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Hamlet, Hamlet, 'man delights not me...no, nor woman neither'

Hamlet, Horatio, he loves his prince with more than a courtly love.

Hamlet, Horatio/Hamlet, it's one thing to love and serve your prince. Sneaking into his bedroom at one in the morning is something else entirely. claimed by gamma_orionis

Hamlet, Ophelia, she's supposed to be the fair maiden in love with the prince. Why does she wish she were the prince and there was a fair maiden around to love instead?

Hancock, Hancock/Mary, Mary and Hancock's pansexual poly relationships throughout history.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters; Gretel; she's more willing than her brother to take to a woman's bed, but despite his awkwardness around other people, she gets far less opportunity.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Gretel, learning that she's a member of a different species explains a lot about her desires.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Gretel, when men offer their bed, she says that she's celibate.

Harry Potter - Ginny Weasley, Harry Potter, Lavender Brown - While dating Harry at Hogwarts, Ginny develops a romantic and sexual relationship with Lavender Brown in secret. She decides to come out as bisexual to her boyfriend (Harry), confessing that she would like to continue in the relationships with both Harry and Lavender. Ginny deals with the prejudices that come along with coming out as bisexual and with desiring a polyamorous lifestyle.

Harry Potter, Albus Severus/Scorpius "just remember that sometimes, the way that you think about a person isn't how they actually are" ~ John Green

Harry Potter, Alastor Moody, Moody's 'constant vigilance' is less a result of his encounters with criminals, and more about the reactions he's gotten when he's granted supposed friends a glimpse into certain aspects of his private life.

Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, being in love with Gellert Grindelwald made him initially blind to his flaws; how does/doesn't he recover from that?

Harry Potter, Angelina Johnson and/or Cho Chang, being a queer woman playing professional Quidditch isn't always easy but it has its upsides

Harry Potter, any 'Light' character, So far in Wizarding history, the only 'out' Wizards and Witches have been Dark, and [Character] doesn't know what to do or what this means about them. (major or minor characters, I don't mind)

Harry Potter, any character (including OCs), the difficulties of being in a same sex relationship with a Muggle.

Harry Potter, any character from before the Trio Era, Character A does not want to fill the expected pure-blood role of having married heterosexual sex so that the couple can produce children. So A pretends to be a squib (or finds a way to become a squib) as a way out of this destiny. (You could use a canon squib character such as Mrs. Figg or Apollyon Pringle if you wanted. Filch might work too if you say his mail order magic course was part of his cover.)

Harry Potter, any character, A canon character uses spells/potions to transition from one sex to another.

Harry Potter, any character, an asexual character finds a date for the Yule Ball

Harry Potter, any character, asking someone to the Yule Ball is even more nerve-wracking when they're the same gender as you.

Harry Potter, any character, being intersex, trans, or genderqueer at Hogwarts

Harry Potter, any character, Coming out by getting a same-sex date to the Yule Ball.

Harry Potter, any character, coming out to your best friend

Harry Potter, any character, Figuring out you like girls too is surprisingly easy. Figuring out how you flirt with one is surprisingly hard.

Harry Potter, any character, No matter what character A's body supposedly says A is, and no matter what anybody says about A, A is neither straight nor human. A knows that they are really a werewolf/vampire [your choice of either creature] and a [your choice of orientation]. For now A has decided to experiment with polyjuice and creature hair so that they can see what it feels like to act in all ways like their true self without coming out about either of their two secrets, but A is wrestling with whether to make the physical change permanent and get bitten.

Harry Potter, any character, the aftermath of a homophobic assault in Diagon Alley

Harry Potter, any character, The highlights and pitfalls of deciding to present as their chosen gender all the way through Hogwarts.

Harry Potter, any character, There are better alternatives to hormones and surgery in the wizarding world - but it's still a long process. The experience of transitioning in the wizarding world.

Harry Potter, any character, there are magical ways to transition, but gatekeepers still control access to them.

Harry Potter, any character, When they were a child Caracter A accidentally outed one of their parents as a witch/wizard to a muggle relative. Character A didn't understand why his parents acted like it was such a big deal. Afterall it was just a slip of the tongue. However, now A has their own secret that A is struggling with whether to reveal. [The secret could be orientation, identity, a crush, whatever...] Suddenly A understands how large his or her mistake of years ago was and looks for a way to make amends.

Harry Potter, any character, With magic, there are many ways to change one's body; a trans character is determined to bring those avenues to muggle trans folk, in direct opposition of Ministry laws governing muggles/magic.

Harry Potter, any character, With magic, there are many ways to change one's body; a trans character is determined to bring those avenues to muggle trans folk, in direct opposition of Ministry laws governing muggles/magic.

Harry Potter, any character/s, reflection on how gender and sexuality interacts with House-based bullying (Everyone knows Slytherin boys are a bunch of queers!', 'Big butch Hufflepuff girls!', etc).

Harry Potter, any characters, A spell goes awry and the entire population of Hogwarts swaps gender. When they find a way to fix the spell, some people refuse to change back.

Harry Potter, any characters, Character A wants to know why Character B needs to make such a fuss about coming out. After all Character A doesn't blather on and on about being straight. Character B responds by casting a spell on A that makes A go silent (or still) and time they are about to use words (or actions) to comment on aspects of their own straightness. Could be played for laughs if you want.

Harry Potter, any characters, Every morning, he wakes up with another memory missing. He doesn't notice it's happening at first, but then the big ones start to go and soon he doesn't recognize the man he's living with anymore. It's definitely a curse, but very few think it's a hate crime, even though it seems the only memories the curse takes include the man everyone tells him he's in love with.

Harry Potter, any characters, I'd love to see a real British LGBT place or event from the 50's, 60's, 70's or even the 80's in a Harry Potter framework. An actual 60's muggle cafe that had a gay clientele? A real muggle novel or movie? A news event? I'm just hoping for some historical or sociological context. You might find ideas at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_LGBT_history_in_Britain

Harry Potter, any characters, someone finds strength to come out after they hear that Dumbledore was gay, too

Harry Potter, any characters, The Hogs Head pub may not be scenic, but it's always been discreet.

Harry Potter, any characters. A spell goes awry and the entire population of Hogwarts swaps gender. When they find a way to fix the spell, some people refuse to change back.

Harry Potter, any half-blood, quarter-blood (muggle grandparents), or muggleborn character, Character A gets so confused. Their orientation (or identity) breaks rules and expectations in the muggle world and in the wizarding world. Only it breaks DIFFERENT rules in each world! (The rules and expectations could be verbalized or they could be unspoken rules of the kind that everybody within a culture knows without ever stating them.)

Harry Potter, Any Hufflepuff (OC), asking the hat to go into Hufflepuff because they know they're different and that they'll find acceptance there, even if they can't count on it from their Muggle family. (prompter doesn't object to canon characters, but really loves OCs for this)

Harry Potter, any magical character, Character who grew up in a repressive family finally gets a chance to express and explore hir sexual orientation/gender identity and the LGBT community when ze gets to Hogwarts

Harry Potter, any muggleborn character, a muggleborn trans character, entranced by the possibilities of magic, sees no good reason why the (unfortunately conservative) wizarding world has not yet developed a workable method to permanently reassign gender, and so sets out to develop it hirself.

Harry Potter, any muggleborn character, when ze came to Hogwarts ze realises that in some things at least the Wizarding world is further ahead than the muggle one, in more ways than one, what does that mean for hir both there and in the muggle world? (Trans character)

Harry Potter, any nextgen character paired with any characters you want, Character A doesn't like sex, but in a BDSM context they like doing things they don't like. It makes sense to A, but nobody (or very few) people around them seem to get it, so sometimes they lie and say they like sex just to avoid being grilled by a potential BDSM top or dominant. (Take this beginning anywhere you like.)

Harry Potter, any of the Trio's kids, Coming out would be daunting enough if their parents' fame didn't mean they'd be in the national spotlight whether they want to or not.

Harry Potter, any older character, watching as the Muggle world changes in its regard to LGBT issues (from illegality to civil partnerships) while the wizarding world stays stuck in 'don't ask, don't tell' mode.

Harry Potter, any or original characters, Dumbledore's Army was such a rousing success that some students decide an LGBT support network in Hogwarts would also be a good idea.

Harry Potter, any pure-blood character in their late teens or early twenties (one possibility is a Draco/Harry story), Character A thinks their parents are being accepting because they politely greet the same-sex half-blood person who takes A out on a date. They mostly treat A's date how they've treated past dates. Sure A's parents might be a little stiff or cool towards the date, but A is still thrilled with the level of acceptance they are showing. Then A mentions the possibility of a date with an opposite-sex half-blood person, and the reaction is astounding. Possibilities include screaming, ultimatums, sobbing, a where-did-we-go-wrong speech, a your-father's-health-can't-take-this speech, etc.... Character A realizes that their parents' earlier acceptance was never actually there. To A's parents, only relationships that could produce children are real relationships. Anything else is just play. [Writers, take this beginning anywhere you want and go with any orientation you want for A. A could be bi, gay, lesbian, pansexual, etc...]

Harry Potter, any Slytherin, A House that is so devoted to keeping up appearances is... not the most welcoming place to be anything but straight and your assigned gender. On the surface, anyway. claimed by Tsukino Akume

Harry Potter, any Slytherin, A House that is so devoted to keeping up appearances is... not the most welcoming place to be anything but straight and your assigned gender. On the surface, anyway.

Harry Potter, any Weasley, Character fears his brothers' reactions when they find out that he's gay or bi.

Harry Potter, any, in a world where it's easy to change bodies with spells and potions, it's hard to make people believe that being trans* isn't just a temporary phase.

Harry Potter, Arthur Weasley, For all his interest in muggles, he’s completely baffled when he encounters their prejudiced attitude to gay and bisexual people.

Harry Potter, Bellatrix Black/Andromeda Black/Narcissa Black or some permutation thereof, They justify having a physical relationship by saying that it's practice for when they're married. But when they are married, they find that their husbands can't please them the way their sisters can.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley and Viktor Krum. Viktor meets Charlie Weasley at Fleur's wedding and realizes why he smells brimstone and burn ointment when he makes the amortensia potion.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, being gay on the dragon reserve was easy. Being gay back in the UK proves to be harder, especially since he hasn't told his mum yet.

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, Charlie didn't go to Romania to get away from his family, but the distance has made it a lot easier to avoid explaining his love life to them. Lately, though, he's started to think about coming home - and coming out claimed by cj

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, How do you admit to your mum--who expects you to marry a nice girl--that you're asexual (or just don't swing that way)?

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, The Weasleys thought they had a daughter much earlier than they did. Charlotte disagreed.

Harry Potter, Dean Thomas, Dean is happy to find out wizards don't care about the colour of his skin and horrified to find out how much other bigotry exists instead.

Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, the wizarding world isn't exactly accepting of homosexuality, but his parents stand by him

Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy(/Blaise Zabini), Bellatrix Lestrange spent the summer raping him when she had the time; it shouldn't have changed anything with him and Blaise, but his trained and innate responses are clashing with each other tremendously every time his boyfriend lays a hand on him.

Harry Potter, Draco/anyone, everything he ever did was in order to conceal his true desires.

Harry Potter, Draco/Ron, there's one thing Lucius Malfoy and Molly Weasley agree upon: their sons are as straight as they get.

Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley, He doesn't know what will upset his parents more--marrying someone who can do magic, or marrying a guy.

Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley, Now that Harry's no longer around to serve as a distraction, Dudley's afraid his parents may begin picking up on his own 'freakish' inclinations.

Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Grindelwald, two dangerous, gifted wizards meet and fall in love. How can two young wizards come out in a world that's not only homophobic but also anti-wizard?

Harry Potter, Either Fred and George, Padma and Parvati or Lorcan and Lysander, How do you tell the person who's most like you in all the world that you want to be a member of the opposite sex?

Harry Potter, Fred Weasley II, FtM - Fred's always been one of the boys claimed by Tsukino Akume

Harry Potter, Gellert Grindelwald, Grindelwald has been in loose alliance with the Nazis for the Greater Good; then he finds out what the Nazis do to people like him (and Albus).claimed by gamma_orionis

Harry Potter, George Weasley/Angelina Johnson/Lee Jordan, Love is what makes a family, and George, Angelina and Lee's just happens to have one mummy, two daddies, and one pair of very mischevious twins. How does a queer poly family fit into the wizarding world?

Harry Potter, George Weasley/Lee Jordan, Lee has been best friends with the Weasley twins from their first year, but now they're gone and he finds himself missing George in ways he doesn't miss Fred.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley-Potter, It's a bit frustrating to realize, after years of marriage and the births of three children that she would have much rather been with a woman all along.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ginny finds the courage to come out to her brothers. Some are more understanding than others.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Ron seemed to judge her for dating boys, so Ginny is a bit worried about telling her brother that she'd have actually liked to date a few girls as well.

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter/Hermione Granger, as part of a happy triad, Hermione struggles with the common misconception that Harry has two girlfriends and is frustrated that her relationship with Ginny is rarely acknowledged.

Harry Potter, Gregory Goyle, after spending the 6th year polyjuiced into a girl, Goyle realises something, but it's only after Crabbe's death that she even begins to start dealing with the fact that she's trans and what it might mean to come out.

