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.hack/SIGN: Shoji An (Tsukasa)/Misono Mariko (Subaru), Tsukasa was only male because An picked a male avatar, right? But then, why did Tsukasa's body feel like it fit so much better than hers ever did?

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Helena/Hermia, realizing after they're married to men that their attraction to each other wasn't just a girlish fancy.

A Study in Emerald, Moran/Moriarty, “I have a feeling,’ he said, ‘I have a feeling that we were meant to be together. That we have fought the good fight, side by side, in the past or in the future, I do not know. I am a rational man, but I have learned the value of a good companion, and from the moment I clapped eyes on you, I knew I trusted you as well as I do myself. Yes, I want you with me.” The AU-Victorian subtext of such language, and the reasoning behind it.

A Study in Emerald, Moran/Moriarty, queer life under the Old Ones.

A Wrinkle in Time (movie): Meg Murry(/Calvin O'Keefe), "It's... it's just that I don't fit in my skin anymore. It feels all wrong and creepy."

A-Team (Movie or TV), Murdock (paired or gen), being "crazy" means nobody really notices his sexual fluidity (pansexual and possibly gender queer Murdock?)

A-Team (Movie or TV), Murdock/Face, What having/losing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" means for them.

Ace Attorney, FtM!Ron DeLite, "If you're supposed to be a man, why do you look so much like a girl?" Why Godot's words on 'being a man' meant so much to Ron.

Ace Attorney, FtM!Ron DeLite/Desiree Delite, Desiree supports Ron through transitioning.

Ace Attorney, original Yatagarasu, Is it the Yatagarasu's business to out an anti-gay activist, even if the target's affected them personally?

Ace Attorney, Ron DeLite, DeMasque was a small issue compared to telling his wife that, as much as he loves her and loves having sex with her, he likes men too. Even if she accepts him, he's not sure he could make it through the announcement without his voice giving out...

Aladdin, Jasmine, Jasmine didn't want a prince, not just because all the princes she met were insufferable (which they were) but because she's attracted to women

Alice: Madness Returns, Alice Liddell, The population of Wonderland tend to know Alice's mind better than she does, and aren't shy about telling her about it.

All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre), Agrado, And now she's a star of the stage. (Note to mods, Agrado is canonically a MTF trans character.)

Allo Allo, Gruber, his queer identity under the Nazis

Allo Allo, Gruber, Just because he married Helga, it does not make his feelings for Rene any less real or valid.

Alphas, any Alpha character (canon or original), after Dr. Rosen blows the lid off the Alphas phenomenon, people start comparing having a special ability to being LGBTQ. A LGBTQ character with a special ability isn't particularly a fan of this comparison.

Alphas, Kat, having to rediscover your sexuality every few months isn't quite as bad as people think, especially now that she has something approaching a family.

Amazon Kindle Commercial, Male Kindle Buyer/Husband, Planning their awesome trip together.

Angel, Andrew Wells, In the Season 5 episode 'The Girl in Question,' Andrew was shown going to the opera with two gorgeous women, saying, People change. He didn't mention that one woman was bisexual and the other was physically male, or that the change he was talking about involved accepting his sexuality, not rejecting it

Angel, Angel & Spike, There was lots of guilt involved when Angel got his soul back, but the feelings surrounding his past relationships with men came as a surprise, even more so when he discovers Spike doesn’t have the same issues.

Angel, Angel and/or Spike, Being a vampire means that sexuality is fluid but explaining that to someone you care about isn’t quite so simple.

Angel, Fred, Fred's got what you might call love troubles. She's got feelings for three people, most of all for the only one that isn't 1) available, 2) in love with her, 3) male.

Angel, Fred, people tend to assume certain things about her. Helpless. Harmless. Heterosexual. (bi or pan Fred)claimed by passionfruit_kisses

Animorphs, any Animorph(/any), using morphing the other person/a Frolis manoeuvre as a way to deal with trans* identity. claimed by Shadowsoffense

Animorphs, any Yeerk, changing genders from host to host has made them wonder, too

Animorphs, any, coming out on Valentine's Day

Animorphs, Ax/Tobias, fluff and friendship. Can involve one or both of them dealing with their sexuality. .

Animorphs, Cassie/Niss, sometimes the darkness can/give the brightest light (Nick Drake, "Five Leaves Left")

Animorphs, Essam/Edriss/Allison/Hildy, the two hosts discover gender doesn't matter to their Yeerks. This causes them to wonder about their own (author's choice)

Animorphs, Gafinilan/Mertil pre-#40, how the military deals with homosexuality

Animorphs, Jake/Marco, as if being leader of the Animorphs weren't bad enough, he had to find out he liked Marco, too

Anna Karenina (any medium); Alexei Karenin; he had always been grateful that Seryozha was a boy - while Anna was a beautiful woman, Alexei found the business of conception not at all to his taste.

Anna Karenina (any medium); Kitty Shcherbatskaya; Kitty really couldn't help but be in love with Anna as well, and just a little bit too much for what was socially accepted

Anna Karenina (any medium); Kitty Shcherbatskaya/Konstatin Levin; adjusting to the earthly side of marriage is a little harder than Levin first thought. {ace!hetroromantic!Levin]

Anne of Green Gables Series, Walter Blythe, Walter's queer experience is discovered and celebrated through poetry.

Anne of Green Gables, Anne Shirley, Anne asks Rev. Allen if he will marry her to Diana when they grow up.claimed by philosapphic

Anne of Green Gables, Matthew Cuthbert, there was never a girl but once there had been a boy claimed by preuxfledge (godsdaisiechain)

Anne of Green Gables: Anne Shirley/Diana Barry, in the end, it was Diana and Anne together, just as it should have been in the beginning.

Anne of Green Gables: Rilla Blythe, Figuring out that you're in love with the woman who should have married your dead brother is not the best way to discover your sexuality.

Anne of Green Gables: Rilla of Ingleside: Una Meredith/Rilla Blythe, Part of what Walter died for had to include the right to be happy, didn't it?

Anne of Green Gables: Walter Blythe and Una Meredith, In which Walter lives, he and Una do get married and they live happily ever after - with a little help from Una's girlfriend and Walter's boyfriend.

Any (supernatural-themed) fandom, a character returns from the dead with different ideas about their orientation or gender identity. Did they 'come back wrong' or are they just finally discovering who they really are?claimed by elliemurasaki

Any (US)-military fandom, any character, negotiating keeping the relationship secret when only one of them has to be in the closet because of their job

Any applicable fandom, any character, what it means for an LGBT person to have 'one of us' on the TV (or fandom suitable equivalent).

Any children's television show, any children's presenter, being queer and deciding to come out (or not).

Any comedy fandom, any comedian, just because you're gay doesn't mean it should be the only thing you're allowed to make jokes about.

Any comedy RPS fandom, any characters, all the fans thinks your comedy partner is the 'gay one', and the more they joke about it, the more they fap about it on the internet, the more you want to yell at them who you really are. claimed by Concupisence66

Any cop fandom, any character. Being LGBT does not automatically make one an expert on all related topics, but the rest of the team/squad seems to think it should.

Any cop show, any character, A case involving queer victims/themes/writer's choice hits too close to home for a (closeted?) cop.

Any fandom set in high school, any character, an athlete comes out to hir same-sex teammates. claimed by delta_dawn_rose

Any fandom with aliens, any character(s), When someone is heterosexually attracted to their own species, but homosexually attracted to another, are they still considered bisexual? Bispecial? A character considers labels.

Any Fandom with Alternate Universes, any characters, Character X learns that an alternate version of them is/was in a same-sex relationship and begins to question their sexuality.

Any fandom with time travel, any character, in the future, there is no such thing as sexual identity; people simply do not identify themselves that way. A time travelling lgbt-person finds it hard to come to terms with this.

Any fandom with world/dimension/universe/planet-hopping, any character, How does a queer character who splits their time between two or more very different societies with different ideas about gender and sexuality construct their identity differently in each one? Or is it that different, really?

Any fandom, any asexual (but not aromantic) character, Exploring the boundaries of what kind of physical expressions of affection are enjoyable to them, and the problems of doing that with a partner who may not understand that these expressions are not a prelude to sex.

Any Fandom, any asexual but not aromantic character, It's really awkward how people think affection and sex are the same thing.

Any Fandom, Any Asexual Character, Just because they don't like having sex doesn't mean they can't be kinky.

Any fandom, any characters, a romantic asexual and a sexual try to negotiate a relationship that works for them both

Any fandom, any bi/pan/omnisexual character, being excluded because of one's orientation sucks, no matter how it's sliced, but being declared "not gay enough" for one's local queer community is just salt in the wound.

Any fandom, any butch lesbian character, Feeling ugly and desexualised in mainstream society.

Any fandom, any canonically gay adult character, they thought they were finished with figuring out their identity years ago, but now they have feelings and they don't know if they're okay with an evolving sexual identity or whether they want to be bisexual or if they even have a choice in the matter or what.

Any fandom, any canonically gay character, having a relationship with a trans* person doesn't make them any less gay ... right? (any position on the trans* spectrum is OK with prompter)

Any fandom, Any character 40+, Questioning your sexuality after over two decades of not questioning is hard especially when no one believes you. But sometimes all it takes is one person to care enough to listen.claimed by eerian_sadow

Any fandom, any character in a high school/college canon; nobody understands how it's easier to be openly queer on-campus than openly queer to your own parents.

Any fandom, any character with an addiction: It was a lot easier when they could sleep with someone of the same sex and then blame it on the booze in the morning. Now that they're in recovery, how can they come to terms with their sexuality?

Any fandom, any character, 'asexual' does not mean 'straight.'

Any fandom, any character, ‘Straight for you.’

Any fandom, any character, "I cannot tell what this love may be / That cometh to all but not to me"

Any fandom, any character, "It's not enough anymore just to have friends represent us. No matter how good that friend may be." -Harvey Milk

Any fandom, any character, "Not all trans guys were lesbians first, you know." A nonstandard (FtM) trans narrative.

Any fandom, any character, “I’m not gay, I’m bi.” Character feels that it’s important for him/her to be identified/to identify as bi as opposed to gay. But lately all hir partners have been same-sex so everyone just automatically assumes s/he’s gay. Having to correct even hir closest friends is becoming frustrating.

Any fandom, any character, (formerly straight) ardent LGBT supporter realizes he/she's gay and worries this weakens their argument for gay rights.

Any fandom, any character, a bisexual character explains mathematically why being bi doesn’t double one’s chances of a date.

Any fandom, any character, a bisexual character explains mathematically why being bi doesn’t double one’s chances of a date.

Any fandom, any character, a bisexual character is tired of people assuming that being out of the closet or identifying as queer isn't important to them.

Any Fandom, Any character, A bisexual character struggles with his or her partner's jealousy. If he or she was completely straight or gay, would that mean his or her lover would only be jealous of HALF the human race?

Any fandom, any character, a bisexual or pansexual character wants to be open about being poly, but doesn’t want to be seen as or perpetuate a stereotype.

Any fandom, any character, A character in a monogamous relationship confronts bisexual invisibility.

Any fandom, any character, A character passes for gay to hide the fact that they're having pretty serious issues with their gender identity

Any fandom, any character, A character self-identifies as bisexual but publicly identifies as gay for social or political reasons.

Any fandom, any character, A character struggling with the perception everyone else has of them, that they couldn't possibly be gay/bisexual.

Any fandom, any character, A character tells their friend they’re trans and receives a warm response, but has to explain again because their friend got it wrong. Example: The friend thinks a passing MtF is actually an FtM who hasn't started transitioning. Which direction the change is and whether there’s a transition or not is author’s choice.

Any fandom, any character, a character who has always seemed to be straight finds they're bisexual, deals with biphobia, and people automatically assuming that they have 'gone gay'.

Any fandom, any character, a character wrestles with their desire to live freely as an LGBT person and their reluctance to 'come out' to their own family, thinking it isn't their business.

Any fandom, any character, a flirty social asexual and a cold, intellectual pansexual. Break me some stereotypes. claimed by lexigent and kikibug13

Any fandom, any character, a gay or bi FtM character becomes pregnant and tries to cope with how that affects gender roles in his relationship.claimed by ang_the_adverse

Any fandom, Any character, A gay/lesbian/bisexual character who finds support and comfort in his or her religious community.

Any Fandom, any character, a multisexual character in a long-term monogamous heterosexual relationship makes the decision to come out to hir kid(s).

Any fandom, any character, A newly out person (can be any gender or sexual identity) still finding the edges of themselves attends (or tries to attend) a Pride celebration, and what that does for their sense of self and belonging. claimed by cj

Any fandom, any character, a non-op transperson or a genderqueer person doesn't tell their significant other because it'll just cause too much trouble. They're shocked when their partner comes out to them, instead.

Any fandom, any character, A post-transition character has to pretend to be their former gender for a short time (undercover, passing, etc.). How does this make him/her feel?

Any fandom, any character, A self-professed poly character finds themselves unexpectedly jealous of a lover's second relationship.

Any fandom, any character, a severely closeted bisexual character comes out to a gay character expecting support, but but is met with biphobia instead.

Any fandom, any character, A specifically gay or lesbian character finds themself attracted to/in a relationship with someone who doesn't identify with a male or female gender.

Any Fandom, any character, a tendency to flirt shamelessly with anything that moves is making it really hard to convince people that sie is asexual, but sie's not going to stop.

Any fandom, any character, a trans character finds the thing people find hardest to understand about their transitioning is that yes, they are gay now.

Any fandom, any character, A year after s/he comes out to his/her parents over the phone, s/he brings his/her boyfriend to visit his hometown. His/her parents are supportive, but many people from his past are not.

Any fandom, any character, after *insert cliche here* causes them to lose their memory, they have to come to terms with their sexuality again.claimed by lah_mrh

Any Fandom, Any Character, After a magical accident/mysterious artefact/fandom appropriate incident turns everyone a different colour depending on their sexuality, people want to know why character X hasn't changed at all. (Character X is asexual)claimed by gladdecease

Any fandom, any character, After identifying as asexual for so long, being in a romantic relationship begins awakening entirely new desires. What is this new and mysterious thing called demisexuality?

Any fandom, any character, Agreeing to an open relationship worked in theory- the reality is a bit more difficult.

Any fandom, any character, all the little things one doesn't think about before starting to question one's gender identity.

Any Fandom, Any Character, Although they're queer, they really don't look or act it at all. Which sounds like a great deal, right up until they can't find a place within what is theoretically their own community.

Any fandom, any character, Always living in the grey spaces - whether it's being bisexual, trans, gender queer, etc (or more than one), sometimes ze wishes ze was part of the binary. claimed by samuraiter

Any fandom, any character, An ace (asexual) character views sex as simply the necessary currency of love to keep their non-ace lover happy. It's not that they hate it, it's just that they wouldn't complain if the person they loved never wanted sex again. Ever. They have to explain to their non-ace partner why not being lust-crazed doesn't mean they aren't madly in love.

Any Fandom, any character, An asexual and aromantic character strives to prove that zie is not miserable just because zie's never been in a relationship or had sex.

Any fandom, any character, an asexual character finds sex tolerable but dull. How does their sex partner keep it entertaining for both of them?

Any fandom, any character, an asexual dating service.

Any fandom, any character, an asexual feeling unwelcome in an LGBT community that refuses to consider them queer.

Any fandom, any character, an asexual wishes they could go to the local bar and pick someone up just for cuddling.

Any fandom, any character, an asexual wishes they could go to the local bar and pick someone up just for cuddling.

Any fandom, any character, An MtF person applies to a women's college.

Any fandom, any character, an older queer person tries to convince a younger one to stay in. The younger one tries to convince them to come out. (The two are not in a romantic/sexual relationship.)

Any Fandom, Any Character, Any point on the queer spectrum: Finding a place within the queer community is hard, when one sees one's queerness as no more or less important than any other aspect of one's identity.

Any fandom, any character, becoming politically active after coming out.

Any fandom, any character, being bisexual doesn't mean they aren't picky.

Any fandom, any character, being gay doesn't necessarily mean s/he has a girl/boyfriend, and s/he's a little annoyed that no one takes his/her coming out seriously because of that.

Any Fandom, any character, Being gay isn't easy even when you're beautiful, but it sure helps. Tell me the story of a GLBT person who doesn't fit conventional standards of beauty - but is totally awesome anyway.

Any fandom, any character, Being LGBT and an introvert, outside anything anyone would call a scene, making a community where you find it.

Any Fandom, any character, being married to [the character's] (opposite-sex) high school sweetheart made [the character's] bisexuality/pansexuality/fluid sexuality more theoretical than anything else... until [the character's] spouse brings up the idea of polyamory and opening up their relationship.

Any fandom, any character, Being queer and mentally ill, and knowing the difference between the two. claimed by sailorptah

Any Fandom, any character, bringing home her first girlfriend to meet the parents was much, MUCH easier than bringing home her current girlfriend AND boyfriend (pronouns for clarity, switch as inspired).

Any Fandom, Any character, Calling it the male gaze implies that I'm not getting a hell of a lot out of the fanservice and trust me, I AM.

Any fandom, any character, Character is a werewolf, and their sexuality is also dependent on the phase of the moon. claimed by ladyoneill

Any fandom, any character, Character X decides/is dared to experiment with homosexuality by kissing (or whatever) a friend who is known to be gay/bi/etc. Friend is hurt when Character X reverts firmly to heterosexuality, possibly acting cruelly toward their friend, while they process the fact that they enjoyed the experiment a lot more than they expected.

Any Fandom, Any Character, Character X had no problem with being Bi, the problem was dealing with the rest of the world. How do they deal with the fact that they may never have to lie about their sexuality to keep peace in the family or stay out of uncomfortable/unsafe situations but that doesn't mean its the whole true.

Any fandom, any character, Character X has grown up in a very accepting, loving home. When xe came out to hir parents (as L,G,B, or T), there was no fuss, no drama -- until xe wanted to be an activist in the LGBT rights movement. Believing that 'it's not so bad anymore, hir parents don't see why xe has to raise a fuss' and make trouble where there isn't any. How does Character X deal with being accepted for being queer, but not for being an activist?

