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This is the prompting post!

Prompts can be from any fandom. Please read the rules first.

When leaving prompts, please leave them in the following form: Fandom, characters, prompt. 

Crossovers should be left in the following form: Crossover, fandom a/fandom b, characters, prompt. (please put fandoms in alphabetical order)

RPF prompts should be left in the following form: RPF, fandom(s), characters, prompt.

You can leave as many prompts per comment as you like and as many prompts in one comment as you like! You do not have to plan to claim prompts in order to post prompts and posting prompts does not mean you have to participate in the claiming round. If you wish to recycle prompts from previous rounds of queer_fest or lgbtfest, you are welcome to do so.

Any questions/concerns about prompts should go to the rules post or via pm to the mod account. The rules post has been set to screen all comments to preserve privacy. If it's just a general question and not a problem with a prompt, it will be unscreened. Please contact us if you have a problem.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Comics fandoms: When prompts are compiled for claiming, all Marvel comics will be grouped together by universe - i.e., Marvel 616 or Marvel Ultimates, including the X-Men. The same is true for the DC Comics universe. Movies will be grouped together as well. The Avengers movies will be grouped together, but the X-Men and Spider-Man movies will be listed separately because they are not the same 'verse. Likewise, the Nolan Batman movies and Superman movies will be listed separately from the comics and from each other.  So if you want to keep that in mind when you are prompting, that's great! If you don't, that's fine, too, and we'll take care of it during the compiling period.
  • Agents of SHIELD will be listed under Agents of SHIELD, not the MCU.

Happy Prompting! Don't forget to read the rules! Prompting ends on March 29.

Prompting for 2014 Queer Fest is now closed.
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Date: 2014-03-26 04:55 pm (UTC)
hamimi_fk: Random girl (Default)
From: [personal profile] hamimi_fk
Danganronpa, Byakuya Togami, He keeps people at arm's length so they won't judge him for being different - on top of being smarter and richer than them, of course. (Identity up to writer.)
Danganronpa, Aoi Asahina/Sakura Oogami, Sakura's tired of people assuming she's the 'man' in their relationship simply because she's masculine looking.
Danganronpa, Aoi Asahina/Chihiro Fujisaki/Sakura Oogami, After Aoi and Sakura accidentally discover zie's secret, Chihiro can't understand why they still like zir.
Homestuck, Meenah Peixes, A lot changed about Meenah while zie was on the moon. Trans!Meenah (either FtM or MtF)
Homestuck, John Egbert/Dave Strider and Dad/Bro, Dorks in love, and their guardians are too!? Unwanted pies and strifes ensue!
Homestuck, either Beta OT4 or Alpha OT4, One big, happy, slightly screwy, poly (quad) family!
Homestuck, any human/troll mixed trio or quad, One big, happy, interspecies, completely screwy, poly family!

Date: 2014-03-27 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] anbessette
Fairy tales, Cinderella, Cinderella is a trans woman.

Futurama, Cubert Farnsworth, “Dad, just because we're identical in every way doesn't mean I'm anything like you!” Since Cubert is a clone of the professor, everyone expected them to have the same sexual orientation.

Futurama, Zapp Brannigan, In the Valentine's Day episode where Bender sets everyone up with dates from the bus station, Zapp's Valentine is a person in a dress with long hair, stubble and a prominent Adam's apple. Contrary to what everyone else in the restaurant assumes, Zapp's fully aware that his date is not a cis woman. He's interested anyway. Up to the filler whether the person in question identifies as a woman, a man who likes to wear dresses or some variety of non-binary.

Inheritance trilogy - N. K. Jemisin, Itempas, During his mortal incarnation, he comes across many devout Itempans preaching homophobic beliefs in his name. He's understandably enraged by this – but even if he could get anyone to listen to him, how is he supposed to correct them without revealing everything?

Mr and Mrs Murder, Nicola Buchannan, When Nicola and Charlie needed to interview a sex worker, she initially assumed they'd hired her for a threesome and assured Nicola that it was very natural to want to explore her sexuality. Nicola was surprised by how much she liked that idea. Later, after the investigation is complete, they hire her again …

Piano Man - Billy Joel, Paul/Davy, When people ask, Paul tells them he doesn't have time for a wife, but the truth is that he's never wanted one. Davy's career in the navy and the related need for secrecy make things complicated, but they fall in love over a series of Saturday nights spent listening to music and talking into the wee hours of the morning.

Samaria series - Sharon Shinn, Any character, A queer angel. What does Jovah think about diverse sexualities/gender identities? What does the reproduction-centred society think? Would someone's Kiss glow when they meet their same-sex true love? Anything along these lines would be great.