Harry Potter, Gryffindor as a house prizes masculinity. What's it like to be gay in the house of the brave?

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Every time someone calls her the Boy Who Lived is like a punch to the gut. claimed by minkhollow

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, He'd hoped that by outing himself as asexual, the media attention on him would die down. He was wrong.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, It isn't until he has children at Hogwarts that Harry realizes that he fell in love with Ginny because she's a female version of Ron. Trouble is, after all these years, settling for a version of the real thing is no longer enough.

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Maybe all the time he spent noticing Tom's handsomeness, Sirius's handsomeness, Cedric's classic good looks, and Draco's gleaming white-blond hair should have clued him in earlier. Will he keep this secret like so many other things he'd rather not talk about, or will he be The Boy Who Came Out?

Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Harry and Draco have become friends after the war, but this friendship also brings to the surface their long time attraction to each other. How their loved ones will react? How will it affect their relationship, and their own emotional side?

Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Ron Weasley, it never occurred to Ron that marrying Hermione would mean spending less time with Harry.

Harry Potter, Harry, Hermione, and anyone else at Hogwarts with Harry (at least one of whom is queer) five conversations about sex.

Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, their wedding is the media sensation of the decade. How does it feel for the participants?

Harry Potter, Harry/Ron and Hermione/Ginny, The marriages were just to cover up Harry and Ron's and Hermione and Ginny's relationships - what happens when this comes out in the Daily Prophet?

Harry Potter, Harry/Ron/Hermione, the wizarding world is slightly more accepting of bisexual polyamory than the muggle equivalent, but not that much.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Hermione is surprised by her parents' reaction when she comes out to them.

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, the first thing Hermione does after coming out is to form a queer-themed campaign group

Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, while researching for a History of Magic project she discovers that the Wizarding World is surprisingly relaxed about transgender people and same-sex extramarital affairs, but absolutely draconian when it comes to a lack of interest in getting married to or having children with the opposite gender. This may lead to some problems in her future.

Harry Potter, Lee Jordan & Fred and George Weasley, Lee's had the twins' help hiding that he was born female, but now puberty's hit and he can't hide it as easily. The twins come up with a way to keep his secret. (FtM Lee)

Harry Potter, Lily Evans, Lily isn't sure whether Petunia is more offended by her witchcraft or her bisexuality. She only knows that she can't stop being either magical or bi, even if it would be less risky.

Harry Potter, Lily Luna Potter, The Wizarding World has always been socially conservative, and--thanks to the small population and the many war deaths--is now both overtly and covertly stressing the importance of marriage and children. Lily, now grown-up, is perfectly willing to marry her girlfriend and eventually adopt a child or two, but that's not what her family or her fellow wizards had in mind.

Harry Potter, Lily Potter (II), The Wizarding World has always been socially conservative, and--thanks to the small population and the many war deaths--is now both overtly and covertly stressing the importance of marriage and children. Lily, now grown-up, is perfectly willing to marry her girlfriend and eventually adopt a child or two, but that's not what her family or her fellow wizards had in mind

Harry Potter, Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, They never talk about it, but they're both greatly relieved Draco was a boy; between Narcissa's preference for women and Lucius' total disinterest in sex, neither of them wanted to go through that again. claimed by gamma_orionis

Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, being LGBT was just one more thing they teased hir for.

Harry Potter, Luna Lovegood, Luna comes out as bisexual and encounters biphobia. She finds understanding in another out character.

Harry Potter, Luna, Luna never really was sure what the big fuss about being GLBT was - not until she has to defend one of her loved ones.

Harry Potter, Luna, Luna sometimes runs into trouble because she doesn't think in term of gender divisions or really understand them. So the all (or mostly) heterosexul mating dance that is the Yule Ball puzzles her greatly. She had thought each house was subdivided into seperate dorm rooms somewhat arbitrarily. So why is it that who you are expected to ask to the dance is limited by which dorm room they live in? (Referring to divisions of Ravenclaw girls dorm, Ravenclaw boys, Hufflepuff girls, etc...) It's up to the writer whether Luna figures out that the division is based on a couple arbitrary physical features.

Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, she loves her husband dearly, but she's never been attracted to men.

Harry Potter, Narcissa Malfoy, The House of Black is used to getting what they want - but what happens when what you want isn't the acceptable path for a pureblood lady to follow?

Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom; the reason Neville is so good at Herbology and so bad at romance is because plants don't care if you're not sexually attracted to them, and people, it seems, do.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks is bigender, but can only express this in secret - and, later, in undercover ops.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, As a bisexual, Tonks has a difficult time explaining to her lesbian friends why she wants to get married, especially knowing that her friends can't.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, being a Metamorphagus, Tonks doesn't think of hirself as male or female: zie's both

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, Tonks can change sex as easily as she can change her nose, which is invaluable to the Order's war effort. While she's working undercover as a man, she gets romantically involved with a male Muggle, forcing her to evaluate her own gender identity...as well as how the Muggle world's attitude toward gay rights compares to the Wizarding world's.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, What nobody knows about Tonks is that she wasn't born with all the right bits, so when she discovered she was a metamorphmagus she pushed it harder than any had before.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks; Tonks comes out as lesbian or bisexual to her parents.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks/OFC; Sweethearts after "high school" supporting each other as they move into Wizarding adulthood.

Harry Potter, Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin, Tonks loves Lupin. Lupin loves Tonks. They discover that they both prefer sex when Tonks is in male form. Tonks reevalutes zir gender identity, Lupin realizes he's bisexual.

Harry Potter, Padma and Parvati Patil, Their House isn't the only difference between them.

Harry Potter, Parvati and Padma Patil, They're not scarily similar twins the way Fred and George Weasley are, but they do have very similar taste in girls.

Harry Potter, Parvati or Padma Patil or Dean Thomas or Blaise Zabini (or anyone else who might fit), They're already a minority as one of Hogwarts' few non-white students. Is it worth coming out as LGBT and adding yet another minority to the list?

Harry Potter, Percy/Oliver, Percy dances with Oliver at Ginny's wedding so he doesn't have to do the whole coming out speech. He's worried about his brothers' reactions but Molly is the most upset because he didn't trust her enough to confide in her.

Harry Potter, Petunia and Lily Evans, Petunia Evans hated her sister ever since Lily laughed and told her that there was no magic spell to make these strange feelings go away.

Harry Potter, Petunia Dursley, the reason why Petunia hated Lily so much was because Lily was allowed to be different. Petunia had to keep all her differences inside for appearances sake. (Petunia is closeted lesbian or trans.)

Harry Potter, possibly Merope/Riddle Sr, The Harry Potter universe has some very powerful love potions. How do you make sense of your life if you intellectually know you were once a different orientation, yet your feelings don't match your memories? Which one is real? And do you give different answers to the question at different points in your life? If you want you can use the story of how Merope Gaunt fed Tom Riddle Sr. love potions. There was a before (when he was not attracted to women), a middle period (when he was emotionally and sexually attracted to female Merope), and an after (when he was no longer attracted to women). What is his internal story at each stage?

Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, Remus thought life was hard enough, being a werewolf, but when he realized he was gay, too, he sometimes wondered if it would be easier in the Muggle world.

Harry Potter, Remus Lupin, The fact that he has a thing for Tonks doesn't invalidate his relationship with Sirius. And the fact that he's had insecurities in both relationships has nothing to do with his sexuality.

Harry Potter, Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Sirius left home because his family kicked him out when they found out about him and Remus.

Harry Potter, Remus, Sirius, Tonks, Tonks seduces Remus Lupin by shapeshifting and turning into Sirius Black. Does this make her transsexual? Do shapeshifters have to pick a gender?

Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, Remus thinks they should just tell Harry about their relationship, but Sirius is worried that Molly Weasley will use it as an excuse to further limit his access to Harry.

Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, The day they told Harry about their relationship.

Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius/Harry, No matter what Molly says, this has nothing to do with Harry looking like James. James was completely straight, for one thing.

Harry Potter, Remus/Tonks, Remus wouldn't have married Tonks if she hadn't gotten pregnant by a person or persons unknown and he hadn't felt obligated to do the honorable thing before considering the problems of being a gay werewolf married to a straight human. Tonks doesn't know how to tell Remus that her 'lovelorn' behavior was a yearlong act to convince the Death Eaters that she'd lost her powers, that she knew all about Remus's lover (or lovers) and that she has a girlfriend in Chelsea.

Harry Potter, Ron Weasley. Ron gets crushes on both his male and female friends at various points in his life, and doesn’t have a lot of guidance or support available to him at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Marauder era: Snape loved Lily because she was the only one who never judged him for being queer. After the 'Mudblood' incident', the Marauders now have new arsenal for their abuse.

Harry Potter, Severus/Kingsley, Coming out and living well. Postwar Snape survives and opens a pub/meeting spot for lgbt folks both magical and non. He goes into this venture with the help of a man who is also attempting to woo him, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Harry Potter, Sirius Black, never looking back at all the girls ogling him is less to seem indifferent and more because their glances don't register.

Harry Potter, Sirius Black/Remus Lupin, AU, Some people don't think that a gay couple should be raising a little boy. When little Harry innocently tells a reporter that the name is short for Harriet, the criticism becomes a firestorm, and the two men have to fight to keep their family together

Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, no one things anything of it when Teddy's hair or his nose changes, so why are they having so much trouble accepting this? (MtF!Teddy)

Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, no one thinks anything of it when Teddy's hair or nose changes, so why are they having so much trouble accepting this? (MtF!Teddy) claimed by ang_the_adverse

Harry Potter, Victoire Weasley, Victoire's tired of the assumptions and innuendo surrounding her Veela heritage - which may have something to do with her reluctance to acknowledge her pansexuality. 

Harry Potter, Xenophilius Lovegood, Xenophilius has always told Luna that her mother died in a magical accident. As she grows up, he wonders if he'll ever be able to tell her that he IS her mother.

Harry Potter; Hermione Granger; she's used to seeing things in black and white, but as she grows older, she has to deal with her own sexuality being more nuanced and complicated than she thought. claimed by Norwegianpornfaerie

Harry Potter: Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin, Tonks loves Lupin. Lupin loves Tonks. They discover that they both prefer sex when Tonks is in male form. Tonks reevalutes zir gender identity, Lupin realizes he's bisexual.

Haven, Audrey Parker, Audrey learns some things about her previous incarnations that makes her reevaluate her own sexuality.

Hawaii Five-0 (2010 series), Danny Williams, just because he was married to a woman doesn't mean he's straight. Tell the story of Danny's decision to come out.

Hawaii Five-0, any character, Hawaii is the new battleground in the fight for gay marriage, how does this affect character's life?

Hawaii Five-0, Any Character, just because it's legal to marry one's same sex partner/lover doesn't mean one would automatically want to.

Hawaii Five-0, any character, They weren't going to come out but they've been seeing someone new and it's starting to get serious.

Hawaii Five-0, Catherine Rollins, It just figures that DADT is repealed when Catherine is happily dating a man. So even though no one's asking, is she going to tell?

Hawaii Five-0, Catherine, Kono, Queer roller derby team. Could be Catherine/Kono or friendship, could include other characters or pairings.

Hawaii Five-0, Catherine/Kono, Meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time.

Hawaii Five-0, Chin Ho Kelly, Chin is bisexual. After Malia dies, the team supports him as he reenters the dating scene.

Hawaii Five-0, Chin, Chin's been involved for a few years now in a local LGBT* group (could be at UH, a high school, a community group, perhaps), but after he gets married to Malia, he's surprised by an antagonistic encounter within the group, when his bisexuality is questioned.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny Williams, Danny works or volunteers at an LGBTQ youth counseling center. Could be AU or something he does in canon on his days off. claimed by eumelia

Hawaii Five-0, Danny Williams, newly single and moved across the country, he finds the local LGBT culture is completely different from back home.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny Williams(/Steve McGarrett), Danny hates having to explain his sexuality now that he's with a man when he hasn't changed from when he was married to Rachel.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny, Chin, and Kono, Danny is head-over-heels in love with Steve, but Steve isn't attracted to men. Danny tries to keep a lid on his crush, but Chin and/or Kono find out and are supportive.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny, Chin, and Kono, Danny is head-over-heels in love with Steve, but Steve isn't attracted to men. Danny tries to keep a lid on his crush, but Chin and/or Kono find out and are supportive.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny, Danny had a favorite gay bar back in New Jersey, but he's having a hard time finding one in Honolulu.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny, One of Danny's sisters accidentally outs him to the team.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny, Steve, It's not that he was afraid that Steve was going to be a dick about it, but...okay, maybe he was a little bit afraid. In Danny's defense, coming out to co-workers has never gone well for him.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny, the fact that he's bi/pan doesn't mean the gender of who he's with doesn't make a difference to him.

Hawaii Five-0, Danny/Chin, Chin wants to be a dad but doesn't know how to ask Danny if he wants another child, or if he would consider adopting.

Hawaii Five-0, Doris McGarrett, Steve McGarrett, Doris knows Steve is hiding something, so she does what she's best at: recon. When she finds out that Steve is hiding from her the fact that he likes men, she doesn't know how to process this information.

Hawaii Five-0, Grace Williams, Grace decides to write a novel/story about a queer heroine who saves the day. Could be futurefic or present-day.

Hawaii Five-0, Grace, Danny, Steve, Grace knows her dad dates men, and she wants him to date Uncle Steve. But Steve is straight.