Any fandom, any character, Character X struggled to come to terms with their feelings for a same sex love interest. Discovering that their love interest was crossdressing all along leaves Character X feeling relieved *and* disappointed

Any fandom, any character, Coming out is one thing--changing her/his behavior is another. Even if they're out in a welcoming community, they never quite stop flinching. How does s/he deal with the difference between theoretically knowing they're welcome not to conform and actually not conforming?

Any fandom, any character, coming out to your best friend

Any fandom, any character, Coming out to your spouse means having your heart in your throat.

Any fandom, any character, Coming out via Facebook, Twitter, etc.claimed by philosapphic

Any fandom, any character, coming out via music.

Any fandom, any character, Coming out was one thing, but it’s a lot harder to tell your friends that you’re poly, too.

Any fandom, any character, coming out was the easy part. Staying out is the harder part.

Any fandom, any character, convinced that it's easier to be gay than a straight transperson, a character pretends to be the former while denying his or her true nature.

Any fandom, any character, dealing with being genderfluid

Any fandom, any character, Does it strengthen or threaten their gay identity when they fall in love with a non-op transperson?

Any fandom, any character, Does it strengthen or threaten their gay identity when they fall in love with a non-op transperson?

Any fandom, any character, down on our shield

Any fandom, any character, Everyone sees your 'gay' marriage as a beautiful achievement for human rights...so how do you tell them it was actually a straight marriage?

Any fandom, any character, Facebook has a tick-box that says 'interested in men'/'interested in women'. Coming out probably isn't going to be that easy.

Any fandom, any character, Feeling isolated from the queer community due to chronic illness.

Any fandom, any character, feeling out of place at a Gay Pride March. Any Fandom, any character, being married to [the character's] (opposite-sex) high school sweetheart made [the character's] bisexuality/pansexuality/fluid sexuality more theoretical than anything else... until [the character's] spouse brings up the idea of polyamory and opening up their relationship.

Any fandom, any character, finally being part of a queer community and finding it not to be quite as inclusive or supporting as first thought.

Any fandom, any character, finding the right set of pronouns can be difficult.

Any fandom, any character, Five lies s/he wouldn't have told if s/he'd been straight.claimed by camshaft22

Any fandom, any character, five times a pronoun hurt and one time it didn't

Any fandom, any character, five times things were explained to children, and one time they were explained to adults.

Any Fandom, any character, five ways being queer was absolutely fantastic.

Any Fandom, any character, Growing up, hir guardians were particularly homophobic. Zie thought zie had gotten over it, but when zie feels utter terror at the idea that zie might be queer, forgotten prejudices surface.

Any fandom, any character, he sort of expected that coming out as bi would be hard and that some people would react badly. What he doesn’t understand is why the girl he’d been dating and falling for is suddenly unwilling to see him and convinced he’d been leading her on (and she’s not even homophobic or anything!). Switch pronouns if you wish.

Any fandom, any character, he's dealt with enough clueless straight people who mean well, thank you very much. (pronoun randomly used for clarity; character can be any gender)

Any fandom, any character, He/she is perfectly happy in hir opposite-sex marriage and hir job where everyone assumes he/she is straight but sometimes he/she just needs to go to a gay bar/club/etc., even though they're not looking for a relationship.claimed by meatball42.livejournal.com

Any fandom, any character, He/she was absolutely sure that being gay was wrong, until someone close came out. After quite a bit of thought, he/she decides that the only thing to do is change his/her own mind.

Any fandom, any character, hir self-portraits are looking increasingly like an expression of hope than any reflection of current reality. claimed by raedbard

Any fandom, any character, His/her sports team is fine with hir sexuality/gender identity, it's everyone else who doesn't know how to handle it. claimed by lakester

Any fandom, any character, how a character deals with casual homophobia (tasteless jokes, thoughtless remarks) when it comes from somebody they care about. Is it worth saying anything when you know they don't really mean to hurt you?

Any fandom, any character, how a character deals with casual homophobia (tasteless jokes, thoughtless remarks) when it comes from somebody they care about. Is it worth saying anything when you know they don't really mean to hurt you?

Any fandom, any character, how a character deals with casual homophobia (tasteless jokes, thoughtless remarks) when it comes from somebody they care about. Is it worth saying anything when you know they don't really mean to hurt you?

Any fandom, any character, If I wear a top hat and a tie, it doesn’t mean I want to be a man. If I wear makeup and a lace skirt, it doesn’t mean I consider myself a woman. And wearing those things together does not mean I can’t decide what I want to be. I’m not the confused one. In fact, I’ve got it all figured out.

Any fandom, any character, In a character's struggle to accept their sexuality, they inadvertently used someone as a 'beard' and that someone finds out. Finally coming to terms with their sexuality, the character must also deal with the fall out. claimed by mirroreuler

Any fandom, any character, In a universe where 'orientation' means dominant or submissive and bisexuality is the norm, how can an asexual character find the loving relationship they want?

Any fandom, any character, In a universe where 'orientation' means dominant or submissive and bisexuality is the norm, how does a mono-sexual character even begin to make sense of it?

Any fandom, any character, In later life, does coming out even *matter* anymore? Perhaps he/she should just let people assume what they've always assumed.

Any fandom, any character, it's easier to believe that someone in the older generation will be the intolerant and the younger friend tolerant, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Any fandom, any character, It's great that everyone's going out of their way to be so accepting when a character comes out. Now if they'd just go back to acting normal again.

Any fandom, any character, Just because he/she/ze's in a relationship doesn't mean zir doubts have disappeared.

Any fandom, any character, Just because they like to think about/watch others having sex doesn't mean they want to have it themselves

Any fandom, any character, now that same-sex marriage is legal... she still doesn't want to get married, thank you very much. (pronoun used for clarity, feel free to switch it up)

Any fandom, any character, one of his/her happiest memories is the first time someone called him/her ‘Mister/Miss’ (author’s choice).

Any fandom, any character, queer people are queer all the time, not just when they're having sex. Not everything we do and say is about our orientation, but it does color a great deal of our interactions. Just give me a fic about someone being queer in every day life, and what that means for them... and what it doesn't. claimed by elliemurasaki

Any fandom, any character, realizes s/he's bisexual and deals with coming out to friends who really aren't surprised.

Any fandom, any character, Realizing their sexuality/gender identity without knowing what those things are.

Any fandom, any character, Says a bisexual character, “I'm half-gay!”

Any Fandom, Any character, Sex pollen isn't a particularly pleasant experience for anyone, but for asexual characters, it's especially unpleasant.

Any fandom, any character, she/he had always thought being gay made the question of having children irrelevant but falling for someone with child(ren) makes her/him rethink their original position.

Any fandom, any character, So Character X is asexual. They don't want to get off with their partner(s), but they still really like tying them up.

Any fandom, any character, so...how do you deal with being a heteroromantic homosexual? How do you explain that to your well-meaning but confused friends?

Any fandom, any character, Someone has to explain why the word queer isn't a slur when they use it.

Any fandom, any character, Sometimes it feels like the whole world is against Character X, but with one friend/partner, s/he feels like s/he can truly be who they are. Based Dido's 'Thank You'.

Any Fandom, Any Character, Sometimes it seems like you're the last one to know about your own sexuality.

Any fandom, any character, sometimes, being bisexual makes it hard to fit in anywhere.

Any Fandom, any Character, Sure, sometimes being queer might mean difficulties and tensions and awkwardness and outright bigotry and discrimination. But that's who they are, and they wouldn't change it for the world.

Any fandom, any character, that conversation you wouldn't have to go through if you weren't bi.claimed by hylian_shadow

Any fandom, any character, that conversation you wouldn't have to go through if you weren't bi.

Any fandom, any character, the aftermath of someone trying to convince you you're a sexuality you're not isn't ever nice. Especially when they think sex is a great tool to convince you you'd like it even if you are asexual. (Not thinking of rape!fic, though you could do that, but more the idea of it)

Any fandom, any character, The difference between 'gay for you' and bisexual is really a personal matter, but try figuring it out when everyone you know has their own opinion.

Any fandom, any character, the five worst ways to come out. claimed by gala_apples

Any fandom, any character, the importance- or non-importance- of having a label that fits you, or even knowing that there are labels that aren’t insults.

Any fandom, any character, The non-biological parent deals with other people (the child's teachers, hospital staff, etc.) treating them like they aren't their child's 'real' parent.

Any fandom, any character, Their new same-sex lover claims they're 'not gay' (and not bi, either); they just like that one person. ('Gay for you') The partner says the label shouldn't matter, but for Character X, it really, really does.

Any fandom, any character, There's more than one way to be trans.

Any fandom, any character, They seem to treat he/her/ze like ze's lucky that ze's bi, because at the end of the day ze can just settle down with a member of the opposite sex and ze can't find the words to make them understand that the opposite sex is perfectly nice and fun and all, but in the end ze wants to marry someone of zir own sex.

Any fandom, any character, they thought once they came out to their friends and family, that was it - but they're discovering the reality is that outing yourself, or choosing not to, is a decision you make on a daily basis.

Any Fandom, Any Character, They're queer and belong to another minority as well. But they won't necessarily feel the same way about both, and don't consider them equally important or interesting, so they're a little tired of people assuming they will.

Any fandom, any character, they've known and been comfortable with their identity for years, so why is the idea of coming out so terrifying?

Any Fandom, Any Character, They've never had any reason to doubt that they're heterosexual. And they are! But they never even considered whether they might be bi- or homoromantic, a question which turns out to be much more complicated.

Any Fandom, Any Character, They've spent their whole life repressing their attraction to the same gender, internalising a view of it as dirty and bad, and while they know intellectually now that this is wrong, they don't know how to stop feeling this way.

Any Fandom, Any Character, Throughout their life they've internalised an idea of sex being bad and wrong, especially two people of the same sex. So when they find themselves very close to a friend of theirs, they justify it as a purer, idealized version of strong friendship that is free from the dirtiness of sex. Unfortunately, that's not exactly true. claimed by Norwegianpornfaerie

Any fandom, any character, Trying to explain the difference between ‘gay for you’ and ‘sexual for you.’

Any fandom, any character, why do hir friends keep treating hir coming out as a joke?

Any Fandom, Any Character, Yes, they're both queer. Yes, they're good friends. No, they're not going out, nor have they ever in the past, nor will they ever do so in the future.

Any fandom, any character, you lost your entire family coming-out, so it's really unfair that your partner's family barely blinks when he/she brings you home for Christmas.claimed by mirroreuler

Any fandom, any character, you're asexual and he's not. This shouldn't be a problem if either of you knew the meaning of the words 'negotiation' and 'compromise'. (Pronoun randomly used, feel free to switch up.)

Any fandom, any character, you’re so used to being the token straight person you don't know if you should tell your friends about your single, impossible-to-shake same-sex crush.

Any fandom, any character, zie is sick of people thinking hir sexuality/gender identity is in any way related to hir mental illness.

Any fandom, any character, zie's always wanted the house, the dog, the kids, the white picket fence, and doesn't see why being queer is supposed to put a stop to that.

Any fandom, any character, zie's tired of coming out as trans because then everyone thinks zie's too butch to be MtF or too femme to be FtM. claimed by inlovewithnight

Any fandom, any character; "Your parents don't know you're [orientation/identity]? I can't believe they haven't guessed by now! It's so obvious!" Coming from a well-meaning friend, this still isn't as reassuring as it's meant to be.

Any fandom, any character; what are the odds of having multiple queer siblings in one family? What are the odds that people will accept this as the truth and not a case of follow-the-leader?

Any fandom, any character: Being queer is their favourite thing about who they are. (Turns out, this is not the kind of answer you are supposed to give in a job interview.)

Any fandom, any character: It's great that so many of their friends accept their asexuality, but why can't they believe that they're kinky too?

Any fandom, any character: Just because they’re bisexual and aromantic doesn’t mean that the promiscuity stereotype isn’t full of fail. It just really sucks that they can’t come out without making it look true.

Any Fandom, any character: Queer is the only label that ever seemed to fit.

Any fandom, any character: Saying that you don’t think people should discriminate on the basis of gender identity is not the same thing as saying that gender isn’t important.

Any fandom, any character: Sex for them was always sort of like knitting. They knew that if they tried it they'd probably enjoy it, but there are just to many things out there they would enjoy if they tried, and they see no reason to favour it above the rest. If they never get around to it, well, that's no big loss. (Obviously, change the compared activity depending on the character.)

Any fandom, any character: the reason they hate when people ask if they are asexual because they were abused, is because they're scared that it might be true.

Any Fandom, any character. "So, your ex, is he [innocuous question]?" "Um, actually, my ex is a she." *pronouns only put for clarity, switch as inspired.

Any Fandom, any character. An asexual character trying to explain that not wanting to have sex doesn't mean xie isn't sex positive.

Any Fandom, any character. I don't have to explain the nuances of my sexual identity to you.

Any fandom, any character. You may think you're over politics, but politics isn't over you.

Any fandom, any character(s), 'Nothing's changed, I'm still the same person'

Any fandom, any character(s), 'Sometimes I feel like a fraud because I didn't grow up wanting to be a boy like other trans men did.'

Any fandom, any character(s), one partner wants to be 'out' and one doesn't think that's important.

Any fandom, any character(s), one person acting as a mentor/guide to the LGBT community for the other (preferably without sleeping with/lusting after each other)

Any fandom, any character(s), parent/child bonding over their sexuality claimed by gala_apples

Any Fandom, any character(s), Step one - save the world. Step two - tell your parents you're not as straight than they thought. So, starting off with the easy one, then.

Any Fandom, any character(s), Step one - save the world. Step two - tell your parents you're not as straight than they thought. So, starting off with the easy one, then.

Any Fandom, any character/any character, [character] is happily and comfortably bisexual, but struggles to understand when a partner comes out as trans (can focus on either or both sides of this experience; trans may be inclusive of androgyny, it is up to the author to decide on the specific queer identities involved.

Any fandom, any character/any pairing, Learning to find the space in a relationship when one partner isn't male or female (genderqueer character)

Any fandom, any character/pairing/moresome: "The whispers that it won't last/roll up and down the pews." (from Cath, by Death Cab for Cutie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yFtWJhsT3k) What does a couple do when people are publicly doubting they'll stay together--because they're of the same sex, because one of them is bi/trans/ace/something, because it's an open or poly relationship, or for some other reason?

Any fandom, any character/s, the first time they go to Gay Pride/Mardi Gras.

Any fandom, any characters, 'Daytime friends and nighttime lovers/They don't wanna hurt the others/So they love in the nighttime/And shake hands in the light of day' Two coworkers struggle to hide their relationship in the office, where homophobia abounds.

Any fandom, any characters, 'Just because I'm not attracted to you doesn't make me not-gay'

Any fandom, any characters, "I am a man who fasts until I see what I want" (The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje). Life as a demisexual person.

Any fandom, any characters, "There is something about the idea of transformation and becoming/inhabiting the body that you were meant to that seems obviously eschatological" - wisdomeagle.

Any fandom, any characters, "There is something peculiarly incestuous about trans-experience. It robs us of our bodies, our intimate moments, our sexuality, our childhood. It robs us of honesty, of open friendship, of the luxury of looking into a mirror without pain staring back at us." - Riki Ann Wilchins. Tell us a story about a trans character who is also an incest survivor.

Any fandom, any characters, (For some reason) deprived of feeling sexual arousal for a time, a character starts to question their emotional feelings for other characters of the same sex, and finds it easier to accept their findings before sex once again entered the equation.

Any fandom, any characters, A character is writing a written history of a queer community (maybe as a substitute for being part of the community hirself).

Any fandom, any characters, a character thought being gay meant not wanting children wouldn't be a problem. But now hir long-term partner has other ideas.

Any fandom, any characters, A character who identified as completely straight comes to realize that they’re in a non-sexual relationship with their queer, same-sex best friend.

Any fandom, any characters, A character who identified as completely straight comes to realize that they’re in a non-sexual relationship with their queer, same-sex best friend.

Any fandom, any characters, A gay man and a lesbian woman living in a repressive society get married in order to protect themselves.

Any fandom, any characters, A gay/bi person gets the chance to change their orientation (with magic, alien/future/technology, etc.), and finds that despite everything, they miss being gay/bi.

Any fandom, any characters, a happy, UST-free gay friendship

Any fandom, any characters, a queer community formed in an unexpected place.

Any Fandom, any characters, a queer couple deal with accusations that their relationship isn't real because they aren't having sex; that doesn't mean they don't really love each other (for example one or both characters could be ace or heterosexual and homo- or biromantic).

Any fandom, any characters, A queer dystopia (interpreted in any light the author chooses). claimed by thecolourclear and raedbard

Any fandom, any characters, A romantic asexual and a sexual try to negotiate a relationship that works for them.

Any fandom, any characters, A romantic asexual and a sexual try to negotiate a relationship that works for them.

Any fandom, any characters, A same-sex couple gets tired of explaining to people that there is no 'woman' or 'man' in their relationship. claimed by somehowunbroken

Any Fandom, any characters, a young queer character with a socially conservative family must choose between being honest and being safe.

Any fandom, any characters, After many years together, they’re finally planning their wedding.

Any Fandom, any characters, An asexual, but not aromantic, love story.

Any fandom, any characters, an everyday moment in someone's queer life that's more significant than Coming Out or First Kiss or even Getting Married. claimed by somehowunbroken

Any fandom, any characters, Character X has dutifully ignored all romantic feelings toward anyone other than the spouse his/her parents have selected for him/her. When the marriage plans fall apart, s/he has to confront the fact that most of those feelings have been directed toward people of the same sex.

Any fandom, any characters, Character X is sick and tired of fairy tales being about princes rescuing princesses. What happens when a boy wants a prince, or when a princess wants to rescue her own damsel?

Any fandom, any characters, coming out wouldn't be so irritating if people didn't immediately assume you were in love with your straight best friend of the same sex

Any fandom, any characters, Every time someone calls me “Mister,” I feel disgusted.

Any fandom, any characters, everybody wakes up the next day as a different sex. Some people freak out, some trans* people are very happy, and some people look in the mirror, shrug, and go on with their lives.

Any fandom, any characters, everybody wakes up the next day as a different sex. Some people freak out, some trans* people are very happy, and some people look in the mirror, shrug, and go on with their lives.