The Librarians, Frances O'Brien, After their shotgun wedding, she and Terry stuck together for better or worse for twenty years. It wasn't the happiest of marriages, particularly in the bedroom, but her husband is the only person who's always been there for Frances, and she can't stand the thought of losing him as she takes tentative steps towards accepting herself as a lesbian.

The Librarians, Frances O'Brien, She comes out to Father Harris, with much guilt and weeping and hyperventilating. She's expecting condemnation, but his response is as comforting and accepting as anyone could hope for.

Tortall, Alanna/George, George is bisexual. He had feelings for his friend Alan, then when he found out the truth, he carried right on being interested in Alanna.

Tortall, Aly/Dove, Aunt Thayet always said Aly would never find a man who could keep up with her. When Aly finds Dove – clever, insightful, definitely not a man – she realises why none of those boys ever held her interest for long.

Date: 2014-03-28 11:23 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Chronicles of Narnia, Any/all Pevensies, Forging a Golden Age in Narnia required all sorts of experimentation.*

Chronicles of Narnia, Any/all Pevensies, Growing up (the first time) in Narnia made their views on what was appropriate in terms of sexual and romantic orientation a lot more interesting growing up the second time around.*

Chronicles of Narnia, [Slight Last Battle spoilers ahead!] Susan Pevensie, It wasn't so much the nylons and lipstick that were the problem as it was the fact that she wasn't the one wearing them.**

Circle of Magic (Emelan Series,) Grey-romantic asexual Trisana Chandler finally finds the words to explain her identity, and even though the Circle already knows, she thinks it's important to 'come out' to them anyways.

Circle of Magic (Emelan Series,) [Slight Battle Magic spoilers ahead!] Crane/Lark/Rosethorn, Their relationship has always been a fairly open one, particularly with Rosethorn in Gyongxe, but Lark always ends up with the one person that reminds her the most of the lover that's away.

*Although it's totally up to the person filling the prompt(s), my personal headcanons for the Pevensies, any of which I'd love to see in the fic(s), are: Demi(hetero)sexual!Peter, bisexual!Susan, asexual!Edmund and pansexual!Lucy.

**I was thinking trans Susan or bisexual/lesbian Susan, but again, totally up to the person filling the prompt.

Date: 2014-03-29 04:06 am (UTC)
seiberwing: (Enemy Mine)
From: [personal profile] seiberwing
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Leonardo da Vinci(/Salai), Among those to whom "nothing is true and everything is permitted", Leonardo finds a freedom to speak about the one thing he's forced himself to keep quiet about.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Leonardo da Vinci, what happened after his accidental coming out in the Temple of Pythagoras.

Bioshock, any character, Rapture's attitude towards queer people is different than that of the surface above--especially when splicing makes your body far easier to reshape. (Bonus points for incorporation of the film advertised on the left)

Bioshock Infinite, the Lutece Twins, their constants and their variables.

Welcome to Night Vale, Cecil Palmer/Carlos, Carlos takes Cecil on a trip outside of Night Vale, 'where things are less confusing and scary'. He explains about harmless street cleaners, the lack of government surveillance, and the acceptability of wheat by-products...he forgets to explain why Cecil can't kiss him in public. Cecil does not understand why this is less confusing and scary.

Any fandom, any ensemble cast, "Wait, we're all queer?" Finding out that you're not the minority, but the majority.

Any fandom, any character, using your secret identity as a way to display your true gender.

Any fandom, any character, the one person you thought would reject you turns out to be the one that's the most supportive.

Date: 2014-03-29 10:13 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Animorphs, any characters, morphing into the right gender for the first time, but it's still not your own body
Animorphs, any (Yeerk) character, Yeerks just don't quite get gender

Order of the Stick, Vaarsuvius, what's under Vaarsuvius' robes isn't nearly as interesting as what's contained in their arcane power filled mind, but alas, some people are obsessed with such insignificant matters

Date: 2014-03-29 07:33 pm (UTC)
kerithwyn: Ship ALL the things! (Ship ALL the things!)
From: [personal profile] kerithwyn
(recycled prompts. argh, running out of time to do new ones!)

Crossover, Castle/Veronica Mars, Alexis Castle/Veronica Mars, While at college Alexis meets a mouthy, brilliant, infuriating woman who makes her reassess all her beliefs about her own sexuality.

Crossover, Chuck/Fringe, Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb/Frank Stanton, Though they both primarily prefer women, medical residency is so stressful that they find themselves needing to work out that tension with each other.

