being subjected to homophobic bullying.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger and/or Ian Edgerton, explaining to their incredulous children that there was a time when you could have been kicked out of the Army for being gay.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger or Ian Edgerton, now that DADT is gone, he finally feels free to ask out someone he's been crushing on for years.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, Colby doesn't mind when Nikki calls hir David's girlfriend because that what zie is, some days. Other days, zie's David's boyfriend, and they're both fine with that. (Genderqueer!Colby)

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, he stayed in the closet while he was a spy, and now that's over and he wants to come out, but he's afraid of losing everyone all over again.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, he tells the team he hasn't had a date in two years, he neglects to tell them that he doesn't really mind. Ase!Colby.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, just because he's gay doesn't mean he likes shopping or musicals. He's still a good ol' boy from Winchester, he'd just rather marry the boy than the girl next door.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, just because he's gay doesn't mean he likes shopping or musicals. He's still a good ol' boy from Winchester, he'd just rather marry the boy than the girl next door.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, the reason he never talks about his family is that they disowned him when he came out to them.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger, the reason he never talks about his family is that they disowned him when he came out to them.

Numb3rs, Colby Granger/Charlie Eppes/Amita Ramanujan, some things can't be explained by equations

Numb3rs, Colby Granger/David Sinclair, Colby never realized how much he depended on David until he no longer saw him every day, or vice versa

Numb3rs, Colby Granger/David Sinclair, David wants to rise through the ranks of the FBI, but it's not exactly a queer friendly place to work - how do they reconcile this?

Numb3rs, Colby Granger/David Sinclair, the whole boyfriends starts off as a gag to annoy Nikki, except now one or both of them is finding out he isn't as straight as he thought.

Numb3rs, Colby, He wasn't just revealed to be a spy/triple agent.

Numb3rs, David Sinclair/Colby Granger, the date started out as a joke to one-up Nikki, but it revealed feelings neither one knew he had until then.

Numb3rs, David, They find out about Colby's sexuality the same day they find out he's a spy. David's not sure which is the worse betrayal.

Numb3rs, David, They find out about Colby’s sexuality the same day they find out he’s a spy. David’s not sure which is the worse betrayal.

Numb3rs, David/Liz/Colby, a row at home spills over into work.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes (or Don Eppes/Colby Granger), the reason he has such a hard time settling down with a nice girl is that what he really wants is a nice boy.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes (or Don Eppes/Colby Granger), the reason he has such a hard time settling down with a nice girl is that what he really wants is a nice boy.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes, he's tired of running.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes, maybe the reason he has so much trouble settling down with a nice girl is that he really wants a nice boy.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes, The Mathematics of friendship have always said that Don was straight. Now with some new data, Charlie is obliged to rethink that assumption.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Ian Edgerton, Ian's getting tired of being Don's dirty little secret

Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Ian Edgerton, the reason he has such a hard time settling down with a nice girl is that he's already found who he wants. And unfortunately they're neither nice nor a girl.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Ian Edgerton, the reason he was such a jerk to Charlie when they first met is he blames Charlie's mathematics of friendship for Don's issues with coming out.

Numb3rs, Don Eppes/Ian Edgerton, You have to be suicidal to make homophobic comments to the boyfriend of the 4th Best shot in the United States

Numb3rs, Don, Don might not be entirely comfortable with his brother's sexuality, but that doesn't mean he'll let anyone give Charlie shit about it.

Numb3rs, Don, Don might not be entirely comfortable with his brother’s sexuality, but that doesn’t mean he’ll let anyone give Charlie shit about it.

Numb3rs, Don/Colby, Don's flirting pisses Colby off and he ends up making a comment to Don which accidentally outs them.

Numb3rs, Don/Coop, Don wants to introduce Billy to Alan as his boyfriend but why is Billy so reluctant?

Numb3rs, Don/Ian, five worlds they didn't make it and one where they did.

Numb3rs, Ian Edgerton, he really hates wearing trousers, but they're better for the job

Numb3rs, Ian Edgerton, he wishes he could be out, but he can't take the chance that being gay will threaten his rep as the bastard son of Clint Eastwood and Yoda. Bonus points if Ian's also worried about the danger his being out will have on his partner.

Numb3rs, Ian Edgerton, You have to be suicidal to make homophobic comments to the boyfriend of the 4th Best shot in the United States

Numb3rs, Ian Edgerton/Don Eppes, "Labels are for clothes"

Numb3rs, Ian Egderton, some people make the mistake of assuming gay stereotypes apply to him. Those people learn their lesson painfully.

Numb3rs, Megan Reeves, She'd been her father's last chance for a boy and she'd always wanted to be that boy. It was just her luck that the genetic lottery had made her a gorgeous woman instead.

Numb3rs, Meggan Reeves, the real reason she left home is that her father couldn't accept her as a girl (Trans Meggan)

Numb3rs, Meggan Reeves, the real reason she left home is that her father couldn't accept her as a girl (Trans Meggan)claimed by cat_13145

Numb3rs, Someone is a victim of queer-bashing; how do they deal with the rest of the characters' responses to the revelation that they are gay/bisexual?

October Daye Books, Raj/Quentin, Being a Fae makes everything more complicated.

Once Upon a Time, any dwarf, "There are no female dwarves." Except then there is one, she's just not female-bodied.

Once Upon a Time, any or original characters, A queer relationship and how it plays out both in the fairy tales and in Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time, any or original characters, Rumplestiltskin offers to fulfill someone's wish to live as the gender they identify with... for a price, of course. (What that price is and whether the character decides the price is worth it are both up to the author.)

Once Upon a Time, Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Whale as an aromantic asexual in the fairytale culture of "True Love.

Once Upon a Time, Emma Swan, Henry's heard enough dirt from her past; he doesn't need to know that she's bi as well, right? claimed by cleo

Once Upon a Time, Emma: Emma has been comfortably bisexual for as long as she can remember. But she never had parents to come out to...until now.

Once Upon a Time, Emma(/Regina), once could be an accident, twice a coincidence, but at some point she has to consider that this is more than a simple pattern.

Once Upon a Time, Emma/Regina, they do things backwards, it seems: they get the kid, they move in together, they hook up and then discover that 'straight' isn't a term that applies to either of them.

Once Upon a Time, Henry Mills, a teenage Henry worries about coming out to his more "traditional" Storybrooke family and friends.

Once Upon a Time, Henry Mills, now that he's older, Henry wants to find his true love but is worried that his asexuality will prevent him from doing so. His family convinces him otherwise.

Once Upon a Time, Mr. Gold | Rumplestiltskin: Rumple is asexual, and with his wife gone, he comes to terms with decisions he made because of societal norms.

Once Upon a Time, Mr. Gold | Rumplestiltskin/Belle: Rumple is asexual and comfortable with that, and with Belle in Storybrook, he finally has a chance to explore a non sexual, loving relationship.

Once Upon a Time, Mulan/Aurora; What if Mulan and Aurora were pulled into Storybrooke with everyone else? Who would they be, and how would they find each other again?

Once Upon a Time, Mulan/Aurora(/Philip), This True Love business got rather more complicated than any of them were expecting, but all they can do is find a way to make it work.

Once Upon a Time, Red Riding Hood | Ruby/Victor Frankenstein | Dr. Whale, Ruby is extremely sexual (bi or pan); Dr. Whale is hetero- or bi-romantic, but very, very asexual. As their friendship starts sparking into romantic chemistry, they have to figure out how they're going to work with this difference.

Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills: She's starting to realise that she'll never get her happy ending if she doesn't learn to accept herself.

Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills(/Snow White): Are the Queen's actions towards Snow White really motivated by jealousy and old grudges, or could the attraction that she refuses to name have something to do with it?

Once Upon a Time, Regina, the true love that can break her curse is a woman. How does Regina adjust to that realization? Does she act upon it?

Once Upon a Time, Ruby, She likes sex, of any kind, and finds all comers attractive; what's wrong with that?

Once Upon a Time, the Evil Queen/Maleficent: Love really is a weakness. Especially when you're part of a society that has such strict rules regarding acceptable relationships.

Ouran High School Host Club, Haruki/Kaoru/Hikaru, bigender!Haruhi/primarily straight!Hikaru/Primarily gay!Kaoru, their relationship works surprisingly well.

Ouran High School Host Club, Haruki/Tamaki, agender!Haruhi experiences a relationship with someone who has only ever flirted with girly girls. (Happy ending)

Ouran High School Host Club, Kyouya/Tamaki, their ability to function as a partnership (more recently, as parent-types) leads to an exploration of their relationship. Kyouya wants to fit into at least one of society's boxes, Tamaki will help if it will make Kyouya happy.

Oz the Great and Powerful, any character from Oz, What it means to be queer in Oz.

Oz the Great and Powerful, Oscar "Oz" Diggs, Actually, the greatest trick of them all was getting people to take him seriously as a man.

Patience (Gilbert and Sullivan), Patience, Patience is an aromantic asexual: "I cannot tell what this love may be / That cometh to all but not to me"

Peanuts, Peppermint Patty(/Marcie), Maybe 'sir' isn't so far off the mark after all.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians (books), Thalia, giving up boys doesn't mean giving up love. claimed by kikibug13

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any character, Pondering whether it's allowed to ask the gods for a sex change/undertaking a quest to earn one.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any character, Pondering whether it's allowed to ask the gods for a sex change/undertaking a quest to earn one.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any characters, Camp Half-Blood's queer support network.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any child of Aphrodite, Sometimes it's hard to convince your siblings there's more to love than sexual attraction, and yes, you can use Mom's blessings without wanting to sleep with anyone.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, any child of Aphrodite, Sometimes it's hard to convince your siblings there's more to love than sexual attraction, and yes, you can use Mom's blessings without wanting to sleep with anyone.

Percy Jackson Movieverse, Annabeth, Plenty of male heroes have been gay and were written into history. Can a gay female hero do the same?

Percy Jackson Movieverse, Percy Jackson, So his dyslexia and ADD were really just signs that he was meant to be a Greek hero... what about these strange feelings he's beginning to have for his fellow (male) warriors?

Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson, Percy not only has to deal with his fellow campers' American ideas of gay men, but his father's Greek ideas

Percy Jackson, Thalia, Thalia meets Sappho and they discuss asexuality and lesbianism, how the Zeus will react to either and Thalia comes to some conclusions about herself. (Bonus points if Sappho tells Thalia about Atthis.)

Peter Pan: The reason Peter doesn't want to grow up is because he knows what will happen to his body when he does -- it will grow breasts and curves, just like Wendy-bird's did when she grew up -- and he wants nothing more than to stay a boy forever

Pirates of the Caribbean, any characters, any kind of story involving matelotage and attitudes to it.

Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow, He's lived for centuries thanks to the Fountain of Youth, and finally society is starting to figure out what he's known all along

Pirates of the Caribbean, James Norrington, If not for the pressure of society's expectations, he'd never have proposed to Elizabeth. He'd have been happy to remain a bachelor, forever sailing the seas with his faithful lieutenants by his side (and maybe his bed?).

Pirates of the Caribbean, James Norrington, the fear is all-consuming

Pirates of the Caribbean, Will Turner, After traveling with Jack's crew and seeing how liberal they are in regards to homosexuality, Will finally admits to himself that he really wants [male of author's choice], not Elizabeth.

Play School (Australian), MtF!Rhys Muldoon, the story about Gloria Grand felt like the best chance she'd ever get to come out. (http://youtu.be/VVqij7EOxq8)

Pokemon, any trainer character, The best thing about going on a ~Pokemon adventure~ is finally being able to introduce themself as the gender they are, not the sex they were assigned at birth. claimed by pretty_panther

Pokemon, any trainer character, The first step in coming out is coming out to your team.

Pokemon, any trainer character, The Marill line is curious in that some female-bodied Azurill evolve into male-bodied Marill. A trainer watches their now-Marill adjust to the change, and reflects on the similarities and differences with their own life.

Pokemon, Erika, Celadon Gym is just the place for female Grass-type trainers! Which is why Erika is going to extreme lengths to hide the fact that when she was born, there was no A at the end of her name...

Pokemon, Marill line, The Marill line is curious in that some female-bodied Azurill evolve into male-bodied Marill. How does this affect their gender identity - is the change a relief, or a whole new problem?

Political Animals, TJ Hammond, TJ's been out since he was 15. The whole world knows he's gay. But he still likes boobs, dammit.

Postcards from a No Man's Land - Aidan Chambers, Jacob Todd, Post-book: Jacob exploring a bi identity, in Amsterdam or elsewhere.

Power Ranger Turbo Justin Stewart Dating when you’re bisexual and half your old teammates can’t seem to see that you’re an adult now.

Power Rangers in Space Zhane He openly flirts with both men and women and isn’t sure what to do with these new teammates who seem a bit shocked by his behavior. claimed by IndigoMay

Power Rangers Jungle Fury Luan Martin There are many things he and his brother need to clear the air about, but Luan isn’t sure how to come out.claimed by M14Mouse

Power Rangers Jungle Fury RJ Coming out as asexual to his team.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Kelsey/Nancy Kelsey’s whole team knows she’s a lesbian and dating Nancy. She’s only just getting used to the limelight being a Lightspeed Ranger brings, she wasn’t prepared for the whole world to find out about her relationship.

Power Rangers MegaForce Gia She thought everyone at school knew she was a lesbian, she’s been out and proud for years. It’s clear Jake has a crush and doesn’t know. For the first time in her life she isn’t sure how to come out to someone.claimed by thesecondbatgirl

Power Rangers MegaForce Gia/Emma They’ve been best friends since they were six and girlfriends since junior high, but they’re not out. How do they tell their teammates?claimed by PunkPinkPower

Power Rangers MegaForce Noah He’s had a crush on Jake for years but it’s clear Jake has a crush on Gia. Noah isn’t sure how to tell Jake that Gia is dating Emily and that he’d like a date with Jake himself.claimed by IndigoMay and PunkPinkPower

Power Rangers Samurai Jayden/Antonio Jayden has known he’d grow up to marry Antonio since he was four, he’s just now sure how to tell Ji or his sister that.claimed by Pockysquirrel

Power Rangers Samurai Kevin/Mike Kevin has spent his whole life either training for the Olympics or training to be a Samurai. He’s never even thought of dating and what he’d want until he met Mike. He’s not sure where to start. claimed by IndigoMay and PunkPinkPower

Power Rangers Time Force Lucas is not only Time Force but a famous race car driver who has a bit of a reputation for being a heartbreaker with both the both the ladies and the men, only now he’s stuck in 2001. How does he cope?

Power Rangers Time Force Wes/Eric The one regret Eric had when leaving prep school was breaking up with Wes. It took him awhile to accept his sexuality and he’d like another chance with Wes, he’s just not sure how to ask. claimed by Tsukino Akume

Power Rangers Wildforce Max/Danny Everyone always assumes they’re a couple, but they don’t realize they want to be one until their trip around the world post mission.

Power Rangers Zeo Rocky/Billy There are many things Rocky wished he’d said to Billy before Billy left for Aquitar. How do you tell your best friend you love him when he’s moved to another planet and dating a woman?

Pride and Prejudice, Georgiana/Mary, When Mary Bennet becomes best friends with her sister-in-law Georgiana's rich and handsome fiance, Mrs. Bennet starts trying to break up the engagement so the two can be together. Secretly, Mary wants the engagement over as well, but for entirely different reasons.

Pride and Prejudice, Mary/Georgiana, Mary's always had technical skill at the piano, but she could never play with emotion until she started dueting with Georgiana

Primeval, Abby, Abby's always found animals easier than humans, they don't ask for explanations.

Primeval, Becker, Being gay in the army simply wasn't an option. Being gay at the ARC might be

Primeval, Becker, The only good thing about Danny, Connor, and Abby disappearing through the anomaly was then one knew about his orientation. With the return of Abby and Connor, and Jess growing more and more persistent, Becker may have to come out for real.

Primeval, Lester, Having his ex-boyfriend Philip flouncing around the ARC and pulling rank makes still being in the closet close to unbearable.

Psych, Burton Guster & or / Shawn Spencer, Gus didn't always understand his best friend, but he trusted Shawna, so when she told him one day that her body had been made wrong, he just shrugged and started calling him Shawn.

Psych, Burton Guster/Shawn Spencer, Gus and Shawn have been friends for life. When do they figure out they are more and how do their families react?

Psych, Chief Vick, she'd always thought she was straight until they got another female detective and she couldn't stop thinking about her

Psych, Gus, Gus has always both admired and been annoyed by Shawn's casual bisexuality. claimed by everysecondtues

Psych, Gus, Gus never went by Burton because it was way too masculine

Psych, Gus, Shawn never understood why Gus wasn't comfortable with his sexuality when Shawn was at age eight

Psych, Gus/Shawn, Gus coming to terms with identifying as heterosexual but falling in love with his best friend.

Psych, Henry Spencer, it's hard to tell your kid you're finally dating again. Some time later, Henry discovers it's even harder to tell your kid you're dating a guy.

Psych, Juliet, After the SBPD got their first openly gay officer, she thought it was safe to come out. Turns out it's different if you're (LBTA, a woman, etc, Author's choice).

Psych, Lassiter, Internalized homophobia claimed by bring_me_sugar

Psych, Lassiter, Lassiter has dutifully ignored all romantic feelings toward anyone other than Victoria. When the marriage plans fall apart, he has to confront the fact that most of those feelings have been directed toward men.

Psych, Lassiter, Lassiter has dutifully ignored all romantic feelings toward anyone other than Victoria. When the marriage plans fall apart, he has to confront the fact that most of those feelings have been directed toward men.

Psych, Lassiter/OMC, he's always done his very best to crush that part of him, but [OMC] makes everything so much more confusing

Psych, Madeleine, Shawn finds out that the real reason his mother left was that she realized she was lesbian

Psych, Shawn or Gus, coming out wouldn't be so irritating if people didn't immediately assume you were in love with your straight best friend of the same sex

Psych, Shawn Spencer, after skipping town for another few years, Shawn returns insisting in typical irreverent Shawn-form that her name is short for Shawntay. Henry is sure this is a stunt designed just to bother him, and Gus reads disturbing implications to what he perceives to be Shawn's increase in flirting with him. How can Shawn show them this change isn't about anyone but herself?