Hawaii Five-0, Grace, Grace used to have a crush on Steve, but as she gets older she starts crushing hard on Kono. Suddenly those surf lessons are a source of shame and confusion.

Hawaii Five-0, Grace, Grace's family (blood-related and chosen alike) has never been anything but accepting and loving and supportive to a fault, but she's still terrified to come out as gay to them.

Hawaii Five-0, Grace, Gracie is femme, that doesn't make her any less of dyke.

Hawaii Five-0, Jenna, Jenna is kind of annoyed that she needs to explain that the fact that she's dating a guy, doesn't make her straight.

Hawaii Five-0, Jenna, Kono, After Jenna tells Kono that she's never been to a gay bar, Kono decides to take her out for a night. Could be Jenna/Kono or friendship.

Hawaii Five-0, Jenna, the fact that she's trans doesn't automatically make her particularly feminine.

Hawaii Five-0, Kono and Danny, Kono has always had something of a crush on Steve, but the thing with Cath is new and a little confusing. Danny welcomes her to the club.

Hawaii Five-0, Kono, Grace, Kono supporting and mentoring Grace with regard to her sexuality. (Both women are queer.)

Hawaii Five-0, Kono, It's not that telling the team she's queer scares her. It's just that she's held it inside for so long that she doesn't know how to let it out.

Hawaii Five-0, Kono, Kono has always said that she has no interest in getting married, but that was when her idea of marriage was a husband, a baby, and a mortgage. Now she's starting to see that marriage doesn't have to mean any of those things.

Hawaii Five-0, Kono, she was born female and she's okay with the female pronouns... most of the time. (genderqueer!Kono)

Hawaii Five-0, Kono, The first person she ever trusted enough to come out to was Chin.

Hawaii Five-0, Kono, The first person she ever trusted enough to come out to was Chin.

Hawaii Five-0, Kono/Catherine, AU - One of them owns or works for Honolulu's only lesbian bar. The other is a patron.

Hawaii Five-0, Mary Ann McGarrett, she sleeps with both men and women, but she never felt the label 'bisexual' suited her.

Hawaii Five-0, Mary Anne McGarrett, Not telling her brother she's gay isn't the same as keeping it a secret, exactly, but apparently Steve doesn't see it that way.

Hawaii Five-0, Rachel, She's had two good marriages with two good men and they've both fallen apart. She's starting to wonder if maybe it's her fault--maybe she hasn't been completely honest with them, or herself.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, all he knew growing up was that you could be gay or straight. It takes years before he understands that he's bi.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, Ben Keoki/Jack McGarrett, Uncle Ben was a lot more than just Jack's friend who lived down the block. How does Steve react when he finds out too late he could've come out to his Dad? (NB: Ben Keoki is a canon character mentioned in episode 3x15)

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, coming out to his father. (Can be past canon or AU.)

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, Coming out to his mother was never something he had to worry about, until she came back from the dead.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, DADT doesn't exist anymore, but the culture in the police isn't so different from the Navy.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, he's never said, "I'm gay," out loud.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, his team knows he's gay and that makes him feel a little safer.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, Steve can count the number of people he's come out to on one hand.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, Steve can count the number of people he's come out to on one hand.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, the first person Steve ever came out to was Joe White.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, what's it like to go to the Army-Navy Academy when you only just realised you're gay?

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett, years of living with DADT has left its marks.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Danny never thought much about being an activist for anything, but changes his mind after one too many experiences when he, Steve and Grace are a target for prejudice.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, Steve has started a relationship with Danny but he's feeling pressure to keep it in the closet, because being a Navy SEAL, cop, and head of Five-0 is a triple whammy.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, they're both masculine guys with demanding jobs and preset expectations of how relationships work. When they get together, it's an adjustment.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Catherine, One or both of them is gay/bi. They celebrate the repeal of DADT together.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Catherine, She's the only person who knows that he likes men too.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Chin, Danny, Kono, The team realizes that an investigation into a hate crime is deeply affecting one of their ranks, and they each offer their support in different ways.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Five reactions that Steve wasn't expecting when he comes out to the important people in his life.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Five reactions that Steve wasn't expecting when he comes out to the important people in his life.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Mary, When they were teenagers, Mary found gay porn in Steve's room. She put it back and never told him.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Steve's mom was the only person who knew that he was gay. After she died, Steve didn't feel safe enough to tell anyone for a long time.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, Steve's mom was the only person who knew that he was gay. After she died, Steve didn't feel safe enough to tell anyone for a long time. claimed by brilligspoons

Hawaii Five-0, Steve, The first time (or multiple times) Steve felt safe and comfortable in his own skin, as a gay/bisexual man.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny and Grace, the logistics of setting Steve up as a legal guardian is very frustrating, seeing as Steve is basically a stranger in the eyes of the law.

Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny, AU. Danny owns a gay bar and Steve is a patron at the bar.

Hawaii Five-0, Team/ensemble, AU where the team works at an LGBTQ-themed bakery (for instance, a bakery in a primarily queer neighborhood, or a cake shop which specializes in queer wedding cakes).

Hawaii Five-0,Danny, he hates labels, he hates that there need to be specific words for the love he feels to people, but because he's with a man, he needs to "explain" himself.

Hawaii Five-0: Danny Williams. He doesn't understand how people can just find others attractive - there has to be a personal connection first, for him, anyway. But trying to explain that to Steve, Chin, and Kono, who try to set him up all the time, proves more than a little difficult. (demisexual!Danny, possibly ending with Danny/anyone on the team or OT4)claimed by brilligspoons

Hawaii Five-0: Grace Williams. Grace is heading to college when she decides to tell her family (Rachel and Stan, Danny and the Five-0 team, of course) that she likes girls, not boys.

Hawaii Five-O, Jenna Kaye, seeking/grieving her fiancee (either AU in which she survives, or not)

Hawaii Five-O, Kono Kalakaua, Melia, the reason Kono has trouble with Malia and Chin's relationship is that she's always had a huge crush on Malia

Hawaii Five-O, Kono Kalakaua, transitioning in the place you grew up, where everyone knows who you are

Hawaii Five-O, Steve McGarrett, Chin Ho Kelly, Chin mentoring a young Steve around his sexuality (bisexual, queer, gay, wherever you want to go with each character)

Hawaii Five-O, Steve McGarrett, Kono Kalakaua, why does everyone assume that because they're bisexual and friends, they'll inevitably sleep together?

Hellsing: Heinkel Wolfe. Heinkel's body is intersex, and ze usually presents as male, more for the accompanying privileges than out of an internal sense of gender identity. Then a mission requires hir to pass as female, leading to a few surprising revelations about hirself.

Hellsing: Integra(/Alucard, Seras, or others). Integra's famed virginity isn't a triumph of the will; she's just plain not interested in sex. But she does kind of have a thing for ordering people (regardless of gender) around.

Hellsing: Seras, Alucard. When Seras first meets Alucard's teenage-girl form, and what advice Alucard gives about vampire sex and gender.

Hellsing: Seras/Pip. Now that Pip is sharing a body and soul with the woman he loves, it's not messing with his sense of gender at all. But he totally wants to see if they can pull off lesbian mindsex some time.

Hellsing: Seras/Pip. Now that Seras is sharing a body and a soul with the man she loves, it's starting to mess with her sense of gender. The fact that she's starting to get the hang of her shapeshifting powers only makes things all the more confusing.

Hellsing: Yumiko(&c.). Yumie and Yumiko aren't the only personalities sharing this body, and at least one of the others is male.

Heroes, Peter, Peter realizes after experimenting with shapeshifting, that he's not really straight nor male.

Hetalia: Axis Powers, Sweden/Finland (with bonus Sealand); The two of them are raising a son together. Finland isn't sure how this happened, but he doesn't mind.

His Dark Materials, any character with a same-sex daemon, What does having a same-sex daemon mean about your gender or sexual orientation, if anything? Or does it just mean that people assume things? What is it like to grow up with everyone knowing you have a same-sex daemon?claimed by thecolourclear and hopefulnebula

His Dark Materials, Lyra Belacqua, She was the one who said they should try and move on, but being with women means she'll never really risk falling in love with someone who isn't Will. Or so Lyra keeps telling herself. But the argument's becoming less and less convincing...

His Dark Materials, the witches (canon or original characters); The witches sometimes take comfort in each other's company.

Hogan's Heroes, Andrew Carter, He's not stupid as all that. He likes women too. He just doesn't get why the other fellas are so obsessed with getting together with them.

Hollyoaks, Craig Dean, Craig finally comes to terms with his bisexuality.

Hollyoaks, Esther Bloom, Being a lesbian in the fashion industry.

Hollyoaks, Esther Bloom, Taking her first serious girlfriend to meet the Osbourne’s.

Hollyoaks, Jason Costello, Finding a boyfriend who won’t treat him as a woman.

Homestuck, Bro Strider, queer parenting at a young age. Bro Strider is flying solo, raising a little boy who isn't exactly his. He's not sure which part the authorities have the biggest problem with: the fact that he's a young single dad - so weird - or that he occasionally hooks up with dudes.

Homestuck, Dave and Dirk, Dave has known he was queer for a while now, but he always hesitated telling Bro for fear of how he would react. Imagine his surprise when he meets up with Dirk and finds out he's queer as well.

Homestuck, Dave Strider, coming out to everyone as trans is hard- some of it goes well, some of it really doesn't.

Homestuck, Dave Strider, Dave is all talk and no action. (Asexual!Dave)

Homestuck, Dave Strider, hearing your best friend say "I'm not a homosexual" in the same tone of voice he'd use to say "I don't have rabies" wears on a guy. Even if he doesn't know he's bashing you, it still hurts.

Homestuck, Dave Strider, Seeing his brother swapping spit with a guy who looks almost exactly like his best friend is very disturbing, though it takes him a while to work out exactly why.

Homestuck, Dave Strider, You'd expect the world's most ironic dude to struggle with his own queer identity but Dave is just as chill about this as he is about everything else.

Homestuck, Dirk Strider and/or Roxy Lalonde, how the hell do you figure out gender at the end of the world when all you have is some pop culture and three friends who really aren't up on this stuff themselves?

Homestuck, Dirk Strider, it's hard being the last guy on Earth. It's harder being the last *gay* guy on Earth.

Homestuck, Eridan Ampora, he says he's bi because that's what's expected of him, but he's really not interested in filling a concupiscent quadrant with a woman.

Homestuck, Eridan; he's asexual, and is pursuing his quadrants so strongly out of fear for his life, but everyone assumes he's just trying to get laid. Probably works better as an AU where he lived because just barely thirteen is probably a bit young for this.

Homestuck, Jade Harley, after the game Jade has to try and integrate into society after living alone her entire life. Most people seem to have a very different take on who she's allowed to be than she does. (Any queer Jade, gender or sexuality)

Homestuck, Jade Harley, Growing up almost alone has given her some...unusual ideas about sexuality/gender identity.

Homestuck, Jade Harley, her friends think she's pansexual and poly because she was raised alone, outside of society. It's just how Jade is, though.

Homestuck, Jade Harley/Kanaya Maryam, Jade likes that Kanaya doesn't put any stock in labelling her.

Homestuck, Jake English, Jake turns out to be aromantic after all the fuss.

Homestuck, Jake Harley, Growing up with minimal human contact and mostly taking his societal cues from movies has given Jake some very strange ideas about what it means to be non-straight.

Homestuck, John Egbert, John is shocked to realize that he's queer...but after everything else they've all gone through, he's the only one.

Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, one of the reasons Karkat is so glad that he's no longer on Alternia is because he didn't want to fill a pail with anyone. Now he doesn't have to.

Homestuck, Karkat Vantas, the humans' obsession with sexuality is weird. Weirder still is how Karkat, after learning a bunch of the human terms for different kinds of sexuality, finally finds one that fits him. [Karkat's identity up to the author.]

Homestuck, Rose and John, John has never seen any reason to question his heterosexuality. Rose, who has identified as a lesbian since she was young, always felt similarly. But now they're both starting to realise that boys are actually kinda hot, and neither are talking it all that well.

Homestuck, Rose Lalonde, three years on the meteor surrounded by trolls gave her a very different perspective on gender and sexuality.

Homestuck, Rose Lalonde/Jade Harley, Rose identifies as gay and Jade identifies as genderqueer. How they navigate that.

Homestuck, Rose Lalonde/Kanaya Maryam, Rose is comfortable with being a lesbian and she loves Kanaya, but when they're finally ready to have sex, she has no idea how she feels about Kanaya's anatomy.claimed by hamimi_fk

Homestuck, Roxy Lalonde, Roxy has trouble figuring out her sexuality; she thinks everyone has a neat label to use, but she just can't find one that fits her.

House, any, they've never lived up to their parents' expectations. Being (author's choice) is just one more disappointment

House, Chase/any, he got thrown out of seminary school because he was found with another boy

House, Chris Taub, Taub has always admired beauty in all its forms, especially the human body. That's why he went into plastic surgery, after all. This fascination with beauty led him to realize his bisexuality as a teenager. However, he forced himself back in the closet upon meeting Rachel (he was going to be with her, so it didn't matter that he liked men too), and it isn't until taking the job with House that it begins to resurface. He tries to quash any sense of closeness with Kutner to hide an attraction he won't admit, and Thirteen notices and calls him out on it.