Any fandom, any characters, Gay marriage is legalized and Character A can't understand why their partner, character B, doesn't want to run down to the courthouse and get married as soon as possible

Any fandom, any characters, He/she is bi, but has always hidden that fact since he/she never felt enough for another man/woman to want a long-term relationship and thus deal with the public fallout. Now he/she does, and is having to face coming out to other people - and his/herself.

Any fandom, any characters, In the vein of Bruce Coville's 'Am I Blue?' the entire queer population of any fandom is magically outed (actual blueness optional). How do they deal with this/how does the focal character respond to the knowledge that they're not alone? claimed by gala_apples

Any fandom, any characters, Just because they're both queer, doesn't mean they agree about politics. At all.

Any fandom, any characters, My best friend sent me a note saying “He’s our girl, He’s our man, if he can’t do it, no one can!” It just made my day.

Any fandom, any characters, My body feels like a beautiful dress that belongs to someone else and doesn’t fit me. I want it because it’s pretty but I hate it because it’s not mine. I’m more confused than I’ve ever been.

Any fandom, any characters, On this planet, same-sex relationships are society’s dominant orientation, not heterosexuality.

Any fandom, any characters, One of them thinks it's wonderful that now they can get married. The other one thinks marriage is a repressive heteronormative institution. Oops?

Any fandom, any characters, Person A has always known they were gay. Now something happens and they are forced to realize they might be bi. How does his reverse-sexual-orientation-awakening affect him/her?

Any fandom, any characters, Post-apocalyptic. You thought being queer sucked when there were six billion humans, a reasonably steady supply of food and water, and *zero* hordes of ravening undead.claimed by camshaft22

Any fandom, any characters, rite of passage: an LGBT character has an unrequited crush on a straight friend.

Any fandom, any characters, so Character is asexual. They don't want to get off with their partner(s), but they still really like tying them up.

Any fandom, any characters, sometimes you just really want to bitch about the state of the world to people who will understand.

Any fandom, any characters, the process of finding your true name.

Any fandom, any characters, The religious conservatives are the ones adamant about protecting the rights of lgbt people; the scientific liberals are the ones causing problems.

Any fandom, any characters, The religious conservatives are the ones adamant about protecting the rights of lgbt people; the scientific liberals are the ones causing problems.

Any fandom, any characters, they don't have sex, so that means they're just friends. Right?

Any Fandom, any characters, They never intended being open about their relationship(s) to be any kind of statement, but that doesn't stop people - both enemies and allies - from taking it as such.

Any fandom, any characters, they're both bisexual. So what does it mean that the rest of the world sees them as a straight/gay couple?

Any fandom, any characters, Trans bodies in an (post-)apocalyptic/dystopian setting with lots of danger and limited resources.

Any fandom, any characters, Trans bodies in an apocalyptic/dystopian setting -- a positive spin: the possibility of a utopian society in which queer people get to remake the world from which they came.

Any fandom, any characters, Two close friends get a wake-up call when someone tells them they are 'Like a married couple, but without sex'. One person opposed, and one person for, trying a relationship/sex out, they somehow manage to make things work. claimed by somehowunbroken

Any fandom, any characters, Two queer characters (not in a relationship with each other) discuss the differences that age, gender, nationality, class or race make in their experience of being queer.

Any fandom, any characters, welcome to the gayborhood

Any fandom, any characters, When a serious illness, accident, or death in the family happens to someone LGBT, their friends in the local queer community are there to help.

Any fandom, any characters, why is it so hard for character to accept that they are kinky, when it was so easy to accept that they are LGBT(QIA)?

Any fandom, any characters, why is it so hard for character to accept that they are kinky, when it was so easy to accept that they are LGBT(QIA)?

Any fandom, any characters; a couple characters get together and start shooting the breeze about in-jokey queer milestones -- when they first got into this band, or obsessed over that movie, or had an embarrassing crush on that one Disney character -- and it's all in good fun, but someone who grew up in a vastly different environment starts to realize how much of that assumed common history they never had.

Any fandom, any characters/pairing, Character A has chosen to reclaim an anti-LGBT insult as their label of choice; Character B thinks that label is still too fresh as an insult to be reclaimed.

Any fandom, any criminal, the freedom that comes with no longer needing to abide by the laws of society.

Any fandom, any f/f pairing, Breaking the taboo of a butch/butch relationship.

Any fandom, any f/f pairing, Dealing with people who think butch/femme pairings are just an imitation of heterosexual norms or who make comments like “If I wanted a man, I’d be with a real one.”

Any fandom, any female character, after she comes out as trans she has a hard time convincing people, even some doctors, that she really is a woman. Even if she isn't especially girly.

Any fandom, any female character, just because she's butch does not mean she wants to be a man.

Any Fandom, any female character, working in the sex industry while being asexual is both kind of weird and vaguely hilarious.

Any fandom, any homosexual paring, Character A is out and proud. Character B is only partially out (to his friends, say in college, or to the social circle he shares with his boyfriend) but deep in the closet when it comes to his family. Character A feels it’s important that Character B isn’t “embarrassed” by their relationship but Character B feels it’s impossible for him to come out to his family (afraid they will stop loving and financially supporting him which he needs at this time – so teen or college student of some sort).

Any fandom, any m/f pairing, making sense of being in love and being with someone who doesn't have your preferred body parts (one character is queer, the other isn't)

Any fandom, any m/m pairing, a Jewish character with a non-Jewish partner wrestles with the prohibition (found in some conservative Jewish communities) on the act of anal sex (not homosexuality generally)

Any fandom, any m/m pairing, one partner feels that anal sex (or being a top or bottom) is important to their gay identity, the other thinks of anal sex as demeaning and/or heteronormative

Any fandom, any male character, a gay or bi male is the victim of a sexual assault (from another man) and finds the authorities aren't taking it that seriously because of his orientation.

Any fandom, any male character, he throws himself at the women to convince himself and others that he's not gay. But it's not working.

Any fandom, any male character, he's gay and identifies as male, and works as a drag queen for money. He wishes people would stop assuming that being a drag queen has anything to do with gender identity. While it's annoying for him, he can only imagine how offensive and upsetting it is for someone who is transitioning or has transitioned.

Any fandom, any male character, just because she's effeminate does not mean he wants to be a woman.

Any fandom, any male character, Physically, women are the hottest thing ever. Emotionally, he has always connected better with men. Finally, he decides to try the physical with someone he's emotionally close to, and realizes the truth.

Any fandom, any male character, When he cheats on his girlfriend, everyone seems more upset that he cheated with a guy than the fact that he cheated. 'Bisexual' is apparently an uglier word than 'cheater.'

Any fandom, any male or ostensibly male character, He's talked like his friends do - about 'manly' things - for so long to fit in that when he finally gets up the nerve to come out (as MtF or gay), they think he's just trying to freak them out. When they figure out he's serious... some of them DO freak out.

Any fandom, any male/male couple, One of them doesn't like anal sex. What complications does this add to the relationship, and how do they get around it?

Any fandom, any male/male couple, One of them is sexually versatile, the other is strictly a top or bottom (or Dom or sub). What sort of stress does this cause in the relationship? What sort of compromise or workaround can they reach?

Any fandom, any MtF character, why she doesn't want surgery--a girl can have a penis dammit! This should NOT be a problem!

Any Fandom, any Muslim lesbian character, Being a Muslim and a lesbian is hard - not because she struggles with her faith, but because the minute girls see her headscarf they just assume that she isn't looking for a girlfriend!

Any fandom, any non-op FtM character, He's been living successfully as a man for decades - so what happens when he finds himself in need of an abortion?

Any fandom, any non-op FtM character, He's been living successfully as a man for decades - so what happens when he finds himself in need of an abortion?

Any fandom, any non-op trans* character, dealing with the pressure to transition, whether from the trans* community, their support network, or society at large.

Any fandom, any older character, Coming out at quite an advanced age. So, what took them so long?

Any fandom, any older character, reflecting back over a lifetime.

Any fandom, any pairing where both characters are trans, class differences have given them two very experiences of transitioning

Any fandom, any pairing, 'Aren't you tired of hiding this from everyone?'

Any fandom, any pairing, 'Aren't you tired of hiding this from everyone?'

Any fandom, any pairing, A 'former' lesbian hooks up with a non-op trans man (FtM), causing questions such as 'Is it all about the pussy?'

Any fandom, any pairing, one partner has an opposite sex crush and it's driving the other partner mad with insecurity, even tho a few same sex crushes never made them feel this way

Any fandom, any pairing, the couple in question is going through the process to adopt a child, and all the issues that may (given their canon) arise.

Any fandom, any pairing, the partner of a trans character worries about what it means for their queer identity that their life partner is transitioning to the 'opposite' sex from them

Any fandom, Any pairing, The problems that arise when one partners believes the only consent is enthusiastic consent and the other partner is asexual.

Any fandom, any pairing, They don't fit into traditional ideas of Masculine/Feminine, and that's the way they like it best.

Any Fandom, Any Pairing, They've been friends for a long time now, but after seeing no sign of any sexual attraction to anyone one half comes to conclude that their friend is asexual and tries to put aside their own feelings for them. Except said friend is actually demisexual, and is coming to feel attracted to them.

Any Fandom, Any Pairing, When they discover that their same-gendered friend has feelings for them they immediately frame the whole thing as an unfortunate unrequited love. They avoid the subject and pretend to be oblivious, secretly worrying about what will happen when it finally all comes out. But as time goes on, the more they think about it, the more they wonder if it really isn't such an unpleasant idea, after all. claimed by alpheratz

Any fandom, any psychiatrist character, being an LGBT psychiatrist in a time and place where being LGBT is considered a mental illness.

Any fandom, any queer religious character, their religion is just as important as their queer identity and wishes everyone would stop trying to make them choose one over the other.

Any fandom, any queer religious character, their religion is just as important as their queer identity and wishes everyone would stop trying to make them choose one over the other.

Any fandom, any same-sex pairing. 'Daytime friends and nighttime lovers/They don't wanna hurt the others/So they love in the nighttime/And shake hands in the light of day' Two coworkers struggle to hide their relationship in the office, where homophobia abounds

Any fandom, any siblings, Is it easier or harder to come out (as any queer identity) to your parents once your sibling has already come out to them (as the same identity or a different one)?

Any fandom, any suitable character, As an LGBTQA artist/musician/that kind of thing, their work often is often interpreted using that as a prism. How do they feel about that?

Any fandom, any trans character, at this stage of transition, I feel too insecure with my body to have sex. Will my partner understand?

Any fandom, any trans* character, being trans* in prison.

Any fandom, any trans* character, identifying as trans* as well as outside the gender binary.

Any fandom, male character, he sort of expected that coming out as bi would be hard and that some people would react badly. What he doesn't understand is why the girl he'd been dating and falling for is suddenly unwilling to see him and convinced he'd been leading her on (and she's not even homophobic or anything!).

Any fandom, male/male paring, Just because he's gay, doesn't mean he cares much about LGBT politics and what the government/society thinks. Just because he has a longtime partner doesn't mean he wants to be married - after all, they know they love each other, they don't need a piece of paper to prove it. But then [insert event] happens and his partner is seriously injured. Now all he wants is to be with the man he loves and hold his hand, but the doctors say that visitation rights are for close family only and suddenly the fact that he's no one to his partner in the eyes of the law means a whole damn lot. (Would love if this was set in Russia, but can be any country/state where there is no recognition for same-sex unions/partnerships whatsoever.)

Any Fandom, supernatural, genetically altered characters, etc.: difficulties of being trans when there's a limit to how much you can alter your body (bodies heal, reject surgery, are unaffected by hormone injections, etc.)

Any Fandom: any bipolar character, or bipolar OFC. She never figured she needed to ID as anything other than straight: the only time she slept with girls was when she was manic. But why is the sex so good - even better than the sex she has with men while manic? Mania releases inhibitions and she always thought that was bad, but what if this particular inhibition is one that it might be better for her to let go of?

Any Fandom: any characters, Finding support in an unlikely place. claimed by littlegreen42

Any Fandom: any characters, It's true that their marriage isn't a passionate one; one or both of them prefers the attentions of their own sex. That doesn't mean they're unhappily married.

Any fandom: any characters: A queer dystopia (interpreted in any light the author chooses)

Any Fandom: any developmentally disabled character. Xie has to learn how to name and understand what xie's been feeling all these years -- xir parents felt their child would "never need to know about all that", and most of the rest of the world followed suit. Character can be any shade of queer.

Any high-school fandom, any character, a character kisses another girl to get the boys' attention...and finds out that she likes it

Any high-school fandom, any characters, a character wants to take their same-sex date to the prom

Any high-school fandom, any characters, there's a rumour amongst the pupils that a teacher is gay. The teacher suddenly finds themself inundated with students wanting advice.

Any historical fandom, any characters, It's true that their marriage isn't a passionate one; one or both of them prefers the attentions of their own sex. That doesn't mean they're unhappily married.

Any historical fandom, any historical character: We've always been here, in one way or another.

Any modern day fandom, any female character, she doesn't mind the magazines that are magazines for gay men, she minds the ones that claim to be GLB magazine but only ever seem to feature gay men.

Any magic-based fandom, any character, A particular type of magic is based on sex or sexual orientation. How does this affect a queer character? An MtF character who wants to learn women's magic, an FtM character who is forced to despite identity, an asexual character who doesn't want to participate in sex magic...

Any medical fandom, any characters, someone has to treat an FtM who's pregnant

Any Military Fandom, any character, He is surprised when his unit takes his sexuality really well, but their wives don't want his partner hanging around them.

Any military fandom, any character, Just because DADT was repealed doesn't really change much. You can't get arrested for homosexual behavior, but that doesn't mean anyone is in a hurry to come out

Any modern day fandom, any character, 'No, you can't have children. They'll be like you' hears an LGBT character from a parent/friend

Any modern day fandom, any character(s), Announcing to your children you're leaving their mother/father is hard, but it's even harder when your leaving your spouse for someone of the same sex.

Any Modern Day Fandom: any character. How does a nation react when their newly-elected head of state comes out on live national television?

Any police fandom, any character, It's hard enough when everyone thinks you're a gay cop. How do you tell your colleagues you're actually trans? (Can be GLB as well if author wants.)

Any school-based fandom, any teacher character, A closeted teacher decides to investigate why a student has been acting out. As it turns out, it's due to homophobia/biphobia/transphobia. In comforting them and encouraging them to be themself, they find the courage to come out as well.

Any sci-fi fandom, any character, interspecies cultural confusion on sexuality/gender norms, hilarity ensues.

Any sci-fi fandom, fantasy fandom, AU or author's choice, any character, They literally have gaydar.

Any Sci-Fi/Supernatural Fandom : any characters, a non-human asks for advice about human sexuality from an asexual character; ace character is flustered

Any science fiction or supernatural fandom, any characters, Humans' rigid ideas about gender and sexuality make falling in love with one difficult. claimed by concupiscence66

Any science fiction or supernatural fandom, any characters, They didn't think being the same sex would be harder to deal with than being of different species, and yet.

Any Science Fiction or Supernatural Fandom: any characters, A human and a non-human discuss their differing views on sexuality and/or gender.

Any sixties-ish-set fandom, any character, their reaction to the events of Stonewall.

Any sports fandom/ Sports AU, Any character, The pundits always say it would only take one top player to come out to change the homophobic nature of the sport. Does the LG or B player agree, and why or why not?claimed by lakester

Any sports fandom/Sports AU, any characters, 'What if it turns out that the fans could have been cool with it now, but we were all just too scared to be first?' claimed by lakester

Any superhero fandom, any character/any character, a pair of superheroes narrowly divert another world-ending crisis. But for some reason, it was the same-sex kiss (or other show of affection) that made the evening news...claimed by melsheartsthings

Any Superhero Fandom, Any Lesbian/Bi/Gay Superhero, Being interviewed after coming out. "But why did you have to make such a big deal out of it? Couldn't you just be a hero who happens to be gay, instead of a gay superhero? Why does it have to be all about your sexuality?" After the second "this is as important as punching supervillains," the hero is pretty sure the interviewer stopped listening to the actual answers. claimed by melsheartsthings

Any superhero fandom, any super___ character, using the costume to present as the right gender when the secret identity can't.

Any UK fandom, Any female character, She's heartily sick of the white, middle-class, miserable lesbian stereotype.

Any, any human, trying to explain what being agender is and what it feels like

Any, any, being kinky while also being asexual

Any, any, Gay couples get divorced too.

Any, any, they discover their sexuality at a fair, of all places

Any, any, Two lovers try to move on together after the third member of their relationship is gone.

Any, fandom, any character, An asexual character has to convince his/her partner that being open to sex once in a while does not mean being open to sex all the time.

Any; Any female; being aromantic and lesbian is hard in a society that perpetually links women with romance.

Any; Any female; She likes women, she just doesn't look like she does (whatever that means).

Any; Any long-lived character; times change, attitudes change - not always for the better. Not always for the worse, either.

Any; Any; being queer doesn't mean gaining an automatic knowledge of all the places to hang out.

Any; Any; Yes, there is abuse/assault/trauma in their background. Yes, they are asexual. Yes, the former might have contributed to the latter. But that doesn't make their orientation any less valid.

Archer, Pam Poovey, Pam tries to bring bi pride to the ISIS office.

Are You Being Served, Wilberforce Clayborne Humphries, Homosexuality is still illegal in 1972-85 Britain, which is why Mr. Humphries never discusses his orientation with his fellow salespeople at Grace Brothers Department Store. Of course, with his mincing walk and high-pitched voice, Mr. Humphries is practically a gay stereotype--which is why none of his friends or colleagues from work have figured out that when he talks about a nameless live-in companion as 'my friend' that he might be talking about someone who doesn't fit that stereotype at all...or that, behavior aside, Mr. Humphries's sexuality might not be strictly binary.

Arrested Development, any character, the entire family somehow manages to make coming out even worse than predicted.

Arrested Development, Maeby, other characters, Maeby's slight failure to finish coming out to her mother leads to the entire family making their own guesses at who it is who's gay. Maeby's slightly offended that no-one suspects her.

Artemis Fowl, any fairy, the LEP has a history of misogyny; how do they react to LGBT officers?

Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl II - Artemis chooses his partners on an individual basis, without consideration for gender or physical sex. He doesn't think that should be cause for scandal and alarm.

Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl II - Everyone knows Artemis isn't the most masculine of boys but only she and (Holly and/or Butler) know that in her mind she doesn't identify herself as one.

Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl II - Following any stint in the time tunnel, Artemis gets reassembled with a female body. While she had never felt comfortable trying to live up to people's expectations of her as a boy, she couldn't put her finger on the problem until she realized that she's never been more comfortable with herself in her life than she is while identifying herself as female both in private and in public.

Artemis Fowl, Artemis, Growing up without the supervision made being a young FtM easier. But how does he explain it to his mother after she surfaces? And when he comes back from limbo with the mesmer, is it tempting to make them forget he was ever a girl? claimed by lunatic_lullaby

Artemis Fowl, Domovoi Butler and Artemis Fowl II - Butler has stayed a closeted homosexual all his life, seeing no reason to out himself with the demands his work places on his time and the damaging aspersions people might then throw upon his closeness with Artemis. However one day Artemis informs his bodyguard in as nonchalant a fashion as he can manage that he's discovered he is bisexual. He outs himself clearly, factually, hesitant about Butler's reaction but unashamed.

Artemis Fowl, Holly Short - Holly is an athlete, an officer, a fighter and a lesbian; none of this means that she's 'one of the boys.'

Artemis Fowl, Myles Fowl - When Myles announced that he was engaged to Beau Paradizo, he was met with sincere congratulations from Artemis and a happy 'congrazzles' from his simpleton twin. Their parents reacted more strongly - embarking on a mission to throw a grand wedding of royal caliber, turning it into a highly publicized affair. Myles can't decide if this is something he should be more appreciative of or if absconding with Beau to some remote government office would be a justified reaction.

Artemis Fowl, Opal Koboi - Opal may be a narcissist but that has nothing to do with her lack of sexual interest in others.

Arthurian Legends, Arthur, Arthur wishes it wasn't a state crisis that he couldn't have a child with his queen. (Trans or Asexual Arthur)

As You Like It, Rosalind (& Orlando); Rosalind needs some time to think about what it was like being Ganymede, and why both of them enjoyed it.

As You Like It, Rosalind & Celia; their love isn't less valid because they're now married to men, even if both loves are existing at the same time instead of one after another.

Avatar (2009), any characters, How do the Na'vi view gender/sexual identity?

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, A lot has changed in 100 years.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang, He's always believed that a person's spirit matters more than the body that houses it--but he's having a hard time applying that belief to himself.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Aang/anyone, discussing past lives and Aang's experience of sexuality/gender identity

Avatar: the Last Airbender, any Avatar, every Avatar remembers both being a man and being a woman. How does this affect their sense of gender?

Avatar: The Last Airbender, any Avatar, It's hard enough being the Avatar without also being singled out for your unusual sexual/gender identity.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, any Avatar, Seeking comfort and wisdom in past lives of many genders and sexualities.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, any character, Each of the nations have their own view on LGBT rights. The Fire Nation, as the most advanced nation and going through an industrial revolution, is going through a similar revolution regarding queer issues. The Earth Nation, as a wide-reaching and ever-changing country that nevertheless sometimes shuts itself off from the rest of the world, is less positive, but not totally against it. The Water Tribes, very isolated areas that often very much stuck in the past regarding women's rights, are totally against it. And the Air Nomads were supposed to distance themselves from worldly pleasures, anyway. These differences have made things...difficult, at times.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, any Freedom Fighter, no one here knows that his/her birth sex is not the same as the gender s/he is currently presenting

Avatar: The Last Airbender, any two characters from any two nations, comparing their experiences of growing up queer

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Hama & Katara, Hama and Katara have something else in common besides waterbending

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Haru, In the Earth Kingdom, it's considered Fire Nation perversity for a man to love another man. Haru, as a bisexual, has to decide if he wants to deal with that.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Iroh, Iroh's sexual orientation is one reason why he is seen as being unfit to rule the Fire Nation.

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Jet, The Freedom Fighters don't give a damn whether their leader has a penis or not.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara, She needs to start sorting out why she keeps getting crushes on her brother's girlfriends.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kyoshi warriors, an all-female warrior group deals with the issue of transsexuality -- either a potential candidate is transgender, or a current Kyoshi warrior decides to start living as a man.

Avatar: the Last Airbender, Toph Bei Fong, now that he's run away from home, he doesn't have to be his parents' little girl any longer.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Toph, Hir parents kept a lot about the outside world from hir. (Any queer identity!Toph)

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Toph, masculine and feminine shouldn't have to be an either/or thing.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Toph, she may like women and present as butch but that doesn't mean she wants to be a man

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ty Lee, no-one's ever had a problem with her flirting with cute boys. Why are they suddenly angry because she's started flirting with girls?

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko, There was more to Sozin's story than we saw: his diaries also detailed his love for Roku. Reading this helps Zuko confront his queer identity for the first time. (As Iroh predicted, of course.)

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko, Zuko's not female, but the Blue Spirit is.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Zuko, Zuko's not female, but the Blue Spirit is.

Back to the Future, Marlene McFly, coming out as trans in a family where both parents knew their younger son would grow up to be a girl.

Back to the Future, Marlene McFly, Marlene was born Marlon, Marty Jr's identical twin. Does living with parents who know she'll grow up to be a girl make coming out/transitioning easier or harder?

Bad Education (La mala educación), Enrique Goded, He knows if he releases the film that there will be questions, about its veracity and his sexuality, but he owes it to Ignacio.

bare: A Pop Opera, Nadia McConnell, She didn't *mean* to follow in Jason's footsteps. It was just that her parents already didn't know what to do with her and making out with girls pissed them off. But she's starting to think she's got more in common with her twin than she realised.

bare: A Pop Opera, Peter Simons, After the mess of his senior year of high school, Peter takes some time away from the whole church thing - and then, much to his surprise, finds a church tradition he's happy in that accepts him for who he is.

Bas Lag novels -- China Mieville, queerness among the garuda and/or the queerness of the garuda of New Crobuzon

Bas Lag novels -- China Mieville, the politics of queerness in New Crobuzon

Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Gaston, He suppressed his feelings over the years, believing that if he turned himself into the perfect man, he would finally be able to escape how he felt towards the other boys.

Beauty and the Beast (Movie or Broadway), Gaston, Gaston doesn’t plan to end his rendezvous with the triplets when he marries Belle, but what about this… thing with LeFou

Beauty and the Beast (Movie or Broadway), Lumiere/Babette/OC, ‘You were just trying to make me jealous!’ Maybe there’s a way to work this out…

Beauty and the Beast, Gaston, Gaston doesn't really want to marry Belle. He wants to BE Belle. (Gaston is MtF).

Bend It Like Beckham, Jesminder 'Jess' Bhamra/Juliette 'Jules' Paxton, Jules takes her L/B/T/Q status harder than Jess.

Bend it Like Beckham, Jess Bhamra, Her parents have come so far with accepting her for who she is, but she's still terrified to tell them that not only is she dating a non-Indian, she's dating a non-Indian woman. (This may, but need not be Jules)

Bend it Like Beckham, Jess/Jules, Jess hates lying to her parents, but when Tony makes up the story about their engagement, she decides to play along, thinking it's the best option for both of them. But when she realizes her feelings for Jules go beyond friendship, does she just add on another lie, or does she finally admit who she really is and risk outing Tony as well?

Bend it Like Beckham, Jules Paxton, She hates it when her mother is right, but off at college she begins to consider that her mother might have been right that she was a lesbian, and that she wasn't jealous of Jess for dating Joe, but of Joe for dating Jess.

Bend It Like Beckham, Tony, what if Tony's best option really is to marry an understanding Jess, so she can go to CA and he doesn't have to come out to his family?

Bible (Hebrew Bible), David/Jonathan, His song of lament wasn't the first time David had admitted that Jonathan's love was more to him than the love of women.

Bible (Hebrew Bible), Ruth/Naomi, Ruth is marrying Boaz because it's necessary, just like she'd married Mahlon because it had been necessary. Naomi is her constant

Bible (New Testament), any disciple, A disciple struggles to make sense of his love for Jesus in terms of Jesus' teachings?

Bible (New Testament), Jesus/John, 'The disciple Jesus loved' has to reconcile his old understanding of the law with what Jesus teaches about love.

Black Books, Bernard, Manny & Fran, Bernard is asexual, aromantic and has always convinced himself he doesn't need other people at all, so it's a little bewildering to realise that he's become part of a family unit without meaning to.

Blackadder Goes Forth, Any character, there are no straight men in fox holes.

Blackadder Goes Forth, George, George never felt more himself than when he was pretending to be a woman.

Blackpoole, Natalie, Peter’s not the first time she’s cheated, but her husband didn’t consider the other times cheating because they were all women.

Blades of Glory any character, figure skating isn't any less homophobic than other sports.claimed by bring_me_sugar

Bleach: Hitsugaya Toushirou, He's finally growing up (well, starting puberty, at least), he should be happy, but the changes only make him feel sick.

Bleach: Kusajishi Yachiru, Ken-chan was the first person to accept her as a girl, no questions asked.

Bletchley Circle, Millie/Lucy, the postwar English lesbian scene. claimed by inlovewithnight

Bob and Rose, Bob Gossage, what is it like being a man happily married to a woman you're in love with but being gay at the same time? What does that make him and how does he continue to face the community he'd spent all those years a part of.

Body of Proof, Lacey Fleming, She knows her mom's going to be *extremely* supportive of her orientation. That's the *problem.* Can't she at least have one parent who goes "I hope she treats you right. What do you want for dinner?"?

Bomb Girls, Betty McRae, She doesn't like to think about a time after the war, because of all the things she knows she'll never have.

Bomb Girls, Betty McRae/Teresa Bond Kate Andrews/Betty McRae (one-sided), Betty told Teresa she wasn't interested in seeing her again because her feelings for Kate were still too strong. But when Kate is getting serious with Ivan and Teresa returns, Betty realizes that maybe it's time she lets herself be happy with someone who can love her back.

Bones, Angela Montenegro, Angela finds herself explaining to Brennan/Booth why an MtF case hits too close to home.
Bones, Booth, He doesn't care that Brennan's MtF, he's mad that she never told him.

Bones, Booth, While he was a Ranger, he was particularly close to one fellow soldier. Years later, he's rationalized his feelings away, but when his old friend shows up in DC, it all comes back to him. claimed by meatball42.livejournal.com

Bones, Booth/any male character or OC, when this started he thought God would be okay with it, but he's finding himself less and less sure.

Bones, Booth/Brennan, they don't have sex, but does that mean they’re not in a relationship?

Bones, Brennan, Even a hyper-rational approach doesn't make the body dysphoria easier to handle

Bones, Cam, Booth is the only one at the Jeffersonian who knows Cam's MtF

Bones, Caroline Julian, she's always tough on LGBT hate crimes, but if she told anyone why, she wouldn't have her job anymore

Bones, Christine, Post-series, Christine's parents sit her down to explain sexuality/Christine sits them down to come out. That her mother and father will love her no matter what is about the only thing they agree on.

Bones, Jack Hodgins/Zack Addy, One of them doesn't like anyone at work to know about his private life but the other wants to make their relationship public.

Bones, Parker Booth and Seeley Booth and Temperance Brennan. When Parker confesses to her father that she's always felt like a girl, her dad has trouble understanding. Parker isn't sure if he's angry at her or at himself. But his friend Temperance seems to get it, so Parker enlists her help in showing Booth that this has nothing to do with how good of a dad he's been and everything to do with how much Parker needs him to be a good dad *now*.

Bones, Russ Brennan, When their parents went into hiding it wasn't Kyle who became Russ, it was Kylie. How does Russ feel about Booth and his sister digging up his past--and will Tempe cut off contact with him (again) if/when she finds out he's trans?

Bones, Russ Brennan, When their parents went into hiding it wasn't Kyle who became Russ, it was Kylie. How does Russ feel about Booth and his sister digging up his past--and will Tempe cut off contact with him (again) if/when she finds out he's trans? (right after they find their mother's body, late season 1/early season 2)

Bones, Seeley Booth, His military history, FBI job, and struggle with his faith never gave Booth the space to get comfortable with his bisexuality. How does he explain the unexplainable to someone else when he doesn't know the answers himself?

Bones, Temperance Brennan, Of course Brennan is bisexual. Restricting romantic feelings to one gender is a very recent and culturally constructed notion, and Brennan can't see why Booth is making such a big deal out of this

Bones, Temperance Brennan, She didn't expect Booth's Catholicism to be an issue when she mentioned a past girlfriend, but she really should have (Bones is bi)

Bones, Temperence Brennan/Seeley Booth, Brennan and Booth learn to balance their relationship and Booth learns that not all romance is sexual (Asexual Brennan)

Bones, Zack, Zack never talked about being queer because it was just another way to be a freak. He thought the Jeffersonian would be the same, but he was wrong.

Boy Meets World : Shawn Hunter, after years of internal struggle, Veronica has accepted who she is-- now she's worried about coming out to her friends (Shawn is MtF)

Boy Meets World, Shawn, Shawn spent most of his adolescence thinking about being a girl. In New York, he tries it out again.

Brave, Merida, After a while she realises it's not even that she wanted to marry out of love (though that certainly makes the idea more bearable); it's more like she... doesn't want to marry anyone. Ever.

Brave, Merida, If it's all right for the male head of house to have a mistress, it should be all right for her to have one too.

Brave, Merida, Merida appreciates that her parents aren't making her get an arranged marriage, but what they (and she) don't understand is why she can't seem to fall for anyone at all. Asexual!Merida.

Brave, Merida, She doesn't want to marry a man, she wants to marry a woman. And Merida is used to getting her way.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, any characters, A teenager is having trouble convincing the Watchers and/or Buffy and/or any or all of the Scoobies that she is a Potential--because her body is physically male.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Any Characters, One of the Potentials is transgender. They have to deal with the idea of being the first male Slayer, as well as the reactions of the rest of the group.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Any characters, Slayerhood is more to do with soul than body - the Scythe awakens a boy who'd never thought about his gender identity.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Any characters, Sunnydale High students begin to perceive the library as a safe place for lgbt kids. [Bonus points if it's Wishverse]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy and any other characters, Buffy's starting to get a little tired of having to explain every time she sleeps with or dates someone new that she's not 'actually' straight or gay 'deep down'.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers, Buffy practices by coming out to vampires and demons on her nightly patrol before she faces her family and friends.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy Summers/Spike, even after sleeping with Satsu (season 8), Buffy thought she was still straight, but when she finds out Spike is alive again but has been permanently transformed into a woman, she finds herself wanting female!Spike a hell of a lot more than she's ever wanted any man. claimed by passionfruit_kisses

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn Summers, As if she didn't have enough identity issues already: Rooming with the potential slayers makes Dawn realize she's bisexual.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn, turns out the main reason Dawn can't be a Potential is that she hasn't ever really thought of herself as a she, but he's just afraid this will mean everybody will figure it out.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith, She finally understands why all those guys meant nothing to her.claimed by Hnikkar

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith, the problem with being polysexual is that everyone calls you a slut

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith, will thinking of herself as queer make her feel less broken? Will it help to tell other people? claimed by Firebirdschild

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/OC. Faith has always been a little afraid of falling in love, but when it happens, it's wonderful. Pity she doesn't deserve it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith/ Willow or Faith & Willow. What does a Dark Slayer have to teach a former Dark Witch?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Ethan, Any situation in which the two have gotten back together and have to (or accidentally) come out to the Scoobies.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Giles/Ethan, Two British sorcerers find themselves at the Stonewall Inn on a certain night in 1969. (This could be time travel or au)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Gay or Bi Giles doesn't quite get some of the Scoobies and/or Potentials using the term 'queer' to describe LGBT people; he's only ever heard it used as an insult by those who hated and wanted to hurt him and his friends. claimed by Red Fiona

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Giles had a hard enough time trying to explain to Buffy and the Scoobies about Ethan Rayne being his friend. He doesn't know how to tell them that 'friend' was a euphemism...or that his present loathing of the man doesn't eliminate other feelings at all.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Going from being openly bi in England to being very much closeted in a US high school.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, Everybody knows that vampires are bisexual, but nobody knows that as a human William was gay. claimed by ladyoneill

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, the first time Spike was attracted to a man

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tara Maclay, She has always been painfully shy. But Tara remembers well the day she decided that she would never be closeted again.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tara/Willow, Dawn got flak at school for having a gay couple as her guardians between seasons 5 and 6. Tara and Willow deal.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow and Giles, there are lots of new slayers and lots of them are L, B, T, and/or G; Willow and Giles are role models and teachers, how to Willow's and Giles' differing experiences as queer individuals affect their perspectives on and approaches to mentoring their queer charges? What advice do Willow and Giles share with each other

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow and Giles, Willow is worried about what Giles will think when he finds out about her and Tara. Turns out she had nothing to be worried about.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow Rosenberg, during and after her relationship with Tara Willow is very definite that she is 'gay now'. Why does she identify as gay rather than bisexual, discounting her previous relationships with men and ruling out future ones?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow, Willow is tired of everyone using "witches" as a euphemism when talking about her and Tara.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Willow, Willow talks about identifying as gay and how she feels about her previous relationships with boys.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow/ Kennedy, Kennedy isn't sure how to to tell Willow that she's MtF.

Burn Notice, any character, you can't have a solid sexual orientation as a spy.

Burn Notice, ensemble, Michael deals with Sam's worry and Madeline and Nate's reactions when his trigger-happy ex, Phineaus Glennane, shows up in Miami. (AU with always-male!Fiona.)

Burn Notice, Fiona Glenanne, Fiona deals with the ongoing conflict between her bisexuality and her unforgiving Catholic roots.

Burn Notice, Fiona Glenanne, She knew coming out as bisexual to her Catholic family would be hard. She just didn't expect it to be as explosive as it was.

Burn Notice, Fiona Glennane, She enjoys the Miami eye candy every bit as much as Sam does.

Burn Notice, Michael and Nate Westen, Years ago, Michael had good reasons to tell Nate to hide his feelings. Now that reason's gone but he's still telling Nate to hide. Nate wants to know why

Burn Notice, Michael Weston, The fact that Michael was born in a female body doesn't usually cause him any trouble, but when it does, it really causes trouble.

Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona, finding out that Michael has slept with men - and not just for the job.

Burn Notice, Michael/Fiona, When Michael first met Fiona, she was a man, and it took less than a day for them to fall into bed together.

Burn Notice, Sam/Mike/Fi, Parenting as a committed triad.

Cabin Pressure, any character, you don't quite know why, but now that MJN might possibly fall apart, it's important for you to come out. Perhaps it's that you'd like the rest of the crew to remember you as the person you are, exactly.

Cabin Pressure, Arthur Shappey, he's never come out because he didn't know that it was a thing that people did.

Cabin Pressure, Arthur Shappey, just because he doesn't know a lot of queer terms doesn't mean they don't apply to him.

Cabin Pressure, Arthur Shappey, when a male passenger keeps hitting on Arthur, the rest of the crew take turns trying to 'rescue' him, thinking he's too innocent to realize what's going on - but Arthur doesn't want to be rescued!

Cabin Pressure, Arthur Shappey/Martin Crieff, Martin isn't sure if he's more freaked out by the idea of being in a same-sex relationship or the fact that Arthur doesn't seem bothered at all.

Cabin Pressure, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey/Hercules Shipwright, it's not that Carolyn doesn't... not hate Herc; it's that she's had too many relationships falter when her partners find out who she really is. (Queer identity of writer's choice.)

Cabin Pressure, Douglas Richardson, he envies Martin for the acceptance his family showers on him (and Martin doesn't even notice). Not everyone can be so lucky...

Cabin Pressure, Douglas Richardson, he's not ashamed of who he is; it's just that other people are idiots and act as such when he tells them. He's not quite sure about Martin just yet, though...

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, continuing a trend in his life, when Martin decides to come out to his family, they already know and accept him for who he is.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, Introducing his boyfriend to his friends and family really shouldn't be this hard. Except, well, he's not exactly out, not as such… not in the sense that he's ever told anyone that he- not that he's ever pretended otherwise! - but people do have certain expectations and and and- this is going to be a disaster, isn't it? (It isn't.)

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, Martin has never really had that many offers, so he's always taken what he could get, regardless of gender. He rather thought that's what it was like for everyone, and that sexual orientation was sort of like picking a football team to support.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, Martin wouldn't be so sensitive about his height if it wasn't for the fact that it might start people wondering why he never has to shave. Thankfully his voice has always been deep...

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, now that he has a girlfriend, he's not queer anymore, right? It's such a relief! Except for the times when it isn't, which is more or less all of the time.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, yes, he's unusually short and is surprisingly hairless, but he doesn't mind being teased about it so long as no one jumps to the right conclusion about which gender he was assigned at birth.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff/any male character, as long as he can define what they're doing as kink, not sex, he's fine with it, and the internalized homophobia doesn't get too bad. But that line blurs pretty quickly.

Call the Midwife, any character, the nuns handled incest (sorry) so calmly, a queer identity should be easy

Call the Midwife, any of the nurses, living among nuns is comforting in unexpected ways for someone figuring out her asexuality, even if it doesn't come with a religious calling.

Casablanca, anyone? I've always read Renault as queer and I'm fascinated by his friendship with Rick. He is also very focused on Rick's love life. Anything exploring him and his sexuality would totally rock my world.

Castle, Lanie Parrish/Javier Esposito/Kevin Ryan/Jenny Ryan, They have an arrangement that works for all four of them. Now if only they were all ready for the same amount of commitment to that arrangement...

Charmed, Chris, Piper and Leo aren’t not okay with their son being queer, they just need a little time. Phoebe, however, wants to be Chris’ new best friend.

Charmed, Chris/Cole, Chris lost everything when he came out but Cole understands or maybe he just has nothing left to lose either

Charmed, Chris/Cole, when a Whitelighter fucks a demon he is punished and forgiven but fucking a man is punishable by death

Charmed, Cole, Cole never told them about his affairs with male demons because they distrusted him enough as it was.

Charmed, Leo, When Leo's past came back to haunt him literally, he ends up having to come clean to his wife about his very male war-time lover.

Charmed, main ensemble, After finding out Chris’ first secret, finding out from the ultrasound that Piper’s second baby was female was a bit of a shock.

Charmed, Paige Matthews, Wyatt wasn't the first Halliwell male to be born in generations after all.

Charmed, Phoebe Halliwell, When a spell goes wrong turning Phoebe into a man; how can she tell her family that she doesn't want to turn back?

Chasing Charlie Duskin, Rose, discovering she likes Charlie

Chrestomanci Chornicles, Cat Chant, Cat connects to the world in his own way. What does that mean for romance? I'd love any interpretation of his take on the world.

Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Christopher Chant. Christopher isn’t attracted to anyone, not the way that everyone else seems to be.

Chrestomanci; Cat Chant; everyone thinks he and Marianne Pinhoe are going to get married, but they aren't each other's type. (Post-Pinhoe Egg; Gay friendships!)

Chrestomanci; Millie; loving Christopher doesn't mean she's straight.

Chronicles of Narnia: any Pevensie, "once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king OR queen of Narnia." Coming out as trans to Aslan, who takes it better than expected.

Chronicles of Narnia: Dr. Cornelius, While teaching Caspian history, Dr. Cornelius (himself LGBT) has to decide how to explain a past Narnian or Telmarine hero(ine) who was LGBT.claimed by Firebirdschild

Chronicles of Narnia: Susan/Jadis, Susan discovered Narnia (and the Witch), not Edmund.

Circle of Magic, Trisana Chandler, She was a little taken aback when she learned that Daja didn't love men but women. She's only now realizing that maybe that's because for her, it isn't but, it's and

Circle of Magic, Briar, It’s hard to believe that these feelings for other men aren’t just because of his connection to Sandry, Tris and Daja. Then again, only one of them does like men.

Circle of Magic, Daja Kisubo, How does she interact with the Emelan court now that she knows she is nisamohi? How does it change things for her?

Circle of Magic, Daja Kisubo, When they return home from Namorn, Daja goes looking for other people like her.

Circle of Magic, four main characters, There’s a reason they all choose their bond over any other relationship.claimed by Firebirdschild

Circle of Magic, Kethlun Warder, He’s tired of being on the outside. Tris beats it into him that his sexuality/gender identity doesn’t have to mean he’ll never fit in.

Circle of Magic, Lark/Rosethorn, Deciding who to tell and facing the reactions

Circle of Magic, Niko, It’s not politically correct to court men, and in every other circumstance, Niko feels very comfortable being politically correct.

Circle of Magic, Rosethorn, watching Evvy struggling with her own sexuality reminds Rosethorn of her own experience, but it goes against her nature to talk to Evvy about it.

Circle of Magic, Rosethorn/Lark, what's appropriate for their students to know about their relationship, and how do they tell them?

Circle of Magic, Trisana Chandler, Tris has never been romantic nor has she ever been interested in men or women. She doesn't consider this a problem, and doesn't understand why so many people, many of whom don't even KNOW her, feel that it is. (Asexual!Tris)

Cold Case, any detective, One of the cold jobs involving a queer victim (a canon case or one the author makes up) prompts one of the team to come out.

Cold Case, Billie Doucette/Rose Collins, So it's not easy for teenage interracial lesbians to hack it in 1932. That doesn't mean it's not worth trying, even when things get ugly. (Feel free to AU the heck out of canon here, seriously.)

Cold Case, Daniela, She thought getting out of her mother's house would be enough to let her claim her own identity and stop living in the shadow of her birth name. Unfortunately, Edwin is harder to lose than she'd expected.

Cold Case, Sam Randall, AU in which Sam gets a chance to figure out some answers rather than being strong-armed into performing 'girl' as 'girl' was performed in 1962. (Sam's identity - butch lesbian, FtM, genderqueer - is up to the author.)

Colditz, any character, at first he thought having sex with other men was just a necessity of POW life, but he's starting to think he might actually be homosexual

Colditz, Paul von Eissinger, part of what drives him to plot against Hitler is the Nazi persecution of queer men

Community, Abed (could be gen or Abed/anyone), Abed likes having rules, and the only rules he knows for romance are from fiction, and those romantic set-ups have rarely worked for him. Is there another way to do it?

Community, Abed Nadir, Abed comes out to his father.

Community, Abed, how Abed realized he was asexual.

Community, Abed/Annie/Troy, Abed is aromantic but sexual, and in a queerplatonic but sexual poly relationship with Annie and Troy. And even though Troy in particular has been pining over Abed, it all works out because Troy's understanding of aromanticism is as a "different kind of love" and he's used to Abed being different from everyone, and while Abed doesn't exactly agree with that definition, he's okay with Troy believing it. Plus Annie just loves them both a lot, uncomplicatedly.

Community, Annie Edison, Annie prefers being 'little Annie Adderall' to being 'the trans one'.

Community, Britta Perry, when people find out Britta's realised she's bisexual they treat it like the punchline to a joke because of her tendency to be so brash about social justice issues, or assume she's just adopting the label to be 'controversial'. claimed by kasihya

Community, Jeff/Dean Pelton, Jeff really never expected to actually get to know the Dean, let alone consider him a friend, let alone make out with him during the Christmas bash due to some unexpected mistletoe and horrendously overspiked eggnogg. And he really REALLY didn't expect liking it. Jeff figures there are first times for everything and starts planning out that coming out speech Pierce always kept bugging him about.

Community, Troy Barnes, Troy freaks out over so much stuff that everyone is highly confused when he apparently finds coming out to himself and them really very easy.

Community, Troy/Abed, Abed wants to go to a pride parade because of reasons, Troy goes along because he can't say no to Abed. Neither are surprised to see Dean Pelton on one of the floats.

Covert Affairs, Auggie Anderson, it turns out that his being bisexual is a lot more of a problem for some people than his being blind ever was

Criminal Minds: Derek Morgan, being bi and dealing with the promiscuous stereotype when you aren't ready to commit to anyone.

Criminal Minds, Emily Prentiss, She could pass for straight in a room full of profilers, but she's starting to think she doesn't want to.

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss, for a long time it was too dangerous to love anyone, so she didn't have to bother coming out.

Criminal Minds: Emily Prentiss, learning to be yourself is a hard thing to do after so many years being someone else.

Crossing Jordan, Bug/Nigel, Bug’s glad that nothing changed when they made their relationship public, but Nigel wishes there had been some sort of fuss.

Crossing Jordan, Nigel, When the plane crashed, Nigel realized he’d put his whole life on hold for someone who was never going to love him back and decides to start anew. Unrequited Nigel/Bug.

Crossover: any fandom/any fandom, any characters, Coming out to a stranger online is easier.

Crossover (or fusion), Any fandom/1984, any characters, Queer life under Big Brother

Crossover, Castle/Veronica Mars, Alexis Castle/Veronica Mars, While at college Alexis meets a mouthy, brilliant, infuriating woman who makes her reassess all her beliefs about her own sexuality. claimed by passionfruit_kisses and delta_dawn_rose

Crossover, Chuck/Fringe, Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb/Frank Stanton, Though they both primarily prefer women, medical residency is so stressful that they find themselves needing to work out that tension with each other.

Crossover, Chuck/White Collar, Ellie Bartowski/Elizabeth Burke, College is supposed to be a time for experimentation, and both Ellie and Elizabeth are eager students.

Crossover, Doctor Who/Quantum Leap, The TARDIS/Ziggy, TARDISes aren't supposed to have sexualities, but this particular Type 40 has never been good at doing what she was supposed to, so when she meets another temporally and self-aware AI on twentieth century Earth of all places, how's a girl supposed to resist?

Crossover, Eureka/Warehouse 13, Claudia Donovan & or / Douglas Fargo, Claudia's got questions; Fargo doesn't necessarily have answers, but he's had questions before himself, so he's willing to try to help.

Crossover, Ripper Street/Sherlock Holmes, Bennet Drake/Sebastien Moran, meeting up now that they are both in London

Crossover, Ripper Street/Sherlock Holmes, Bennet Drake/Sebastien Moran, It’s impossible to report his surpiciousions about Moran’s “Employer” without revealing how he gained the information.

Crossover, Ripper Street/Sherlock Holmes, Bennet Drake/Sebastien Moran, Sebestien Moran/Moriaty, Bennet Drake/Edmund Reid, Drake wants Reid, but he’s terminally straight, Sebstien lusts after Moriarty, but he’s asexual/just blind (author’s choice). They take what they can in comfort

Crossover, Torchwood/RPF (Historical), Captain Jack Harkness/Kit Marlowe, Jack falls through the rift and meets another infamous rake--playwright and sometime spy Christopher Marlowe. What happens when Walsingham finds a 51st century man in Elizabethan England? In Marlowe's bed?

Crossover, Torchwood/White Collar, Jack Harkness/Neal Caffrey, Some choices are easier to make when you're miles away from home and your every move isn't being scrutinized.

Crossover: Doctor Who/ Iron Man/ Torchwood, The Tardis/ Jarvis/ Mainframe, Their humans (and alien) would not understand.

Crossover: His Dark Materials fusion with any fandom, any character, What happens to your daemons when you transition?

Crossover: His Dark Materials fusion with any fandom, any characters, What does having a same-sex daemon mean about your gender or sexual orientation, if anything? Or does it just mean that people assume things? What is it like to grow up with everyone knowing you have a same-sex daemon?

Crossover: His Dark Materials fusion with any fandom, It’s hard to be closeted when people can tell what you are just by looking at your daemon.

Crossover: His Dark Materials fusion with any fandom, Trying to convince your daemon to settle into a particular form.

Crossover: NCIS/Torchwood, Abby/Tosh, Torchwood is called in to help NCIS and in working with Tosh, Abby comes to develop a crush/come out to herself/deal with her co-workers' reactions

Crossover: Stargate Atlantis/Torchwood, Captain Jack Harkness/John Sheppard or Rodney McKay (or both!), Captain Jack shows up and long buried feelings come to the surface. How can anyone hide their true self from Captain Jack?

Crossover: Stargate/Torchwood, Jack Harkness, Jack has had many children, carried himself or by his partner (though he won't get pregnant again, that was a nightmare the last time). He comforts his son (John, Cam or Lorne) when he gets kicked out of the military because he is gay.

Crossover: Torchwood/any Stargate show, any characters, Torchwood 3 (AKA we're all bi or at least curious) meets the SGC (AKA DADT rules) during a professional meet-and-greet/info exchange, and while the SGC people make certain assumptions of straightness all around, they are damn shocked to find that it's quite the opposite. T3 doesn't see a problem, and officially neither does the SGC, but certain people are having trouble focusing on saving the world now that they know.

CSI Miami, Tim Speedle, All the other CSIs are normally fighting to get porn-watching duty so people are starting to wonder why Speed always avoids watching any porn they find (writer's choice as to why).

Dallas (2012), Ann Ewing, Ann's bisexuality was just another thing Harris tried to control and belittle her for.

Dallas (2012), Ann Ewing, Yes, Ann is bi. Yes, Sue Ellen is a Republican. No, the party's record on LGBT issues will not stop her from supporting Sue Ellen's campaign.

Dallas (2012), Bobby Ewing/Ann Ewing, When, why, and how Ann tells Bobby that she's bi.

Dallas (2012), Emma Ryland, Ann Ewing, Emma gets a surprise when she tells her mother that she likes women: it turns out Ann does, too.

Dallas (2012), Sue Ellen Ewing/Ann Ewing, Sue Ellen wants personal and political honesty and openness to be the basis of her gubernatorial campaign. Does that include mentioning her relationship with Ann?

Dallas (Any), Any, A closeted character is being blackmailed.

Dallas (Any), Any, In this family/business, coming out seems like the safer choice, at least in the long run.

Daria, Daria, Finding the queer community was meant to be like coming home. Turns out Daria is still anti-social.

Daria, Jodie Landon, Having finally secured a little space to live her own life separate from her parents' high-octane agenda for her, Jodie hesitates to come out to her parents lest they start pressuring her to be the Model Minority for yet another underprivileged group.

Daria, Jake, His father and Corporal Ellenborgen’s abuse caused him to repress his bisexuality but he decides to come out in midlife.

Daria, Quinn, Quinn struggles with being a femme attracted to butches and unlearning everything she thought she knew about beauty.

DC Animated Universe (Justice League Unlimited), Vigilante/Shining Knight, Being made to see that durn cowboy movie (Brokeback Mountain) done gave Vigilante *ideas*. But how does one go about courtin' a guy from a different *millennia*, let alone century - without getting his head kicked in by Winged Victory, or cut off by a sword. And if he's doin' the courtin', is he the man, or what? (Basically, generational differences on homosexuality/gender roles).

DC Animated Universe, Green Lantern: the Animated Series, Aya, as Aya gets more experience of herself and the world she starts to realise that Hal christening all ships as automatically women might have been of base. (Agender!Aya)

DC Animated Universe: Batman: The Animated Series, Mad Hatter, there's no sex in Wonderland. It's one more reason he'd rather be there than in the sex-obsessed 'real world'. (No pedophile!Hatter please!)

DC (any verse), Diana of Themyscira/Lois Lane, After landing in Man's World, Diana comes to their best reporter with a story to tell.

DC Comics (Batman), Jason Todd, the reason Jason was acting out so much in the run up to his death is that he was just figuring out that he was gay. Now he's back, that still scares the crap out of him.

DC Comics pre reboot, Jason Todd, Winick dropped some context clues about Jason's past and how it might have included turning tricks to help take care of his mother. How he deals with this alongside identifying and accepting his own bisexuality.

DC Comics pre reboot, Tim Drake, for a boy who has spent his whole life holding up a mirror and trying to be what he thinks others want him to be, making the decision to come out for himself is a process.claimed by lunatic_lullaby

DC Comics, All Robins, discovering which part of the queer spectrum they fall under claimed by NixieD

DC Comics, any hero or villian, part of having a secret identity involves presenting as the opposite orientation when in costume.

DC Comics, any superhero character, the superhero community is a gossipy place, full of rampant speculation about other heroes' sexualities. But no one came close to guessing the truth of [character]'s asexuality.