Psych, Shawn Spencer, he flirts with everyone to hide the fact that he's sexually attracted to no one

Psych, Shawn Spencer, In the aftermath of his breakup with his girlfriend Abigail Lytar, Shawn finally realizes that he loves both Juliet and Gus and wants to be with both...and with typical Shawn timing and discretion, begins courting both of them openly just as a murder investigation is starting to unfold

Psych, Shawn, It's easy to be fluid with your gender identity when you never stay in one place. The longer he stays home, the harder it gets to change.

Psych, Shawn, Shawn dated so many girls because that was how real men were supposed to act.
Psych, Shawn, Shawn is bi-gendered and the only one he feels safe in telling is Gus.
Psych, Shawn/Gus, Shawn is bi-gendered and the only one he feels safe in telling is Gus.
Psych, Shawn/Gus, Shawn left home for many reasons - one of which was because he really didn't know how to tell his dad that he was Shawn and not Shawna. Gus was the only one he's told, and he's always known

Psych, wee!Shawn, 'Boys are supposed to kiss girls, Shawn, not other boys.' 'I've heard it both ways.'

Public Service Announcement Characters, Smokey Bear/McGruff the Crimedog. It's hard being in the closet, but Smokey thinks it's worth it - imagine all the outraged parents if they found out! He'd never get to spread the message of forest fires to another child ever again. Only his friend Woodsy Owl knows the truth. But then he meets McGruff, and he gets to add "interracial relationship" to the mix.

Quadrophenia (rock opera by the Who), Jimmy Cooper, As if things inside his own head weren't screwed up enough, one of Jimmy's alternate personalities turns out to be gay/bi/trans.

Queer as Folk US, Brian Kinney, When Gus tells Brian he's bisexual, Brian struggles with his own biphobia in relation to his son

Queer as Folk US, Hunter, After a year away at college, Hunter realizes he's bisexual. Back home, Ben thinks he's just confused and Michael flat out doesn't believe bisexuality exists

Queer as Folk, Brian Kinney, Brian debates with himself about coming out to his dying father (can be canon compliant or not)

Queer as Folk, Hunter He's gotten comfortable bringing the occasional girlfriend home to his dads and he's not sure why he's feeling uncomfortable now that he wants to bring his boyfriend home to meet them.

Rat Patrol, Dietrich & Troy, Dietrich did everything in his power to hide his sexuality from the men that he served beside, but he didn't count on his enemies being more perceptive.

Realm of the Elderlings, the Fool, five genders for Fitz's Fool.

RocknRolla; Handsome Bob; it was really fucking annoying the way people would assume that because his mates were criminals, they'd get him being a poof. Sure, most of them were fine with it, but he wasn't stupid enough to assume that.claimed by NixieD

RocknRolla; Handsome Bob and One Two; the fallout from Handsome Bob's confession wasn't as straight-forward as you might think.

Red Dwarf, Arnold Judas Rimmer, he always assumed that the reason he didn't have a sex drive was due to all the cabbage he ate at school. But he doesn't eat now, and he's still asexual.

Red Dwarf, Arnold Judas Rimmer, he's tried to reprogram himself to not be gay anymore, more than once. It's never worked.

Red Dwarf, Arnold Judas Rimmer, Io is the place in the solar system where prejudice went to die, and it's where Rimmer grew up. As he sees it, just because the rest of human civilization is dead, doesn't mean they aren't still judging him for being gay.

Red Dwarf, Arnold Judas Rimmer, the only way he can deal with a gay identity, is to enforce very strict codes of conduct upon himself. Gay people dress, act and behave in a certain way, as Rimmer sees it, so now, so must he!

Red Dwarf, David Lister, he just likes sex, and people. He's never felt the need to define it before, but Rimmer won't stop smegging asking.

Red Dwarf, David Lister, Lister has never felt tied down to a gender anymore than a career.

Red Dwarf, David Lister/Arnold Judas Rimmer, there are a lot of different Rimmers and Listers in a lot of different relationships out there in the multiverse, but all of them are queer.

Red Dwarf, David Lister/Kristine Kochanski, when he finds another Kochanski (again), this alternate isn't exactly female. Lister is surprised to find he's OK with that.

Red Dwarf, Holly, if you don't have to pick a gender, why should you?

Red Dwarf: Kristine Kochanski. The alternate dimension that VII-Kris came from doesn't do sexuality in the same way ours does. Straight sex is only for the purpose of bearing children, and now that there is artificial insemination, that type of sex is seen as a bit crass. Same-sex relationships are so much cleaner, and so much better for the children!

RENT, Angel Dumot Schunard(/Tom Collins), Angel is not a gay male, and sometimes it bothers her that other people don't always get that.

RENT, Angel Dumott Schunard, when Angel said he was gay, his parents cried. When Angel said she was a girl, they threw her out

RENT, Mark Cohen, When most of your friends are already gay, it shouldn't be so hard to come out. But what if they think he's just jumping on a bandwagon?

RENT, Mark/Roger, They've always been 'the straight ones' in their group of friends, especially now that Benny isn't one of them anymore. Since they've never had a problem with LGBT friends, why is it so hard for one of them to admit to himself that he might have a crush on the other

RENT, Maureen/Joanne, After seeing how many of Maureen's friends have AIDS, Joanne starts worrying about Maureen's health...and fidelity.

RENT, Roger Davis/Tom Collins, Collins thinks it's because they're the last two HIV+ members of the group. Roger wishes Collins would grasp the concept of bisexuality

RENT, Tom Collins, first coming to terms and then coming out.

Ripper Street, any character, It was on the tip of their tongue to tell Reid how out of date “molly house” was.

Ripper Street, Homer Jackson, “"whatever raises another man's flag is no business of mine." (The King came calling)

Ripper Street, Homer Jackson, a look at queer identity in American Civil War and later in Victorian London

Ripper Street, Homer Jackson/Ms Susan, Funny how they assumed that Homer Jackson was Matthew Judge

Ripper Street, Frank Goodnight(/Homer Jackson), Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned,

Ripper Street, Bennet Drake, his feelings for Rose must mean that his feelings for Colonel Madoc Faulkner were just gratitude and convinence, right?

Ripper Street, Bennet Drake/Homer Jackson, it’s easier to mock each other than to examine what the other one truly means to him.

Ripper Street, Rose, She was never going to settle down with Bennet Drake, or any man

Ripper Street, Ms Susan, She’s seen and tried it all

Ripper Street, all police officers, Hobbe’s wife may not be his wife in the traditional sense, but that’s no reason for him (or her) not receive the boy’s personals

Ripper Street, Edmund Reid/Mrs Reid, Edmund Reid/Mrs Goren, he wishes he could explain his marriage to Mrs Goren (Reid can be Pansexual or Mrs Reid can be asexual)claimed by Cat_13145

Rivers of London, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale, Love is never easy. Peter likes both men and women and is a known flirt. Thomas is wary of his growing feelings for his apprentice.With so much difference between them including:race,age and general outlook can they find happiness with each other?

Rivers of London, Thomas Nightingale, he grew up in a time when he could be sent to prison for being gay, now he could marry a man if he wanted to

Rivers of London, Thomas Nightingale, in the early 20th century the subculture of English wizards was a fairly safe and accepting space for gay men, so Thomas loses two kinds of community at Ettersberg

Rivers of London, Thomas Nightingale, Thomas knows he should be honest and come out to Peter, but Peter sometimes seems uncomfortable around gay men

Robin Hood (any version), trans!Robin/Maid Marion, Part of what Marion likes about Robin is how well he understands her. Robin hasn't gotten around to telling her why he can relate to her so well, that when he said he came from a noble family once, he had actually been a girl.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Eddie's always been straight, but Frank-N-Furter's never met a challenge he couldn't bed.

Round the Horne, Julian and Sandy, the community they find with other gay and bisexual men at the Marine Commando Club in Paddington

RPF - The Daily Show: Kristen Schaal. When Kristen disguises as a guy for a segment, "he" gets treated as an attractive young man by about half the office...and, to her surprise, loving it. How does she reconcile her concept of [herself as] a good feminist with this newly-discovered desire to be related to as male once in a while?

RPF - The Daily Show: Olivia Munn. Every time someone says "Don't listen to the critics; you're a perfectly good female comedian," Olivia kind of wants to hit something. (Genderqueer or FTM.)

RPF - The Daily Show: Olivia Munn. Her quip from after her phone was hacked and personal photos leaked (http://twitpic.com/8ugq5d): "Some of those pictures weren't even me. I mean, you can't even see my penis...and it's pretty big for an Asian. Sheesh." To keep her career from exploding in a fireball of dudebro trans panic, only a few people can know there was a time when this wouldn't have been a joke.

RPF - The Daily Show: Samantha Bee/Jason Jones/various (anyone you like, crossovers encouraged). Sam and Jason have brought home plenty of thirds, covering pretty much every possible combination of sex, gender, and expectation (usually dashed by the end of the night) about who will be interested in doing what with who.

RPF - The Daily Show: Samantha Bee/Kristen Schaal. As the New Girl on the staff, Kristen was prepared for the long-established Senior Woman Correspondent to greet her as either a potential mentee or a bitter rival. She wasn't prepared for flirting.

RPF - The Daily Show: Samantha Bee/Olivia Munn. With Sam's previous pregnancies, at least there was a cultural template to follow, even if she and Jason rewrote it more often than not. Now she's carrying Olivia's baby (as per the 7/14/2010 video exclusive on the TDS website), and they have to make it up as they go along.

RPF, Ann M. Martin, Ann's resigned herself to secrecy and celibacy -- living publicly as a lesbian is much more spotlight than she wants her life. But as she gets older, she wonders if her silence is sending a message too -- one she can't agree with.

RPF, any fandom, any character, all your fans seem to think you and your same-sex co-star are a couple, and as it happens, they are right. But that makes you uncomfortable about being open about the relationship.

RPF, any fandom, any character, it was very different to be famous and queer when you were young... claimed by sashataakheru

RPF, any fandom, any character, no, actually, you do NOT have an obligation to come out! claimed by sashataakheru

RPF, Australian Comedy, Adam Hills, no one seems to mind that he might be gay, but coming out as bisexual seems to be completely unacceptable.

RPF, Australian Comedy, Adam Hills/Ali McGregor, they've always had a kinky sex life, but Adam discovers that the more he does drag, the more he likes it, which only leads to questioning his own gender identity and the sort of father he's supposed to be to his child. Author's choice as to whether he comes to ID as genderqueer, genderfucked, MtF or something else entirely.

RPF, Australian Comedy, Corinne Grant/Myf Warhurst, just because Myf's the only girlfriend Corinne's ever had, that doesn't make her a lesbian, does it?

RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, coming out is hard enough when you're not in the public eye. But when you're late to the game and becoming a popular comedian, is there ever a good time to come out, and even if you do, will anyone take you seriously?

RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, finding another man who just wants to cuddle and let Josh bake for him is harder than it seems. (Josh as a homoromantic asexual.)

RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, realising he's asexual was easier than coming to terms with his bisexuality/homosexuality (author's choice). It's a pity everyone else thinks it's the other way around.

RPF, Australian Comedy, Josh Thomas, the difficulties in writing a sitcom about a fictional version of yourself and how it might affect the way people see you and your sexuality.

RPF, Australian Comedy, queer!Wil Anderson, being a little bent out of shape makes for interesting relationships.

RPF, Australian Politics, Louise Pratt, just because her partner is FtM doesn't mean either of them are straight.

RPF, Australian Politics, Penny Wong, just because she's openly gay, everyone expects her to be some sort of raging advocate for gay rights. People are surprised to find this isn't always the case.

RPF, Australian Politics, Steve Fielding/Tony Abbott, Steve Fielding and Tony Abbott pull ridiculous media stunts to distract the media from the fact that they are having an affair which they believe would destroy both their careers if the wider public were to find out about it.

RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, Bev Bevan, Being gay in the 70s is hard enough. It's even harder when you're also transgendered and no one understands at all.

RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, FtM!Melvyn Gale, the sex he was given at birth shouldn't matter when all he wants to do is make music.

RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, Hugh McDowell, a devil-may-care attitude to his sexuality means no one really knows which box to put him in and he revels in the gossip and confusion. Problem is, Hugh doesn't really know either and it's beginning to get to him at last.

RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, Jeff Lynne/Roy Wood, Jeff never meant to fall in love with Roy, but he fell so hard he moved halfway across the world to get away from him, just so he wouldn't have to deal with the questions it kept asking about his sexuality.

RPF, Electric Light Orchestra, queer!Bev Bevan, just because he's spent half his life happily married to a woman doesn't mean he's straight. Or cisgendered.

RPF (Football/Soccer), Cristiano Ronaldo, he's always wanted to be a father and he thought this was the best way he could achieve that without having to come out (author's choice as to what kind of coming out he wishes to avoid).

RPF, MotoGP, Mike Leitner, Dani Pedrosa. Mike has worked with Dani for years, and admires Dani greatly, so it's not terribly strange that they have such a close relationship; they're together all the time, they barely even need words to communicate anymore. Mike never needs to think about there being anything more than business between them - after all, there's no gay in racing. Until something happens that makes him have to think about it.

RPF, No Doubt, FtM!Tony Kanal/Gwen Stefani, after they break up, Tony has to deal with Gwen being unable to let go of the girl she fell in love with and accept the man he's become.

RPF, No Doubt, queer!Adrian Young, being able to express his feminine side in public is one of the most important things to him, and he can't understand why some people think it's so wrong.

RPF, No Doubt, Tom Dumont/Tony Kanal, Tom finds it surprising that Tony finds it so hard to accept he might be bisexual, even though they've been sleeping together for years.

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), any character, the way in which the cast and crew increasingly vehemently deny that John or Sherlock are queer-identified in any way is starting to bother you, but speaking out might mean outing yourself.

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), any character, the way no one on this show seems to understand the concept of "bisexual" is starting to annoy you.

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), Benedict Cumberbatch, he's never felt the need to hide his queerness, but he's never flaunted it either, and as his privacy becomes more and more precious, it's rapidly becoming the one thing no one else knows about him. And he begins to treasure that.

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman, Ben needs to define their relationship to feel comfortable and safe in it, while Martin doesn't give a fuck.

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman, it's not love if they're not having sex, is it?

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), Benedict Cumberbatch/Martin Freeman/Amanda Abbington, the joke they make is that their relationship is 66.6% straight. Beyond that, it's a little hazy, but they don't really care.

RPF, Sherlock (BBC), Martin Freeman, having an opposite sex partner and children does not mean you are straight.

RPF, T.E. Lawrence: there is a great letter from Lawrence to E.M.Forster about how a short story of Forster's helped him coming to terms with his rape in Deraa and his sexuality, ending with "more when we meet". I'd like a story about this meeting.

RPF, The Chaser, Andrew Hansen, zie's never really felt comfortable as a boy or a girl, even when forced to choose. It didn't seem to matter; zie still got beaten up anyway. (high school AU, author's choice as to hir gender identity and which genitals zie was born with.)

RPF, The Chaser, Andrew Hansen/Charles Firth, University-era - While Andrew might be content with his bisexuality, Charles is far from settled and struggles to accept his attraction to Andrew as more than just best friends while dealing with a girlfriend who hates him.

RPF, The Chaser, Chris Taylor, When you've got to the point of dating girls in public and making out with male friends behind closed doors, what place does coming out have in your life when all it will do is lead to disappointment?

RPF, The Chaser, Craig Reucassel, when he joked about being a woman trapped in a man's body, he was actually trying to come out. RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephanie Colbert", Jon Stewart. Stephanie's a closet lesbian who has spent years implying to everyone that she is in a One True Love That Can Never Be with her boss. Then she gets her own show, they're on equal footing, and Jon is asking her out to dinner. How far can Stephanie take this? How long before Jon realizes there's something up?

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephanie Colbert"(/any female character, including other genderswapped male characters). Stephanie's convinced it's not masturbation(/sex) if there's no penetration.

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert". Stephen's freshly back from an invigorating two-week vacation...at an ex-gay treatment center.

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert". The whole "repressed homosexual urges" schtick is an elaborate ruse. If people assume he's gay, at least it'll be something fixable. But Stephen has never felt sexual towards anyone at all, and there don't seem to be any treatment centers for that.

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert"(/Jon Stewart or other). In the alternate universe shown in the December 10, 2008 ThreatDown, Stephen is always happy. He's also asexual (and, true to form, sees no reason to be concerned about it, much less pretend to be otherwise). Put these things together, and people tend to come to the conclusion that he's a childlike naïf. Sometimes he surprises them.

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert"/any male character. Stephen's convinced it's not gay if one of you is wearing a skirt.

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert"/Bobby. Stephen routinely forces Bobby to dress up in strange but elaborate outfits on-camera. Bobby's starting to suspect there's a kink involved.
RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert"/Dan Savage. Dan is openly gay and in an open relationship; Stephen is so far in the closet he's halfway to Narnia. Stephen is painfully conflicted about That Thing We Did In The Green Room About Which We Will Not Talk; Dan is just, well, Dan.

RPF, The Colbert Report: "Stephen Colbert"/Jo(a)n Stewart, college or young-adult AU. Stephen is thrilled to be dating someone female-bodied; maybe now he can shake some of those pesky rumors. Jon is pre-op, pre-T, pre-everything, and presenting as female to most of the world - so he's equally thrilled to find someone who doesn't have any hesitation about treating him as male in bed.

RPF, The Hobbit, Richard Armitage (/+any, none), Richard's never had the slightest inclination to come out to anyone in his life - until he's on the set of The Hobbit and starts to feel utterly at ease with all of his lovely castmates. Still, coming out at 40ish can be tricky.

RPF, The Hobbit, Richard Armitage/any, dating a castmate is always difficult, but it's even harder when you have to find a way to explain (without scaring them off) that no, you don't want to kiss or have sex with them, you just want to hold their hand a lot. claimed by brilligspoons

RPF, The Traveling Wilburys, Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, Jeff hadn't counted on George being the one to finally bring him out of his very, very deep closet.

RPF, Wizzard, genderbending Roy Wood, ze's never wanted to be out and proud, but prancing about on stage in face paint, glitter and flamboyant and sometimes quite girly costumes is beginning to change hir mind.

RPF,Josephine Baker/Frida Kahlo, Paris when it sizzles.Two extraordinary women meet and start a passionate affair.

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Any Character, it's hard enough being a tweenager without trying to figure out your queer identity.

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Any Character, What does Lipschitz have to say about your child and thier sexual identity (good or bad)?

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Dil, He really doesn't need another reason to be Tommy's freaky little brother.

