Mar. 16th, 2014

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The prompt post is not a discussion post. If you have a problem with a prompt or with a mod decision about a prompt, it is not the place to bring up your problem. It is a place for prompts alone. Discussion in the prompting post will be deleted, because that is not where it belongs.

If you have problems with mod decisions, take it to PM or to the rules post. Alternately, you may take it to the tumblr ask box.

To clear up some things:

1.) Characters can certainly experience self-hatred and internalized phobias. If, however, it sounds like a prompt is portraying these things as positive, we may ask you to reword the prompt. That does not mean that we are assuming you are oppressive yourself. We don't know anything about you. It simply means that the prompt doesn't fit the fest as it is currently written.

2.) The community is going to remain a safe space as much as we can make it one. If you consider that "policing" that is unfortunate, but not our concern.


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