House, Greg House, He's never been one to abide by social norms

House, Gregory House, House plays the pronoun game, not out of any desire to be closeted, but because he loves to toy with his team.

House, Gregory House, Part of the reason that House never got along with his Marine pilot father was that John House didn't understand it when his daughter Greta insisted that she was and had always been a boy.

House, House, a colleague rightly suspects that not all the hookers House hires are female

House, House, House is uncharacteristically nice to a transgender patient, leading others to wonder why.

House, House, House is uncharacteristically nice to a transgender patient, leading others to wonder why.

House, House, There were other reasons for the bad blood between him and his father; namely, men should *be* men, not *be with* men.

House, House, working out his feelings for Wilson

House, House/Wilson, 'That's why you push everyone away! Because you're afraid if they get close they'll figure it out!'

House, House/Wilson, if Wilson was awkward when people wrongly suspected he and House were a couple, well, he's going to be impossible to live with now.

House, House/Wilson, James Wilson regards his relationship with Gregory House as best friends with the sexual teasing cranked up to eleven...until one day when a line is unmistakably crossed, and Wilson has to deal with the fact that somewhere along the way, he drifted into a gay relationship that defies anything approaching conventional definition.

House, House/Wilson, When all of their neighbors think that they are gay, Wilson, who actually is, is deeply hurt by House pretending, until he finds out that he isn't.

House, James Wilson, the worst thing about coming out as bisexual is what people assumes it means for his failed marriages.

House, Thirteen & House/Wilson, Thirteen knows that House is bisexual and hopelessly in love with his best friend, but she has to open up about her own experiences to get him to do something about it.

House, Thirteen, A few years after she leaves House's team, Thirteen takes on a new challenge - Asking her girlfriend to become her wife and telling her father.

House, Thirteen, College provided her freedom from her past and her dead mother, but mostly freedom to date whomever she wanted without her father knowing. But every time she went home she felt more and more uncomfortable lying to her father about her girlfriends and going back into the closet. How did she deal with it?

House, Thirteen, Thirteen wonders why people think that her liking sex has anything to do with her bisexuality.

House, Thirteen/Cameron, AU How would things have been different at work if Thirteen had set her sights on Cameron instead of Foreman?

House, Thirteen/Cuddy, 'I wish I could be who you are, Remy.'

House, Thirteen/Foreman, There are some things Thirteen doesn't get about being a person of color, and there are some things Foreman doesn't get about being queer.

Ibis Trilogy, Zachary/any, he's forced to keep his homosexuality a secret.

In Plain Sight, Marshall, He doesn’t think Mary would take his bisexuality badly, but he doesn’t want it to become ammunition, even in her benevolent way.

In Plain Sight, Marshall, It’s not so much hiding as creatively not mentioning.

In Plain Sight, Mary, Marshall is the only one she’ll ever tell that some days, she feels more like a man.

In Plain Sight, Stan, Stan will do anything to protect his inspectors, but when news of his same-sex relationship comes to light, it’s Mary and Marshall who have to defend him.

Inception; Eames/Arthur/Ariadne; all of them are queer, all of them are different, and they make it work.

Inspector Alleyn books, Agatha Troy/Katie Boswick, Some of those stereotypes about women artists do have a grain of truth in them.

Inspector Montalbano (TV series), Giuseppe Fazio, in all the years he's worked for Salvo, he's never once thought about coming out to him until a case hits too close to home, forcing his hand. Salvo turns out to be more compassionate and understanding than Fazio had anticipated.

Inspector Montalbano (TV series), Salvo Montalbano/Mimí Augello, they fight like a married couple for a damn good reason. They're just not going to tell anyone what that reason is because it isn't worth their jobs to come out.

James Bond (any era films), Moneypenny: Moneypenny isn't just being coy. It's not men she's interested in.

James Bond (Daniel Craig era films), James Bond: Bond as bisexual.

James Bond- Craig!Bond Movies; Camille Montes; letting herself heal enough to have a life also means working out her sexuality (author's choice)

James Bond- Craig!Bond Movies; Camille Montes; she fakes attraction when she has to (be it for missions - Bolivian Secret Service or her own - or just having to get by), but it's always something of a relief when she doesn't have to.

James Bond, Craig!James Bond/person of choice (though Q preferred), Bond is asexual but so used to hiding it that faking sexual attraction has become his norm. claimed by NixieD

Jane Austen, Charlotte Lucas and Miss DeBourgh. It was a sad necessity to leave Lizzie Bennett's loving embrace behind, especially for marriage to poor Mr. Collins. Imagine Charlotte's surprise on finding a kindred soul in the sickly Anne DeBourgh.

Jane Austen, Jane Bennett, Lizzie Bennett, Miss Bingley. Miss Bingley has traveled among people and knows who and what she is. She has more than enough money to support a wife, but how can she find a companion when her choices are scooped up by her brother and Mr. Darcy? Imagine her surprise when Charles and Jane and D'Arcy and Lizzie confess to their own identity troubles.

Jane Austen, Lizzie Bennett & Charlotte Lucas, It was a truth universally known that young women of no fortune must be in want of a husband, even if their hearts and minds belonged to each other.

Jane Austen, Miss Crawford, Fanny Price. Mary Crawford could joke about rears and vices until the cows came home, but Fanny would never understand some things until she was shown.

Jeeves & Wooster : Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, Bertie is happy to be who and what he is; Jeeves wishes he were straight.

Jeeves & Wooster : Reginald Jeeves, Sexual orientation is an arbitrary concern for a gentleman's personal gentleman; his leisure time is restricted and his options limited. That doesn't mean Jeeves is straight.

Jeeves & Wooster (TV Series), Stilton Cheesewright, meeting Daphne Demores (Jeeves) was a revelation, he just wished he could figure out why she looked so familiar . claimed by preuxfledge (godsdaisiechain)

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster, just because one has no interest in beazels does not mean one must have an interest in fellows. I mean to say, there is the possibility that neither sex is the fairer, as it were.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster, just because one has no interest in beazels does not mean one must have an interest in fellows. I mean to say, there is the possibility that neither sex is the fairer, as it were.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster, on one of his stays in New York, Bertie ends up in a club for homosexuals while looking for a speakeasy. A new world and new possibilities are revealed to him, but as always, he ends up engaged before the evening is through. Can Jeeves get him out of this one? Does he want to get out?

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, Jeeves had assumed that Bertie had some experience in sexual matters between men - at the very least, he did go to Eton - but alas not. The first careful steps in their intimate relationship proves... trying.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, Jeeves thinks Bertie knows, but is uninterested. Bertie thinks Jeeves knows, but is uninterested. How will they be able to correct this misunderstanding in a world where most people prefer to ignore the crime of homosexuality, much less speak about it?

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, through a disastrous misunderstanding, Jeeves believes Bertie has discovered that he is a homosexual, and is firing him for it. Bertie, however, only meant to confide in him about his own homosexuality.

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, when Jeeves discovers that Bertie is homosexual, he immediately sets out to get him married as soon as possible, for his own protection. Bertie does not really want to be protected; he wants Jeeves, and to hell with safety!

Jeeves & Wooster, Bertie, Aunt Agatha gives Bertie a choice, Marry by the end of the year, or be subjected to Sir Roderick's "cure for sodmites"

Jeeves & Wooster, Reginald Jeeves (or Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves), he is a man and a gentleman, in every sense of the word... except the purely physical. The term 'intersex' has yet to be invented, but Jeeves is well read, and knows perfectly well what he is. No one must ever know.

Jeeves & Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, many is the time he has so very narrowly avoided scandal, surviving only by his wits. He is certain, however, that his luck will run out, one day.

Jeeves & Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, Sexual orientation is an arbitrary concern for a gentleman's personal gentleman; his leisure time is restricted and his options limited. That doesn't mean Jeeves is straight.

Jeeves and Wooster, Aunt Agatha, The reason Aunt Agatha wants to marry Bertie off so badly is because, as a lesbian, she knows full well how hard it is to survive in a world out to get you, and she wants to save Bertie from that pain.

Jeeves and Wooster, Bertie Wooster, Honoria confesses that the reason she wants to marry Bertie is she thinks he's gay like she is. Bertie had never even considered the idea before. Now that he's faced with it, how does he deal with coming out to himself?

Jeeves and Wooster, Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, Bertie and Jeeves are outed as being in a relationship and are sent to Sir Roderick Glossop's mental institution.

Jeeves and Wooster, Bertie Wooster/Reginald Jeeves, Bertie wonders why, if Jeeves can do anything, he can't make people accept their relationship.

Jeeves and Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, as a young man, Jeeves spent two years in prison for engaging in homosexual acts before changing his name and starting anew. Now, a blackmailer approaches him with evidence of his former life, demanding a sum Jeeves has no chance of ever paying.

Jeeves and Wooster, Reginald Jeeves, his annual vacation is the only time Jeeves can truly be himself, and the only time he permits himself to indulge in sexual activites suited to his secretly invert nature. When circumstances make it necessary for Mr. Wooster to join him for a short while, Jeeves finds it incredibly hard to mentally 'shift gears' again.claimed by preuxfledge (godsdaisiechain)

Jeeves and Wooster, Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster, a public figure is arrested on charges of homosexuality, and the case makes Bertie and Jeeves, both of whom are hiding their true natures for the other, rather uneasy. A tense atmosphere develops in the Wooster household, and at some point, something (or someone) has to break.

Jeeves and Wooster, Reginald Jeeves/Bertie Wooster, Bertie ends up in a sexual situation with a woman for the first time, with disastrous results. In fact, he found the whole affair rather distasteful. Convinced that he must be doing something wrong, Bertie desperately wants to ask Jeeves for advice. But how to broach the subject?

Jeeves and Wooster, Reginald Jeeves/Bertram Wilberforce Wooster, Bertie still looks young, but he's getting on in years, it's becoming more and more clear that he really is one of nature's bachelors. Out of concern (for the man he secretly loves) and fear (for what society will assume and, eventually, take action against), Jeeves puts his considerable mind to the task of getting Bertie married off.

Jeeves and Wooster, Reginald Jeeves/Bertram Wilberforce Wooster, Bertie's not as innocent as everyone, Jeeves included, thinks. He's perfectly aware that he's an invert, and knows very well both how to be discreet about it and how and where to find company for an evening, should he require it. When Jeeves finds out, however, he's furious.

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, (pick some) Florence Craye, Gwladys Pendlebury (the artist), Daphne Dolores Morehead, Daphne Dalgleish, Angela Travers, Stiffy Bing, Madeline Bassett, Honoria Glossop, Cora Bellinger, Emerald Stoker, Pauline Stoker, Daphne Braithwaite. The Bechdel Meeting: the Wodehouse ladies gather together, ostensibly to bemoan their heartbreaks by various Drones, but instead discuss their real sexual preferences.

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Bertie, Jeeves, Aunt Dahlia, While visiting at Brinkley Court, Jeeves and Bertie are "caught in the act" by Aunt Dahlia who takes each of them aside and lectures them about the dangers of their forbidden love. They convince her that the situation was completely innocent (it was), but the lecture casts a new light on their home life.

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Bertie, Jeeves. Jeeves hardens himself to the fact that Bertie only has casual sexual relationships—the ‘Bohemian revels’ that bring him to Paris. Bertie, meanwhile, is deeply in love with Jeeves but hesitant to endanger him by beginning an illegal sexual liaison.

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Florence Craye (and any others), Florence was no stranger to the activities of the Bloomsbury scene, but never considered her preferences. After yet another failed engagement, someone calls her on her constant ˜molding" of young men. Was she really trying to make them into proper and submissive wives? Would she prefer a woman to share her life? How?

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Honoria Glossop (and any others), Happily engaged to handsome, intelligent Blaine, she wakes nightly from dreams about sexual encounters with women. What's a sporty bisexual virgin to do?

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Jeeves, Bertie, Bingo Little, Rosie Banks, Established relationships. Bertie grows suspicious when Bingo keeps insisting that Jeeves accompany him on all their visits. It's hard enough being a chap in love with another chap that dare not speak its whatsit, especially when there might be whatisting with Bingo, but what's a fellow to do when famous novelist Rosie M Banks threatens to have Jeeves put away as an invert to save her marriage?

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Rosie M Banks/Aunt Dahlia, The real reason the famous lady novelist gave up her French chef, Anatole, and never wrote a serial for Milady's Boudoir.

Jeeves and Wooster/Jeeves PG Wodehouse, Stilton Cheesewright, Bertie Wooster, Jeeves, Florence Craye. Stilton is, as many have pointed out, a "splendid physical specimen." Bertie certainly agrees. They were friends at school together before Florence stirred up jealousy between them. While on his errand for Lord Worplesdon, Jeeves sees them in delicto flagrante near the burned ruins of "Wee Nooke." Scales fall from various eyes.

John Carter (any medium); Sola; As a Thrak, her desires are timed to the mating season. But love, she is discovering, isn't tied to any such thing.

Jonathan Creek, Brendan Baxter/Carla Borrego, Brendan's confession about his marriage to Alvin Turtelbaum brings them closer together.

Jonathan Creek, Jonathan Creek, the one thing people find really strange about him is that he's asexual.