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Phil De Ville, "Of all the things to touch my lips, the thought of someone elses never occured to me. I'm repelled" (Phil is Asexual)

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Phil De Ville, He married Tommy when they were babies and his first date was with a guy, that doesn't mean he doesn't like girls too.

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Phil De Ville, He married Tommy when they were babies, and his first date was with a guy, why is it so hard for people to accept he's gay?

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Phil De Ville, He still can't understand why it's O.K. for girls to wear pants, but not for him to wear a dress.

Rugrats/All Grown Up, The De Ville Twins, the sex of their chosen partners is something they have in common.

Rugrats/All Grown Up, Tommy, Coming out to the gang and worrying about how it'll affect how they look at him.

Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford novels, Mike Burden, after his affair with Gemma Lawrence, Mike's ideas of propriety are shaken up enough that he can finally acknowledge that he's attracted to men as well as women

Ruth Rendell's Inspector Wexford novels, Reg Wexford, he's never thought of himself as queer, but for twenty years he's longed to be closer to Mike Burden, and he can't keep on choosing not to think about what that means

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Velma Dinkley, coming out to the gang as a lesbian

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows --Prof. Moriarty, anything to do with Cambridge's place as a site with an active gay subculture during the 19th century.

Sherlock (2010 series), John Watson/Sherlock, from the inside Watson's and Sherlock's relationship doesn't need explanation, like so many other aspects of their lives since they met it just happened and it just is. But from the outside it's confusing--people don't understand, and they constantly want to sort Watson and Sherlock into a box, and Watson finds that very uncomfortable. How does Watson describe his relationship with Sherlock to outsiders? Does he care about making everyone understand? Or is he willing to let people see what they want? Watson and Sherlock's self identities (sexual orientation and gender identity) are the author's choice.

Sherlock (BBC) : Harry Watson, Growing up, she didn't think she'd ever have the chance to get married. When her marriage broke up, it felt like a double failure.

Sherlock (BBC) : John/Sherlock. Sherlock can see that John is bi -- the signs are obvious. Can he make John see it too?

Sherlock (BBC), Harry Watson, Harry has always been jealous of John for how easily he passes as straight. claimed by lar_laughs

Sherlock (BBC), Harry Watson, John never mentions Harry in interviews, and Harry begins to wonder if he's worried the press will find out he's got a gay sister.

Sherlock (BBC), Harry Watson, now that her brother is internet famous, Harry thinks he has a moral obligation to come out. John doesn't think his sexual orientation is anyone else's business.

Sherlock (BBC), Harry Watson, when Sherlock returns, he and John come out. Harry can't help but feel a sting at the fact that John never told her he was bi. He chose to suffer alone for three years rather than confide in his sister?

Sherlock (BBC), Irene Adler, everyone seemed to think she wanted to have sex with Sherlock, which is funny, given that they're both asexual.

Sherlock (BBC), Irene Adler, her job is her job; taking on male clients does not make her any less exclusively gay. (Nor does falling in love with men who aren't her clients.)

Sherlock (BBC), Irene Adler, sex is a job, and she enjoys her job, but that doesn't change the fact that she's asexual.

Sherlock (BBC), John and Sherlock: I've seen quite a bit of trans!Sherlock fic, but I'd be really interested to see more with John as the FTM one. How does he deal with Sherlock being so ~observant? Sherlock may not be the type to care, but John might, considering how long he's spent learning to be comfortable in his own skin.

Sherlock (BBC), John Watson OR John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, despite commenting on absolutely every other aspect of John's sexlife and relationships past and present, Sherlock has never touched on the fact that John had sex with men while in the army. Surely he must know? As time passes and John gets more and more obsessed about it, he wonders why he cares so much.

Sherlock (BBC), John Watson, it's not that he has a problem with identifying as something other than straight; it's that he hates complicating things, and even thinking about this is complicated!

Sherlock (BBC), John Watson, John lusts after Sarah, but loves Sherlock, and has to come to terms with the fact that he is heterosexual, but homoromantic.

Sherlock (BBC), John Watson, look; how many times does he have to say it; he's NOT GAY. And NO, that does not mean he's straight!

Sherlock (BBC), John Watson. Five times he corrected somebody about his sexuality, and one time he didn't bother. (NB: Obviously I'm taking this to mean a not-straight John, but do as you like past that.)

Sherlock (BBC), John Watson/any, he's never really thought much about the fact that he sometimes has sex with men, until he falls in love with one.

Sherlock (BBC), John, Contrary to popular belief, Sherlock isn’t asexual. John is.

Sherlock (BBC), John, he's a soldier, he's a doctor. Those things are part of his identity. Somehow being interested in both genders never felt like that big a part of him.

Sherlock (BBC), John/Other(s) and John/Sherlock, John’s asexual, try as he might to be otherwise.

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock and John/Any Female, John doesn't understand why none of his relationships with women work out. Sherlock knows (or deduces) why.

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock and John/Mary, John can't go on living this lie

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock and John/Mary, John's never told his wife the exact nature of his and Sherlock's relationship

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock, Facing homophobia during an investigation.

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock, John and Sherlock dealing with their friends' and colleagues' curiosity about their sex life (could include asexual!Sherlock and/or het!John, yet Sherlock and John must be in a committed relationship with each other)

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock, John doesn't consider himself gay or even bisexual, but how else can he explain these feelings he has for Sherlock? (figuring out orientation/identity)

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock, John never thought himself homophobic until he fell in love with a man.

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock, John never thought himself homophobic until he fell in love with a man.

Sherlock (BBC), John/Sherlock. Sherlock can see that John is bi -- the signs are obvious. Can he make John see it too?

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper, despite everything, one of the reasons why she cares for Sherlock so much is that he's always treated her as female, even when she rarely passed for it.

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper, if ONE more person asks her if her experiences with Sherlock and Moriarty "turned her gay" when she introduces her girlfriend, she will turn her scapel on them!

Sherlock (BBC), Molly Hooper/Gregory Lestrade, they are both one another's last, desperate attempt at keeping up the fascade of straightness, and perhaps they both know it.

Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft Holmes, just because he's gay doesn't mean he has to support gay rights.

Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft Holmes, just because he's gay doesn't mean he has to support gay rights.

Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft Holmes, Mycroft does not exactly keep his homosexuality a secret, but that does not mean he enjoys having it plastered all over the tabloids.

Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft Holmes, Mycroft does not exactly keep his homosexuality a secret, but that does not mean he enjoys having it plastered all over the tabloids.

Sherlock (BBC), Mycroft Holmes, some people make the mistake of assuming gay stereotypes apply to him. Those people learn their lesson painfully.

Sherlock (BBC), Sally Donovan, being female and multiracial in the police force is bad enough; she doesn't need to add a sexual minority to the mix. The closet it is, then.

Sherlock (BBC), Sally Donovan, it's not that she wouldn't like to be openly queer, it's just that she's having enough dealing with belonging to two minorities in the police force right now.

Sherlock (BBC), Sebestien Moran/Moriaty, He's being in the SAS and knows over a hundred ways to kill a man. There is no way anyone is going to believe that Moriaty is beating him up every night.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes OR Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, he considered himself to be absolutely asexual until he met John.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes or Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, The murder of a transperson has Sherlock particularly agitated, as he himself is FTM. John refusing to let up asking about it is not helping.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, gender is boring.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, it's easier to just say "sex is boring" rather than having to explain the concept of "homoromantic demisexual".

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft has done everything in his quite considerable power to keep the fact that his brother is FTM a secret. Unfortunately, Moriarty still finds out.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft knows Sherlock would not have kept walking when he stepped on that sheet; the fact that the younger Holmes brother was FAAB is a secret only they know, and Sherlock wants to keep it that way.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock did not want John to find out this way (or indeed at all), but when his illegal bottom surgery goes wrong, there's only one person he trusts to take care of it.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, there are a lot of reasons why Sherlock didn't want that sheet to drop, and he wonders if he'll ever forgive Mycroft for making him think he'd actually do it. (FTM!Sherlock)

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes, whenever John complains about the state of his body (scars, weight, age), Sherlock wants to yell at him that at least his body matches the gender with which he identifies.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/any character, He's asexual, not aromantic. You'd have to be an idiot not to understand the difference. Unfortunately, most people are.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, As a sign of trust, Sherlock reveals to John that he is FTM. John takes it far better than expected... eventually.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Growing up with a gay sister, John didn't think he had anything remotely like internalized homophobia. But then, he'd never fallen in love with a man before.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, it takes John a long time to come to terms with the idea of having sex with a man, but Sherlock can be patient; that's fine. What he worries about is what will happen when John sees Sherlock's vagina.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Just because Sherlock is asexual, doesn't mean he doesn't want to have sex with John. This is very hard for John to understand.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, people have always assumed they were a couple, but when they actually become one, and come out, everyone suddenly thinks it's a gimmick or publicity stunt.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Sherlock doesn't understand why John doesn't like the idea of having sex with him while Sherlock is dressed as a woman. After all, John is mostly straight, so what's the problem?

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock, Being intersexed had never been a big deal to Sherlock because he had no interest in sex or relationships. That changed when he fell in love with John.

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock, it's easier to be thought of as weird or asexual than it is to be gay.
Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock, John/Sherlock, Sherlock's asexual and has never had sex before. After falling for John, he's willing to give it a try. However, he finds he's not so fond of it. How does that affect their relationship?

Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock(/John), It takes Sherlock a long time to realize his queerness is a facet of his personality distinct from his being a high functioning sociopath.

Sherlock (BBC); Kitty Reilly; MtF!Kitty reacting to Sherlock's "you repel me"

Sherlock (BBC); Kitty Reilly; once she left the army, she stopped being Sebastian Moran and started being Kitty.

Sherlock (BBC); Kitty Reilly/Moriarty; They first started business when Moriarty hired Moran for a hit. When Moran used the money for the operation she'd always wanted, and became Kitty the journalism student, Moriarty merely asked if she still wanted to work for him. It's turned out pretty well.

Sherlock BBC, Harry/Irene, Her brother was always accepting of her other relationships, so why does he have such a problem with her dating Irene?

Sherlock Holmes (either ACD or '09 movie), Holmes/Watson, How do Holmes and Watson react when they uncover a homosexual love affair between a politician and his secretary? Can they solve their current case without revealing the affair to the world? It would be rather hypocritical, after all, given the nature of their own relationship.

Sherlock Holmes 2009, Holmes/Watson, Watson has always suspected that Holmes might be gay, observing the contempt, lack of interest and suspicion the detective harbours for the fairer sex, but finds it difficult to broach the subject with his closest friend and near impossible to comprehend why exactly he, himself, needs to know so badly...

Sherlock Holmes 2009, Holmes/Watson, Watson has been reading some of the German studies about human sexuality and gets quite an eye-opener as he starts to match some of the findings with his situation with Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes 2009, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Watson is convinced that homosexuality is a psychological disorder for which he should be treated; Holmes convinces him otherwise.

Sherlock Holmes, Holmes & Watson or Holmes/Watson, many of Holmes's experiments involve trying to come up with some sort of masculinising solution (Holmes is FtM)

Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Adler, Irene is the woman for him, regardless of the fact that the body beneath the clothes would not be regarded as such by most. (Bonus points if Holmes is trans too.) claimed by erraticvariable

Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, After the trial of Oscar Wilde in 1895, people have started to look askance at two men living together.

Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, Holmes is FTM, and Watson knows. How do the two of them balance keeping the truth from a society that wouldn't understand with chasing down criminals

Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson. Due to Holmes' asexuality, there are certain things that the detective tends not to notice...

Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Watson thought being a bisexual military man was hard, but, then, he'd never had a male lover and been so in the public's eye, all the time

Sherlock Holmes, John Watson/Mary Morsten, Mary Morsten and John Watson always knew theirs was a marriage of convenience between a lesbian and a gay man, but they didn't know how difficult convenience could be.

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes, Holmes is an ace trans man and is finding it more difficult than he thought to live in close quarters with a stranger.

Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, On the eve of the arrest of one Oscar Wilde on charges of crimes against nature, my dear friend and intimate companion, Sherlock Holmes, bounded up the stairs into our rooms and through open the door, declaring loudly that 'Watson, we shall have to evacuate this city as quickly as possible.'

Sherlock, any character, S/he knows they're desperate when asking asking Sherlock to help figure out hir sexual orientation/gender identity actually seems like a good idea.

Sherlock, Irene Adler, She's asexual, but nothing makes her happier than tying people up and making them do as she says. Luckily, it's good business to separate sex from her services.

Sherlock, John, He usually ignores it when Anderson and Sally insult Sherlock at crime scenes, the man can take care of himself. But he's gotten in too many fights protecting Harry to let it go when they start questioning Sherlock's ˜freakishness" in other areas.

Sherlock, John, He usually ignores it when Anderson and Sally insult Sherlock at crime scenes, the man can take care of himself. But he’s gotten in too many fights protecting Harry to let it go when they start questioning Sherlock’s ‘freakishness’ in other areas.

Sherlock, John, Once the Yard figures out that Sherlock's gay, it's absolutely impossible to convince them that he and John aren't sleeping together. John would rather say "We're just flatmates" a thousand times than try to explain the concept of a biromantic heterosexual.

Sherlock, John, Once the Yard figures out that Sherlock’s gay, it’s absolutely impossible to convince them that he and John aren’t sleeping together. John would rather say ‘We’re just flatmates’ a thousand times than try to explain the concept of a biromantic heterosexual.

Sherlock, John: After everything involving Irene, John finally actually does his research regarding sexual identity. It turns out that it's a lot more complicated than he thought, and so is his own identity.

Sherlock, John/Sherlock and Irene/Sherlock: “I'm not actually gay.” “Well, I am. And yet here we are.”

Sherlock, John/Sherlock: Even after they start going out John isn't really sure what Sherlock is – gay? Bi? Pansexual? Demisexual? What? Of course, that's the way Sherlock likes it best.

Sherlock, John/Sherlock: It's a little humiliating to be told be someone else your own sexuality, but honestly, only Sherlock would guess that he was bisexual but demisexual when it comes to men and actually be right.

Sherlock, John/Sherlock: Sherlock's never had any more than clinical interest in sex before, but as he gets to know John that begins to change - turns out he's demisexual, and John is the first person he's gotten close enough to to figure that out.

Sherlock, John/Sherlock/Sally being asexual doesn´t mean he doesn´t love them, it just means he rather watches them, than having to participate in sex

Sherlock, John/Sherlock/Sally, a very drunken party at the Yard leads to a night where Sherlock, together with John, gets to conduct some research on heterosexuality. What if the Consulting detective realizes that he was wrong and that he is not gay but bisexual. To complicate things he realizes his relationship with Sally might even not be a "hate only"- one after all...

Sherlock, John/Sherlock/Sally/Lestrade it was strangely Sherlock´s "death" which started all this, but even though they had to go through lots of grief its the best thing that ever happened to them

Sherlock, Mycroft Holmes. No sex please, I'm the British Government. Mycroft is asexual and homoromantic. He feels this means he will be Forever Alone. This is not the case.

Sherlock, Sherlock + or / John and whoever, “Everything else is transport.” Sherlock doesn’t care what his body looks like, but when John finds out that he’s trans/intersex/author’s choice, for once he doesn’t follow Sherlock’s lead.

Sherlock, Sherlock and Mycroft, He knows it’s irrational, but one of the reasons that he hates Mycroft (only one of them, mind you) is that he took away Sherlock’s big sister.

Sherlock, Sherlock, It's not that he's had bad experiences with coming out, he's just never had any friends to accept him. John finding out is... unexpectedly nice.

Sherlock, Sherlock/John: Five times someone accuses John of cheating because he has sex with people who aren't Sherlock. Ace!Sherlock.

Silmarillion, Ancalime/OFC, she slowly learns that loving a woman isn't a bad thing.

Silmarillion, Nerdanel/OFC, the fire she never found in Feanor.

The Silmarillion, Melian/Thingol, Every now and then Melian will change to a male (or partly male) body. Thingol was quite surprised the first few times, but now he rather enjoys it.

The Silmarillion, Galadriel, Being called 'man-maiden'.

Sinchornicity, Jase, The first time he went to a gay club without feeling guilty

Sinchronicity, Fi, She wonders if the only reason Jase ever loved her was that she’s MtF.

Sinchronicity, Jase, A few months after the finale Jase doesn’t get why he keeps looking at women. He’s gay now, right?

Sinchronicity, Jase(/Mani), He has no idea how to handle external homophobia, he hasn’t even gotten his own head to shut up about it.

Sinchronicity, Mani, He avoided anyone at the hospital asking questions by only introducing them to his girlfriends

Sinchronicity, Nate, Amongst the transsexual colleagues, dominatrix bosses and gay best friends, Nate’s always been the totally normal bloke. So there must be an explanation for why he’s been stuttering every time he talks to Jase’s new boyfriend.

Some Like It Hot (1959), Jerry|Daphne/Osgood, man and wife

Some Like It Hot, Daphne/Sugar, two girls on the road

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, any/all of the four main characters, One of the four friends is LGBT. How does she feel about coming out to her friends, how do the friends learn that she is LGBT, how do they react, how does she feel about their reactions?

Snow White and the Huntsman; William; he has ever been devoted to Snow White - but by her side, not in her bed. [author's choice as to if he's ace or gay]

Snow White and the Huntsman; William; with Snow White dead, it was easy to assume that his lack of attraction to women was because of his guilt about her. But now she is his queen, he doesn't have that excuse anymore.

Snow White and the Huntsman; William; trying to untangle his true feelings and sense of self out of the cultural tropes.

Snow White and the Huntsman; Snow White; she is tied to the land and the people who live on it, it took more than one kiss to bring her back, and her heart is big enough for everyone, no matter the gender. It just takes her a while to grow into this awareness (ten years in a cell will do that to a girl)

Song of the Lioness, Alan(na) - Prompter is itching for the story that could've been, had Alanna been FtM - reasons for becoming a knight, reasons for (not?) clarifying her identity, relationships with Jonathan and George as well as implications for having the Great Mother Goddess as a patron when your female body doesn't match your male heart. Prompter is hoping for something tangled and messy and gray, rather than straight-forwardly happy-endingy.

South Park, Butters, Even though it was basically down to his classmates that he realised he was queer, none of his attempts to come out have gone well.

South Park, Stan/Kyle, it takes one of the boys remarkably tong to accept their LGBTQ-ness, partly due to the odd example of queer people they've been exposed to.

