Date: 2014-03-15 03:50 am (UTC)
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Any canon, any character, an instance where being trans hasn't made having adventures more dangerous or fraught but has opened new and fun possibilities instead.
Any canon, any character, exploring queer identity through poetic/musical traditions.
Any canon, any character, feeling too un-delicate or unattractive to be nonbinary.
Any canon, any teen/young adult characters, queer summer camp.

ASOIAF, Brienne of Tarth, trans girl Brienne is a maid and a knight no matter what her shape or size.
ASOIAF, Loras/Renly, being out as a couple to some people but not to others.
ASOIAF, Qarl the Maid, for Westerosi standards of manhood he's lacking more than a beard.
ASOIAF, Varys/Illyrio, what'll go unremarked-upon in Lys won't fly in Pentos (and vice versa, or, other experiences of being young and queer in the Free Cities).

Demon Knights, Al-Jabr, non-monosexual identity as a 12th century Muslim science badass.
Demon Knights, Horsewoman, in a team-up with other queer people being seen as primarily The Disabled One when she's both disabled and queer (filler's choice) is starting to chafe.
Demon Knights, Sir Ystin, Merlin didn't mind and neither should they.

Raffles, any, anything with 19th century queer activism.
Raffles, Raffles(/Bunny), modern-day AU (or not, filler's choice) where A.J. is a trans man and is acutely aware how conditional his status as a recognized man at all, let alone a gentleman or a sportsman, is in the eyes of others.

Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier), Narrator(/Maxim de Winter), genderfluid!Narrator sometimes has more in common with a schoolboy than just shyness.

Ripper Street, Fred Best, finding a name for people like him.
Ripper Street, Long Susan, loving women is not simply a consequence of frustration with men -- but she's still in no hurry to have Jackson back.
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