Justified, Tim Gutterson, Being queer as an Army Ranger was actually easier than being queer in Kentucky. claimed by norgbelulah

King Rat (book), Sean Jennison and Steven [no canonical surname], friendship and mutual support as queer people

King Rat (book), Sean Jennison, playing a woman onstage didn't turn Sean into a woman, it just helped her understand that she'd always been one

La vida es sueño, Segismundo. Segismundo falls in love with Rosaura as a man first, and then as a woman. Discuss.

Ladies of Letters (TV series), Vera/Irene, Irene wants to be out and proud, but Vera just wants peace and privacy. Neither are sure how to compromise on this at all.

Ladies of Letters (TV series), Vera/Irene, it's not that Vera's oblivious to her own queerness, it's just that she'd never felt the need to label it. Indeed, Vera never even thought of herself as queer until she fell in love with Irene.

Ladies of Letters (TV series), Vera/Irene, prison brought them together in ways they hadn't anticipated.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Dr. George Huang, Huang came out as gay during a case involving the sexual molestation of a little boy named Cory Banks ('Hardwired," Season 11, Episode 5, first shown on October 21, 2009). Now a few months have passed. No one has said too much...but Huang isn't sure if that means his sexuality is a non-issue to the Special Victims Unit or if it's an issue but people simply aren't talking about it, at least not to him.",

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Elliot Stabler, Olivia's not the reason Elliot's marriage isn't working out. Catholic guilt is hard to reconcile, especially when you're not only unfaithful, you're unfaithful with other men.

Law & Order: SVU, Fin Tutuola(/George Huang), Fin reacts violently to a suspect who unleashed a racial and homophobic tirade against him. His friends on the force think he took offense to the racial comments, and Fin doesn't deny it, but it's only in his disciplinary counseling sessions that he can admit that the homophobia cut deeper.

Legend of Zelda, any Skyward Sword character, Skyloft is a small place, and news - especially about anything 'unusual' - spreads fast. When someone is outed, how do they deal with the fact that everyone on the island knows even before they've managed to come to terms with their sexuality and/or identity themselves?

Legend of Zelda, any Twilight Princess character, Telma's Bar is for more than just drinking and bringing down dark lords - it's also a place of acceptance.

Legend of Zelda, Fledge, Fledge has always wanted to be strong, confident... manly. Which is made somewhat complicated by the fact that he was born with a female body...

Legend of Zelda, Link (any but Skyward Sword), Learning more about the heroes that came before (canon and/or fanmade), learning that heroes don't necessarily have to be straight cis guys.

Legend of Zelda, Link (any), The Hero must have got a lot of action from the ladies, or so the men at the bar had thought. Link knows this isn't the case - but he's not exactly sure they'd understand why. (Not getting any ACTION from the laides because he's asexual? Not getting any action from the LADIES because he's gay? Something else? Link's queer identity is up to the writer.)

Legend of Zelda, Link (Ocarina), As the Hero's Shade, Link has seen changes over the years - changes in politics, in geography, and in attitudes towards sexuality. When another hero appears, facing the same struggles that he did (both external and internal), he must encourage the young man to find the courage not just to save Hyrule, but to be true to himself - the way he never could be.

Legend of Zelda, Zelda (Ocarina of Time), Juggling being the sole heir of the Royal Family, having to continue the royal line, having to rebuild Hyrule, and being queer.

Legend of Zelda, Zelda/Link (any), Everyone assumes that Link and Zelda are in a relationship. Well, they are in a romantic relationship - but their sexual orientations just aren't compatible.

Les Miserables, Courfeyrac, he's charming to everyone because he always means it.

Les Miserables, Eponine, if he had a man's body, he could stand by Marius as a brother and be taken seriously.

Les Miserables, Gavroche/any of the Amis, is it just a puppy crush if he's willing to die for it?

Les Miserables, Grantaire, he stares after women so people don't see who he really wants to look at. Usually it works.

Les Miserables, Jehan/Bahorel, every time Jehan laughs Bahorel wonders whether one of the others will figure out who his "mistress" really is

Les Miserables, Joly/Bossuet/Musichetta, the only stroke of luck Bossuet ever had was finding two people who accept him because they feel the same way he does.

Les Miserables, Montparnasse; Montparnasse hacks out an identity for themselves with a vengeance (whatever that may be).

Les Miserables, Valjean/Javert, post-Seine AU: this is a kind of love that neither of them have ever known, and it is not easy to learn

Les Miserables: Eponine wasn't dressed as a boy at the barricades for disguise; he was coming out of disguise for the first time. He couldn't bear to be dishonest at that moment -- especially when he could be dead in a few hours' time.

Les Miserables: Jean Valjean/Javert - Valjean pulls Javert back just as he's about to jump. Valjean has to come to terms with why he couldn't let Javert do it. Javert has to come to terms with the full reason that he was jumping in the first place.

Les Miserables: Marius has this idea that if he acts really really excited and totally head-over-heels about a girl he'll start believing it soon. This also involves trying to believe it means nothing that he actually is really really excited and totally head-over-heels about Enjolras. None of it is working.

Leverage, Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer(/Parker), Alec doesn't do anything his Nana said don't do. He's not sure what she'd think about this.

Leverage, any character, before you had a team, bisexuality was the smartest business decision. Now that your life's not in danger, how do you figure out if it's right for you?

Leverage, any character, Five lies s/he wouldn't have told if s/he'd been straight

Leverage, any character, Maybe the team will never be entirely honest, but this doesn’t have to be a secret anymore

Leverage, any character, travelling all over the world, always working alone - picking one label and sticking to it didn't really seem to matter. Now they're supposed to be one person, all of the time, and maybe this is going to take some thought.

Leverage, Eliot Spencer(/Parker/Alec Hardison), Eliot's tough enough that he can usually handle any problem that comes their way, if Hardison can't get rid of it first. But he's never really dealt with homophobia before either.

Leverage, Eliot Spencer/Alec Hardison/Parker/Sophie Devereaux/Nate Ford, How do thieves negotiate the idea of possession in a poly relationship?

Leverage, Eliot, Eliot has slept with a lot of models, he never said they were all women.

Leverage, Eliot, Some days he understands women, some days he doesn't. This usually coincides with whether he feels like a woman that day.

Leverage, Eliot(/Parker/Hardison), Eliot had lots of sex because you couldn’t pick someone up at a bar and ask if you could hold them for an hour. Now that he’s met Hardison, who loves computers more than people, and Parker, who… well he hasn’t really figured her out yet. But maybe they can make this a win/win/win.

Leverage, Eliot/Hardison/Parker, Hardison gets annoyed when Eliot takes issue with them touching during sex. Parker can't always be in the middle like a barrier.

Leverage, Elliot Spencer, Elliot is FtM. How does he deal with Hardison and Parker finding out his history? claimed by error_page

Leverage, Elliot, Elliot isn't used to being around people who encourage him to be himself. (Elliot is G/B/T)

Leverage, Hardison/Elliot/Parker, Hardison is surprised when, after a post-crime celebration, Elliot kisses both him *and* Parker. He thought he was the only queer on the team

Leverage, Hardison/Elliot/Parker, How can Hardison bring home his partners-in-crime - and his male and female lovers - to meet his nana? claimed by M14Mouse

Leverage, Hardison/Parker, He’d be lying if he said he didn’t want to sleep with her, but he loves her anyway. Asexual!Parker.

Leverage, Hardison/Parker, heteromantic-asexual!Hardison/aromantic-bisexual!Parker, Hardison is crazy about Parker, but he doesn't want to have sex. Parker is okay with having sex, but she's never really figured out how relationships are supposed to work.

Leverage, Nate, He was alright with Maggie being bisexual, but he doesn't know if he feels the same with Sophie

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, Nate spent all his life trying to be the good Catholic boy from Boston, even if he knew it wasn't really who he was; he had the wife the kid and the great job... Now that it's all fallen apart, how does he find the strength to finally be himself, especially when the person he's fallen for is as deeply in the closet as he is?

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, Nate spent all his life trying to be the good Catholic boy from Boston, even if he knew it wasn't really who he was; he had the wife the kid and the great job... Now that it's all fallen apart, how does he find the strength to finally be himself, especially when the person he's fallen for is as deeply in the closet as he is?

Leverage, Parker, Parker has always been a tomboy. Now she wants Eliot to teach her how to be a man.

Leverage, Parker, Parker never understood why Eliot thought it was funny she said crime was better than sex. (Asexual Parker)

Leverage, Parker, she doesn't get why it's such a big deal to the team that she got caught making out with a girl. Eliot's done it before, she's made out with Hardison - why should this be different?

Leverage, Parker(/?), Parker doesn't understand why the team (well, Hardison and Eliot anyway) can't seem to figure out that she likes girls too

Leverage, Parker(/Alec Hardison/Eliot Spencer), Sex is sometimes a useful tool, and she likes the kissing, but Parker really isn't interested in sex for its own sake. The others seem to think this has something to do with her childhood - she tries to explain to them that she's not damaged or broken. She knows what she wants and sex isn't a part of it. (It doesn't mean she doesn't love them all the same.)

Leverage, Parker/Sophie, Parker's always known she was pansexual, while Sophie's just finally figuring out who she really is, how do they forge a relationship together while living on the run and going from job to job and con to con

Leverage, Sophie and Nate, Sophie's favorite part of the flirting dance she does with Nate is that they both know nothing will come of it. (Sophie is a lesbian, Nate is gay) 
Leverage, Sophie Devereaux, the characters she's created have various orientations and Sophie Devereaux, who she's been for so long, was firmly heterosexual. But while there are many things about Sophie that she is or wants to be, that isn't one of them.
Leverage, Tara, Tara is having enough trouble gaining trust and acceptance from Nathan's team; she really doesn't want them to know she used to be a man. Problem is, if information exists in electronic form anywhere, Hardison will eventually find it

Leverage, Sophie Devereaux, Sophie is ftm, and has to choose between being himself and being read as an attractive woman capable of manipulating any man into doing his bidding.

Leverage, Sophie, Long before she met Nate the first time, Sophie was actually Steven.

Leverage, Sophie, Nate’s the only man who ever accepted Sophie’s gender identity without the possibility of a payout.

Lewis, James Hathaway & Robbie Lewis, James tells himself Lewis is too old-fashioned to deal with him coming out, but the truth is he's the one who's really struggling to deal with it.

Lewis, James Hathaway: He just wants to be left alone on this issue. Is that so much to ask?

Lie To Me, any character(s), a suspect in a case says that they're LGBT as part of their alibi, even though they're really straight/cis. How does an LGBT employee of the Lightman Group respond to this?

Lie To Me, any character(s), if being abused is something that may make someone become a natural at reading emotions, what does being closeted do to a person?

Lie to Me, any member of the Lightman Group, On trying to be closeted in an environment where everyone is an expert lie detector. Bonus points if the character concocts all sorts of schemes (e.g. drugs, expertly-constructed and practiced lies, etc.) to stay closeted, only to find out in the end that everyone knew all along.

Lie to Me, any member of the Lightman Group, Someone they're interviewing for a case claims not to be LGBT (which is important to the case in some way), but one member of the Lightman Group can tell otherwise. How does this character's own LGBT identity affect hir feelings and ultimate decision re: whether/to whom/etc. to tell the truth?

Lie To Me, Cal Lightman/any man, explaining this to his daughter is not going as well as expected (Bonus points if it's Cal/Richard Castle (Castle) and one daughter takes it well were the other doesn't.)

Lie to Me, Eli Loker, coming out as gay to the rest of the Lightman Group actually is a big deal - none of them figured it out.

Lie To Me, Eli Loker, having a policy of radical honesty doesn't mean that Loker has to be out at work, does it?

Lie To Me, Emily Lightman, Emily's not ready to come out to her parents, but she's well-acquainted with the futility of hiding anything important from her father.

Lie To Me, Gillian Foster, taking her statement of 'I was that [basketball-obsessed] little boy' literally, what was her childhood like? What does it mean to her now?

Little Woman, Professor Bhaer, Sometimes he feels more like the wife than the husband.

Little Women (Louisa May Alcott), Beth March, She never cared to find herself a husband.

Little Women series, Nan Harding and Jo Bhaer , Knowing that Jo was a tomboy and scamp, Nan consults with her about the impossibility of living a traditionally female life (either because she's romantically interested in women or because he's a man, or both). Jo is not as understanding as Nan expected.

Little Women, Amy March, Everyone always said there was something a bit effeminate about Theodore Laurence. To Amy March, that was part of his appeal.

Little Women, Jo Bhaer, Jo can't let anyone know who he truly is, not even his beloved sisters, but Fritz loves him for who he is inside.

Little Women, Jo Bhaer, Just days before Jo March's wedding to Professor Bhaer, she confesses to her brothers-in-law John and Laurie the real reason she's so nervous -- she's actually a he, and has never told anyone. Meg and Amy were never supposed to overhear the conversation, and they were certainly never supposed to tell Fritz. Now all three have to come to terms with Jo's identity and inability to tell them before he becomes a wife, and Fritz realizes that he doesn't care.

Little Women, Jo March, Jo was very serious when she told her family she was the man of the house, though they never really believed her. But everyone said she would never publish a book and she managed to do that, so why should she believe that this is impossible?

Little Women, Jo March, She really loves Laurie, she truly does, but not the way he wants her to.

Little Women, Professor Bhaer, He understood Jo's conflict before Jo did; after all, he'd had an extra decade of experience being a gay man.