South Park, Wendy/Bebe, They're seventeen now, but one of the girls still thinks their classmates are too childish to respect their year-old relationship.

Spring Awakening, Hanschen & Ernst; they have very little in common besides being queer, and that's not enough.

St Trinian's (2007), any characters, Going from the ultra-permissive world of St. Trinian's to the expectations of wider society is never easy, but the girls have each other's backs no matter what.

Star Trek (any era), Any human character, Most people on Earth don't see the point in identifying as a sexual orientation anymore, since the gender of one's partners is socially irrelevant. What might make a character still choose to embrace an lesbian/gay/bisexual identity

Star Trek (any series), any character or pairing, Trek's history diverges from our history right around when the gay rights movement was gaining steam. Instead of progress, the Eugenics Wars and World War III pushed social change to the backburner. As a result, the gay rights movement, far from being finished, is only in its middle stages by the 2200s. What is it like to be a citizen in a galaxy where people from different planets get along famously, but your own species still is hesitant about accepting your sexuality? (bonus points if the alien species commonly seen (Klingons, Vulcans, Romulans, Andorians) are more accepting than humans

Star Trek (any series), any character, It's pretty much impossible to keep secrets when you're surrounded by Betazoids.

Star Trek (any series), any characters, Andorians have four sexes. How does this affect what it means for them to be LGBT?

Star Trek (any series), any characters, The experiences of transgendered Starfleet crew members of various species; Andorians, Tellarites, Vulcans, etc.

Star Trek (any series), The Federation requires a treatment to 'correct' LGBT sexualities before a person can serve in Star Fleet. How one LGBT crew member gets around this rule, and why.

Star Trek (any version), any characters, Starfleet is military, right? But surely by 2255 DADT is gone. ...Right?

Star Trek (any), any character, At Betazoid weddings, the bride and groom, and all the guests are naked. Someone sees completely unexpected genitals on someone they know.

Star Trek (any), any characters, A group of queer/trans Starfleet officers encounter a culture that is some form of LGBTQIA+ majority. Instead of this being a symbol of how Strange and Inhuman and Other they are, it's a reassuring and familiar sight. :)

Star Trek, Any character, Genetic engineering is illegal in the Federation, gender reassignment is one of the few exceptions to this law
Star Trek, any Vulcan, Vulcan sexuality is quite a bit different to Human sexuality.

Star Trek (any), It's first contact with a technically advanced planet that uses most of their tech for fun and emotional enlightenment. This seems fine, until the trade leader/other people they met with changes genders overnight to show what the tech can do. With people constantly changing their physical appearance as easily and thoughtlessly as other people change clothes, the crew is forced to think *thoughts*.

Star Trek Enterprise : Malcolm Reed & Trip Tucker, Trip discovers Malcolm is actually gay or bi, but Malcolm asks him to keep it to himself. Trip thinks Malcolm is ashamed or scared - but Malcolm argues it's simply no one's business but his own.

Star Trek Reboot : Chekov. "You just haven't met the right person." "You're too young to know what you want." But Chekov knows for a fact that he is asexual.

Star Trek Reboot : Spock Prime, He knows that there have been many unanticipated changes to the timeline, but it's still a surprise to find his counterpart in a relationship with a woman. claimed by anassa_anemou

Star Trek Reboot, any character, being trans is easier in the future but you still end up having to come out over and over. And over. And over...

Star Trek Reboot, Nyota Uhura/Spock, she worries that she'll be seen as not queer now she's in a long term relationship with a man, but Vulcans apparently find that illogical.

Star Trek Reboot: Jim Kirk, it wasn't a big deal before he became captain claimed by pretty_panther

Stark Trek Reboot: sometimes, Gaila wishes that humans would adapt to her native sexuality, rather than expecting her to fit their labels and expectations.

Star Trek TNG, A Matter of Honor, Worf warned Riker about Klingon females, pity he forgot to warn him about the males

Star Trek TNG, Alexander Rozhenko, the real reason he joined the Defence force over Starfleet is he finds it easier to be who he really is with other Klingons.

Star Trek TNG, Geordi La Forge, Humans are perceived as being homophobic by other aliens, including Klingons. Trouble is both sides tend to forget that a species is made up of people.

Star Trek TNG, Jean-Luc Picard/Jack Crusher, Tapestry - in the universe created for Picard by Q, Jack is not only alive, but unmarried. Could Picard's life be just as fulfilled but in a different way, if he chooses to explore his feelings for Jack rather than suppress them yet again?

Star Trek TNG, Klingons are very accepting of homosexuality, their literature is full of warriors who shared that special bond and it is celebrated in song and stories (think Ancient Greece for ideas), but Worf was raised human

Star Trek TNG, Q; trying on humanoid gender expressions is easier even than trying on clothes, so why's everyone so startled when Q feels like swapping out one for another? And why's everyone on the Enterprise so attached to their own?

Star Trek TNG, Wesley Crusher, Wesley supposes he's lucky the other kids on the Enterprise are too busy harassing him for his job and his IQ to notice his obvious crush on Commander Riker. Then one day, they do.

Star Trek TNG, Wesley Crusher; coming out in the past has been no problem at all with sympathetic adults to mediate things, but coming out as trans for the first time to cadets his own age, people he looks up to -- Nick Locarno and his teammates on Nova Squadron -- is so much harder

Star Trek TNG, Worf, Parallels - Worf jumps into a universe where he's married not to Deanna Troi, but to a male crew member. Once home, how does a Klingon go about questioning their sexuality?

Star Trek TNG/DS9 Alexander Rozhenko, he's spent his life being a disappointment to his father, but he thinks a male lover, even a Klingon male lover, might just take the cake.

Star Trek, TNG, Wesley Crusher, the real reason he left Starfleet is that he was caught having sex with another cadet. A Male Cadet

Star Trek, TNG, Wesley Crusher, Wesley comes out. Everyone deals with it differently

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jadzia or Ezri Dax, Her sexuality changed after she received the symbiont, and she's not sure how to feel about that.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jake Sisko/Nog, Nog's been defying Ferengi tradition his entire adult life, what's one more?

Star Trek: Enterprise: Malcom Reed. Malcom is well aware that it is not acceptable to be gay. His father was certainly very clear on that point. But if he's forced, it's not gay, is it?

Star Trek: The Original Series, any character or pairing, Trek's history diverges from our history right around when the gay rights movement was gaining steam. Instead of progress, the Eugenics Wars and World War III pushed social change to the backburner. As a result, the gay rights movement, far from being finished, is only in its middle stages by the 2200s. What is it like to be a citizen in a galaxy where people from different planets get along famously, but your own species still is hesitant about accepting your sexuality?

Star Trek (TOS or XI), Spock, Everyone was comfortable in assuming that T'Spock was a girl, including T'Spock herself. And then she went into pon farr. (Intersex!Spock)

Star Trek (TOS or XI), Spock, The geneticists at the Vulcan Science Academy said it would be easier trying to create a female child instead of a male child, due to hormone differences between humans and Vulcans. T'Spock kept quiet all these years, but one of the reasons he applied to Starfleet was because transitioning is legal on Earth.

Star Trek TOS or XI, Kirk, no one cared when he slept with the female aliens.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Chapel/McCoy, Chapel passed as female, until that one time she was alone with McCoy in the sickbay.

Star Trek: The Original Series, James Kirk, During 'The Naked Time' Spock went after Chapel, Sulu rescued 'damsels', and Jim...didn't flirt with any women, despite that being his modus operandi when 'sober'. Why?

Star Trek: The Original Series, Janice Lester, AU, The official reason Lester bodyswitched with Kirk was because of a desire to be captain of a starship and Lester's hatred for Captain Kirk, an ex-Significant Other. Janice could tell Starfleet that both of them wanting physical body and true self to match was far more important than professional ambition...and had nothing to do with revenge.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk/Spock, Because of Kirk’s celebrity as the Enterprise’s captain and Spock’s high social position on Vulcan, their upcoming wedding threatens to turn into an intergalactic event. And not everyone’s pleased with gay nuptials.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk/Spock, When the Enterprise discovers a world where gay is the norm, does that give the Captain and his First Officer the nudge they need to admit their feelings for each other?

Star Trek: The Original Series, Leonard McCoy, In the human worlds of the Federation, homosexuality and bisexuality are supposed to be diagnosed and cured in adolescence. McCoy hid his orientation and went untreated. Now he wonders if there are others like him.

Star Trek: The Original Series, McCoy/Spock, Bones never so much as considered that he might be gay, but now there's Spock, and when he thinks about his life in that light things begin to make so much more sense.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Mirror!Spock, The meld with the other universe's Dr. McCoy showed Mirror!Spock a universe unlike he'd ever imagined: a universe in which he was free to explore the desires the Empire demands he never express.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Nyota Uhura as a MtF lady who has never felt the need to get SRS.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, During a discussion about various species' attitudes toward sexualities the lecturer states that Vulcans would view homosexuality as illogical. Spock corrects this assumption with a lecture of his own on the subject of IDIC.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, Early in Season One, McCoy practically outed Spock as gay (by saying his body chemistry prevents him from being sexually interested in a beautiful woman, when nothing we know about Vulcans would imply that it's because of his species/race). How does Spock cope with the cultural expectations of Pon Farr when he knows he's gay? Bonus points for including how McCoy knows he's gay

Star Trek: The Original Series, Spock, Humans assume that Vulcans disapprove of homosexuality. It's more complicated than that.

Star Trek: The Original Series, T'Pring, the reason she called challenge on Spock is that *she's* gay, and *female* homosexuality is taboo on Vulcan because it removes women from the available pool for men in a species where men will die without a monogamous life partner and most men are straight. Stonn could be a transman, a pre-transition transwoman, or just a friend she's using as cover.

Star Trek: The Original Series, T'Pring, Vulcan culture never envisioned a situation where a woman could be mind-bonded to a man but could also be attracted to and desire to marry the sister of her male best friend. All T'Pring knows is that she, the woman she loves and her girlfriend's brother Stonn are in a situation not covered by tradition, protocol or logic, and there seems to be no way out.

Star Trek: The Original Series, the difficulties a genderless species inadvertently has when talking to the Enterprise crew.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Yeoman Rand, She knows that everyone pretty much expects her to be the Captain's Girl, but it's the communications officer (Uhura) she's had her eye on. How does she balance the expectations of her workplace about what role she should play in her gender expression and her romantic attractions with her genuine self? What about the supposedly diversity-encouraging atmosphere of Starfleet makes her feel like she has to? Does it have anything to do with why she suddenly disappeared off the Enterprise and Captain Kirk had to go through a whole new rotation of assistants?

Star Trek: TOS : Kirk/Spock, In the novelisation of The Motion Picture, Kirk states that he finds his best [sexual] gratification with women. What does this mean for his relationship with Spock?

Star Trek: ToS : Montgomery Scott, He'd enjoy his shore leave much better if people would just let him be, with his technical manuals and also his whisky. How many dates does he have be set up on before the fact he's not interested and never will be gets through?

Star Trek: TOS or XI : any Vulcan, Everyone always expects that Vulcans are homophobic because, well, it's not logical, now is it? What they don't know is that because of pon farr, the greatest number of potential sex partners is evolutionarily very helpful, and thus all Vulcans are, by default, bisexual.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, Kirk is bisexual and proud of it. He's also a self-identified slut and proud of that, as well. What pisses him off is when people assume that one naturally follows from the other.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, Kirk speaks publicly about being both the savior of Earth and a positive role-model for queer members of the Federation everywhere.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : James T. Kirk, One of the conditions by which Kirk received command of the Enterprise was that he act as the Federation's poster boy. Theoretically homophobia is gone, but the Admiralty is still keen that Jim represent the 'best' of Humanity: that he be young, white, male, cisgendered...and straight. Now, Kirk has to choose between being true to his queer identity and his first, best destiny.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Kirk/Spock, After news of their relationship spreads, Kirk finds himself becoming the unofficial advisor for queer crewmembers.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Kirk/Spock, Spock, like all Vulcans, is asexual outside of pon farr, but is in love with Kirk. Kirk is straight, but is in love with Spock. They are very happy with their situation.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Kirk/Spock, Spock, like all Vulcans, is asexual outside of pon farr, but is in love with Kirk. Kirk is straight, but is in love with Spock. Together, they make a pretty happy non-sexual couple. But what happens when pon farr comes along, and Spock finds himself drawn towards his mate?

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Spock, In a meld Spock realizes something about himself that he had never known before. Shame that whoever he was melding with now knows it, too.

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Spock, On mission, he is accidentally transformed into a girl. Soon he gets the chance to change back, but he realizes that if he stays in this body he will be spared pon farr, and thus elects to stay in a female body but still identify as a man. Since trans rights have progressed a lot over the years and since he knows he's a man deep down inside it should be simple, right?

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Spock, There is no such thing as a gay or bi Vulcan. They just don't exist, biologically. But Spock isn't fully Vulcan, and it seems he inherited more from his Human mother than he thought...

Star Trek: TOS or XI : Spock, Vulcans are a lot more liberal about gender identity than Humans. Spock conforms to Human ideas about men while on duty, but in his free time he feels free to act as genderqueer as he feels deep down.

Star Trek: TOS or XI, Spock, Human/Vulcan, gay/straight, male/female: Spock has been dealing with binaries all his life.

Star Trek: Voyager, Chakotay/Tom Paris, Sexual identity in the 24th century isn't much of an issue anymore, but someone had forgotten to tell Admiral Paris that. Chakotay deals with the fallout that this has on Tom and their relationship

Star Trek: Voyager, The Doctor, The Doc is very enthusiastic about his newfound [LGBTQIA+] identity. There are slideshows. Many slideshows.

Star Trek: Voyager, Tom Paris/Chakotay, Everyone is surprised when ladies' man Tom Paris kisses Chakotay. Tom doesn't get what the big deal is. Chakotay has to deal with the fact that his view of Tom has been wrong all along.

Star Trek: Voyager: Seven of Nine, Meeting an out trans person causes Seven to question her gender identity.

Star Wars EU, Thrawn/Pellaeon, Inappropriate relations with an alien could get him kicked out of the Imperial Navy, but relations with a male alien could get him executed.

Star Wars Expanded Universe, Luke Skywalker/Cole Fardreamer, after the events of the New Rebellion Luke struck up a friendship with Cole Fardreamer and it led to more. Now he has to deal with the politics of coming out because while most of the galaxy doesn't care what two consenting sentients get up to there are still vocal minorities esp from more conservative races that might use as a poltical weapon against the Jedi.

Star Wars Pre-Saga, any Jedi, Jedi celibacy is something of a relief, but that doesn't mean he/she/ze doesn't want to have love.

Star Wars X-Wing series, Wedge Antilles/Tycho Celchu, their friendship has always been closer than Wedge and Wes' or even Wes and Hobbie's.

Star Wars (any verse), writer's choice, Jedi philosophy and LGBT life

Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker, Anakin sees life in binaries: good/evil, Loyalist/Separatist, male/female, straight/gay, etc. What happens when one of the binaries he takes for granted falls apart? (Anything from Padme mentioning an old girlfriend to Obi-Wan being trans to discovering that intersexuality exists.)

Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker, The Jedi understood why Ani was raised as a boy on Tatooine, but thought she didn't need to hide that way in the Temple. Anakin doesn't think he is now or was then, and he's frustrated. Isn't the Force supposed to engage a Jedi's empathy?

Star Wars, any Jedi, any timeline, the Force sensitive can tell thing that aren't normally apparent and outs one of their number as LGBT.

Star Wars, Any Jedi, Attachment is forbidden - what's the view on casual sex? Does it matter who it's with?

Star Wars, Han Solo is FtM. One of the reasons Chewbacca is his co-pilot is due to how Wookies perceive gender.

Star Wars, Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, Corellians are open about all sexualities, but those from Tatooine are not. Can Han persuade Luke to enjoy what they could have together?

Star Wars, Han Solo/Luke Skywalker, The Old Republic did not approve of homosexuality. Will the New Republic be the same?

Star Wars, Leia Organa, Cleaning guns and kissing strange women are hardly appropriate evening activities for the princess of Alderaan. Good thing she's not really the princess.

Star Wars, Mon Mothma, mentoring Leia in politics and rebellion reminds Mon of Padme, but she can't say anything about anything. Except perhaps that non-humans, women, and humans of color aren't the only groups Emperor Palpatine is oppressing (as if that weren't enough!). Bonus if Leia has trouble fitting into the Senate closet, because on Alderaan most people have no problem with a bisexual adoptee inheriting the throne.

Star Wars: Luke/Leia. In a galaxy far, far away, incest isn't the issue. Luke's romantic asexuality is.' claimed by pretty_panther

Stargate (any): Any character, going through puberty a second time isn't the scary thing about being (permanently) de-aged, it's going through the WRONG puberty a second time.

Stargate Atlantis, John Sheppard, Being asexual in the military was difficult. Being asexual and the military leader of an isolated, work-focused group isn't so bad. Being asexual when you've somehow developed a reputation as a lothario is downright painful.

Stargate SG-1, Janet Frasier, She still can't believe her luck, having a daughter without needing to have sex to get her.

Stargate SG-1: Any Tok'ra (including OCs), Among the tok'ra gender is fluid, and they identify according to their host. What happens when a symbiote blends with a host who is even more so?

Stargate SG-1: Any Tok'ra (including OCs), At least one Tok'ra has to have had a trans host at some point. Tell us their story.

Stargate SG-1: Any Tok'ra (including OCs), How do the Tok'ra view same-sex relationships?

Stargate SG-1: Charlie O'Neill, It wasn't an accident; (s)he just couldn't take it anymore. (Charlie can be ftm or mtf.)

Supernatural, any angel, They've developed a preference for a certain gender of vessel, and that's problematic; angels are meant to be genderless. They try to "fix" the problem, but instead get trans* support from an unexpected source.

Supernatural, any hunter, Being a trans woman who can’t pass as cis makes dealing with the police very difficult.

Supernatural, Becky Rosen/Charlie Bradbury, Becky never thought she'd fall in love with a Supernatural fan she met over the internet, let alone one who knew the brothers were real. That she's a woman is secondary.

