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This is the prompting post!

Prompts can be from any fandom. Please read the rules first.

When leaving prompts, please leave them in the following form: Fandom, characters, prompt. 

Crossovers should be left in the following form: Crossover, fandom a/fandom b, characters, prompt. (please put fandoms in alphabetical order)

RPF prompts should be left in the following form: RPF, fandom(s), characters, prompt.

You can leave as many prompts per comment as you like and as many prompts in one comment as you like! You do not have to plan to claim prompts in order to post prompts and posting prompts does not mean you have to participate in the claiming round. If you wish to recycle prompts from previous rounds of queer_fest or lgbtfest, you are welcome to do so.

Any questions/concerns about prompts should go to the rules post or via pm to the mod account. The rules post has been set to screen all comments to preserve privacy. If it's just a general question and not a problem with a prompt, it will be unscreened. Please contact us if you have a problem.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Comics fandoms: When prompts are compiled for claiming, all Marvel comics will be grouped together by universe - i.e., Marvel 616 or Marvel Ultimates, including the X-Men. The same is true for the DC Comics universe. Movies will be grouped together as well. The Avengers movies will be grouped together, but the X-Men and Spider-Man movies will be listed separately because they are not the same 'verse. Likewise, the Nolan Batman movies and Superman movies will be listed separately from the comics and from each other.  So if you want to keep that in mind when you are prompting, that's great! If you don't, that's fine, too, and we'll take care of it during the compiling period.
  • Agents of SHIELD will be listed under Agents of SHIELD, not the MCU.

Happy Prompting! Don't forget to read the rules! Prompting ends on March 29.

Prompting for 2014 Queer Fest is now closed.
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From: [personal profile] ruuger
Babylon 5, John Sheridan/Elizabeth Lochley, he was her last-ditch attempt at loving men, and she still feels a certain affection toward him for letting her try, even though it didn't work.
Babylon 5, Susan Ivanova, she thought she was straight before she fell in love with Talia. Now she's afraid if she lets herself get involved with Marcus it means Talia either meant nothing, or meant something incredible, either of which would be equally shattering.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dawn Summers, Willow made being out look so easy, but for Dawn, things weren't nearly so simple; she was supposed to be the normal one, after all.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Rupert Giles, Giles is outed while he's still the librarian at Sunnydale High.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike, Everybody knows that vampires are bisexual, but nobody knows that as a human William was gay.
The Mentalist, Grace Van Pelt, Van Pelt has a crush on Lisbon and can't decide which one is worse - being attracted to her boss or being attracted to a woman.
The Mentalist, Madeline Hightower, What if the CHP officer that she had an affair with had been a woman?
The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho fears that Jane is only with him because having sex with a man doesn't count as cheating on his wife.
The Mentalist, Teresa Lisbon, Despite the rumours otherwise, Lisbon does have a life outside work - she just doesn't want anyone to know about her girlfriend because in her position just being a woman is difficult enough.
The Mentalist, Patrick Jane/Kimball Cho, Cho doesn't like it when Jane uses homophobic language to get a rise out of a bigoted suspect. Jane doesn't see what the problem is.
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