Little Women, Professor Bhaer/Jo March, Sometimes people will ask him why he allows his wife to act the way she does. He never knows how to answer.

Locke & Key, Duncan Locke: Drag superstar from an early age.

Locke & Key, Duncan Locke: How does the Gender Key affect his understanding of his own identity?

Locke & Key, Duncan/Brian: If one uncle is good, two must be great.

Locke & Key, Miranda Locke: Now that the Revolutionary War is done, she doesn't have need for the Gender Key. Or does she?

Lola - The Kinks (song), Lola, Some of Lola's backstory, maybe, or how she feels the night she surprises a naive young man who then falls for her even after her big reveal. claimed by life_downsized

Lost Girl, Kenzi, Kenzi had been completely convinced she was straight when she first met Bo, but lately she's started to wonder.

Love! Valour! Compassion!, any character(s), how participating in the gay community shapes self-identity.

Love! Valour! Compassion!, Arthur Pape and Perry Sellars, each getting to know his partner's family.

Love! Valour! Compassion!, Buzz Hauser, seeing gay people everywhere in show business helps him deal with hardly seeing them anywhere in mainstream media.

Love! Valour! Compassion!, Gregory Mitchell and Ramon Fornos, passing the torch; generational differences in the experience of queerness.

Love! Valour! Compassion!, John and James Jeckyll, how each was affected differently by the outbreak of AIDS. claimed by acrossthefloors

Love! Valour! Compassion!, John Jeckyll and Ramon Fornos, John thinking about different kinds of dying too young.

Loveless: Youji/Natsuo, finding the shades of grey. (In regards to gender)claimed by baxaronn

Lucky Starr - Isaac Asimov, Hector Conway/Augustus Henree, What kind of relationship do they have, anyway? And how does it fit into wider concepts of relationships and sexuality in Earth society circa 6945?

M*A*S*H, any character, it's hard enough trying to hide being gay in the army under the best of circumstances, but for some reason M*A*S*H 4077 is making it even harder.

M*A*S*H, Hawkeye, He wants to bring his husband to the next reunion, but is worried about the other's reactions.

Malcolm in the Middle, Jamie and Francis, Jamie's never felt 'right' as a boy; zie finds more than support with Francis - or rather that should be Frances. Looks like Mom gets to have two daughters now.

Malory Towers, Bill/Clarissa, an older Bill and Clarissa reflect upon their life together and the advances of the gay rights movement.

Malory Towers, Bill/Clarissa, Subtle queer mentorship in the dangerous times of the 1950s and 60s, beginning with Miss Peters and continuing at Bill and Clarissa’s riding school.

Marvel (any verse), Steve Rogers, During the war he didn't have time for labels, but these days he's able to use them as a celebration.

Marvel (any verse), Steve Rogers, He's sure people mean well, but he doesn't actually need help in "dealing" or "coming out" just because he is more private than some of his teammates. (Steve's queer identity is up to the author.)

Marvel (any verse), Steve Rogers, Thanks to his close relationship with Bucky Barnes, there have always been rumors about Captain America's sexuality. In the 21st century, bisexual Steve meets someone whose life was positively impacted by having him as a queer role model. claimed by zarabithia

Marvel (Iron Man), Tony Stark, plenty of transwomen act ultra-macho before they come out to themselves...

Marvel (X-Men - any version) any mutant character, An LGBT mutant working for mutant rights stays in the closet; their close friends know s/he does not want to springboard gay rights off mutant rights or vice versa, no matter how much one affects the other in their politics.

Marvel (X-Men - any version), any mutant character, how does a LGBT mutant character feel about attempts to explain the reason for people being LGBT as being totally down to genetics as their mutation is.

Marvel (X-Men - any version), Emma Frost, People seem to accept that she's overly sexual and wears skintight leather and corsets everyday, but the idea she finds other women arousing is too much to take? Please.

Marvel (X-Men - any version), Jean-Paul Beaubier, He wasn't always an out and proud gay mutant superhero. At first he tried to stay inside his closet. But trying to remember who he could be gay in front of, but not a mutant, or vice versa, or neither, soon caused him to crash and burn in spectacular fashion.

Marvel Comics (Comics or movie), Any member of Team X (Wolverine's old black ops team), A mission required them to cross dress. The photos are a bit of a revelation.

Marvel Comics (Howlin' Commandoes) Pinky Perton, the Howlin' commandoes look after their own.

Marvel Comics (Invaders) Any character, at the end of the war the allies liberated the concentration camps and reimprisoned the homosexuals. How do any of the Invaders feel about that, knowing that it's just chance that stopped that being their fate?

Marvel Comics (Invaders) Brian Falsworth, 1930s Berlin Nightlife

Marvel Comics (Invaders) Brian/Roger, honestly anything about the two of them and what they went through together.

Marvel Comics (Invaders) Roger thinking back on how things have changed and how they have not.

Marvel Comics (Invaders) Union Jack/Destroyer, The British LGBT movement

Marvel Comics (Invaders), Bucky Barnes & Invaders, Between his typical middle class, religious upbringing, and his days in the military, Bucky learned from an early age that being queer is not ok. This causes not only issues with Brian and Roger who don't hide their relationship from the other Invader, and Toro who has a badly hidden crush on him, but also himself as he struggles with his feelings for Steve and Toro (please have Bucky be bisexual or pansexual in this- also given the nature of this fest, of course Bucky moving toward self-acceptance is what is being looked for here)

Marvel Comics (Invaders), Jim Hammond (Human Torch I)tries to come to terms with his asexuality in a world that seems primarily motivated by sex, and tries to decide if he thinks it's a flaw in his design, or simply who he is.

Marvel Comics (Invaders): Toro wants to be loved, just not to have sex (asexual, Demisexual, or Grey-A -prompt can be tweaked if needed to fit with Demi and Grey-A)

Marvel Comics (Iron Man), Tony Stark, Tony has transitioned to Natasha, now she has to decide if Iron Man will become Iron Woman, and if she should unmask.

Marvel Comics (Nick Fury and his Howlin' Commandoes) Pinky Perton, Nicky Fury is the first person he's admitted he'd rather have sex with guys to. He honestly thought it would be a bigger deal.

Marvel Comics (or movies) (Spider-Man), Peter Parker/Johnny Storm or Peter Parker/Your Choice, 'Oh, the press is just gonna have a field day with this.' The perils of being outed while very much in the public eye, particularly when the media doesn't have a good relationship with you to begin with. (I think Johnny would be particularly good for this because of his rather different relationship with the press.)

Marvel Comics (Wolverine Origins) Fred Dukes/Jon Wraith, Author's choice.

Marvel Comics (Wolverine Origins), Wade Wilson, shutting his mouth isn't the only way he isn't the perfect soldier.

Marvel Comics (X-Men), Jubilee and Wolverine, Jubilee is questioning her sexuality or identity, and confides in Logan, who tells her a story from his past

Marvel Comics, All Winners Squad Band of Heroes Captain Flame It is hard enough being drafted into the war as a living WMD but being gay in a time when you know most of your unit would turn on you if they knew only adds to the problems especially when you find out your new lover is married to a woman.

Marvel Comics, All Winners/Invaders or any hero from 1950s, Fred Davis warns them that the FBI is looking at them over allegations of their sexuality. How do they react?

Marvel Comics, Any character, five people Logan knew were queer, but didn't say anything about and one he did.claimed by melsheartsthings

Marvel Comics, any character, House of M, when someone has memories of a relationship with another person of the same gender, it makes them start questioning all that they've held true about themselves

Marvel Comics, any queer character, sometimes zie really wants to tell the X-Men to shove their appropriative "minority" status stance, especially when straight cis dudes like Cyclops and Wolverine keep being their spokesmen.

Marvel Comics or Movies, any character, bakery a/u, AU where the team works at an LGBTQ-themed bakery.

Marvel Comics, Arnie Roth, Everything it means to be Captain America's gay best friend.

Marvel Comics, Billy Kaplan and Magneto, Exploring Magneto's relationship to gay people during the Holocaust and afterward and how it relates to his relationship with his grandson.

Marvel Comics, Billy Kaplan, if combing his hair differently makes him too "stereotypically gay" according to anyone, Billy knows that the problem is with them.

Marvel Comics, Brian Braddock/Steve Rogers, "Do you think if we made out on the White House lawn, the politicians in your country would be more or less obnoxious? Also, I know my wife won't care, but do you suppose your girlfriend will?" (in which Captain America and Captain Britain are both bi and possibly poly.)

Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, being sixteen, in the Army, and realising he's gay. (Oh, and there's a war on.)

Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, having missed the gay rights movement altogether, Bucky adjusts to being LGBT in a post-Stonewall America.

Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, Of the many problems that haunt Bucky from his days as the Winter Soldier, one lingering one is his handlers attempt to modify his attraction toward men. This leads to him and Steve (and possibly other heroes, though not the focus) taking a very vocal stance against any sort of conversion therapy aimed at "curing" queerness (assumption is current Bucky/Natasha, Past Bucky/Steve, possibly current Bucky/Steve/Natasha if that works for the fic).

Marvel Comics, Bucky Barnes, That they couldn't change his bisexuality, no matter how hard they tried, was the one act of defiance Winter Soldier was able to show.claimed by comradecourt

Marvel Comics, Cable and Deadpool, Wade Wilson/Nathan Summers, acting married turns out to be a lot easier than getting married (sorry, comics fandom but I've no idea what the universe is called)

Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew, when it all comes down to it, being in love with Jessica feels like it should be complicated but in the end, it just feels like a natural progression of what they are to each other.

Marvel Comics, Clint Barton, the skirt as part of his costume was was his attempt at a subtle clue.

Marvel Comics, Daken, Wolverine, His son’s sexuality is about the only part of his life he doesn’t have issues with.

Marvel comics, Daken/Johnny Storm, They’re both liars, Daken is just honest about it.

Marvel Comics, Foggy Nelson/Matt Murdock, Foggy realised a long time ago that Matt loved him, but he's not sure he wants to tie any more of himself to a man who is so messed up, no matter how much he cares about him.

Marvel Comics, Hank McCoy, Why are people so keen to ignore his “I’m gay” statement from a few years ago, just because he’s dating a female alien.

Marvel Comics, Jacob Casey (the man blue ticketed out of the Navy in Captain America Patriot 3), his life and his influence after death

Marvel Comics, Jim Hammond, People assume that he's straight for a lot of reasons. All of them are wrong (whether he's gay or bisexual is up to the author.)

Marvel Comics, Johnny Storm, five men he slept with that no one knew about and one they did

Marvel Comics, Johnny Storm, The Fantastic Four represent the ideal all-American superhero team/family. Johnny's always felt like this means surpressing parts of himself

Marvel Comics, Johnny Storm, Dying can really change your opinion and what is and isn’t important.

Marvel Comics, Kate Bishop, it hits her several months too late smack dab over the head that she had fallen quietly, deeply in love with Cassie a long time ago. claimed by zarabithia

Marvel Comics, Kid Commandoes, keeping secrets from the Adult Invaders

Marvel Comics, Natasha Romanova, How Natasha's life would be different if she were a lesbian

Marvel Comics, Natasha Romanova, the Black Widow has fallen for her share of women over the years. She's amused by how this always seems to come across as a surprise to people.

Marvel Comics, Northstar + another character, Northstar is openly gay, but he knows another mutant/other mutants who are closeted. He talks with one of these character (your choice, any gender) in a non-shippy way, about his choice to be out.

Marvel Comics, Northstar, being called a walking stereotype bothers him far less than it probably should.

Marvel comics, Quentin Quire; for once in their life Quentin's not trying to make a capital-S Statement or strike a rebellious pose by coming out, but the hard part is getting other people to believe it.

Marvel comics, Quentin Quire; if you get to choose your own name, why in God's name would you keep it up with the alliteration?

Marvel Comics, Reed Richards/Sue Storm, Reed may be asexual, but he loves his wife and is willing to do anything that makes her happy; he just worries that she needs a spontaneous passion that he can't provide.

Marvel Comics, Sabretooth, because Logan doesn't have pig tails to pull, and he didn't notice when he tried being nice to him

Marvel Comics, Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, An issue of the Avengers tells us that Sam's parents were very open and tolerant towards most things. Likewise, Steve is pretty accepting of differences. Despite their other differences and conflicts, that makes the actual getting together go pretty smoothly. So for Sam and Steve, it is both amusing and irritating when people automatically assume otherwise.

Marvel Comics, Sharon Carter/Natasha Romanoff, the first person Sharon came out to was her aunt and rolemodel. Natasha didn't have anything like that experience. It doesn't affect their relationship at all.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, Drag balls and cross dressing before, during and after the war. claimed by cat_13145

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, he's not suffering from internal homophobia or biophobia or anything else. He just doesn't get why he has to come out to anyone who isn't his partner.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, how Steve spent four hours in a queer bookshop, and why he blew most of his last pay cheque on post-modernist queer theory.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, it's so amazing to be able to finally talk about who he loves, he can't seem to stop.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, love, politics and duty as a bisexual man in the Depression, the War and 21st Century

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, Steve finally opens his eyes to his queer identity and realizes that may be the reason he's never been able to settle down with a woman.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, Steve makes an "It Get's Better" video.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, Steve's first Gay Pride.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, Steve's reaction to DADT being repealed.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, the younger generation's attempts to lecture him on the proper way of being queer is both sweet and intrusive.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers, Yes, Namor's haughty revelation to that homophobic politician that the heroes of WWII frequently had homosexual orgies did shut them up. But now they have to deal with the actual fall-out.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/any, his boyfriend's attempts to read up on Steve's time period are sweet, really. But Steve wishes that people in the 21st century would realize that what historians have captured of queer culture in the 1930s and 1940s is an incomplete picture and does not reflect the queer culture of everyone who lived then - including Steve.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/author's choice, being gay was completely illegal in Steve's time. He's still adjusting to the present day.