Supernatural, Charlie Bradbury, Being a geeky lesbian means being torn between ogling the gorgeous costumes and characters that "male gaze" provides and being furious about the misogyny and fetishization of her identity.claimed by elliemurasaki

Supernatural, Dean and Sam Winchester, Dean and Sam are both bi. Sam feels that Dean’s promiscuity reinforces negative stereotypes about bisexuality; Dean thinks that it’s not his job to change people’s bigoted opinions.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Forced to attend another fan convention, Dean attends a panel on queerness in the books by mistake. Suddenly 50 women are energetically talking about how he's obviously bisexual and what a fantastic portrayal it is of queerness being normal and not something to make a big deal out of. Well, it's a big deal to him - because suddenly he realizes they might be right.

Supernatural, Dean, it doesn't come as a surprise to Sam that Dean's gay, but Dean denies it. No Wincest or Destiel, please. In fact, I'd prefer this to be gen, in the sense that Dean doesn't actually fall in love/find his other half.

Supernatural, Dean/Castiel, It's only moments after their first kiss begins that Dean realises this might not be as simple as he'd hoped, due to his only previous male experiences being in hell and being horrible and all.

Supernatural, John Winchester, “Did you ever notice that Dad fell out with just about everyone?” Some of those people were male lovers. The internalized and externalized homophobia of the hunting community does not make for stable relationships.

Supernatural, Missouri Mosley, Being a stealth trans woman means you get to hear what people say about people like you when they think you’re not around. Being psychic means you can hear what they think too.

Supernatural, Missouri Mosley, Five fellow queer people Missouri’s read fortunes for.

Supernatural, Ruby. When she was alive, Ruby was intersex or MtF, and sold her soul for the right body.

Supernatural, Sam Winchester, One of his earliest memories is having a surgery no one will talk about. Sam guesses it might have something to do with the scar tissue on his genitalia, how they don’t look like other boys. Hearing the word intersex in a college sociology class makes him start to do some investigating. By the time Dean shows up he’s pretty secure in his identity, but hearing that dad lied to him about demon blood too brings the trauma back up.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester (and Charlie Bradbury?), There's a reason he was so smooth when talking Charlie through flirting with a man.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester/OCs, Sex for money? Two excellent things for the price of one! Sex with men for money? Uh, this is really hard to admit, but that's actually a plus...

Supernatural, Sam Winchester, Dean doesn't know she's a girl, and everything Dean says to knock his 'brother' down a peg by calling 'him' a girl is infuriating. (Especially since Dean swears that he believes, and when women with vaginas are around nearly always acts as though he believes, that women are people same as men are.)

Supernatural, Sam Winchester, She really wants to transition, but has no idea what the hormone change will do to her cismale-bodybuilder muscles, and she needs her physical strength for hunting.

Supernatural, Dean Winchester, Dean's sexuality is fluid, shifting over the course of S3-S6 or so from 'sex anybody willing' to demisexual. He doesn't necessarily know it's happened. (7x13? Aberration. Possibly magically induced. Prompter hasn't seen past 8x07 as of prompting, which isn't to say that filler should avoid subsequent canon when filling.) Dean being straight is fine, Dean being bi is fine, Dean shifting from straight to bi or straight to only being attracted to Sam/Lisa/Castiel/Benny/whoever is fine.

Supernatural, Ruby, the reason she went to hell in the first place was to save her lover's life. Her female lover. Sex with the very male Sam is not at all appealing to her.

Supernatural, Meg in 2x14, strong female gender identity in conflict with male body.

Supernatural, Castiel and Jimmy Novak and Claire Novak, Dean is trying to teach Castiel to be a heterosexual cisgender man. Angels qua angels do not DO the whole sexuality/gender Katamari ball; vessels do and angels tend to follow their vessel's lead, but Jimmy is dead (and was a male-assigned-at-birth bisexual man) and Castiel quite clearly remembers Claire (who is a female-assigned-at-birth genderqueer individual, sexuality to be determined by filler).

Supernatural, Claire Novak, Angels qua angels do not DO the whole sexuality/gender Katamari ball. Claire didn't know she was genderqueer until she said yes to Castiel.

Supernatural, Emma Winchester, Amazons are supposed to be more attracted to men who can give them strong daughters. She thinks, in purgatory, that should translate to attraction to pretty much any man who's survived any length of time in the place. Why is it she's attracted to the women instead? Bonus points if she hitches a ride out with Dean and the lesbianism plays out on earth. (NB: Emma appears to be an adult by Amazon standards.)

Supernatural, Emma Winchester, Amazons are supposed to be more attracted to men who can give them strong daughters. She thinks, in purgatory, that should translate to attraction to pretty much any man who's survived any length of time in the place. Why is it she isn't attracted to anyone? Bonus points if she hitches a ride out with Dean and the asexuality-or-demisexuality plays out on earth. (NB: Emma appears to be an adult by Amazon standards.)

Supernatural, Charlie Bradbury, the process of self-discovery of sexuality through engaging with fandom.

Supernatural, Anna Milton, Angels qua angels do not DO the whole sexuality/gender Katamari ball; vessels do and angels tend to follow their vessel's lead. Anna's been a heterocis woman all her life, and then the whole being-an-angel thing falls on her head...

Supernatural, Raphael, Angels qua angels do not DO the whole sexuality/gender Katamari ball; vessels do and angels tend to follow their vessel's lead. But they don't always. Raphael's first vessel was a cis man, and now that Raphael's vessel is a cis woman, Raphael's figuring out all the ways in which the male vessel didn't fit.

Supernatural, Gabriel, Angels qua angels do not DO the whole sexuality/gender Katamari ball, but Gabriel isn't just an angel anymore. He's a Norse god. And as such, Gabriel sired some children and gave birth to others.

Switched at Birth, Bay, One of the reasons she pressed to find her birth family was to find out why she was LBT.

Switched at Birth, Bay/Emmett, He was the first boyfriend she felt comfortable telling about her feelings for girls.

Switched at Birth, Bay/Emmett/Daphne, If anyone found out their families would explode.

Switched at Birth, Bay/Natalie, After a string of bad breakups, Bay's friend suggests she take a break from boys.

Switched at Birth, Daphne, She'd just summed up the courage to tell her mother she's asexual when the switch came out; now it'd just be another thing for John and Kathryn to criticize Regina about.

Switched at Birth, Daphne, The last thing she needs is to be the deaf queer.

Switched at Birth, Daphne/Bay, No one can know.

Switched at Birth, Emmett, His mother would freak if she knew.

Switched at Birth, Emmett/Bay, Bay is genderqueer, what does that make Emmett?

Switched at Birth, Kathryn Kennish, She's been feeling restless lately, and it's because she finally realized something about herself.

Switched at Birth, Toby/any male character or OMC, The switch couldn't have come at a better time, really. No one wondered why Toby was spending a lot more time with his friends, or one friend in particular.

Tam Lin-Pamela Dean, Any Classics' Majors, You'll never kiss like he did.

Teen Wolf, Allison Argent, Allison has always tried to convince herself that she's the kind person she thinks she should be -- someone who doesn't cry, who doesn't get speeding tickets, who didn't have to repeat a grade in school. But in the aftermath of Gerard pushing her over the edge, she starts to realize she may not know as much about herself as she always claimed. (Allison's specific queer identity is up to the author.)

Teen Wolf, Allison/Lydia, the five times Lydia realized she was attracted to girls and how she comes to terms with her bisexuality. Bonus points for archery practice, Lydia teaching Allison to ballet, and a day at the beach.

Teen Wolf, any werewolf character, How does a trans werewolf cope with a body that will always "heal" to a state that's all wrong?

Teen Wolf, Chris Argent, Chris always knew he was gay, but Gerard didn't make his marriage to the daughter of another prominent hunting family optional. How does he negotiate his relationship with a woman he grows to care about deeply, but to whom he isn't attracted? And what does he do when she's gone?claimed by ladyoneill

Teen Wolf, Danny Mahealani, Sure, everyone at school is cool with his sexuality now. But being the first out kid in his grade back in middle school was no picnic.

Teen Wolf, Danny Mahealani/Stiles Stilinski, Danny doesn't appreciate being used to validate Stiles' attractiveness. Then Stiles comes out and asks him out in the same sentence.

Teen Wolf, Danny, Danny comes out to his teammates before he comes out to his family. It's weird, but then it isn't, to the surprise of exactly no one.

Teen Wolf, Derek Hale, Werewolf society places a lot of importance on heterosexual coupling. Hunters are constantly thinning the population and the Bite often kills the recipient, so the only sure way of ensuring the continuation of the species is through giving birth to new werewolves. So when Derek started to realize he was gay, he tried his best to convince himself he was straight -- and Kate Argent was all too happy to help.

Teen Wolf, Derek/+any, he uses sex as a way of connecting with other people, but the act isn't something he really enjoys, and he's never actually been sexually attracted to any of the people he's slept with. Cue his current partner noticing something's not completely right and helping him figure out that there are other ways to foster relationships.

Teen Wolf, Erica, she doesn't like labels, and her only criterion for bed partners is "enthusiastically consenting." She will (probably literally) rip your throat out if you try to stick her in a box.

Teen Wolf, Erica/Lydia, after Jackson leaves, Lydia sometimes dresses in the clothes he'd left behind at her house. After a while it's less about how she feels for him and more about how she feels while wearing men's clothing. She keeps it to herself, but after she starts dating Erica, it's hard to keep her from finding out.

Teen Wolf, Laura, on the road after the Hale fire, the two Hale siblings see a lot of things. Laura gets a job at an alternative bookstore in New York and when a few of the customers invite her out to Splash, she doesn't think anything of saying yes. When she has a lot more fun than she expected, and meets a few savvy lesbians, Laura realizes quite a few things about herself than she expected.

Teen Wolf, Lydia Martin and Jackson Whittemore, It took them way too long to realize they were bearding for each other.

Teen Wolf, Stiles (/+any, none), in the privacy of his own head Stiles is totally comfortable with being bisexual, but he still struggles with the reality. Luckily for him, his friends are nothing but supportive (in their own, unique ways).

Teen Wolf, Stiles/Danny, Stiles and Danny are lab partners. A lot. Shenanigans and re-evaluating sexuality ensue.

Teen Wolf, Danny Mahealani/Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore, Danny's in a polyamorous relationship with Jackson and Lydia, but as much as he likes and appreciates Lydia romantically, he's still not sexually interested in her. How do the three of them make it work?

Telegraph Avenue - Michael Chabon, Titus Joyner/Julius Jaffe, As they get older, Titus dates girl after girl, but he always comes back to Julie. At some point he realizes he's not as completely straight as he'd like to believe.

The Adventures of Lano & Woodley (TV series), Colin Lane/Frank Woodley, Col wouldn't have guessed Frank would be the one who recognised how gay their relationship had become before he did.

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay -- Michael Chabon, Sam Clay, 'Sammy had been having lunch, on and off, with a dozen men over the past dozen years or so.' (p.565) Sam's life balancing marriage and bringing up a child with being gay in an unfriendly time.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Any Character, The Harpooners are totally fine with having an openly gay player so they probably won't freak out about having a trans* player too, right?

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, After falling in love with Owen, Guert reflects on one or more incidents in his life that never seemed important before, but now seem like massive rainbow flags of gayness.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Guert resolves to be “better at being gay”. But where does a sixty-year-old man even start?

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Guert uses his annual convocation speech to come out to the entire faculty and student body, and discovers that, for a liberal arts college, Westish really isn’t that liberal.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Identifying as gay or bi shouldn’t affect Guert’s relationship with his daughter… should it?

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Guert takes Owen to his high school reunion, which means he has to figure out how to introduce Owen to his old friends.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Guert thinks of himself as straight, even though he's in a relationship with a man. He and Owen discuss labels, and why identifying as gay or bi might be important.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Owen realizes that Guert constantly characterizes their relationship from a heterocentric frame of reference and gently points out that neither of them needs to be “the girl”.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Owen takes Guert to a gay bar.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, The media wants to use gay-college-president Guert as some kind of LGBT icon and Owen is all for it. Guert just wishes everything would get back to normal.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, During one of Owen’s long, rambling, pot-fed musings on love and sexuality, Henry realizes that the term “asexual” fits him pretty much to a T.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, Henry comes out to his parents as gay/bi/asexual/trans* and has to explain that, no, he did not somehow “catch” it from his gay roommate.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, Henry loves Mike and Pella and wants to have a relationship with them both. He just doesn’t really want to have sex with them. (Henry is asexual.)

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Henry Skrimshander, Now a pro baseball player, Henry comes out to his teammates as asexual.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Owen Dunne, 14-year-old Owen knows he’s gay but is terrified of anyone else finding out, especially the guys on his high school baseball team. Then he finds a book called The Sperm-Squeezers.claimed by lonelywalker

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Owen Dunne, Coach Cox might not have a problem with Owen being gay, but some of the players who have to shower and share a motel bed with him disagree until an opposing team starts hassling Owen for the same reason.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Owen Dunne, Openly-gay Owen gets drafted by a major league baseball team. He has no intention of actually signing up until the hate mail starts.claimed by lonelywalker

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbach, Owen Dunne, Westish College doesn’t have any kind of LGBT association when Owen arrives – the few queer kids on campus don’t think they need one. Owen convinces them they’re wrong.

The Art of Fielding – Chad Harbachh, Owen Dunne, Openly-gay Owen gets drafted by a major league baseball team. He has no intention of actually signing up until the hate mail starts.

The Art of Fielding Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Identifying as gay or bi shouldn't affect Guert's relationship with his daughter, should it?

The Art of Fielding Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Guert takes Owen to his high school reunion, which means he has to figure out how to introduce Owen to his old friends.

The Art of Fielding Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight/Owen Dunne, Owen realizes that Guert constantly characterizes their relationship from a heterocentric frame of reference and gently points out that neither of them needs to be "the girl."

The Art of Fielding, Chad Harbach, Guert Affenlight, Guert uses his annual convocation speech to come out to the entire faculty and student body, and discovers that, for a liberal arts college, Westish really isn't that liberal.

The Beebo Brinker Chronicles - Ann Bannon, Beth Ayers, the thrill of secretly buying and reading lesbian pulp fiction

The Big Bang Theory, Amy Farrah Fowler/Sheldon Cooper, Amy and Sheldon are perfectly satisfied with their asexual relationship - but both soon discover that asexual, in their case, does not mean aromantic. How do they deal with the sudden onslaught of that thing called love, while juggling the expectations of everyone around them to be a "conventional" couple?

The Big Bang Theory, any relevant character(s), Being bullied because you're a nerd is different than being bullied because you're queer.

The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette Rostenkowski, It's a bit of a cliché realization for a good Catholic girl to come to, isn't it?

The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette Rostenkowski, She mentioned homosexuals as one of the things not to mention to her dad. She didn't tell Howard she learned that the hard way.

The Big Bang Theory, Bernadette Rostenkowski(/Howard Wolowitz), She does love him with all her heart. Just maybe not all her body.

The Big Bang Theory, Leonard/Penny/Sheldon, They three inevitably form a polygamous relationship but Sheldon remains as asexual as ever. How is he included despite of/ excluded because of his disinterest in sex from other, non sexual, parts of the relationship?

The Big Bang Theory, Missy Cooper, Missy has always been the good one, the one her mom counts on for grandchildren, because Sheldon is Sheldon and their other brother is *handwave*. But Missy's a lesbian--and she's not sure how she feels about kids, her faith, and how to explain that to her not-really-very-textbook family. (If you want to go Missy/Penny, all the better.)claimed by lar_laughs

The Big Bang Theory, Missy, Missy's the only hope for her mother to have grandchildren, but she just wants to be Nathan. Sheldon's the only one who seems to understand, but not on an emotional level.

The Big Bang Theory, Raj Koothrappali, He thought the US was the land of liberty, sexuality-wise.

The Big Bang Theory, Raj/Howard and Penny, Raj deals with being a gay Indian man, coming out, and having an unlikely ally that he literally can't speak to.

The Big Bang Theory, Raj/Howard, Howard's beginning to think that people might be on to something with him and Raj. But does Raj feel the same way.

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper (/Penny or gen), When an experiment goes wrong and turns Sheldon into a woman, he doesn’t really understand why everyone’s making such a big deal. Sure it’s a bit of a shock at first, but he can do his research just as well as a woman and he’s never really cared much about his physical body. But as time goes on, he realizes that he feels more comfortable in his female body than he ever did in his male one, and he is forced to confront his own sense of gender identity. (Could be Sheldon/Penny or gen, and bonus points for Penny dragging Sheldon bra shopping!)

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Leonard, and the others keep trying to hook Sheldon up and he’s getting fed up – why can’t they accept that he’s not repressed, he’s just asexual?

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, Sheldon’s mother has reluctantly accepted that she has to refer to her former daughter as a man to avoid unwanted questions from others, but she refuses to stop calling him ‘Shelly’ – much to Sheldon’s annoyance. He didn’t really expect that she’d ever fully understand, but he hates being reminded of that part of his past every time he talks to her.

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper, When Sheldon’s mother caught him trying on Missy’s dresses when he was five, she laughed and thought it was cute. When she caught him doing it again at age ten she was less amused, and Sheldon learned quickly that this was one social convention he couldn’t just ignore. He’s never really understood what the big deal was, though- why did society care so much what gender she was on the inside?

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper/Penny, Sheldon is asexual, but he’s developing romantic feelings for Penny. She feels the same way, but she’s definitely not asexual – how do they negotiate a relationship?

The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon, Sheldon hates being called Shelly, because once he was an identical twin, but he and Missy have never matched on the inside. His mother took a while to accept this, but his Meemaw always understood he was a boy. (Sheldon is FtM).

The Bill, Luke Ashton, it's been a long journey but Luke is finally proud of who he is.

The Breakfast Club, Allison Reynolds, She sits through a makeover and kisses a boy just to see what it feels like to be normal.

The Breakfast Club, Allison Reynolds/or&Claire Standish, Years later, they run into each other at an LGBT* or feminist community event (Pride, music festival, the 1989 March for Women's Lives, whatever) and retrace the very different paths they took to get there as queer women.

The Breakfast Club, Allison, When Claire was doing her makeup, all Allison wanted to do was kiss her. But she still kind of likes Andrew. How does Allison deal with being a bisexual teen in the mid-Eighties?

The Casual Vacancy, Gaia Bawden/Sukhvinder Jawanda, Sukhvinder's already taking more teasing and bullying than she can stand, and she knows that it'll only get worse if she makes her relationship with Gaia public.

The Charioteer, Alec Deacon, Becoming: In the novel, Alec has a significantly less self loathing and more proud attitude towards his sexual orientation than either Ralph or Laurie, and apparantly no hang-ups regarding seeing himself as part of the gay community. Some backstory on Alex, figuring out his orientation, making other gay friends (not just in the sense of the occasional fling) would be great.