DC Comics, anyone + Kate Kane, brooding on gargoyles and coming out to Batwoman.claimed by latenightcuppa

DC Comics, Batfamily, any character Coming out to Alfred

DC comics, Batman (any canon), Jonathan Crane, Why do they think his asexuality has anything to do with his past traumas or present...interests? Honestly, Arkham seems to be hiring from community colleges these days.

DC Comics, Batman, Batman is straight, Bruce Wayne is not.

DC Comics, Batman, Batman/Catwoman, Their constant flirting makes people assume they're sexually attracted to each other. They're not...but that doesn't make things any less complicated.

DC Comics, Batman, Batman/Riddler, Outthinking Batman is his prime joy in life. He did not expect that to include helping Batman unpack his sexuality issues.

DC Comics, Batman, Bruce Wayne is outed as Bi-Sexual, how does that affect how people view Batman

DC Comics, Batman, Bruce Wayne, It feels like he's spent his whole life in rebellion of his parents wishes and ideals. His sexuality is just one part of it. (Possibly an AU where his parents are alive)

DC Comics, Batman, Colin Wilkes, is it wrong not to correct the people who assume he and Damian were a couple?claimed by kikibug13

DC Comics, Batman, Greg Rucka mentioned a story that he'd like to do but knows DC would never let him: A group of Gotham socialites are discussing their relationships with Bruce Wayne, and one of them eventually confesses that she's never had sex with him. They compare notes, realise that none of them have actually had sex with Bruce Wayne, and come to the inevitable conclusion... (author's choice about that conclusion and how accurate it is)

DC Comics, Batman, Harvey Dent, Even before Two Face, he felt like his life was divided in two. There was his work and life he was building with Gilda. And then there were the seedier places and Matches Malone.

DC Comics, Batman, Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, He'll never give up on Harvey, no matter what Two Face says.

DC Comics, Batman, Harvey Dent/Bruce Wayne, when they've both spent their whole lifes dividing things in two, is it any wonder one of them snapped? Bruce just never thought it would be Harvey.

DC Comics, Batman, in revenge for Dent outing her to her collegues, Renee Montoya reveals Dent’s relationship with Bruce Wayne. Batman has to deal with the consequences.

DC Comics, Batman, Poison Ivy, asexual plants can still bear flowers.

DC Comics, Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn, Meeting the Joker was a turning point in Harley's life. Meeting Poison Ivy just helped bring something hidden to the surface.

DC comics, Batman: The Animated Series, trans!Edward Nygma, Nygma solves the puzzle of oneself. The problem wasn't answering the question, it was knowing what questions to ask in the first place.

DC Comics, Batman/Superman, after being outed by a sex tape, the biggest issue people have if that they weren't practising safe sex.

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne, Bruce is asexual and if you say one word about childhood trauma he will hit you.

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne, He has sex with women in Gotham and guys when he’s out of Gotham. It’s easier to be true to yourself without the Wayne name being such a big deal

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne, He hates talking about his asexuality because he can see "childhood trauma" pass through their minds even if they don't say it out loud.

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne, the way people glance worrying at his boys when they find out about it, annoys Bruce. Just because he's gay does not make him a Paedophile

DC Comics, Bruce Wayne/author’s choice (But Tommy Elliot (Hush) would be the greatest), why do we hurt the ones we love?

DC Comics, Cassandra Cain, She doesn't know the word for what Stephanie is to her.

DC Comics, Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, A little known fact of Kryptonian culture, that Clark prefers not to share with others, is that sexuality was a personal choice made on a person's fifteenth birthday, declared before one's family and friends, and if a person was not ready to choose, they could defer the choice and declaration until a later date. It takes Clark many years, after having struggled with his sexuality in light of his Midwestern upbringing for as long as he can remember, but on his twenty-eighth birthday, he's finally ready to declare his choice, before the entirety of the Justice League ... but only after he's declared his choice to Bruce, privately.

DC Comics, Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, What happens when Earth's two greatest superheroes are outed?

DC Comics, Damian Wayne - Damian scornfully informs his father that he is attempting to scare him with the wrong Talk, using entirely the wrong charts.

DC Comics, Damian Wayne, Apparently it is Teen Titan tradition to have sex with as many of your teammates as possible. At least, that's what the Wests and Harper tell him, and Damian may think they are incompetent, but he doesn't think they're liars. He does, however, think that they could grasp the simple fact that he doesn't want to have sex with any of his teammates a little sooner.

DC Comics, Damian Wayne, Damian was born female but raised male in a heavily misogynist environment and discouraged from questioning the plans his family set out for him. No-one's ever asked him how he identifies before. Either classic DCU or DCnU are OK as long as the events from Batman Inc. #8 (2013) don't happen.

DC Comics, Damian Wayne/Colin Wilkes, Damian Wayne/Iris West, what is it with Robins and being unable to turn down redheads?

DC Comics, Dick Grayson, Dick is nervous about coming out to the Teen Titans: will he lose his leadership position and their friendship?

DC Comics, Dick Grayson, He'd thought wearing a skirt to school would feel more like putting on the uniform and pixie boots and less like diving off a roof.

DC Comics, Dick Grayson, The scariest thing he ever did was coming out to Batman. (Optional: Now he tells the story to someone else considering coming out to their mentor.)

DC Comics, Harvey Bullock, He wishes he could have being honest with Renee Montoya when he had the chance. At least he could have explained he knew what it was like to be a closeted cop.

DC Comics, Jason Todd + any, Everyone that knows his history assumes that because he used to work the streets as a young teen, that that's the reason he prefers men, and he just can't let that assumption slide any longer; he's always preferred guys, and hooking had nothing to do with it.

DC Comics, Jason Todd, a young Jason Todd discusses his confusing feelings with Barbara.claimed by latenightcuppa

DC Comics, Jason Todd, he's had to figure out so much about himself since the Lazarus Pit that he almost takes figuring out he's queer in stride. He doesn't expect it to be such a big deal when it comes out.

DC Comics, Jason Todd, it’s easier to be true to yourself, without the Wayne name around your neck

DC Comics, Jason Todd/any, If another straight person in this ridiculous mansion gives him the "all you have to do is accept yourself" speech, Jason is going to punch them right square in their well-meaning, heterosexual face.

DC Comics, Kate Kane + Harley Quinn, Harley stages a crime so she can talk to out-as-a-lesbian Batwoman about being a closeted bisexual.

DC Comics, Koriand'r, Pre-reboot Kory is pansexual. Post-reboot Kory is an aromantic pansexual. Through the plot device of your choice, they meet and think each other are pretty rad.

DC Comics, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Nightwing, it’s a little uncomfortable being on a team with your brother’s exs

DC Comics, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, It somehow becomes public that Arsenal and Nighwings are raising a little girl together. Of all the things to get upset about people are not commenting on the fact that violent vigilanties with highly risky jobs are the sole karetaker of an innocent child or even that to have a school aged daughter in his early 20s then Arsenal must have been a teenaged father, no, what makes people cluthing their pearls is the fact they are both men.

DC Comics, Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake/Kon-El, It's true that the superhero community is pretty accepting about poly relationships. Now if they'd just stop assuming that Kon's only in it for Stephanie and that Tim's only in it for Kon, that'd be great.

DC Comics, Tim Drake - Tim knows that it's okay and natural for him to like other boys but that doesn't make it any easier for him to tell. He tries and the words stick in his mouth, seized by a panic that he feels is irrational. He knows that his friends and family love him and probably won't disapprove of his sexuality but what if they treat him differently?

DC Comics, Tim Drake and his femme-ness, getting support from an unexpected place – Jason

DC Comics, Tim Drake and Kon-El, Coming out as bisexual to his straight best friend was pretty easy, but Tim's not sure how much more he can take of Kon's match-making efforts.

DC Comics, Tim Drake, he's always been amused by the local tabloid's attempts to link him to women around Gotham, but when they get a shot of him and his boyfriend stealing a kiss outside a restaurant, suddenly it isn't funny anymore.

DC Comics, Tim Drake, trying to convince his partner that being asexual doesn't mean he's aromantic, made harder by the fact that he isn't that demonstrative in the first place.

DC comics, Tim Drake/Jason Todd, Introducing Jason as Tim's boyfriend to the press, without someone finding out that Jason's being dead (and Tim's brother)

DC Comics, Tim Drake/Kon, It's weird that he's more worried about coming out to Superman than Batman

DC Movies - Nolan Batman Movies, John Blake and Jen, She'd been closer to Selina than anyone. He'd loved Bruce from afar for as long as he could remember. They share a legacy of disappointment and being left behind.

DC, Batman, Harvey Dent, he flips the coin for everything.

DC, Clark Kent/Jimmy Olsen, while moping about over his longstanding crush Jimmy is clear that the fact the object of his affections is another man isn't the problem - he doesn't understand why nobody will believe him.

DCnU, Alan Scott, Alan chooses to become a parent. It goes a lot better than in the universe where he was straight.

DCnU, Alan Scott, Todd's son is still gay in this universe. So is his father. This is not actually a big deal.

DCnU, Jason Todd, Roy has been encouraging him to date women, but Jason isn't sure how his friends are going to react when they find out he usually prefers men.

DCnU, Miguel Barragan, Miguel's presence seems to make some members of the Justice League really uncomfortable. It's not something he expected from superheroes.

DCnU, Miguel Barragan, the Teen Titans are completely accepting of Miguel's sexuality - in theory. It's surprising who turns out to be uncomfortable when they actually meet his boyfriend.

Dead Poets Society, any of the Society members, He thought he could hide the fact that he was homosexual while he was at school, but that was before he met his crush.

Dead Poets Society, Todd Anderson, He disappointed his parents by not being an exact copy of his brother. Being homosexual is just another disappointment. Right?

Death in Paradise, Richard Poole, he *can't* be interested in Camille in that way, he just doesn't know how to tell her that.

Degrassi: The Next Generation, Paige/Alex, tv show night or rather, how Alex gets Paige hooked on queer soaps and accidentally starts Paige on a campaign to change modern media

Deltora Quest, older!Lief, confessing to Jasmine that he's never been romantically interested in anyone, really.

Desperate Housewives: Katherine Mayfair, She's having trouble understanding how it is that she became a lesbian/bi in midlife, but one of her friends on Wisteria Lane has a pat answer: it's because of Katherine's past abuse history with Wayne. How does Katherine feel about/respond to this?

Dirty Sexy Money, Jeremy Darling, Jeremy's father already considers him a failure on all fronts, so for Jeremy, finally openly dating a guy like he'd wanted to for years is especially satisfying.claimed by cj

Discworld, Adora Belle Dearheart, Her ideas of love aren't like anyone else's, Moist is an interesting experiment but figuring out what she wants requires more.

Discworld, Cheri Littlebottom, Dwarf gender issues.

Discworld, Maladict; he confessed to being a girl because he thought that's what he was. But it didn't take long for him to realize that being a boy had fit him more than anything else.

Discworld, Pepe, he blurs the lines of sexuality, gender, race- how did he get to be the amazing Pepe?

Divergent series, any or original character, It was supposed to be easier to be asexual in Abnegation (whether it actually is or not is up to the author).

Divergent series, any or original characters, Changing factions in the hope of a better queer experience.

Divergent series, any or original characters, Changing factions in the hope that it'll be easier to pretend they're not queer. Divergent series, any or original characters, Changing factions because it's rumored the new one actually supports trans people and helps them present the way they want to.

Doctor Who, Ace McShane/Shou Yuing, Ace had expected the future to be...gayer, somehow.

Doctor Who, Ace, Ze might go by Dorothy now, because it sounds a lot more professional, but Ace can’t help but resent the fact that everyone assumes ze’s a woman.

Doctor Who, Algy (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances), What was it like for him being a gay man in the 1940s, especially after the war when everyone was getting married? How did his meeting Jack Harkness change this for good or bad?

Doctor Who, Amy & Rory Pond, the Ponds discover the queer culture of the '30s.

Doctor Who, Amy Pond, After flirting with herself, Amy realizes she likes flirting with women and still loves her husband, and what Amy wants, Amy gets. Luckily, Rory loves her for her.

Doctor Who, Amy Pond, meeting her future self wasn't the first time she'd fancied a woman.

Doctor Who, any character, someone trying to reconcile their homo/asexuality with their sense of duty when their species is close to extinction.

Doctor Who, any companion from a contemporary or future era or alien companion, A lesbian, gay, or bisexual companion who has never hidden their orientation gets stranded (temporarily or permanently) in a society that persecutes homosexuality.

Doctor Who, any companion or OC, anywhere in time and space? The best SRS clinic in the galaxy, please.

Doctor Who, any companion, The Doctor's newest companion is an alien for whom gender is a distinctly fluid concept. How do his existing companions react to this, and what implications does it have for their own lives?

Doctor Who, Any companion: Family and/or friends warily accepted that he/she disappeared for months at a time with some ‘Doctor’, but is bringing a same-sex S.O. from another time/planet to meet them too much?

Doctor Who, any Doctor, At this point, sexuality is just another thing to discover, like that mole on his back or the new teeth.

Doctor Who, any Time Lord, prejudice against Time Lords who chose to regenerate into a different sex than their original.

Doctor Who, Barbara Wright, traveling in the TARDIS was a wonderfully free experience that let her embrace her sexuality for the first time. Back home in the sixties she deals with prejudice and keeping secrets once again

Doctor Who, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, people shagging others of the same gender is one of the least weird things he deals with on a regular basis. But when it's the Brig coming to terms with his interest in another man (the Doctor, Yates, Harry Sullivan, whomever), it's not quite so easy.

Doctor Who, Brigadier/Benton, Doris, the Brigadier's 'wife," is just a codename for Benton, his real, secret lover."

Doctor Who, Canton Everett Delaware III, Canton as a companion to the Doctor: how does he react to the future of gay rights, and how does it change his outlook on life and his relationship?

Doctor Who, Canton Everett Delaware III, he is determined to marry the man he loves, somehow.

Doctor Who, Canton Everett Delaware III, the decision to leave the FBI

Doctor Who, Canton Everett Delaware III, what kind of life can an interracial gay couple have together, anyway?

Doctor Who, Doctor and Rose: a romantic asexual and a sexual try to negotiate a relationship that works for them both.

Doctor Who, Doctor, Sex pollen isn't a particularly pleasant experience for anyone, but for an asexual, it's especially unpleasant.

Doctor Who, Doctor, The Doctor is asexual but not aromantic and it's really awkward how people think affection and sex are the same thing.

Doctor Who, Doctor/any companion, He’s in love with this one, really in love with them, but how can he tell them that that doesn’t mean he can sleep with them? (Sexuality issues, lack thereof, or ‘humans don’t do it for me,’ author’s choice.

Doctor Who, Doctor/Martha, When the Doctor's new regeneration is female, Martha reckons she's in with another chance.

Doctor Who, Donna Noble, Donna as MtF. The only guy on Earth she'd found who didn't mind she'd opted out of the op, and Lance tried to sacrifice her to the Spider Queen. Well, with the Doctor, she doesn't have to stick to Earth - and maybe her body wouldn't be considered 'freaky' out there in the black.

Doctor Who, Donna Noble, She'd thought Lance was The One - the one who'd make her straight. Then he turned out to want to sacrifice her to the Spider Queen. Traveling through time and space with the Doctor, Donna finally gives herself permission to stop living in denial.

Doctor Who, Donna Noble, the metacrisis affected 10.5's DNA and her mind, and now she finds that like the Doctor, she's attracted to both sexes,

Doctor Who, duplicate Tenth Doctor, how does being part Donna influence the Doctor's perception/experience of hir gender?

Doctor Who, Eighth Doctor, During the earth arc (EDA novels), the arrest and, later, suicide of the Doctor's old friend Alan Turing makes the Doctor confront his own sexuality.

Doctor Who, Eleven, new body, still a male body, damn

Doctor Who, Eleven/Amy/Rory, Rory's pov on being attracted to the Doctor. At first he told himself it was just to please Amy but that didn't explain any of the times without her.

Doctor Who, Fitz Kreiner, He always knew that he liked both men and women. But until he met the Doctor, he never felt free to express the other part of his sexuality.

Doctor Who, Fitz Kreiner, When suddenly all the rules are taken away--when you can marry your same-sex best friend if you want to--it's both wonderful and terrifying.

Doctor Who, hand!Ten, the Doctor realises she's a brand new person in more ways than she was expecting.

Doctor Who, Jack & The Ponds. Captain Jack meets up with Team Tardis (11), and the companions hit it off really well (three-way romantic relationship).

Doctor Who, Jack Harkness and Eleven, The Doctor and Jack meet up again. In this new body, the Doctor finds himself much less reluctant to fulfill some of Jack's fantasies about him. Jack must reconcile yet another change in personality of the man he loves, while the Doctor adjusts to a desire to experiment sexually.

Doctor Who, Jack Harkness and Ten, Jack feels that Ten values him less as a companion and a friend because he is an omnisexual male, and confronts the Doctor about it.

Doctor Who, Jack Harkness, One of the strange things about traveling with Rose and the Doctor (early on, anyway) was Rose's outdated conceptions of sexuality.

Doctor Who, Jake/Mickey +/ Martha/Tom, Being a gay couple and an interracial couple is hard enough; no need to tell anyone how close they all really are.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones and Donna Noble, When someone tries to insult Martha for being gay, Donna gives them Hell like she's never given anyone Hell before.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones and Ianto Jones, Martha hadn't thought that medical students would be homophobic, and she hadn't thought that the office temp would be the one to offer her a shoulder to cry on.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones, Being with the Doctor - or working with Torchwood - and being out is so very different than being out at UNIT.

Doctor Who, Martha Jones/Mickey Smith/Tom Milligan, Tom's always been okay with his open marriage, it works for them. And he's always considered himself straight. So when he finds himself proposing marriage to his wife's new boyfriend, there needs to be some relabeling going on...

Doctor Who, Martha Jones/Rose Tyler, Rose thought she would hate The Doctor's next companion for taking The Doctor from her. She certainly didn't expect to fall for her instead.

Doctor Who, Martha, She’s afraid that the reason the Doctor can’t see her as a prospective date is that she wasn’t always a woman.

Doctor Who, Martha, Tom tells her he’s bisexual before she can figure out how to say the same thing.