Marvel Comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Steve has always maintained that his sexual orientation -- and his relationship with Tony -- is a private matter. But with so many states passing laws against gay rights, he decides he's morally obligated to go public. Tony's not so sure it's a good idea.

Marvel comics, Steve, The ability to serve his country wasn't the only reason he'd risk his life taking the serum (Steve is trans).

Marvel comics, Steve/Tony, Steve loves performing cunnilingus on his husband - or the other way around.

Marvel Comics, Steve/Tony, Upon learning of their relationship, conservatives start to push for Steve to give up the costume.

Marvel Comics, Susan Storm, How the Fantastic Four would be different if Sue were a lesbian

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, Iron man being Bi was almost expected, but Captain America being gay?

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, "I've slept with women while I was blind drunk too, but you don't see that explained away as an drunken binge"

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, Tony is bi. Tony can be promiscuous Those are two separate things.

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, Tony is bisexual but has never been open about it due to his father's homophobia, which caused a lot of abuse when Howard suspected something was going on between Tony and Tiberius Stone. Tony struggles through adolescence and adulthood, trying to keep one side of his sexuality hidden and fight the feelings he has for some of the men in his life.

Marvel Comics, Tony Stark, Tony likes sex, you feel good and makes someone else feel good and there is usually touching (Tony loves touching), but sometimes he wonders why everyone seems to treat it as the be all end all of human interaction.

Marvel Comics, Toro Raymond, It's easy to look back on the past and think that being queer in the middle of War was terrible, and in a lot of ways it was. But the open acceptance of Toro's loving men and women almost makes (current queer teen character of your choice) jealous.

Marvel Comics, Toro Raymond, Toro has been living with Andy for a very long time, when Andy begins to transition to Anne. They're both determined to still make the relationship work though.

Marvel Comics, Toro Raymond, When people find out that he and Bucky were together during the war, even his closest allies assume Toro's wife was a "beard." They're wrong, but that doesn't make him straight or confused, either. (Toro is Bi.)

Marvel Comics, Toro, when he heard what Jeff Macey (the patriot) had to say, it was the first time he realised that it was O.K. to like other men, that your friends could still support you.

Marvel Comics, Thomas "Toro" Raymond and Anne Raymond, Toro was gay and Anne was a lesbian, and their marriage was one between friends to get nosy government spies off Toro's back. Now that Toro's come back from the dead, Anne's with a woman and Toro is free to find love with a man.

Marvel Comics, Toro(/Anne Raymond), getting involved with the gay rights movements in the early sixties, because being married doesn't make you straight.

Marvel Comics, X-men (Comicverse) Alison Blaire Everyone seems to assume that she and Jean-Paul are such good friends because they are both very famous mutants, no one seems to get that for the first time she can relax and just be herself no questions asked, no expectations.

Marvel Comics , X-men (Comicverse) Jean-Paul Beaubier He and his sister didn't know about each other until they were recruited by Hudson for Alpha Flight. How does he come out to his team and the sister he never knew he had?

Marvel Comics, Walter Langowski, he’s back in the “right body”, so why does he feel so wrong?

Marvel Comics , X-men (Comicverse) Wanda Langowski She died a man, came back a woman and is realizing that she's more comfortable being Wanda then she ever was being Walter. It hurts that Jeanne-Marie rejected her and she's not sure what to make of her attraction to Jean-Paul.

Marvel Comics , X-men (Comicverse)Jean-Paul Beaubier, any character Jean-Paul has referred to himself in canon as a "freak among the freaks" but he also has a strong personality and refuses to back down about what he believes in. His attitude inspires another character to come out, how does he feel about this?

Marvel Comics, X-Men, Anole (Victor Borkowski), Santo "outs" him. Everyone had figured it out already and the only embarrassment is that Santo hadn't.

Marvel Comics , X-Men, Jean-Paul Beaubier, He wasn't always an out and proud gay mutant superhero. At first he tried to stay inside his closet. But trying to remember who he could be gay in front of, but not a mutant, or vice versa, or neither, soon caused him to crash and burn in spectacular fashion

Marvel Comics , X-Men, Kyle Jinadu/Jean-Paul Beaubier, Kyle is a legally-married American citizen, but as far as the federal government is concerned, his husband is in the country illegally. How do they cope with the injustice of Northstar's potential deportation?

Marvel Comics , X-Treme X-Men, James Howlett, Howlett accepted the closet as a necessary evil that gave him the chance to protect and lead the Dominion of Canada. Then he met Hercules, and the decision wasn't so easy anymore.

Marvel Comics , Yelena Belova, asexuality and the expectations that come along with holding the mantle of the Black Widow.

Marvel Comics , Young Avengers, Any, The team discovers Cap is queer and closeted. They react.

MCU; any/all Asgardians; orientation is a slightly different question for an alien species that lives for centuries

MCU; any SHIELD agent; traditionally, not straight agents were barred from the highest security clearances. But SHIELD has always circuited the rules, and outright broken them, when they saw fit.

Marvel Movies (Avengers ) , Tony & Thor, Tony's always been known as a ladies man. Nobody expect Thor to be just his type... not even him.

Marvel Movies (Avengers ) : Tony Stark, Steve Rogers. Steve doesn't have a clue what to call this thing between him and Tony, but that doesn't stop him from wanting whatever it is.

Marvel Movies (Avengers movie verse), assorted characters, the clash between Thor's classical Norse views, Captain America's forties values, and the modern world's values--and how that affects the LGBT members of the team.

Marvel Movies (Avengers) Bruce/Tony Bruce doesn’t think it’s safe for him to date and he’s always assumed he was straight, except the more time he spends with Tony the more attractive Bruce finds him. Tony’s bisexual, but only out to the friends he trusts. How do they make it work?

Marvel Movies (Avengers) Clint Barton, Hawkeye Finding to the words to explain that attraction to him isn’t about looks or personality, but it’s about his ability to trust the other person.

MCU; Christine Everheart; even feminists who went to Brown can take a while to sort out their sexuality/identity. [author's choice]

MCU; Clint Barton; contrary to popular opinion, Clint's visits to his favourite gay bar? For friends, beer, cards, and playing pool. Hook-ups are mostly for other places.

MCU; Clint Barton & Natasha Romanoff; friendship is when he knows that she doesn't judge him over being ace, and when she knows that he's safe to admit that she is lesbian.

MCU: Clint Barton; being a guy isn't a 24/7 thing.claimed by error_page

MCU: Clint Barton; Everyone else thinks Clint is a guy. Clint doesn't really bother correcting them.claimed by lar_laughs

MCU; Clint Barton/Natasha Romanoff; just because they are in a romantic relationship with each other doesn't mean that they aren't queer.

Marvel Movies (Avengers) Phil Coulson and Pepper Potts They talk about everything. He’s dating Clint and Natasha while Pepper is dating Tony who is also dating Rhodey. They share the ups and down of their relationships, give advice and support to one another.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Clint & Natasha, they are both aromantic and asexual, but they're okay with people describing them as "partners".

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Darcy Lewis/Sif, Darcy's never been with a woman before, but Sif's sudden entrance into her life makes her realize she might not be as straight as she always thought.

Marvel Movies, Howard Stark, the reason he was tough on his son was he didn’t want Tony to have to go through what he did

Marvel Movies, Howard Stark, just because he married Maria does not make his feelings for Steve any less valid.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Maria Hill/Natasha Romanova, Natasha is aromantic and Maria is best described as career-sexual. That doesn't mean they're not committed to each other - Natasha respects people who will kill her if necessary, after all.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Peter Parker and Steve Rogers, After a blind date gone wrong - you guys have so much in common! You're both from New York, you're both in your twenties, and you both like art - Steve and Peter don't expect to see much of each other. Neither one is entirely sure how Peter ends up being Steve's guide to modern gay New York.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), pretty much everyone, Six Avengers, three SHIELD agents, nine ways of being queer.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), someone objects to Logan joining the Avengers because they're afraid that his heightened senses may pick up what they've managed to hide from everyone.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers, He's nervous and excited about his first time with a woman. But that doesn't mean that all the times with men didn't mean anything.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers, Steve watches a lot of news and he knows this whole "we're fine with queer people" stuff isn't exactly true so he'd like it if people would quit acting like it was just his time period that was awful.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter, Upon waking up, Steve discovers that Peggy's relationships with Nick Fury, Howard Stark and Maria Stark and realizes that of all the people he could have confided in about Bucky, she would have understood the best.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers/Thor, "No, we've discussed this before. The Avengers cannot declare war on an entire political party."

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Steve Rogers/Tony Stark; The team helps Steve accept his sexuality. He's not as subtle as he thinks. (I hope this one is mostly warm and fuzzy feelings.)

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Thor, Yes, Thor likes having sex with men and women. He's not really sure why people keep bringing up Loki's incident with the horse when he tells them, though. claimed by anassa_anemou

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Tony is outed as Bi-sexual by one of his exes (Tiberius Stone is my personal choice, but I'm happy to hear others) how does it change the way people view Iron Man?

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, Tony stopped trying to live up to his father’s expectations years ago. He’s rich, he’s a genius and he’ll do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Except men. But that doesn't count. Because he doesn't want to. And because it's a Bad Idea. And because… yeah, okay, maybe he does have just a few residual issues there.

Marvel Movies (Avengers), Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, Tony had never came out to his father, for fear of disapproval. When he finds out that Steve and Howard were happily together during the war as part of a poly relationship with Bucky and Peggy, he has even more reason to resent and dislike Steve than he already did.

Marvel Movies (Captain America) James Falsworth, in an attempt to build trust, the Howlin' Commandoes each agree to tell something that they've never told anyone else. James is worried because he doesn't think that most of their secrets could get them court martialled.

Marvel Movies (Captain America), Steve Rogers and the Avengers, Fury doesn't want any trouble with public relations so he holds a sensitivity training seminar for the Avengers. Many were expecting Steve to not take some parts well, they were surprised

Marvel Movies (Captain America), Steve/Bucky, In the modern world, history authors realize that when Captain America's only special request was that a certain James Buchanan Barnes was always stationed with him, it strongly suggested homosexual leanings.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man) Rhodey/Pepper/Tony Despite Tony’s constant flirting Rhodey has been careful that his relationship to Tony is perceived as nothing more than friendship. Even with DADT repealed he doesn’t think the military will approve of him dating Tony and Pepper.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), James Rhodes(/Tony Stark), Rhodey lived under DADT for half his life. Rhodey has been friends with Tony for half his life. All the public womanizing that comes along with being Tony's friend also makes Tony a safe person to crush on... until the repeal, when Rhodey can finally do something about it. How does Rhodey navigate finally being able to be honest about how he feels? How DOES he feel? Gen, slash, or unrequited. Tony/Pepper welcome.

MCU; James "Rhodey" Rhodes; the habits of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" are hard to shake.

MCU; Jane Foster; her tastes in men don't reflect her tastes in women.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, Pepper tries to keep it secret when she starts dating a woman, because she's sure that Tony's reaction will be crude and offensive.

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, Pepper's ex-girlfriend is Tony's date to the Tonys (or other event). Jealousy sparks off revelations and discussions ('Why didn't you tell me?' 'I'm too busy cleaning up your messes to want to let you know about mine.')

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Pepper Potts, She's gotten used to herding girls out the door in the morning. It's mostly not a problem, but sometimes, she finds herself agreeing with Tony's taste - and maybe being a little jealous he got to them first

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Rhodey, everyone assumes that Rhodey's straight, but they wouldn't be surprised if he'd once had a fling with Tony; the irony is that Rhodey is the one who swings that way, and Tony was the one who had to let him down gently.claimed by zarabithia

Marvel Movies (Iron Man), Tony Stark, The paparazzi follow him everywhere and he has an image to keep up, even if Pepper promises no one will find out that he didn't bring home a woman this time.

Marvel Movies, Pepper Potts/Tony Stark/Natasha Romanoff, Pepper's not sure what's more insulting - when people insinuate that she got her job by fucking Tony or when they say that her relationship with Natasha is for him. claimed by arsenicjade

Marvel Movies, Steve Rogers, Steve's asexual and it's incredible to finally have a word to describe what he's always felt.

Marvel Movies, Tony Stark, "I've slept with women while I was blind drunk too, but you don't see that explained away as a drunken binge"

Marvel Movies, Tony/Pepper, Tony and Pepper have begun a relationship and though Tony knew Pepper was ace, now they have to find their way with what they are both comfortable with. Bonus for Tony worrying he's pushing Pepper beyond her comfort zone.

MCU; Steve Rogers; bi!Steve, and the queer subculture of 30s/40s Brooklyn

MCU; Pepper Potts; she had decided not to tell anyone that she was MtF - but she finds herself changing her mind.