The Charioteer, Andrew Raynes, in the end Andrew's Quaker beliefs aren't an obstacle to accepting himself as homosexual, they're a help

The Charioteer, Michael Odell, You hadn't intended to tell Lucy about being bisexual because you feared she wouldn't understand but one time it just slipped out and changed things.

The Charioteer, Miss Haliburton, The world tends to see her as a strong-minded old maid, like many other women of her generation. But they don't know her, and could never imagine that her great loves have always been women.

The Charioteer, Ralph Lanyon/Laurie Odell, in the persecuting atmosphere of the early 1950s, Ralph finds he and Laurie need the support of the queer circles Ralph has always despised

The Charioteer, Alec Deacon, Alec learned what it meant to be homosexual from the pages of Krafft-Ebing and Havelock Ellis.

The Charioteer, Ralph Lanyon, Ralph discovers a different queer community in every port of call.

The Charioteer, Andrew Raynes, Getting married doesn't mean denying his identity. He's attracted to women as well. The difficult bit is explaining it all, not to his wife, but to Laurie.

The Charioteer, Andrew Raynes/Laurie Odell, While attempting to live their celibate but romantic ideal, Laurie and Andrew are forced to reassess the place of physical love in their lives.

The Charioteer, Ralph Lanyon, Ralph realises that although there is plenty of homoeroticism--and even sex between boys--at his public school, it is far from being a queer community.

The Charioteer, Ralph Lanyon, As commander of a Navy ship, Ralph is in theory expected to police homosexual behavior among the ratings. But will he choose to turn a blind eye?

The Dark Crystal: Any Gelfling, Having wings doesn't make him any less of a boy. (And they really are quite useful.)

The Dark Crystal: Any Gelfling, Not having wings doesn't make her any less of a girl.

The Dresden Files, Harry Dresden & Thomas Raith, Harry's good at avoiding admitting things to himself, but the fact is that people mistaking him and Thomas for a couple is like a way to act out the daydream of something he wants without having to actually deal with it.

The Gay Detective - Lou Rand, Francis Morley, camping

The Gay Detective - Lou Rand, Tiger Olsen/Francis Morley, Tiger isn't swishy at all--and yet he's falling for his employer

The Giver, any or original characters, Sameness vs. gender identity: GO. What does it mean to identify as trans when everyone is called 'a male' and 'a female' and the only sex-specific occupation is Birthmother? Is there a place in the community's rigid rules for people who don't identify with their assigned gender?

The Giver, any or original characters, The scientists who were working on Sameness never did figure out what to do about same-sex attraction, but assumed the hormone-suppressing pills given to everyone at the onset of puberty would do the trick just fine. After Jonas leaves, a handful of people in the community stop taking the pills - and are confronted with feelings that fall outside of what they've come to expect in more ways than one.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, any character, A character consults the Guide's entry on 'gender' and gets more than they bargained for. claimed by Norwegianpornfaerie

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, any or original characters, Most of the Galaxy is down with sexual orientation not always allowing for reproduction, but the concept of gender - how many there are and whether/how you present it - depends on which culture of what planet you ask.

The Hobbit, any, while on the road to Erebor, one of the characters is magically transformed into a woman. Feeling more comfortable in their skin than they ever have before, they decline Gandalf's offer to change them back once he figures out how it happened.

The Hollowmen (TV series), Phillip/Warren, being queer, and a couple, does not affect the way in which they perform their official parliamentary duties.

The Hunger Games, anyone, How queerness is dealt with Panem.

The Hunger Games, Cinna, As a fledgling celebrity in the Capitol, Cinna must be very careful about the image he presents. That means visiting a revolutionary ex-boyfriend and persuading him not to say or do anything that might jeopardize Cinna's life.

The Hunger Games, Haymitch Abernathy, Before he was chosen for the Hunger Games, Haymitch's biggest concern was concealing his relationship with a boy from his district.

The Hunger Games, Primrose Everdeen, When Prim develops a crush on another girl from school, Katniss warns Prim to keep it quiet. But Prim has no idea why her sister is concerned - isn't this normal?

The Hunger Games: Johanna/OFC – “There’s no one left that I love.” But she had someone, once, before the Capitol destroyed that someone. (Lesbian Johanna)claimed by hamimi_fk

The Incredibles, Mirage, It's easier to fade into the background than to come out... but she's tired of hiding.

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Angela "Johnny" Cannon, Johnny is a trans man but didn't realize it until the war gave him the chance to do a "man's job."

The Lord of the Rings, any/any, moving on is not forgetting, and liking someone of the same sex is not a betrayal of their dead husband/wife.

The Losers (2010); Jenson/Cougar; they love women, they love having sex with women - they are just also pretty damn devoted to each other, too.

The Losers (2010); Aisha al-Fadhil; she does what she wants, and who she wants.

The Marmalade Files (book), Kimberley (Ben Gordon), perhaps it's her own fault for the fact everyone assumes she's just a transvestite, and not a transwoman, given her decision not to transition. Still, she could do without all the misgendering.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Rhoda – Her mother’s been after her for a decade-plus to settle down and get married. And she’d do it, too, if only it were legal to marry any of the people she really wants.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show: Rhoda/Mary – Rhoda has at least some experience with coming to terms with who she is and who she loves. Mary has none at all.

The Matrix, Any character(s), Somebody is freed from the Matrix and is shocked to find out that their physical body does not match the gender they've always lived as. How do you cope with suddenly find out you're trans, everything you knew is a lie, and becoming a human freedom fighter in a post-Apocalyptic world all on the same day?

The Mentalist : Patrick Jane, Becoming a father was the best moment of his life, but what he'd always really wanted was to be a mother.

The Mentalist : Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho fears that Jane is only with him because having sex with a man doesn't count as cheating on his wife.

The Mentalist : Teresa Lisbon, Despite the rumours otherwise, Lisbon does have a life outside CBI - she just doesn't want anyone to know about her girlfriend because in her position just being a woman is difficult enough.

The Mentalist, Grace Van Pelt, Van Pelt has a crush on Lisbon and can't decide which one is worse - being attracted to her boss or being attracted to a woman.

The Mentalist, Grace Van Pelt/Wayne Rigsby, Grace finally gathers the nerve to tell Wayne that she's bisexual. Wayne isn't sure what to think, and Grace has to decide how important it is to her that he understands her sexuality.

The Mentalist, Patrick Jane, Becoming a father was the best moment of his life, but what he'd always really wanted was to be a mother.

The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho fears that Jane is only with him because having sex with a man doesn't count as cheating on his wife.

The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon, Teresa has always thought of herself as a lesbian, so she's confused and disturbed by her attraction to Patrick Jane. When she discovers by chance that Patrick is a cross-dresser who privately identifies as trans/genderqueer/genderfluid, her attraction makes a little more sense to her, but it makes her sexual identity even harder to define. Patrick helps her see that labels matter less than she thinks they do

The Mentalist, Teresa Lisbon, Despite the rumours otherwise, Lisbon does have a life outside CBI - she just doesn't want anyone to know that she's a lesbian because in her position just being a woman is difficult enough.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho doesn't like it when Jane uses homophobic language to get a rise out of a bigoted suspect. Jane doesn't see what the problem is.

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho doesn't like it when Jane uses homophobic language to get a rise out of a bigoted suspect. Jane doesn't see what the problem is.

The Merchant of Venice, Antonio, The Church condemns sodomites and Jews equally.

The Merchant of Venice, Bassanio/Antonio, Even after almost losing Antonio, Bassanio can't quite admit his feelings for him.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard and Vince, Howard finally comes out to Vince and asks him for help learning how to 'be gay.' But Vince doesn't want Howard to have to experience the downsides of it's like to not be straight.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard Moon/Vince Noir, Howard finally summons the courage to make a move on Vince, but Vince, while genderqueer and happy to flirt with people of any gender, claims to be entirely straight. Hurt and disappointed, Howard reacts by accusing Vince of 'turning him gay' for no reason.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince Bainbridge takes an unusual shine to Vince and brings him on as an apprentice. When Howard, sensing ulterior motives at work, tries to explain to Vince just why he's so concerned about the situation, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue denying his own nature and feelings.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince Vince goes to Naboo for advice on how to properly woo Howard. Problem is, he's not even sure if Howard actually likes men-- or how Howard will take the news that Vince isn't just bisexual for attention.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Howard decides to whole-heartedly take on his newly discovered role as a 'massive gayist' - by embracing every possible gay stereotype. Vince is hugely embarrassed and has to convince him that this is not what being gay is really all about.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Howard is 'the least gay person' Vince knows. But does he know Howard as well as he thinks?

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Howard thinks Vince is only bi because it's fashionable.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, It's surprisingly Vince who has the most trouble admitting he wants to be with a man.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Lance Dior comes onto Howard and Howard finds he enjoys the attention. When Vince tries to claim that he had feelings for Howard first, Howard has trouble believing it's not just jealousy speaking. claimed by concupiscence66

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Vince and Howard face increasing pressure to tie the knot once they decide they want to adopt, even though the law says they don't have to. They never felt the desire to get married before, but now Howard's seeing things in a different light-- and wonders why Vince seems hesitant.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Vince is completely comfortable with his bisexuality, but has all but given up on Howard ever reciprocating the feelings he's had for him for as long as he can remember. Howard has been in denial for most of his life, struggling with his upbringing preconceived conceptions of what it is to be a 'man of action', he fights hard to avoid coming to terms with his much stronger inclination toward men and in particular, his own best friend.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, Vince turns Howard down because he doesn't think that deep down Howard really wants to settle with another man and never get married or have children. Howard convinces him otherwise.

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, When Bob Fossil attempts to blackmail Howard by spreading a rumor around the Zooniverse that he's gay, Vince suggests an interesting way to turn the situation on its head-- play along with it. In helping Howard with his pantomime, however, Vince discovers maybe this particular rumor wasn't as false as he thought

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, When Howard's parents come to visit, Howard tries to convince Vince to act like they're not a couple. Vince, of course, isn't very happy about this

The Mighty Boosh, Howard/Vince, When Vince begins to get serious with another man—going as far as even bringing him back to the flat for dinner and introducing him to everyone as his boyfriend—Howard becomes irate and increasingly distant. Vince mistakes this reaction as discomfort toward his sexuality (something they’ve always been aware of, but never discussed), while in reality Howard is simply coming to terms with his own and trying to make sense of what Vince really means to him.

The Mighty Boosh, Last man on Earth!Howard/Sunflash, Sunflash takes Howard back with him to the Planet Camden, where Howard is amazed (and slightly frightened) by the level of sexuality and lack of sexual inhibition that is the normality there. Sunflash becomes his guide both to the planet and his own sexuality.

The Mighty Boosh, Vince Noir & Howard Moon, Vince and Howard hardly bother to correct people any more when Vince is mistaken for Howard's girlfriend. Maybe it's the girl part Vince finds really hard to deny.

The Mighty Boosh, Vince Noir, he started playing up the androgyny and bisexual angle because it was fashionable, but now fashion is changing, and Vince still feels bisexual and in-between genders.

The Mighty Boosh, Vince Noir/Howard Moon, after a horrible argument where Vince asserts that Howard seems to be ashamed of everything about himself, including his sexuality, the repressed and homophobic Howard goes on a shamanistic journey to find his true, inner self. And gets lost, inevitably, leaving it up to Vince to find him.

The Mighty Boosh, Vince Noir/Howard Moon, Howard manages to repress his sexuality to the point where it actually separates from him, escapes, and starts up a relationship with Vince.

The Mighty Boosh, Vince/Howard, Why it doesn't bother Howard when people think Vince is his wife or his girlfriend.

The Mummy, Ardeth Bay/Jonathon Carnahan, rules of the desert

The Mummy, Jonathon Carnahan, How exactly did Jonathon ruin his career?

The Mummy: Ardeth Bay/Jonathon Carnahan, The life of Medjai is no life for a woman. Ardeth isn't even sure it's the life for an Englishman

The Muppets (2012): Walter/Scooter. So it's no big deal for a frog to date a pig, but when two male muppets want to have a realtionship, everyone has a problem with it?

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Braina/Tek (requited or not). Ze doesn't actually have a gender, but ze hoped that putting a bow on hir head would be enough to convince Tek otherwise...

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Meangarr(/Nebula), Tek. Okay, so Meangarr was lying about the whole "asexual" thing. In her defense, she wasn't expecting the universe's most notorious lothario to miss the fact that she's female.

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek, any female character. Sure, the beautiful woman whose life Tek just saved claims she's not interested in men, but Tek is still convinced he can win her over. If she's not swayed by his usual hypermasculine charms, well, he'll just have to try another angle.

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek, ensemble. A bit of futuristic tech puts our hero in a female body. Everyone around him braces for the freakout...until they realize that Tek seems to have adjusted to the new curves without a second thought.

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek, female!Tek. An accidental transportation to a different universe has Tek meeting a genderswapped alternate version of himself...who, as it turns out, has also had hundreds of girlfriends.

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek(/various female characters). When Tek was co-opted into Alpha Squad, a round of injections bulked up his muscles and put hair on his chest, not to mention a very imposing bulge in his pants. What they didn't give him was a Y chromosome.

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek/any male character(s). The best way to motivate Tek when sending him on a mission is to tell him there's a beautiful woman in need of rescue. Sometimes the rescuee turns out to be a man. Tek generally sleeps with them anyway, just to stay in practice.

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek/anyone. When it comes out that Tek slept with a male-bodied rescuee, rumors begin to swirl about his sexuality. For once, Tek's obliviousness is for all the right reasons: she was female, after all, so why would there be a problem?

The New Adventures of Tek Jansen: Tek/various. Different species of aliens have wildly varying concepts of gender. How does Tek decide whether someone is eligible for his "hundreds of girlfriends" list? Is it whether their gender bears children? Is it how closely they resemble female humans? And how often does it overlap with the way they themselves identify?

The Price of Salt, Therese Belivet/Carol Aird, Their take on the Stonewall riots and burgeoning gay rights movement.

The Price of Salt - Patricia Highsmith, Therese Belivet/Carol Aird, post-canon, Therese begins to discover a broader lesbian history and community, and conceptualize her own identity as part of it

The Princess Diaries (books or movies), Mia Thermopolis, When the Genovian Parliament introduces a bill that could allow gay marriage, Mia decides to come out of the closet (either as gay or bisexual) to everyone on one of Genovia's biggest holidays. How do her family, her friends, the Genovian public and the American media react? claimed by ang_the_adverse

The Secret History, Camilla Macaulay; trans!Camilla tries to negotiate an identity that isn't caught up in Charles'. claimed by with_rainfall

The Simpsons, any character, Being queer in a small town like Springfield isn’t easy.

The Simpsons, Bart Simpson, Bart is genderqueer.

The Vampire Diaries : Damon/Alaric, telling Isobel that they're together. Alaric is fine with telling her and loves Damon but Damon worries that Isobel will seduce Alaric. As a pre-emptive strike he tries to break up with Alaric but Alaric tells Jenna, Elena, Stefan, Jeremy etc that he is with Damon and by coming as bi he reassures Damon that he wants a long-term relationship

The View from Saturday, the four main characters, It's hard enough being the unpopular smart kids, but one or more of them is also LGBT. How do they deal with this together as a group?

The West Wing, Josh Lyman, Josh thinks the wrong sister died in the fire, particularly since he's not a sister at all. (FtM!Josh)

The West Wing, Molly Wyatt-Ziegler, Molly doesn't feel like she fits any label -- gay, straight, male, female -- in any of the 'approved' ways. She just wants to work out who she is.

The West Wing, Sam Seaborn, It surprises his friends when he moves away from California, runs away from everything, and goes to "live the cliche" (Toby's words) on a farm in the Midwest. But what surprises them more are his reasons, and his shame. (Sam is gay and closeted.)claimed by raedbard

The West Wing, Sam Seaborn, Toby Ziegler, Andy Wyatt, Sam is closeted and in love with Toby, who's in love with Andy, who isn't interested. One-sided queer relationships and how they might be negotiated with regard to reputation, humiliation, sacrifice, identity, experimentation, and the desire to get your boss (and your ex-wife) re-elected claimed by thecolourclear

The West Wing, Toby Ziegler & Sam Seaborn, The tensions of negotiating a relationship in which one partner possesses the traditional 'healthy' libido, but is not so okay about his attraction to men (or his ability to communicate feelings of any kind), and the other partner is perfectly fine about his love for men but, as a demisexual, finds the whole thing hard to explain in terms his partner understands.

The West Wing, Toby Ziegler, He's the one no-one ever thought could be queer. Existing as a bisexual man outside the current norms of gay/bi identity.

The West Wing, Toby Ziegler/CJ Cregg, "[A friend said] that she could not possibly be a woman, since she had a big belly, hairy arms, and a penis. I responded that that was exactly the kind of woman I liked." - Riki Ann Wichins.

The West Wing, Josh Lyman/OMC, Josh isn't homophobic, but he's definitely straight. Definitely, absolutely, no question about it. So there's no way he could be falling for a man. And if his friends think they notice a change in him, they're definitely, definitely wrong. …Right?

The Wire, Kima Greggs, Omar Little Queer cop chases queer robber

The Wire, Kima Greggs: after her relationship with Cheryl falls apart, Kima starts running into Brianna Barksdale. Cop/Sister-and-consigliere of Kingpin is a really bad idea, Kima knows that, but as long as it doesn't interfere with her work...

The X-Files (Caseyverse), Casey and Mulder, Casey's coming out talk with Mulder. claimed by amalnahurriyeh

The X-Files (Caseyverse), Casey/OC, what's in your SOLO cup?, I see through your cloak and dagger

The X-Files, any character. Reproduction is particularly fraught in the world of The X-Files. What does this mean for queer characters within it?

The X-Files, Samantha Mulder. The testing wasn't the only reason she ran away from home.

Tierra de Lobos, any character, the burdel as a queer-friendly space.

Tierra de Lobos, Isabel Lobo, five times Isabel was attracted to women (can include Cristina).

Torchwood , Ianto Jones,"(novels, but the quote is on wikipedia if you haven't read them) Ianto explains to anyone what he means when he says bisexuals have to question everyone's motives in The Twilight Streets."

Torchwood, Alice, Alice was scared to tell her father that she was a lesbian.

Torchwood, any character, A character comes out and finds their ideas of who would be supportive and who wouldn't were completely wrong.