Crossover, Chuck/White Collar, Ellie Bartowski/Elizabeth Burke, College is supposed to be a time for experimentation, and both Ellie and Elizabeth are eager students.

Dirty Sexy Money, Jeremy Darling, Jeremy's father already considers him a failure on all fronts, so for Jeremy, finally openly dating a guy like he'd wanted to for years is especially satisfying.

Fringe, any character, a character learns that their double in the other universe identifies as non-straight, and is confident in their sexuality. They've never let themselves acknowledge their own feelings about their sexuality, but after seeing how their double lives, they can't ignore it anymore.

Fringe, any character, one of the universes has progressed further than the other in terms of LGBTQ rights. When a character learns that, they think about "defecting" to the other side.

Fringe, Olivia Dunham, despite their fundamental differences of opinion on most things, Olivia and alt!Liv are both comfortably bisexual.

Fringe, William Bell, Walter Bishop, and Nina Sharp, they were drawn to each other both out of their shared passion for science and the fact that they each identify as queer. With each other, they could be themselves in all aspects.

Fringe, Alternate Charlie Francis, Charlie always thought he was entirely straight...until he met Lincoln Lee.

Fringe, Peter Bishop, Once he met Olivia Dunham, Peter knew he'd never want anyone else. But his life before he met her was neither narrow nor straight.

Fringe, any character, the body ze's in isn't the one ze wants. Red'verse technology becomes available that make a change of gender easier, but what does that mean for hir identity and hir partners?

Haven, Audrey Parker, Audrey learns some things about her previous incarnations that makes her reevaluate her own sexuality.

Justified, Tim Gutterson, Being queer as an Army Ranger was actually easier than being queer in Kentucky.

Lost Girl, Kenzi, Kenzi had been completely convinced she was straight when she first met Bo, but lately she's started to wonder.

Lost Girl, Hale, As the heir to the Santiago family, Hale's expected to marry someone who enhances the family's status. Marrying a man isn't an issue for the fae, but how's he supposed to tell his family that he's fallen for his low-caste werewolf partner?

Lost Girl, Bo/Lauren/Dyson, Lauren's in a polyamorous relationship with Bo and Dyson, but as much as she likes and appreciates Dyson, she's still not sexually interested in him. How do the three of them make it work?

Political Animals, TJ Hammond, TJ's been out since he was 15. The whole world knows he's gay. But he still likes boobs, dammit.

Teen Wolf, Danny Mahealani/Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore [or Stiles Stilinski], Danny's in a polyamorous relationship with Jackson and Lydia, but as much as he likes and appreciates Lydia, he's still not sexually interested in her. How do the three of them make it work?

Young Wizards, Ronan, The entity sharing his brain "feels" female. That mindset bleeds over...and Ronan finds it more comfortable than he'd imagined.

Date: 2014-03-29 09:07 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Marvel, Teddy Altman, people acting like you are a failure at being queer because you break up with some dude you dated in high school is pretty shitty.

Marvel, Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang, Though America's advice was assuredly well-intended, Kate's never needed anyone to tell her that she's not "that straight."

Marvel, Kate Bishop/David Alleyne, There are words for being "not that straight" and "not that gay." It'd be real swell if people would use them.

Marvel, Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, The dog doesn't die and they don't fuck - because fucking isn't the be all, end all of a romantic relationship, dammit.

Marvel, America Chavez/Kate Bishop/Clint Barton, It's not the poly arrangement that most people think of when they think of the Avengers, but it works.

Marvel, Steve Rogers/any, Modern day a/u where Steve meets and falls in love with the Avenger of your choice at Pride.

Marvel, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, just because they are both queer and on the same team does not mean they end up dating. There's the whole important part where they are in love with other people and have nothing actually in common.

Date: 2014-03-29 09:15 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
MCU, Clint Barton/Thor (unrequited Clint Barton/Phil Coulson), Well, Clint's glad that his handler seems okay with him being attracted to dudes. But it wasn't Coulson that he was focused on during that mission. It was the hot guy wrestling around in the mud. Most awkward way to come out ever, really.

MCU, Clint Barton/any, When SHIELD finds him at the circus, he has a different name. The fact that SHIELD sent the only person who didn't blink at using the right pronouns may have been instrumental in convincing Clint to sign up.

Date: 2014-03-30 12:49 am (UTC)
ryttu3k: (Default)
From: [personal profile] ryttu3k
Defiance, any character, Irathients, Castithans, Indogene, Sensoths, Liberata, and humans have very different views on gender identity.

Defiance, any character, Shortly after the Pale Wars conclude, they're not sure what people will frown at the most - their lover being the same sex as them, or their lover being a different species to them.