Doctor Who, Melody Pond, One of the best things about being Amy and Rory’s best friend was that Mels could come out to them without worrying that they’d be disappointed in their queer daughter.

Doctor Who, Mickey Smith, Mickey has never thought about sexuality beyond that he likes girls; it wasn't important. Then he found out that Ricky was gay. Now he has to reexamine his sexuality.

Doctor Who, Mickey Smith, Whilst in Pete's World after the Doctor leaves, Mickey finds himself attracted to Jake and questioning his sexuality as they grow closer and closer. How does he bring himself to come out to Rose and her family and what happens when he's given the opportunity to return to his birth reality? (Can go AU if you want)

Doctor Who, Mickey Smith/Martha Jones/Jake Simmonds, Mickey loves his wife, but when his former boyfriend manages to cross to this universe, there's no way he can choose between them.

Doctor Who, Mickey/Jake, Mickey's always been gay and Rose has always been his smokescreen, in a different universe he doesn't have to hide anymore and Mickey doesn't know what to think about that.

Doctor Who, Mickey/Martha/Tom, Mickey came to understand his bisexuality thanks to Jake, Martha learned she could love more than one person at a time thanks to Jack, and Tom loves Martha enough to share. But when he starts having feelings for his wife's boyfriend as well, it's his turn to question who he thought he was and needs a little help of his own.

Doctor Who, Mickey/Martha/Tom, Mickey came to understand his bisexuality thanks to Jake, Martha learned she could love more than one person at a time thanks to Jack, and Tom loves Martha enough to share. But when he starts having feelings for his wife's boyfriend as well, it's his turn to question who he thought he was and needs a little help of his own.

Doctor Who, Peri, just because she wasn't born female and she worked hard for her body, that doesn't mean she's not offended when guys talk to her breasts and not to her.

Doctor Who, River Song -so she likes to flirt, and kissing’s fun, that doesn’t make her any less asexual and people need to quit implying otherwise. claimed by kasihya

Doctor Who, River Song, Binary gender is such a very human concept, and River Song has always been human plus

Doctor Who, River Song, How do you come out to your parents when a) they actually never really raised you and are in fact much younger than you b) you're married to their (male) best friend and c) your relative chronologies are all screwed up?

Doctor Who, River Song, River is pansexual, the Doctor is asexual, they're still madly in love across time and space. River/women, plastic boyfriends, etc. greatly appreciated. :)

Doctor Who, River Song, She loves the Doctor in every incarnation she's met; she married Eleven and she died for Ten. But it's a later, female version that she actually fell in love with.

Doctor Who, Rory, He'd told Amy he was bi when they were teenagers. She'd not found it strange, but his family had reacted badly. Their new life with the doctor helps him change his oppression of his bisexual leanings.

Doctor Who, Rose, Jack points out every attractive male, female, alien or other they come across and Rose starts to wonder why she’s not just agreeing about the men.

Doctor Who, Rose/Nine/Jack, Rose doesn’t know how to respond to learning that the Doctor’s asexual, but luckily Jack’s not phased in the least.claimed by Rivulet027

Doctor Who, Rose/Nine/Jack, To Time Lords, homosexuality is just another reason why lower life forms are just that. When Jack (and Rose) confront him about it, how can the Doctor let go of one of the few connections he still has to his past- his people’s beliefs?

Doctor Who, Sam Jones, Sam had been recreated so many times by the Faction Paradox that it was sometimes tricky to hold onto any sense of her sexuality or gender.

Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith, Sarah was an activist back in the early seventies and not just for women's rights. Either explore her experiences back then as a lesbian or bi woman.

Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Smith, She's always lived by her own rules so she's not going to apologise for being bi, but sometimes she forgets that Earth in the 20th/21st century isn't quite as open about such things as other places she's been.

Doctor Who, Second Doctor, Coping with all the changes of regeneration is difficult enough, but the Doctor never expected that his sexuality would change as well.

Doctor Who, Tardis/Jack, Tardis POV

Doctor Who, Tegan Jovanka, In school, she thought it was just a faze. After Nyssa, Tegan decided she was a lesbian. Only, she never fit in with the other lesbians. Now, she's realizing she's FtM and having to deal with that and the fact that she's 5'2' and everyone telling her, 'But you're so pretty...'

Doctor Who, Tegan Jovanka/Nyssa, Tegan finds the TARDIS is finally the right, safe place to come out - though she didn't expect her first serious girlfriend to be an alien.

Doctor Who, Ten and/or Captain Jack, both have been witness to a lot of history, what is their perspective on the LGBT history they have been around for (Stonewall? The trial of Oscar Wilde? Pink triangles?)

Doctor Who, Ten II/Rose, The human Doctor is okay with the fact that he's intersex -- some of his physiology comes from Donna, after all, and he's always felt that his gender identity has been fluid, even if he hasn't talked about it much. Rose, however, is used to a more binary system of gender identity -- can they work things out?

Doctor Who, Ten.2/Rose, Due to being created part Donna Ten.2 has a different gender identity than the original Ten. Rose is a bit confused that her new boyfriend wants to live openly as MtF.

Doctor Who, the Corsair (mentioned in "The Doctor's Wife"), The Doctor mentions that the Corsair regenerated as both male and female, and was evidently comfortable in both sorts of body. Run with that - was it ever deliberate? Was it unusual/frowned upon in Gallifreyan society to embrace such a fluid gender identity?

Doctor Who, the Doctor (any incarnation), any relevant companions, He loves them, but they're still another species, no matter the outward similarities, and they don't do anything for him, which he doesn't always know how to explain.

Doctor Who, the Doctor and any companions, the Doctor prefers triads, but he's learnt the hard way that sometimes his human companions have trouble breaking away from a more binary system of relationships.

Doctor Who, the Doctor, Sometimes it's hard to be asexual and biromantic.

Doctor Who, The Doctor, The Doctor has regenerated into someone ginger--a moderately attractive thirtysomething woman. Ze finds to hir displeasure that even though ze's intelligence and behavior haven't changed one iota, the way people respond to hir certainly has.

Doctor Who, The Doctor, The Doctor regenerates as a woman, and it's not weird at all.

Doctor Who, Third Doctor, The Doctor has no concept of hiding his sexuality, but now he's stuck on earth in the 1970s and expected to conform to UNIT regulations against homosexual conduct.

Doctor Who, Tom Milligan/Martha Jones/Mickey Smith, their marriage is legally binding on at least fifty planets- just not the one they happen to live on.

Doctor Who, Turlough, Turlough finds it hard to adjust to an English public school in the early 1980s for more reasons than just being an alien.

Doctor Who, Two/Jamie, Jamie has never been with a man before and the Doctor has never been with a non-Time Lord; their relationship would be frowned upon in both cultures (albeit for different reasons.)

Doctor Who, Two/Jamie, Jamie totally understands that he wants a sexual/romantic relationship with the Doctor; it's the Doctor that needs 'convincing' that it's all right.

Doctor Who, Victoria Waterfield, there was hardly even a concept of women loving other women in 1866. Now that Victoria's living in the more liberated 1960s, she has a lot of things to figure out.

Doctor Who, Yates, the stress of being a closeted gay man in a military environment leads Yates to betray UNIT.

Doctor Who, Zoe Heriot, Jamie McCrimmon, Explaining that she's a bisexual to Jamie is more complicated than Zoe would have anticipated; the words Zoe grew up using to describe sexual orientation simply don't exist in the world of 1745...and the 18th century view is that sexuality is something that you do, not someone you are.

Doctor Who: Doctor/Jack. Jack's omnisexual and in love with the Doctor, and suddenly doesn't know how to cope with being in love with a happy asexual.

Doctor Who: Rose/Doctor!Donna - Rose discovers that the Doctor!Donna is a lot more "Donna" than "Doctor" "down there." And, to her surprise, discovers it doesn't matter.

Doctor Who: Susan Foreman, Susan accidentally lets the fact that she is trans slip (or the cat is let out of the bag during an adventure). Ian and Barbara react about as well as can be expected of two school teachers from the 1960s, which is to say not very well at all. (Susan does not have to ID as female, non-binary is cool too!)

Doctor Who: Two/Jamie. The Doctor knows that in Jamie's struggling with feelings that were punishable by death in his time period. He decides a history lesson is a good way to educate him. (Pick or make up a gay positive historical moment for them to visit.)

Doctor Who/Torchwood, Martha Jones, Being with the Doctor - or working with Torchwood - and being out is so very different than being out at UNIT.

Double Arts: Any Sister, She has always felt wrong in her own body, but she pushed it aside because her work was more important. Now, with the prospect of a cure in the near future (or a cure finally here), those feelings are rising to the surface again, and they are too strong to continue to ignore.

Double The Fist, Mephisto, being a gay vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Double The Fist, Rod Foxx, he would totally come out as bisexual if he knew Steve wouldn't disown him for doing so.

Double The Fist, Steve Foxx, he's spent his whole life struggling to accept that his homosexuality isn't a sign of weakness.

Double The Fist, Tara, she's a vending machine, a token woman, so how does she tell Rodd she's really only interested in girls? (pre-The Final Battle.)

Double The Fist, The Womp/Steve Foxx, Womp can't imagine being with anyone else but Steve, and can't work out why people seem to have such a problem with it.

Downton Abbey, O'Brien/Cora: After Thomas's outing O'Brien examines the nature of her feelings for and/or physical relationship with Cora.

Downton Abbey, Thomas Barrow, being in a committed relationship is definitely changing him for the better. But how does everyone else deal with it?

Downton Abbey, Thomas: Anything happy and positive about Thomas's sexuality.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Jekyll is gay and believes himself comfortable with this. Hyde is Not.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Sir Danvers Carew, Hyde had reasons for killing him, and they involved protecting himself and Jekylls repuation

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, any characters, Sometimes, the line between hero and villain is less important than a common LGBT orientation.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, any characters, Sometimes, the line between hero and villain is less important than a common LGBT orientation.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Captain Hammer, He's a superhero, damn it. He's supposed to have gorgeous women draped all over him. He's even dating the one woman his enemy, Dr. Horrible, is crazy about. So how come all he can think of is passionate gay sex with his arch-nemesis?

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Dr. Horrible, Doc starts working on a sex-swapping ray with the thought of humiliating Captain Hammer. When someone in the local trans community hears about it and offers a group of free (and enthusiastic) test subjects, Doc starts reconsidering the ultimate goal... and whether it's a far more personal project than was first suspected.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Captain Hammer, There's a reason he's never slept with the same girl twice: now that he's out of the public eye, after the Death Ray incident, Captain Hammer is starting to realize he repressed his sexuality so he could fit the image of a hero

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Penny, Penny returns somehow after the events of DHSB, exploration of her ‘stormy’ past (“After years of stormy sailing, have I finally found the bay?”), including her sexuality (possibly in the context of her growing up in foster care)

Due South : Benton Fraser, Fraser's tired of everyone assuming that he ignores the advances of women because he's repressed/naive/not interested in sex. Canadian freak. Is it really that hard to believe that he's just gay?

Due South : Benton Fraser/Ray Vecchio, Cops are not known for welcoming gays into the brotherhood, and Mounties are cops.

Due South : Buck Frobisher (/Robert Fraser or gen), the challenges of being queer in the RCMP during the era of institutionalized homophobia and the ˜fruit machine."

Due South, Benton Fraser/Mark Smithbauer, Each have their own reasons for remaining closeted, but Fraser's a hopeless liar

Due South, Benton Fraser/Mark Smithbauer, the real reason he ignored Fraser when he first saw him, is that when he need his support, Ben let him down.

Due South, Margaret Thatcher, Meg's worked hard to get where she is in the RCMP, and whatever the official policy on homosexuality may be now she isnt sure she wants to risk the potential fallout of coming out.

Due South, Ray Kowalski, It's not like he didn't love Stella. He did, more than anything. But the truth is that he's always been more attracted to men than to women, and now that the pain of the divorce has finally started to fade he thinks that he's ready to begin exploring that part of his sexuality.

due South, Ray Vecchio, undercover with the mob in Las Vegas is not a particularly good place to start questioning your sexuality.

Due South, Robert Fraser, Bob knows that Benton is trying to hide his relationship with Ray because he thinks Bob will disapprove but Benton never found the one journal that Bob had kept hidden from his son, the private one that spoke of his feelings for his own male partner.

Due South, Robert Fraser(/Buck Frobisher or gen), the challenges of being queer in the RCMP during the era of institutionalized homophobia and the "fruit machine." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fruit_machine_%28homosexuality_test%29)

Electric Dreams, Edgar, not having a human body makes understanding human sexuality - and his own sexuality - quite complicated.

Elementary, Detective Bell, He's worked hard to get where he is. And if that means ignoring the feeling in the back of his head that something's not right, it's a price he's willing to pay.

Elementary, Joan Watson, Joan doesn't see any reason to come out to Sherlock; it's irrelevant to their working relationship. He disagrees strongly. (Joan's identity is writer's choice.)

Elementary, Joan Watson, she never talks about her military career, because it inevitably leads to people asking why she no longer has one. Sherlock must know, so she wonders why he never mentions it, not even when they work a case involving now openly gay US soldiers...

Elementary, Joan Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock isn't as interested in Joan's sexual preferences as much as why she tried to hide them from him.

Elementary, Joan, She didn't leave the medical profession by choice- she was blackmailed.

Elementary, Joan, She finally sums up the courage to tell Sherlock the truth, only to be told that he knew all along.

Elementary, Joan, When they're home alone, Sherlock calls her John.

Elementary, Joan/Carrie, "You were always a good partner, Joanie, but you were a better doctor." In which Joan and Carrie had a "failed sapphic dalliance," as Sherlock suggested.

Elementary, Joan/Sherlock, They love each other, but Joan is too professional to sleep with a former client and Sherlock is happy with the way things are.

Elementary, Marcus Bell, Sherlock Holmes, They run into each other at a gay bar/club.

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson, negotiating an asexual kink relationship. (either or both characters can be ace)

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Alfredo Llamosa, Sherlock bonding with his new AA sponsor, and both men are queer.

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Both are queer, both know a thing or two about failing to live up to your parents' expectations.

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Joan Watson, Sherlock pretends not to care that his father rejected him in part because of his sexuality, but Joan sees that it hurt him more than he wants to admit.

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Putting up with the sex because it's the only way he can satisfy his kinks.

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock is FTM.

Elementary, Sherlock Holmes/Joan Watson, the main reason they've not acted on their attraction to one another is the fact they they both know they would be read as a straight couple, and neither one of them is comfortable with that.

Elementary, Sherlock, He explains his complicated sexuality and/or gender identity with as little fuss as anything else, and she envies him for being so comfortable with it- not realizing that she's the only person he's ever told.

Elementary, Sherlock, He's been fantasizing for months about Joan as a man, and when she comes out to him as FtM he's convinced he's hallucinating.

Elementary, Sherlock, Joan only finds out he's transgender in the middle of a serious medical complication.

Elementary, Sherlock, The prostitutes don't really do anything for him, but they make him feel more normal and look more eccentric.

Elementary, Sherlock/Gregson, Both of them are too professional to let this impact work.

Emelan, asexual!Tris/OC, Lightsbridge fic. She can be heteroromantic or biromantic.

Emelan, Daja, after Will of the Empress Daja talks to Lark and/or Rosethorn about being queer. claimed by with_rainfall

Emelan, Daja/Tris, beauty is found in unexpected places

Emelan, Frostpine/Kol with some Kol/Matazi, Kol isn't sure how his wife will feel when he tells her about his romance with Frostpine pre-series.

Emelan, lesbian!Lark/OFC, how she first realised she liked girls. Please do not make Lark bi or asexual.

Emelan, Niko, he just isn't interested in men or women, and his friends at Lightsbridge can't make sense of it, even if he doesn't mind in the slightest. Wandering is much more interesting than romance.

Emelan, Sandry/Daja or Sandry/Tris, Duchess(to-be) Sandry deals with the fact that she can't marry her lover under Emelanese (or Namornese, take your pick) law.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles, any dragon, Dragons don't pick their name until they decide what gender they want to be. Roll with that.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Morwen/Telemain, Daystar assumes that now that they're getting married, Morwen and Telemain are obviously going to have some children. One of them explains to him that won't be happening - partly because they're not as young as they used to be, yes, but mostly because neither of them is all that interested in having sex.

Ender's Game (& related books), any character/OC, Discovering one's sexuality in Battle School is about as hard as you'd think it would be, but even harder when you're not straight

Eureka Seven: Eureka/Renton, Just because the Scub Coral created her with a female body doesn't mean she identifies as female, and communicating this to Renton when she doesn't have the words to voice it is beyond frustrating. (Eureka is non-binary.)

Eureka Seven: Maurice, Sometimes he wonders what his birth parents would think if they knew Mama let him live as a boy.

Event Horizon: Dr. Willaim Wier. Thank goodness rationality ended up prevailing in the 2020s, with the tide of public opinion turning to the extent that homosexuality was once again rendered socially unacceptable in the '30s and '40s. And if someone was unable to keep from having sex with men, and if his wife commited suicide in shame - well, that's just his own moral failing, isn't it.

Evil Dead Trilogy, Ash/Sheila/Arthur, The difficulties and joys of bisexuality among the ruling class. Will Ash give in to his preconceived notion of his own sexuality, or will he open himself to the possibility of his own bisexuality - and the notion that he might belong in Medieval England with Arthur and Sheila?

Fairy tales, any character, a princess who's secretly a prince or vice versa.
Fairy tales, any characters, a gay prince finds a lesbian for a marriage of convenience 
Fairy Tales, Sleeping Beauty, A prince kissed her and awakened her from an enchanted sleep. She wishes the one who kissed her had been a princess.

Fairy tales, any, a character subverts the traditional Heterosexual Happy-ever-after trope by being LGBT (relationship optional). claimed by sharpeningthebones

Final Fantasy X, any character, As the extent to which Sin was a manufactured crisis comes to light, along with the church's various other cover-ups, they start wondering what else Yevon's teachings were lying about.

Final Fantasy X, any fayth of Zanarkand, Hey, as long as they're dreaming, they might as well make the kind of place where it's finally safe to be trans, right?