Torchwood, any character, Five lies s/he wouldn't have told if s/he'd been straight

Torchwood, any character, Meeting Jack means having at least one person who accepts them for who they are. claimed by jolinarjackson

Torchwood, any character, Torchwood expects everyone to be at least heteroflexible. The story of an asexual Torchwood agent.

Torchwood, any character(s), Seeing all the different aliens and cultures that come through the Rift is an eye-opening experience

Torchwood, any characters, an alien asks for advice about human sexuality from an asexual character; ace character is flustered

Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness, He'd studied history extensively while with the Time Agency, but it hadn't prepared him for his first mission to the (mid-late) 20th century and their reactions to alternate sexualities.

Torchwood, Gwen and Ianto, They probably would never have become friends if they weren't both LGBT, and that would have been a shame.

Torchwood, Gwen Cooper, Gwen never told anyone in Torchwood that she first met Rhys Torchwood, Gwen, She knows kissing Carys was wrong because she was drugged and Carys was possessed, but for some reason it felt right.

Torchwood, Gwen Cooper, Gwen's never been in an environment as accepting as Torchwood. So why is telling her co-workers about her bisexuality so hard?

Torchwood, Gwen, After Gwen joins Torchwood, she sees how rigorous the background checks are, and realizes that the team must know she was born a boy. What do they think, and why hasn't anyone said anything?

Torchwood, Gwen/Rhys, Accepting that she maybe liked kissing Carys was one thing, but finding out her fiance also went for men was a shocker.

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, AU for CoE, Ianto had told his sister it was 'just Jack' but that wasn't really true. It's all rather more complicated than that on both their parts.

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, During the events of Almost Perfect, Ianto is sorely tempted to keep this new female body.

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, Growing up, Ianto threw around words like 'homo' and 'queer' when he was angry with his friends. Being with Jack makes him evaluate things in a different light.

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, Ianto doesn't like lying to his sister, but she'd never understand if he told her he was bisexual.

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, Ianto was 1) in constant and complete agony over the death of his girlfriend and 2) straight. What made him suddenly proposition his boss (who had threatened to kill him if he didn't kill his girlfriend)?

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, Ianto's about to tell his sister, 'it's not men, it's just Jack, but changes his mind mid-sentence. Why shouldn't he be proud of who he is and tell the truth for once? I'm bisexual.'

Torchwood, Ianto Jones, Rhys tells Ianto he doesn't mind Ianto spending so much time with Gwen, being that Ianto's gay. Ianto tries to explain that he's bi, not gay

Torchwood, Ianto, Finding out that Jack was (trans, gender queer, gender fluid, author’s choice) just made this whole orientation thing a new level of confusing.

Torchwood, Ianto, He grew up professing disdain for tactile comfort, refraining from even the most casual touches for fear of discomfiting anyone--especially himself. Now that he’s an adult and more at ease in his sexuality, he kind of wishes he knew how to hug his friends.

Torchwood,Ianto, He grew up professing disdain for tactile comfort, refraining from even the most casual touches for fear of discomfiting anyone--especially himself. Now that he’s an adult and more at ease in his sexuality, he kind of wishes he knew how to hug his friends.

Torchwood, Ianto, He's afraid that the reason his emotional relationship with Jack isn;t ideal is because he doesn't like sex nearly as much as Jack does. claimed by jolinarjackson

Torchwood, Ianto, He’s always been gay, but Lisa was special. I suppose this is AU but I’d love to see this done canonically.

Torchwood, Ianto, Ianto’s straight, but that doesn’t mean he can’t love a man

Torchwood, Ianto, Six months ago, he was straight and planning out his proposal to the woman of his dreams. Now he's sleeping with his male boss and flirting by way of office equipment. And that's only the first part of the identity crisis.

Torchwood, Ianto, Sleeping with Jack didn’t make him question his sexuality, but these new feelings do.

Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, Everyone sees Ianto as the woman of the relationship.

Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, Ianto identified himself as straight by default before Jack, but now he's re-evaluating. He and Jack discuss what 21st century labels mean to them both.

Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, Jack doesn’t run away when Ianto tells him he used to be a woman. Actually, Jack seems to think it’s hot.

Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, trying to figure out the logistics of a first gay date, both good and bad

Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, With the way their relationship is, Ianto doesn’t want to rock the boat. But he doesn’t think he can handle being in this body any longer.

Torchwood, Ianto/Lisa, When they first met, she had a girlfriend and he was busy trying to compartmentalize his newfound attraction to Hugh Laurie. Things just got more complicated from there.

Torchwood, Jack and any character, In the 51sy century, gender identity is a bit fuzzier then it was three thousand years earlier.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness and/or John Hart, They both had very good reasons to run to the semi-outlaw Time Agency and leave their own time and planets behind them.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness or Jack/Ianto, Jack was born a female. Her best shot of getting off the colony is to be a Time Agent, but they're only looking for men.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Growing up in the 51st century, Jack was expected to grow up to be omnisexual. An omnisexual woman.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, He's not sure which truth is harder to tell Alice: that he's gay(/bisexual/omnisexual) or that he doesn't stay dead.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, In a culture of either/or, Jack is really tired of explaining middle grounds, in gender, in sexuality. Finding Ianto accepts zer for who zie is is a godsend.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack made a comment once about having been pregnant in the past, what if that wasn't a joke or a product of advanced technology. What if he'd been born to a different body?

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack makes reference to his friend Vincent who became Vanessa in Greeks Bearing Gifts. Tell us more about Vanessa and what her transitioning meant to her relationship with Jack.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack really shouldn't be enjoying Rhys's confusion so much, but first the man was jealous (over Gwen) & then he saw Jack dancing with Ianto and now he doesn't seem to know what to think. To be fair Jack's not making it any easier for him.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack refuses to be ashamed of who he is whatever era he's living through - but getting killed in homophobic attacks does start to get a little tiresome. If he decided to be a bit more careful in his journey through the 20th century, would it really be capitulation, or is it just avoiding hassle

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack talks to someone about his pregnancies.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack talks up a storm but the truth is that he's struggled with his sexuality since he was a kid -- he grew up in a culture where omnisexuality was the norm and he got stuck in a century where being non-heterosexual was punishable by jail time, so, really, is it any surprise that he's had trouble admitting that he's just plain *gay*?

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack's a freewheeling, 51st century guy who's now stuck in the 19th/20th, when homosexuality was still illegal.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack's life among the rentboys and ruffs of nineteenth-century Cardiff, as client, co-worker or fellow-traveler

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, One night Ianto discovers that Jack is not as all-male as he thought.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Stonewall riots.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, the experience of Jack and other queer soldiers in WW2 (or WW1, or both).

Torchwood, Jack Harkness, the military forces/Torchwood Institute/UNIT learn about his omnisexuality.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Ianto never really had to come out... he's always been... flexible.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, Lisa's brother comes to Cardiff to see Ianto on an anniversary of her death and is surprised to see Ianto in a relationship with a man (set during season 2 or after)

Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, meeting the family.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, the boys enjoy an evening at a local Drag event, things go horribly wrong.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones, visit to the military, discussion of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Torchwood, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones/any other character or OC, understanding of non-monogamous relationship.Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Jack Harkness was born what's known in his time as a third sex and in ours a hermaphrodite, except he's not sterile. He reassures Ianto that no he won't be getting pregnant. (Not again).

Torchwood, Jack or John Hart, By the 51st century, humanity has evolved a gaydar.

Torchwood, Jack, He's from the 51st century, where everything is fluid. He's genderqueer and in the future that meant he could have a procedure to make him third-sex. Now he's stuck spending the next few thousand years in a body that's defaulted to it's original male gender. Nobody in the 21st century seems to understand that he doesn't want to be a man or a woman.

Torchwood, Jack, Jack doesn’t really identify with either gender, and finds it frustrating how difficult it is for people to understand this

Torchwood, Jack, Jack finds it difficult to explain his sexuality/gender identity to his kid(s). Maybe he shouldn’t have put it off so long?

Torchwood, Jack, Jack ignores timelines to tell a fellow Torchwood agent that things really will get better

Torchwood, Jack, One (or five) times he encountered homophobia.

Torchwood, Jack, The team finally asks him about his sexuality.

Torchwood, Jack, They don’t have pride events in the 51st century, they don’t really need them anymore. What Jack thinks the first time he attends one.

Torchwood, Jack, When he’s convinced to march in a pride parade, he gets a lot of attention for wearing a military coat

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Ianto is FTM, and has gone to great measures to hide his past from Jack and the team. But now, he's avoiding sex with Jack because he's worried about Jack finding out.

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Ianto is FTM, and has gone to great measures to hide his past from Jack and the team. But now, he's avoiding sex with Jack because he's worried about what Jack finding out

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, Ianto says to his sister about Jack: it's not men, it's only him. Whose reaction is he really afraid of, his sister's or Jack's (because he doesn't know *what* their relationship is)?

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, One of them is sexually versatile, the other is strictly a top or bottom. What sort of stress does this cause in the relationship? What sort of compromise or workaround can they reach?

Torchwood,Jack/Ianto, Sometimes, Ianto forgets that things aren't always as easy outside Torchwood.

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto/Owen, it takes while until Owen admits to himself that he is gay and that he actually only mocks the Teaboy because he wants to join him and Jack

Torchwood, Jack/Ianto/Owen/Gwen/Tosh/(Rhys if you want to), The gang finds an empty ship, it takes off with them to a planet owned by slave traders. Jack has to claim them, as his otherwise they wont have a chance on this world. (can be D/s if you want, depending how dark you want to make it) I want a story with this or another dire situation which leads the Team to a poly relationship which in result makes them even stronger, where all characters are ok with being bi ( most of them show at least hints in the Show anyway) and poly and stay together when they get back to earth regardless of what other people say

Torchwood, John Hart, 'Oh, but I was a *good* wife!' Gender roles in the 51st century are much more fluid than in the 21st century.

Torchwood, Martha Jones/any Torchwood character, She's in a relationship, but that doesn't mean she can't have some fun while she's in Cardiff. Somehow, knowing that her fiance back home knows what she's doing just makes it even more exciting.

Torchwood, Martha/Jack, Jack’s the first person who honestly couldn’t care less that she used to be a man.

Torchwood, Mica Davies. She doesn't remember much about him, but her mum tells stories and the best moments of Mica's life were when she'd get a wistful look and say that Uncle Ianto would've been proud of her. And she knows that no rugby-playing, beer-drinking, superhero of a dead uncle would have been proud of having a niece who's a lesbian. Right

Torchwood, Mickey Smith, Mickey had to get stuck in a parallel universe to accept being bisexual; how will he react when stuck in the casual everyone-shags-everyone atmosphere of Torchwood: Cardiff?

Torchwood, Owen Harper, He only sleeps with other blokes when he's drunk. It doesn't mean anything - as long as no one else knows. Dying, though, gives him lots of time to think, time that he used to spend sleeping - or sleeping with other blokes more often than women

Torchwood, Owen Harper, just because Torchwood thought he wasn't in a relationship, doesn't mean he was. He's been with someone since medical school, and no one ever thought it was weird that it was a guy. Gwen then has to tell the guy of Owen's death (either the time he was shot or the time he was disintegrated).

Torchwood, Owen Harper, Owen always thought there was something hard about being engaged to a woman and being active in the local LGBT community. Finding a queer community while fighting aliens, working for a top secret agency, and living in a new city is a whole lot harder.

Torchwood, Owen Harper, Owen was never so conscious of being trans as when Carys wouldn't have sex with him. claimed by Calliatra

Torchwood,Owen Harper, Owen was never so conscious of being trans as when Carys wouldn't have sex with him. Bonus points if someone else on the team knows and talks to him about it.

Torchwood, Owen Harper, When it comes to teasing and bickering, Owen gives as good as he gets. Unless you try to imply he's a girl. Then he'll shut you down hard.

Torchwood, Owen is the only non bisexual agent at Torchwood Three, or so he claimed. After he dies, he finally tells Tosh why he didn't want to date her, now that it is too late.

Torchwood, Owen, dealing with homophobia is worse when you used to be one of the offenders.

Torchwood, Owen, Figuring out your sexuality after you’re dead. Perfect.

Torchwood, PC Andy, Andy learns to deal with the fact that he's not jealous of the Torchwood boys who get to spend time with Gwen, he's jealous of Gwen who gets to spend time with the Torchwood boys.

Torchwood, Rhiannon Davies, after maybe there is some truth to homosexuality being genetic, after all, she's never forgotten her first sexual encounter with [insert female name of choice]. (a CoE denial fic would be preferred but not required)

Torchwood, Rhys Williams, He always thought he was totally straight, and he does love Gwen, but now that he's met Jack Harkness, he's very attracted to him, and he's questioning everything.

Torchwood, Rhys Williams, Rhys felt awkward about talking to Ianto, but it was better than talking to Jack about being attracted to men sometimes.

Torchwood, Rhys/Gwen, Rhys is FtM. Gwen discusses her confusion over Ianto being turned into a woman during 'Almost Perfect' and it comes out that Rhys wasn't always male.

Torchwood, the team, An alien visitor thoroughly confuses everyone- even Jack- by trying to explain its sexuality/gender identity, its culture’s gender norms, etc, author’s choice.

Torchwood,the team, An alien visitor thoroughly confuses everyone- even Jack- by trying to explain its sexuality/gender identity, its culture’s gender norms, etc, author’s choice.

Torchwood, Tosh/OFC, Tosh is reluctant to tell the team about her girlfriend because Owen would tease and Jack would flirt.

Torchwood, Toshiko Sato, After the disaster with Mary, Tosh visits an LGBT bar in an attempt to figure out her sexual identity.

Torchwood, Toshiko Sato, Tosh is MtF. Tosh has been putting off her routine medical exam with Owen because she and Owen have been semi-sort of-dating for a few weeks, and doesn't want him to look at her differently when he finds out. She finally has to go, and it comes out he already knew when he asked her out.

Torchwood, Toshiko Sato, Toshiko comes out to her family.

Torchwood, Toshiko Sato, Toshiko was born Takeshi, but she didn't know that Jack and Owen kept her secret so well and her other teammates never knew.

Torchwood, Toshiko Sato(/Owen Harper?), When Tosh finds out that the reason Owen won't date her is that he is gay, she goes to see a doctor about becoming a man

Torchwood, Toshiko, How Jack's attitudes about sexual orientation helped her accept her own.

Torchwood: Miracle Day, Angelo, AU where Angelo remained Jack's 'companion.' How does he reconcile his faith and his love for Jack?

Torchwood: Miracle Day, Angelo, Finding love after Jack

Torchwood: Miracle Day, Angelo, The decision to never be in the closet again.

Tortall, Alanna, AU in which Alanna becomes Alan for another reason than simply achieving her knighthood: he's happier as a boy.

Tortall, any royal, how discovering they have a non-straight identity (author's choice) will affect their arranged marriage

Tortall, Buriram Tourakom, Buri has long been resigned to the knowledge that her lifelong devotion to Thayet will never be consummated. It takes a young Rider to make her realize that she doesn't have to live her life in thrall to a woman who will never return her love.

Tortall, Daine, she can change into a male animal form as easily as a female one. After doing that a few times, not to mention riding in all kinds of minds, gender seems like a pretty fluid thing. Sometimes she even makes herself male just because she can.

Tortall, Daine/Numair, Sometimes Daine wears a man’s body, and she’s surprised by just how accepting of this Numair is.

Tortall, heteroromantic!ace!Dove, whenever the kudarungs fly in her honour, she knows she'll be expected to produce an heir.

Tortall, Kel, Finding out that Tortall is not nearly so forgiving as the Yamani islands, Kel wasn't going to admit her attraction to females. After all, she was just as attracted to males. But is lying to herself and her friends really the answer?

Tortall, Keladry, She asks Numair for help in becoming a man. Alanna can’t understand why and tries to convince her not to go through with it, for personal and political reasons.

Tortall, Nealan of Queenscove/his daughter, It turns out that wanting to be a lady knight isn't the only surprise that Neal's eldest daughter has for him...

Tortall, Nestor of Haryse: He doesn't keep turning down promotions, it's been subtly suggested that he should not take them, or things will happen to him and his lover.

Tortall, Nestor/Okha, how Nestor adjusts to the fact that his lover is trans*

Tortall, Saralyn Samalin, Just because she chose to be a human girl to start out with doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy the male form just as much. After all, her mom doesn't have to choose one animal to be all the time, why should she have to choose one gender/sex?

Tortall, Thom of Trebond, 'She grinned. 'You should have been Alanna...''. Thom's sister has no idea how right she is.

Tortall, Thom of Trebond, Being attracted to men in Tortall. Is there a difference between being in a Mithran monastery and the court in regards to that?

Tortall, trans*!Neal, coming out, or not.

Tortall, Trickster, the Trickster God/dess watches over Her children over a period of centuries, but there is only so much He can do to help when Her own siblings see Him as a freak, an unplanned and unwelcome antagonist against the natural order of things.

Tortall: Alianne, "Would you believe me if I said I was lonely?" (That's Kyprioth talking, in case you were wondering.)

Tortall: Shinko/Kel, Roald/Shinko: Kel never thought she'd follow in the footsteps of Alanna, becoming a lover to royalty, but when Shinko waved her fan at Kel, and invited her to a long horseback ride, Kel discovers some interesting facts about herself, her princess and the realities of arranged marriage with royalty. She tries to tell Shinko this isn't appropriate in Tortall, but Shinko doesn't care, and that Roald just wants them to be discreet if they're going to continue taking long horseback rides. At least until they're King and Queen and they can engage in some reforms of their own.

Tortall; Alanna of Trebond and Olau; missing being Alan.

Tortall; Alanna of Trebond/Delia of Eldorne; Alanna hated the thought of Delia being with Jonathon, but sometimes she couldn't work out who exactly she was jealous of

Transformers Prime, Miko Nakadai, the reasons she gave Jack for leaving Japan were true, but they were only part of it. what she really doesn't want to explain--to her parents or anyone--is that she's asexual. Too bad Bulkhead is more perceptive than he lets on.

Transformers Prime, Miko Nakadai, the time she actually admitted to having a crush on the same girl as Jack.

Tron: Legacy; Any; when gender and appearance and function is encoded, any character dealing with their sexuality and/or identity (whatever it may be)

Tron: Legacy; Sam Flynn; coming out was just another stupid stunt to annoy the board in a long line of stupid stunts. It doesn't make it not true, it just doesn't make it a big deal, either.