MCU; Natasha Romanoff; "coming out" as lesbian is a bit hard when you can't "come out" as a spy in the first place, even if you want to.

MCU; Natasha Romanoff; she uses aliases with her girlfriends, just like she uses aliases for the rest of her life.

MCU; Natasha Romanoff; gender is just as fluid as everything else in Romanoff's life.claimed by sharpeningthebones

MCU: Natasha Romanoff; she was born Nikolai.

MCU; Peggy Carter; she had an affair with Howard Stark, and fell in love with Steve Rogers, and she utterly owned her sexuality when it came to women, too. Propriety be damned.

MCU; Loki; The Jötunn do not have gender as the Asgardians understand it, and that really didn't help Loki's identity issues/sense of fitting in.

MCU; Laufey; "King" is a gendered, Asgardian mangling of Laufey's true title.

MCU; Maria Hill; it's not that she's focused on her career and her job to the exclusion of relationships - she genuinely doesn't see the need for a romantic relationship. With anyone.

MCU; Maria Hill; just because she wears a uniform to work and is no-nonsense doesn't mean she's butch on her time-off.

MCU; Pepper Potts; she is asexual; this doesn't mean she doesn't get jealous.

MCU: Pepper Potts; being asexual has got nothing to do with her love of pretty clothes.

Mass Effect, any Asari, prefers using male pronouns when dealing with bigendered species as opposed to the majority of his species who use female pronouns.

Mass Effect, Female Shepard/Tali, Tali teaches Shepard about how to take of the Normandy's engines and a few other things.

Mass Effect, Jack/Miranda, the night at Commander Shepard's party takes some surprising twists and turns that have both of them questioning more than each other's choice in wardrobe.

Mass Effect, Shepard, MtF trans!Shepard, The boy she keeps seeing/dreaming about in ME3 is the boy she used to be, when she had a male body, and that is the shape the catalyst takes at the end.

Matilda, Agatha Trunchbull, Years and years later, she realizes that being a closeted lesbian may have be hard, but it is *not an excuse.* She tries to make amends.

Matilda, Jenny Honey, Miss Honey always promised herself that when she was free from Aunt Trunchbull, she'd find herself a nice woman and settle down. Or at least start dating. Or at least go out to a bar once in awhile. But now she finds herself the mother of a six-year-old. Are her dreams still possible? claimed by perfectworry and bring_me_sugar

Maurice, Alec Scudder, he can't quite stop trying to think of one of them as the wife, for all Maurice's talk of friends.

Maurice, Alec Scudder, he's never been in a relationship before, girl or boy; it's not entirely what he'd expected.

Maurice, Clive Durham, it's a bit of a relief, really, that Anne's too proper to show interest in the whole... sex thing; he had thought, once, that his reluctance with Maurice was because they were both men. (Clive as bi-romantic asexual)

Maurice, Kitty Hall, no one in the family ever knew that there were two queer Hall siblings. claimed by queen_ypolita

Maurice, Maurice Hall/Alec Scudder, Maurice had nearly forgotten that he had once seen Alec enjoying the favours of two women at the same time, it hadn't seemed relevant for years.

Merlin, any characters, Camelot has a GSA. Who's in it, is it well-known or secret (or both) and how does it change over the years?

Merlin, any female character, nobody in Camelot seems to mind if fall in love with another woman, provided that eventually you get married and have kids. How long is it possible to put off 'eventually'?

Merlin, Arthur ?/ Merlin, Merlin is the only one who knows he’s actually a woman, and that can never change.

Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, being gay and in the closet means his desires take him to seedier places each time.

Merlin, Arthur (Arthur/Merlin optional), Uther knows that Arthur is interested in men, and accepts it as long as Arthur is willing to keep it a secret and get married. But for Arthur, the issue isn't whether he can live by these terms but whether he's okay with receiving such conditional acceptance from his father

Merlin, Arthur (Arthur/Merlin optional), Uther knows that Arthur is interested in men, and accepts it as long as Arthur is willing to keep it a secret and get married. But for Arthur, the issue isn't whether he can live by these terms but whether he's okay with receiving such conditional acceptance from his father

Merlin, Arthur Pendragon, 'You're gay? But you're a guy's guy!' Somehow, it's harder coming out to new people when you don't look stereotypically gay.

Merlin, Arthur, (Canon or modern) When Uther asks if Arthur is straight, she's able to look him in the eyes and honestly say yes.

Merlin, Arthur, (Modern AU) How does the world react to the first openly gay monarch?

Merlin, Arthur, the regard of his people means more to him than almost anything, and that is why the truth can never come out

Merlin, Arthur/Gwen and Arthur/Merlin, How do the people/ the aristocracy take it that their king has not only married a woman, but publicly taken a male lover?

Merlin, Arthur/Lancelot, the real reason they were never quite as close as they should have been was that Arthur knew he wouldn't be able to resist temptation.

Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Gwen, Arthur and Merlin are in a relationship prior to his marriage to Gwen, and it continues during the marriage, with Gwen’s knowledge and consent.

Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin hadn't considered that he might fall in love with another man, but when he thinks about it, what makes his growing fondness for Arthur any different from love

Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Merlin is MtF and starts using magic to 'fix' his body. Arthur starts noticing that Merlin is starting to look different, and confronts him about it.

Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, Modern AU; Arthur thinks homosexuality is private, Merlin is politically gay. How does that affect their relationship?

Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, there's nothing going on between them, there can't possibly ever be, they both know that, so why does Merlin keep spending nights in Arthur's bed anyway?

Merlin, Elyan, His sister’s not the only one whose love for Arthur is more than that of a servant for a king.

Merlin, ensemble, Merlin hides being magic. Arthur hides being bi. Gwen hides dissatisfaction with gender. Morgana manages to figure it all out.

Merlin, Gwaine, Being GBTQ didn't matter when he never spent more than a week in one place, but now that he's a Knight of Camelot- now that he has so much to lose- how can he tell his friends? Bonus points for having to come out to object of affections as well, but not required.

Merlin, Gwaine, Being GBTQ didn’t matter when he never spent more than a week in one place, but now that he’s a Knight of Camelot- now that he has so much to lose- how can he tell his friends? Bonus points for having to come out to object of affections as well, but not required.

Merlin, Gwaine/other characters, Gwaine doesn't see anything wrong with loving more than one person at a time, but another character/s is/are having trouble understanding and/or accepting it.

Merlin, Gwaine/other characters, Gwaine doesn’t see anything wrong with loving more than one person at a time, but another character/s is/are having trouble understanding and/or accepting it.

Merlin, Gwen/Arthur/Merlin, Triad: After Arthur's return, Merlin and Arthur try to live as a couple on their own and quickly discover they can't. They need Gwen. Not just for her common sense but because they love her. They don't rest until they find her in the present. I'd like both Arthur and Merlin written as bisexual (not straight, not gay), and the relationship between them and Gwen explored as a triad where each party is invested in the two others.

Merlin, Knights of Camelot, there have being so big changes in Camelot since Arthur took the throne, but some of the old ways still remain.

Merlin, Lancelot, It's easier to let people assume he's in love with Gwen. The truth is he barely notices her when Arthur's around.

Merlin, Lancelot, It's easier to let people assume he's in love with Gwen. The truth is he barely notices her when Arthur's around.

Merlin, Leon, As captain of the Royal Guard, Leon is a well-respected public figure with an open-door policy. He's often counseled young knights, citizens, even lords and ladies about private matters.

Merlin, Leon/Gwaine, It’s hard mourning a lover no one else knew you had

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, five Reincarnations where they weren't able to be together and one where they ended up together

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin had hoped that in this modern age, Arthur would be able accept who he was and what he wanted. The scars on Arthur's wrist said it wasn't that simple.

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin had hoped that in this modern age, Arthur would be able accept who he was and what he wanted. The scars on Arthur's wrist said it wasn't that simple.

Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Reincarnation fic- Merlin hoped that coming back in this era would make things between them easier.

Merlin, Morgana or Morgause, coming out to her sister

Merlin, Morgana, running away from Camelot to live as trans or genderqueer

Merlin, Morgana, The irony is that Uther Pendragon actually had two sons.

Merlin, Morgana, there's nothing royalty hates more than a lesbian

Merlin, Morgana/Mithian, At first, she just wanted to hurt Arthur, but this isn't about revenge anymore.

Merlin(BBC), Merlin/Arthur, Reincarnation fic- Merlin hoped that coming back in this era would make things between them easier.

Modern Family: Phil – Claire’s been complaining for weeks now that her clothing and underwear keep getting stretched out so badly she can’t wear them anymore. What she doesn’t know is that Phil’s been wearing them when he’s sure he won’t get caught.

Monk, Monk, Adrian always needed things to be straight. At least he could control that.

Moonrise Kingdom, Sam Shakusky; Sam is FtM transgender, but that doesn't make him less of a Khaki Scout.

Moonrise Kingdom, Suzy Bishop & Sam Shakusky; Suzy and Sam as two girls in the woods, with a relationship they aren't sure they've got the right words for yet

Mulan (Disney), Fa Mulan, She wore the armor for honor and family, but along the way, it started feeling more right than anything ever had

Mulan (Disney), Li Shang, his feelings towards Ping before he knew Mulan was under the armor lead him to realize he's bisexual.

Mulan (Disney), Li Shang, Mulan's a wonderful woman, and he's happy to be married to her. He just found Mulan much more attractive as the male soldier Ping

Mulan (Disney), Li Shang, the moment he saw Ping's womanly figure, he felt disappointment: not that his best soldier was a woman, but because she wasn't the man he'd grown to love.

Mulan (Disney), Mulan/Shang, When he found out Ping wasn't real, Shang was devastated- until Mulan told him that Ping was who she really was inside.

Mulan (Disney), Shang, 'Can I still call you Ping, sometimes?'

Mulan, Li Shang, Mulan is his wife, but Ping is his lover.

My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar Ali/Johnny Burfoot, Now that gay marriage is about to be legalized in England in 2013, Omar and Johnny might finally have their big day.claimed by lonelywalker

My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar Ali/Johnny Burfoot, Omar and Johnny make a pact to come out to their respective families.

My Beautiful Laundrette, Omar Ali/Johnny Burfoot, Omar loves Johnny, but he identifies as bi, not gay, and doesn't understand why that makes Johnny feel so insecure.

Mythology - Egyptian, Amun, no one knows zyr true form, which is both liberating and uncomfortable, because it means using masks to represent zemself, and they are not always understood, even by the other gods.

Mythology - Egyptian, Djehuty (Thoth), Djehuty feels no need to explain how he can be both androgynous and male at the same time and wishes people would just stop asking.

Mythology - Egyptian, Hapi, being a trans* god who is both male, and female, and neither, at the same time.

Mythology - Egyptian, Nit (Neith), sie is two-thirds woman, one-third man, and no one really understands that at all.

Mythology - Egyptian, Set (Seth), being a god of the outsiders, of the marginal places and people, and the mistrust and fear that come with it.

Mythology - Egyptian, Sobek, He is as queerly gendered as his mother, Nit, in his own strange way.

Mythology - Egyptian, Sobek/Heru-sa-Aset (Horus, son of Isis), Heru always intended to take Sobek as his consort when he became King. He didn't expect there'd be so much fuss about it.
Mythology - Egyptian, Wesir (Osiris), a queer version of Wesir's death and rebirth, and what it means to do that as a trans* god.

Mythology - Greek, Aphrodite, Goddess of sex means goddess of all sex, regardless of the gender or between-legs bits of the people involved.

Mythology - Greek, Artemis, She swore never to have sex with a man. She didn't swear never to have sex. Her hunters (Callisto among them) swore the same oath as she.claimed by crossing_hades

Mythology – Greek , Athena, Ze is delighted by a great many of zir clients' inventions, but among the ones ze is particularly enthused about are gender-neutral third-person pronouns and contraception that's more effective than abstinence.

Mythology - Greek, Dionysos; as god presiding over ecstasy and the unexpected, he finds particular favor with a worshipper who's discovering something new about themselves in the frenzy of the Bacchanal.claimed by anassa_anemou

Mythology - Greek, Hera, Being a woman in a monogamous (well, she's monogamous) marriage to a man does not equate to being a heterosexual woman. Bonus points: masturbation to thoughts of someone other than one's spouse is not in fact cheating on one's spouse.

Mythology - Greek, Hestia, The only reason she swore never to have sex was to get everyone off her back about why she didn't want to.

Mythology - Hindu, Amba and/or Shikandi, gender fluidity or outright feeling trapped in the wrong gender. I.e. this can be in either life or in both.

Mythology - Hindu, any, s/he witnesses a gay/lesbian couple of the same gender having sex and begins to realise s/he's attracted to the same sex

Mythology - Hindu, Draupadi, she consents to marry the Pandavas on condition that she be allowed to take a female lover as well (she can be gay or bi)

Mythology - Hindu, Draupadi, she feels like a man

Mythology - Hindu, Krishna/any, being a god means your gender identity is pretty fluid

Mythology - Hindu, Nakul + Sahdev, their first sexual experience tells one or both of them they're gay.

Mythology - Hindu, Sita/any, loving a woman is right and natural and normal

Mythology - Hindu, Yudhistira/any, Yudhistira begins to realise he's attracted to men.


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