Final Fantasy X, Tidus or Jecht or original character, Zanarkand and Spira are two very different places in terms of queer experience (the kind of non-straight/cis, as well as which place is the better experience, are up to the author).

Fire Emblem 8, Joshua/Artur: How his religion conflicts with his desires.

Fire Emblem 8, Lyon/Ephraim: Maybe if their parents hadn't been so adamant they were wrong, it wouldn't have come to this.

Firefly verse, any companion/any, they sleep with people for their work, but their private, romantic relationship is asexual.

Firefly, any character, On the Rim, norms depend on which world you come from. Two or more of them get into a discussion about how LGBT issues were viewed on their home planets. Preferably with at least two very different views mentioned.

Firefly, any character, ze has never been uncomfortable with hir body, but ze doesn't identify with the gender ze was assigned at birth, either.

Firefly, any characters and/or OC(s), The myths and realities of being an LGBT Companion.

Firefly, Gabriel Tam and Simon Tam, what Osiris demands from gay men in high society.

Firefly, Inara Serra, Some people would have a problem with the fact that Inara doesn’t just have sex with women for credits

Firefly, Inara, sexual orientation for a companion is complicated, and at the same time, it isn't.

Firefly, Inara, She never says outright that it’s just for work, because she doesn’t like to lie, but the Rim planets don’t approve of homosexual conduct, so she never tells them the truth, either.

Firefly, Jayne Cobb, 'Jayne is a girl's name.'

Firefly, Jayne/Simon, So he'd bought Simon as a slave to get him out of trouble. both of them, actually. Just until the Captain came back and played the hero. There was no reason for Simon to eye him as warily as he did, as if Jayne would take advantage in front of all these gorram slave traders even though he wanted to; and that bothered him, cause a man had never interested him that much before. And where was the harm in a bit of fun?

Firefly, Jayne/Simon, There was no way this "thing" between them could work ... was there?

Firefly, Kaylee Frye and Inara Serra, After seeing Inara with a woman client, Kaylee starts to think about her own sexuality. Who better to talk to about it than a friend and Companion?

Firefly, Kaylee, Kaylee understands being open about sex. She thinks it's silly to treat it as a dirty secret when it's obviously one of life's great pleasures, but she has to admit it's starting to bother her that some of the guys on the ship (*coughJaynecough*) seem to think her bisexual orientation means that they're entitled to ask to watch or join in when she's with another girl.

Firefly, Kaylee(/Inara), Kaylee's never had trouble separating sex and love but she doesn't know how to tell Inara she wants forever with someone she doesn't want to sleep with.

Firefly, Mal, He stays out of the personal lives of his crew as much as he can, but if someone’s being intolerant he won’t let it stand.

Firefly, Mal, The Browncoats were mostly homophobic, and he’s never had those views challenged until now.

Firefly, Mal/Simon (with Simon/Kaylee), Simon coming to terms with his sexuality in spite of sexual repression and homophobia in the core planets, and his previous attempt at being straight.

Firefly, Malcolm Reynolds/Inara Serra, there's something he has - or rather, doesn't have - that he can't let anyone know about. He used to be a she, and he can't let any woman get close enough to him to know about that

Firefly, River Tam, After River comes out to Simon (as either sly or transgender), she's disappointed to discover that he believes she's just confused by the Alliance experiments and wants to 'fix' her. How does she deal with his reaction and that of the rest of Serenity's crew?

Firefly, River Tam, River knows that it's hard for her brother to tell when she's fully herself and when she's dealing with the consequences of what was done to her, but that doesn't mean she has to like it when he uses that as a reason why she can't possibly be lesbian/bisexual.

Firefly, River, One of the things they did at the Academy was try to make her straight

Firefly, River, River wasn't born with the right body. The Academy offered top notch medical service for all afflictions to its students, without parental consultations

Firefly, Simon Tam, it's strange enough liking Kaylee - it's stranger liking Mal.

Firefly, Simon, As soon as he’s settled in on the ship, he finds that the crew has lots of private questions to ask him. Apparently they don’t have Sex Ed on the Rim planets.

Firefly, Simon. After years of denying to everyone that he's gay, Simon realizes--after things with Kaylee fall apart--that he actually is. claimed by jolinarjackson

Firefly, Simon/Kaylee, What she has between her legs isn't anyone else's business as far as Kaylee is concerned, she's perfectly comfortable with her body the way it is. Then Simon had to come along and complicate things.

Firefly, Wash/Zoe, 'Not everybody gets me and Zoe at first glance' - and not everybody realizes quite what's to get (Wash is ftm or Zoe is mtf, or both).

Firefly, Zoe/Wash, Not even the Captain knows Wash's "secret" and Zoe's content to keep it that way. (FtM Wash.)

Firefly, Zoe/Wash, Wash is gender queer.

Firefly: Jayne/Mal. In the end, it turns out Jayne needs someone strong and commanding like Mal to keep him out of trouble, and Mal needs someone a bit bullheadedly stubborn and into trouble making to get him invested and keep him interested.

Firefly: River Tam, After River comes out to Simon (as either lesbian or transgender), she's disappointed to discover that he believes she's just confused by the Alliance experiments and wants to 'fix' her. How does she deal with his reaction?

Firefly: River, Seeing what everyone's thinking alerts River when (female character) likes her, and she's curious.

Firefly: Simon/Kaylee, What she has between her legs isn't anyone else's business as far as Kaylee is concerned, and she's perfectly comfortable with her body the way it is. Then Simon had to come along and complicate things.

Firefly/Serenity, Malcolm Reynolds (& or /) Simon Tam, Mal is FtM and knows that Simon, coming from a Core planet, has probably never had a trans patient, never mind a trans partner or superior officer.

Flashpoint, any character, In the SRU, secrets can kill, and keeping the fact that they had a sexual reassignment surgery a secret is not an option.

Flashpoint, any character, no matter how well-intentioned everyone is, coming out in a group as close-knit as the SRU was bound to make waves.

Flight 29 Down, any character, At their one-year reunion someone comes out of the closet. It shouldn't matter...should it?

Flight 29 Down, any characters, Like it’s not difficult enough getting stuck on a deserted island, do we really need to bring homophobia into this, too?

Foyle's War, Andrew & Christopher Foyle, Andrew doesn't believe anyone could understand the feelings he's been trying to suppress, but his father sees and understands more than Andrew gives him credit for.

Fried Green Tomatoes, Ruth Jamieson/Imogene 'Idgie' Threadgoode, Idgie loves her Ruth and their little boy, so when she finds out that some of Stump's classmates are asking awkward questions about the relationship between his mother and Aunt Idgie and that a few of the more gossipy grownups in town are whispering some bigoted nonsense about what women who love other women are really like where both Stump and Ruth can hear, she decides to re-educate both the kids and the adults--HER way.

Friends, Chandler Bing, Even after they've outlived their usefulness, those 'you are a strong, confident woman who does not need to smoke' tapes have... complicated things. (MtF!Chandler)

Friends, Chandler, He cannot believe literally everyone else guessed before he had any inkling (pre-Mondler)

Friends, Chandler/Joey, They've had so many excuses not to tell the others, it's got to the point where their coming out is an even more terrifying prospect than before.

Fringe, Alternate Charlie Francis, Charlie always thought he was entirely straight...until he met Lincoln Lee.

Fringe, any character, a character learns that their double in the other universe identifies as non-straight, and is confident in their sexuality. They've never let themselves acknowledge their own feelings about their sexuality, but after seeing how their double lives, they can't ignore it anymore.

Fringe, any character, one of the universes has progressed further than the other in terms of LGBTQ rights. When a character learns that, they think about "defecting" to the other side.

Fringe, any character, the body ze's in isn't the one ze wants. Red'verse technology becomes available that make a change of gender easier, but what does that mean for hir identity and hir partners?

Fringe, Astrid, Astrid's personal life never interferes with her work, but when the Pattern touches her girlfriend, things change.

Fringe, Astrid/Olivia, Astrid's willing to help Olivia come out to her sister and co-workers, all she has to do is take Astrid's hand to do it.

Fringe, Etta Bishop, Etta had no hesitation coming out to her adoptive family, or her friends, or her coworkers. Coming out to her parents is an entirely different story. Set during season 5.

Fringe, Olivia Dunham, despite their fundamental differences of opinion on most things, Olivia and alt!Liv are both comfortably bisexual.

Fringe, Peter Bishop, Once he met Olivia Dunham, Peter knew he'd never want anyone else. But his life before he met her was neither narrow nor straight.

Fringe, Walter/Bell, people already considered them freaks, but they didn't come out because they didn't want to lose their government contracts. Walter always hoped it was different for them in the other world

Fringe, William Bell, Walter Bishop, and Nina Sharp, they were drawn to each other both out of their shared passion for science and the fact that they each identify as queer. With each other, they could be themselves in all aspects.

From Eroica With Love, Bonham & Dorian's gang, Bonham may be gay too, but sometimes it's hard not to feel out of place among the flamboyant types that Dorian surrounds himself with.

From Eroica With Love, Dorian; being FAAB and presenting himself as a dashing, outrageously queer man is much more than a matter of preferring his father to his mother.

From Eroica With Love, G, G may enjoy dressing up as a woman, but he still wants the men he dates to acknowledge that he's a man.

From Eroica With Love, Klaus & Dorian, Klaus has never been interested in sex; sometimes he can almost believe Dorian loves him enough to want to be with him anyway, but then Dorian will make another graphic sexual innuendo and that hope slips away.

From Eroica With Love, Klaus & his father, Klaus knows his father will never stop hounding him to get married and produce an heir; in some ways it would be easier to be able to claim to be homosexual than explain that he's never been interested in anyone that way at all. (Aromantic asexual Klaus.)

From Eroica With Love, Klaus/G, the real reason that Klaus doesn't object to G cross-dressing at work is that it's easier to repress the attraction to him when he looks like a woman.

Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood), Alphonse Elric, Al desperately wants a body again, so he can taste and touch and sleep and dream. But he doesn't necessarily want the same body he had before. (Al is MtF.)

Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood), Elysia Hughes, When Elysia comes out to her mother, she wonders if her saintly late father would have accepted her. (Bonus points if Gracia tells her exactly how much Maes would have understood, given his past with Roy.)

Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood), Maes Hughes, Maes loves Gracia with every single part of his body, heart, and soul. So when he tells her about his past with Roy Mustang, he needs her to understand that bisexual really, really doesn't mean "gay and closeted."

Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood), Roy Mustang, Coming out and living openly in the brothel where he grew up was easy. The military is a very different environment.

Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood), Winry Rockbell/Edward Elric, After they get together, Winry and Ed are both afraid to admit that they've each lost their virginity already -- to someone of the same sex. (I'm imagining Winry/Paninya and Ed/Ling as the past experiences, but other pairings are totally welcome.)

Fullmetal Alchemist (manga/Brotherhood), Winry Rockbell/Edward Elric, Winry has always been attracted to girls exclusively, so her feelings for Ed leave her confused. When Ed comes out to her as trans, it's actually a huge relief.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell; Ed is an aromantic asexual and Winry is a lesbian (sexual or not is up to you), but they are long term, emotionally monogamous, queerplatonic partners. Sometimes they get tired of explaining this to everyone.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Edward Elric, Queer sexualities in Amestris are no big deal. The world on the other side of the gate sees things very differently. How does he cope?

Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, Any character, Spectrum rules on faternisation between agents

Gerry Anderson's new Captain Scarlet, Captain Orchre, Spectrum was surprisingly supportive about the sex change (Mtf Orchre)

Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet, Captain Scarlet/Captain Black, Captain Scarlet/Destiny angel, he sleeps with Destiny because he knows it's the nearest he'll get to sleeping with Comrad, especially as he's gone over to the Mysterons.

Glee , Blaine He does identify as bisexual, but he doesn't believe his boyfriend will accept this and that hurts.

Glee, any character, He/she’s not homophobic, really! Just, there are starting to be a lot of gay people in this club and he/she doesn’t know how that affects him/her.

Glee, any character, in their little space they make a song say everything. Three weeks of singing from LGBT writers and the rest of the club haven't got the picture yet - are they really going to need to say it out loud?

Glee, any character, Singing is one of the most important things in the world to him, but he wants to be male-bodied as well as male-minded. It seems like a small thing, but he can't help but wonder what will happen to his singing voice because of hormone therapy. (Pronouns for clarity, can be MtF or FtM.)

Glee, any character: Coming to terms with being sexually attracted to one gender, but romantically attracted to another.

Glee, Artie, Artie struggles with the realization that he's gay/bisexual – as if being in a wheelchair was not enough

Glee, Blaine and Rachel both come out as Bi, and Kurt faces the music on his bi-phobic commentary from them, while Rachel is forced to justify coming out as bi, while still dating a guy.

Glee, Blaine Anderson, Blaine is demisexual.

Glee, Blaine Anderson, he lied about that second kiss with Rachel - he really does have feelings for women, but he can't have Kurt if he's bisexual. How long can he keep up the facade?

Glee, Blaine, After hearing Kurt’s thoughts about bisexuals, Blaine isn’t sure how he would take it if Blaine came clean about being FtM.

Glee, Blaine/Kurt, Blaine knows that he has it easier than Kurt because at first glance, Blaine can pass for straight.

Glee, David Martinez, 'The new teacher actually listens to what goes on in this school. He came out at assembly because there were names flying around in his classroom.'

Glee, Finn Hudson, Coming out after high school should be way easier than it would've been in high school... right? 
Glee, Finn, When Finn comes out, he is surprised that people aren't angry - they just don't seem to believe him

Glee, Karofsky, Finally being out after everything that’s happened.

Glee, Kurt Hummel, he thought that moving to a big gay-friendly city after Lima would mean the end of his problems. Kurt deals with prejudice within the queer community and people who think he's a negative stereotype

Glee, Kurt Hummel, Kurt has to deal with his biphobia when his father reveals that he's bi.

Glee, Kurt, Kurt wasn’t always a gay boy. He used to be a straight girl, but even though it might have been easier he knew it didn’t feel right.

Glee, Kurt, When Rachel asked ‘how would you feel if Blaine asked you to marry him?’ Kurt couldn’t answer.

Glee, Mike Chang, Like it's not bad enough that he's the 'other Asian' - he knows if he comes out (as gay, bi, or trans), he'll just be the 'other queer.'

Glee, Rachel Berry, Broadway may be gay friendly but it seems that doesn't count for open bisexuals. 
Glee, Rachel Berry, Rachel has two gay dads so coming out as bisexual should be a piece of cake, right? WRONG. Biphobia is very real, and Rachel and her dads have to work through an understanding.

Glee, Rachel comes out as bi and has to deal with even her fathers telling her she should just come all the way out as a lesbian.

Glee, Rachel. Her son is gay, and if she hears one more comment about it skipping a generation she's going to kill someone. Her bio-parents were straight, anyway.

Glee, Sam Evans, When Sam comes out as bi he expects support from Kurt, not the same biphobia he gets from straight people.

Glee, Santana Lopez, Everyone keeps insisting she must be either straight or a lesbian; she's about ready to break some heads.

Glee, Santana Lopez, No one takes her newfound gay identity seriously because of her extensive history of sleeping with boys.

Glee, Sue Sylvester, Sue comes out as a lesbian, but that doesn't mean she has to be any kind of role model to the LGBT students... does it?

Glee, Tina Cohen-Chang, The girls never had a problem with Kurt being gay, so why aren't they all equally accepting when they learn that Tina is LGBT? 
Glee, Tina Cohen-Chang, Tina wishes her parents were as cool with her sexual identity as Kurt’s dad. 
Glee, Tina Cohen-Chang and Artie Abrams, It's no secret that Tina has a huge crush on Artie. He's fun, he's cute, and he's great to hang out with. But how can she explain to him that while she really, really likes him, she just doesn't feel any attraction to him at all? She's having a hard enough time explaining it to herself. Blaine and Brittany are the only gay kids in glee, right? Right

Glee Unique, Everyone's advice about how to be gay at McKinley is well meaning, but annoying. She's not a gay man, she's a straight woman.

Glee, Unique, No one's ever asked her what her orientation is. It's like everyone just assumes she doesn't want to date.

Good Omens, Aziraphale. It takes a ridiculously long time for Aziraphale to grasp the fact that everyone he meets after 1890 thinks he’s gay, because he has never thought to apply human sexualities to himself.

Grease, Danny/Kenickie, queer in the 50s

Grease, Danny/Kenickie, they've always been friends, but there was one night, long ago, when something more (up to the author) happened. After ten years of marriage with its ups and downs, they're on a trip alone together and memories of that night resurface. It's the end of the sixties/beginning of the seventies, where these things are no longer completely behind closed doors, and the guys have talk, leading to another encounter. They have to figure out if it's even possible for it to be more than this one encounter, and if they do, how they're going to handle it.

Grey's Anatomy, Mark Sloan/Jackson Avery - After they've been together awhile Jackson starts stressing about coming out. Mark's never stressed about anything in his life - but somehow he's never come out either. Finding a way together.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Annie and Reynardine, Rey's pretty much become a father to Annie, which means he's the one Annie goes to when she's unsure, exactly, about her sexuality.

Gunnerkrigg Court, any student character, For all of the Court's eccentricities and openness to the unusual, coming out in high school can still be rough.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat, She's not gay and will deny it until she's blue in the face, but she lacks the vocabulary and understanding to self-identify as bisexual. How does someone teach her that there's more than just gay and straight? claimed by with_rainfall

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat, Spending time with the robots and seeing Robot and Shadow's relationship helps Kat realise that while she might have romantic feelings for Annie, she is in fact asexual.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat, Trying to convince people that being a tomboy has nothing to do with her sexuality or with her gender identity. She's a girl, dammit, and who cares if she spends all her time working with robots in a boiler suit and has a crush on her best friend?

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat/Annie, Kat discovers she's bi in a way involving birds ;)

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat/Paz, the consequences from that one panel where Paz thinks Kat is hitting on her.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Paz, She wasn't being entirely truthful when she told Kat she wasn't 'like that'.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Shadow/Robot, First loves are hard enough when you're human. What unique issues are there for a male-identified three-dimensional shadow and a probably male-identified robot?

Gunnerkrigg Court, Gamma, Zimmy might not care about what coming out entails, but Gamma does. claimed by hamimi_fk


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