Tron: Legacy; Sam Flynn; the media still tends to think of him being gay as another form of rebellion.

True Blood, Tara Thornton, She's not herself when she falls for Naomi. Or maybe that's not true, maybe here, far from everyone who used to tell her who she way, maybe now she finally is herself.

TSUBASA: RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE, Ashura-ou; The king of Celes is agender, aromantic, and asexual, and his heir (Fay D Flourite) doesn't look anything like him.

TSUBASA: RESERvoir CHRoNiCLES, Fay/Kurogane; Fay and Kurogane must reconcile their cultural ideas about sexuality. (A possibility, but I'm not fussed: Nihon is much more laid back about it than Celes, where it was just another one of Fay's supposed sins.) Lots of sads ensure, but there will hopefully be a happy ending.

Twelfth Night, Count Orsino, He married Viola, but it's really Cesario he loves.

Twelfth Night, Olivia/Sebastian/Antonio, she hadn't realized that marrying Sebastian meant Antonio came with the relationship, too, but she thinks she can get used to this

Twelfth Night, Sebastian/Antonio, Sebastian mainly accepted Olivia's proposal because he knew it would keep him that much closer to the real love of his life.

Twelfth Night, Viola/Orsino, Viola realises that she was far more comfortable living as Cesario. Orsino discovers that this doesn't change his attraction to hir at all.

Twilight, any wolf, He imprints on another man and struggles to figure out what this means to him. It would be difficult for his brothers to be any less helpful.

Twilight, Claire, Eighteen-year-old Claire knows that werewolf Quil Ateara imprinted on her years ago and that the entire Quileute tribe expects her to fall in love with and marry him in the near future. Problem is, she thinks of Quil as an older brother, and she's quite happily in love with another girl.

Twilight Saga; Jane (movie!verse); being lesbian amongst the Volturi

Twilight Saga; Renesmee Cullen; the first time she kisses a girl, she decides that she wants to do it again. And if she has to break free of all the rules that govern her life and apparent fate to do so, then she will.

Vampire Chronicles, any character; their attraction to the same gender is more than a matter of aesthetics and indiscrimination.

Victor/Victoria, Carole Todd, He hadn't always been so comfortable with his sexuality.

Victor/Victoria, Carole Todd, He's always felt like a woman trapped in a man's body.

Victor/Victoria, King Marchan, Would it have been so bad if Victor really *had* been Victor and not Victoria?

War and Peace, Anatole Kuragin (het and slash parings0, the only terms Anatole's society has for describing him are "promiscuous" when he's with women and "sodomite" when he's with men. So how's a bisexual homoromantic boy to deal in a world where those terms don't exist and won't for another ~couple hundred years?

War and Peace, Dolokhov/Anatole, "Gay" doesn't exist yet and liking someone the same gender is a sexual perversion. But Dolokhov can't deny the fact that he just doesn't like women but IS desperately in love with Anatole. As for Anatole...he's bi and completely unwilling/psychologically unable to deal with the fact that he returns his friend's feelings He'd rather focus on the fact that he likes women (too). Commence angst and the biggest mistake of Anatole's life (trying to run away with Natasha).

War and Peace, Nikolai Rostov (Nikolai/Sonya, Nikolai/Dolokhov, Nikolai/Alexander I, etc), Nikolai's passionate "platonic" infatuations/romantic friendships with other men never cross the line of "decency" but he can't help but notice that his feelings for men are so much stronger than for Sonya and that when he does have flashes of desire for her it's when she does something masculine (like the fake mustache she wore in that one scene in canon).

Warehouse 13, any characters, A sex-swapping Artifact gets one of the group reconsidering their gender identity.

Warehouse 13, any or original characters, Queer life in the Warehouse in one of the less open-minded times/places it's occupied.

Warehouse 13, any or original characters, The Warehouse can't afford to be anything *but* an equal-opportunity employer, and has more than once served as a safe space to those who work there.claimed by minkhollow

Warehouse 13, any or original characters, Transitioning with a little help from an Artifact: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Warehouse 13, Artie Nielsen(/James MacPherson), Artie thought he was done with this coming-out business, but then Mrs. Frederic hired new agents, and Claudia Donovan is the single nosiest person on the planet, and his ex-partner (in more ways than one) is up to no good, and past a certain point, even Myka can't help asking the question.

Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan & Steve Jinks, Claudia's long suspected that being able to have an intelligent conversation with someone is more important to her than their actual equipment, and dragging Jinksy to the only gay bar in a hundred-mile radius of the Warehouse confirms that hunch. But she's still not sure if that's a little weird; fortunately, Steve is more than willing to hear her out. (Bi or pansexual Claudia, author's choice.)

Warehouse 13, H.G. Wells / or & Myka Bering, Helena really thought things would be better by now. Myka shows her some of the progress that's been made since Helena's time.claimed by hopefulnebula

Warehouse 13, H.G. Wells, She said it herself: "Many of my lovers were men." Show us one (or more!) of the women - how did that work in the constraints of Victorian society? Did she have a fling with one of her coworkers in Warehouse 12? What does she think about the change in sexual mores between then and the 21st century?

Warehouse 13, HG Wells, how does she react to Oscar Wilde's trials?

Warehouse 13, Jane Lattimer, Now that Pete knows she's a Regent, Jane figures she might as well bite the bullet and tell her son about her girlfriend.

Warehouse 13, Joshua Donovan, The Internet isn't the only thing that's changed a hell of a lot in twelve years; it turns out the support networks for queer physicists are a lot better than they were when Joshua teleported himself into limbo. Between that and the fact that he's not Claudia's only family anymore, he decides it's time to start exploring that support network.

Warehouse 13, Leena, People think her pansexuality is just part of that "psychic hippie thing" she does, but it's completely separate.

Warehouse 13, Myka Bering and Pete Lattimer, AU based on "Merge With Caution": One or both of the pair has been presenting as their preferred gender since before the Warehouse, but after that bodyswap, the secret's out. (Number of operations involved in their presentation, if any, up to the author.)

Warehouse 13, Myka Bering/HG Wells, Myka thought she was straight until Helena came along. Helena's trying to figure out the complex tangle that is 21st-century standards of self-identification (really, why isn't it enough that she likes who she likes?). Starting a relationship would be a lot easier if they weren't having simultaneous identity crises.

Warehouse 13, Steve Jinks (& or / Author's Choice), Because of his ability Steve knows he isn't the only queer person at the warehouse.

Warehouse 13, Steve Jinks, being able to tell when people are lying can make figuring out your sexual orientation... well, interesting.

Warehouse 13, Steve Jinks, He doesn't lie about his sexual orientation, but it's not really the business of strangers. This can lead to some interesting conversations.

Warehouse 13, Steve Jinks, How out of the closet can you be when you work for the ATF? Steve hadn't found an answer to that question, yet, even though he needed one, right now - or the lover he'd kept a secret for so long would walk out of his life.

Warehouse 13, Steve Jinks, someone they're questioning while on an artifact hunt is playing the pronoun game.

Warehouse 13: Claudia Donoven and (or /) Steve Jinks, Re-write the stake-out in "Trials" with an FtM Claude. (And any other scenes (from any episode) you'd like, too!)

Warehouse 13: Myka Bering, AU of "Nevermore" with an MtF Myka.

White Collar : Neal, Peter, Peter discovers that "Neal Caffrey" is an alias and demands to know Neal's real name. Neal tries to explain why "Neal" is more of a real name than his female-gendered birth name.

White Collar, any characters, negotiating a poly relationship

White Collar, Diana, How Diana learned to stop worrying and love wearing the hat.

White Collar, Diana, Not everyone is as good at 'don't ask, don't care' as Peter, but Diana has taken the discrimination in stride all her life, and she's not about to stop now

White Collar, Diana, on being out to Peter. (Did she decide to come out to him? Was she always out? Is the FBI really as 'don't ask, don't care' as he says?) claimed by embroiderama

White Collar, Diana, the decision to come out at work and its repercussions

White Collar, Diana/Christie, deciding on a honeymoon spot when one of them wants to pick the spot where there is the least chance that any jerk will bother them for kissing in public, and the other doesn't think that they should let anti-gay sentiment have that much power that it determines their honeymoon locale.

White Collar, Elizabeth Burke, she's never been shy about being bisexual, but it was hard to explain to her mother that just because she was marrying a man, it didn't mean she was straight. claimed by sharpeningthebones

White Collar, Elizabeth Burke/Peter Burke, Elizabeth is the only person who knows that Peter is in love with Neal Caffrey. But that's quite fair because Peter is the only person who knows that his wife looks fantastic regardless of whether her body is physically male or female.

White Collar, Elizabeth/Diana, El has always been bisexual, but she's not been with a woman before. She and Peter have agreed that she's free to experiment, but it's not until she meets Diana that she has the opportunity

White Collar, Elizabeth/Peter(/Neal), Elizabeth isn't surprised at all when Peter admits he has a thing for Neal, even though Peter's never expressed an interest in guys before. Some things a wife can just tell about her husband.claimed by embroiderama

White Collar, Neal Caffrey, Diana invited Neal to lunch. They bond over their neurotic life partners. Neal has to deal with two.

White Collar, Neal Caffrey, Diana takes Neal out to some GLBT places to get his mind off Kate and Peter.

White Collar, Neal Caffrey, Neal has loved two people in his life--Kate and Peter--but sexual attraction isn't the biggest draw for him. (Neal as bi-romantic demi-sexual.)

White Collar, Neal Caffrey, Neal is FTM.

White Collar, Neal Caffrey, Neal's definitely not straight, and after someone (Lauren?) makes a comment about 'Mr Heterosexual', he feels compelled to tell everyone. But coming out is difficult when no one seems to care. claimed by embroiderama

White Collar, Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke, Neal has always identified as straight until now. It's not that he was in denial about his sexuality because he was afraid - he considered himself a straight guy who was flexible and enlightened, so he was open about the few times he'd had sex with men -- when he and another thief were stowing away in a shipping crate in close quarters for weeks, when he was young and just felt like experimenting to see what it felt like. These experiences were pleasant enough but they mostly confirmed his sexual identity since there really wasn't any comparison to what he felt with women. It's not until he has sex with a man he's deeply emotionally attached to that he really starts to discover his bisexuality. He really wants to explore what this means, not just in terms of his identity, but also how it opens up new desires. Tldr: Emotional intimacy leads to sexual awakening and changes how Neal thinks of his sexual identity.

White Collar, Neal, asexual Neal who doesn't experience sexual attraction to his partners but will do what he needs to keep people close to him or to manipulate those he needs favors from.

White Collar, Neal, Meeting his father hasn't answered any of the questions he had about himself.

White Collar, Neal, Peter, Peter discovers that "Neal Caffrey" is an alias and demands to know Neal's real name. Neal tries to explain why "Neal" is more of a real name than his female-gendered birth name.

White Collar, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, When Elizabeth invites Neal to bed, he's definitely interested. The catch: Elizabeth and Peter are a package deal. Neal finds himself equally attracted to Peter, and struggles to accept that his experimenting in college wasn't just a phase.

White Collar, Peter Burke(/Elizabeth Burke /Neal Caffrey), Peter figured out he was bi early on in his college career, but was vehemently against the assumption that being bi makes you 'slutty' or unable to commit. Once he met Elizabeth, there was no question about monogamy. But now that Neal Caffrey is a big part of his life, he's having feelings that he doesn't know what to do with.

White Collar, Peter Burke/Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey, for Neal, one of the few bad parts of being involved with Peter and El is that he feels like he's confirming all the stereotypes he hates about what it means to be bisexual.

Whitechapel, Joseph Chandler, Chandler is ace and while he appreciates Miles is trying he does wish he'd stop.

Wings, Michael Starling, the Royal Flying Corps may not be quite the Theban Band, but Starling knows that deep, manly wartime friendships can be a lot queerer than anyone acknowledges

Wings, Owen Triggers, being homosexual never seemed very important during the war, when he could be killed any day, but now the war is over

Wings, Owen Triggers, he's never exactly told his mother that he's homosexual, but nevertheless she's always seemed to understand

Wizards of Waverly Place: Max Russo, After spending time as a girl, Max begins to long for becoming a girl again. A girl his age this time, preferably. Your choice as to whether he uses magic to become a girl, crossdresses, or debates becoming a girl again.

Wizards of Waverly Place: Mutin spells just happen for a reason but they only make you younger, not the other sex, what if Max felt like a girl on the inside but, kept inside. And After Justin and Alex researched why that happened and try to confornt to help but Max is scard. (Max- centered Mtf Transgender ans self- harm)

Wizards Of Waverly Place: What if Max wasen't Maximilian Alanzo Ernesto Russo but Maxine Rosie Russo and went to his transition when he was 11. When Alex and Justin back to the age 10, whe he hated himself most and felt like a freak, he rerort to self harm and eating disorder and his family has to help him it. FTM Max

Wreck-It Ralph, any character, What does it mean to be queer as a computer program?

Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, She's the president now; she can do what she wants. That darn well includes having a girlfriend.

X-Men Movieverse, any character, a transgendered mutant comes out to the professor.

X-men Movieverse, any member of the Brotherhood, How are they meant to build a mutant utopia when some of their fellow mutants are homophobic/transphobic?

X-men Movieverse, any mutant character, A trans mutant explains why wanting to be mutant and proud, while not telling everyone they’re trans is not inconsistent.

X-Men Movieverse, Bobby Drake, He's already been rejected by his family when they found out he was a mutant. Now, he's reestablished a relationship with them - and coming out might break it. His thoughts on coming out. (author's choice if he does or doesn't - I'd love to see him focus on the choice to admit/deny it.)

X-Men Movieverse, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, The parents of one or more of their early students discovers their relationship and disapproves - it's a school after all! How do Charles and Erik resolve the situation? (preferably without wind wipes and/or a body count)

X-Men Movieverse, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Will being open about their sexualities/relationship cloud the issue of mutant rights?

X-Men Movieverse, Marie (Rogue), taught that homosexuality was wrong, Marie struggled to finally admit to herself that she liked girls and that's OK. But when kissing her first girlfriend goes horribly wrong, how does that affect her confidence, especially now that she can no longer physically express her sexuality

X-Men Movieverse, Rogue, Rogue is having feelings for female students and struggles to find ways to explore and come to terms with her sexuality, given that she is unable to physically express it.

X-Men Movieverse, Wolverine, Logan has always accepted his bisexuality as just another way in which he's different - he's neither in nor out, he just is. He's never quite sure why it comes as such a surprise to people

X-Men Movieverse, Wolverine, Logan has always accepted his bisexualiy as just another way in which he's different - he's neither in nor out, he just is. He's never quite sure why it comes as such a surprise to people.

X-Men Movieverse, Wolverine, Logan has always accepted the ways in which he is different as just another part of himself, but something happens to make him address his bisexuality with the rest of the team.

X-Men Movieverse), Erik Lehnsherr, What are Erik's reactions to finally seeing gay marriage and civil unions becoming established in the USA?

X-Men: First Class, Alex Summers/Armando Munoz, In prison, Alex learned the easiest way to survive was to blend in at all costs. He's pretty sure that the attraction he feels to Darwin is going to make him stand out among his new friends.

X-Men: First Class, Alex Summers/Armando Munoz, When the (perceived or actual) relationship between Charles and Erik becomes clear to the kids, Alex reacts badly. Though it seems to the others to come from homophobia, Darwin suspects it's because Alex doesn't want to confront the truth about his own homosexuality.

X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier(/Erik Lehnsherr), Erik is the first person Charles has ever been completely honest with. Though Raven may have known about his telepathy, she didn't know he was queer.claimed by ceitfianna

X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Erik's been too consumed with his quest for revenge to have an actual relationship with anyone. Charles has been too consumed with keeping up appearances to have a long-term relationship with a man. That leaves them both unsure how to navigate this new thing between them.

X-Men: First Class, Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr, Non-divorce AU - Erik hears Charles casually refer to their relationship when speaking to one of the younger children. He doesn't have a problem with it, except that he's never thought of it as an actual relationship before--sure, they're sleeping together, he assumes exclusively, and they spend all their time together and they're running a school and household together and they're best friends but that's not the same thing. Is it? (ie: Erik comes to terms with the validity of his queer relationship)

X-Men: First Class, Charles, what effect does telepathy have on his perception of sexuality and gender, his own and others?

X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, Charles and Erik meet when Charles is arrested during the Stonewall riots and Erik is reporting on the start of the gay rights movement.

X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, Charles realizes that one reason that Hank is so uncomfortable with himself is because he is gay and doesn't realize that it is ok and "normal". Charles sets out to be Hank's gay role model to help him accept himself. Erik doesn't agree that this is a good thing. Charles teaches him otherwise.

X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, Love means someone to hold you in the dark reaches of the night.

X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, modern AU where Charles wants to be the "model" gay couple in front of others and to avoid anything that could be taken as confirming negative stereotypes of gay men in homophobic people's minds, but Erik thinks that bigots just need to be confronted and told to shut up or else.

X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, Raven(/Hank), The shape of our love never looks like our family expects.

X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik, set in the present, Erik definitely identifies as gay but never really feels like he's a part of "the gay community" (or really any community).

X-Men: First Class, Erik Lehnsherr, Erik's not had time to form attachments and assumed that's why he never felt much the few times he took women to bed. Now he needs to sort through his complicated feelings for Charles Xavier and the realization that there may have been other reasons women never pleased him in bed.

X-Men: First Class, Erik Lehnsherr, Post-war, Erik's never seen any reason to be ashamed of anything he is: Jewish, mutant, or queer.

Xena: Warrior Princess, Xena/Gabrielle; Xena and Gabrielle find each other in every lifetime. (This could be one alternate universe, or a series of meetings in different worlds, but please, both of them are always women.)

Young Wizards, Ronan, The entity sharing his brain "feels" female. That mindset bleeds over...and Ronan finds it more comfortable than he'd imagined.

Young Wizards, Dairine Callahan. The Manual can tell Dairine how to rewrite the fabric of spacetime, but it doesn’t have instructions on what to do if she gets a crush on another girl.

Young Wizards, any character, Being a wizard lets you reboot the universe--can you reboot yourself, too? A wizard deals with a spell or messing with their name in an attempt to "fix" their sexuality.

Young Wizards, any character, Being a wizard lets you reboot the universe--can you reboot yourself, too? A trans* wizard deals with a spell/changes their name in an attempt to change their body to one that fits better.


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