Defiance, any character, They love Defiance, it's home, but it's also very lacking in certain aspects of medicine and technology. Do they REALLY have to go to the Earth Republic just to transition?

Defiance, Christie, Christie isn't quite sure how to explain to her new in-laws that she and Alak may not actually be producing biological children after all - she was assigned male at birth and can't become pregnant.

Doctor Who, any companion, The Doctor's newest companion is an alien for whom gender is a fluid concept. How do the Doctor's existing companions react to this, and what implications does it have for their own lives?

Frozen, Elsa, Like her ice powers, Elsa's sexuality is another thing she's learning to come to terms with.

Frozen, Elsa, Most people assume that Elsa is asexual because she's 'icy'. How can she convince them that she's still a warm and loving person, even if she's not interested in sex?

Frozen, Elsa, Now that the gates are open and she's not so terrified about accidentally killing people, she has time to discover men - and/or women.

Gunnerkrigg Court, any student character, For all of the Court's eccentricities and openness to the unusual, coming out in high school can still be rough.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Annie, Spending time in the forest, with Kat and Paz, and with Robot and Shadow helps Annie work out exactly what her romantic and sexual orientations are.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Annie and Reynardine, Rey's pretty much become a father to Annie, which means he's the one Annie goes to when she's unsure, exactly, about her sexuality.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat, Coming out to her parents.

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat, Trying to convince people that being a tomboy has nothing to do with her gender identity. She's a girl, dammit, and who cares if she spends all her time working with robots in a boiler suit and has an adorable girlfriend?

Gunnerkrigg Court, Kat/Paz, Dealing with stereotypes and questions of, "So which one of you is the boy?"

Gunnerkrigg Court, Shadow/Robot, First loves are hard enough when you're human. What unique issues are there for a male three-dimensional shadow and a male-identified robot?

Harry Potter, any character, After Dumbledore's death and the end of the war, Dumbledore's Army becomes a place of acceptance for the queer students (and sometimes teachers) of Hogwarts.

Harry Potter, any character, There are better alternatives to hormones and surgery in the wizarding world - but it's still a long process. The experience of transitioning in the wizarding world.

Legend of Zelda, any Skyward Sword character, Skyloft is a small place, and news - especially about anything 'unusual' - spreads fast. When someone is outed, how do they deal with the fact that everyone on the island knows even before they've managed to come to terms with their sexuality and/or identity themselves?

Legend of Zelda, any Twilight Princess character, Telma's Bar is for more than just drinking and bringing down dark lords - it's also a place of acceptance.

Legend of Zelda, Fledge, Fledge has always wanted to be strong, confident... manly. Which is made somewhat complicated by the fact that he was assigned female at birth.

Legend of Zelda, Irene/Ceres, The Chamber of Sages has one definite plus side, one that Irene intends to keep seeing after they return.

Legend of Zelda, Link (any), The Hero must have got a lot of action from the ladies, or so the men at the bar had thought. Link knows this isn't the case - but he's not exactly sure they'd understand why. (Not getting any ACTION from the laides because he's asexual? Not getting any action from the LADIES because he's gay? Something else? Link's queer identity is up to the writer.)

Legend of Zelda, Link (any), Learning more about the heroes that came before (canon and/or fanmade), learning that heroes don't necessarily have to be straight cis guys.

Legend of Zelda, Link (Ocarina), As the Hero's Shade, Link has seen changes over the years - changes in politics, in geography, and in attitudes towards sexuality. When another hero appears, facing the same struggles that he did (both external and internal), he must encourage the young man to find the courage not just to save Hyrule, but to be true to himself - the way he never could be.

Legend of Zelda, Ravio and Link, It's easy for Ravio to compare himself to Link and come up wanting - Link is stronger, more adventurous, and flat-out braver than he is. But there is one area where Ravio might be a little more courageous - at least he's come out to HIMSELF, even if he hasn't told anyone else...

Legend of Zelda, Sheik (and/or Zelda), No one is entirely sure what gender or sex Sheik is, and they're quite happy to leave it at that, thanks.

Legend of Zelda, Zelda (Ocarina), Juggling being the sole heir of the Royal Family, having to continue the royal line, having to rebuild Hyrule, and being queer.

Legend of Zelda, Zelda/Link (any), Everyone assumes that Link and Zelda are in a relationship. Well, they are in a romantic relationship - but their sexual orientations just aren't compatible.

Pokemon, any trainer character, The best thing about going on a ~Pokemon adventure~ is finally being able to introduce themself as the gender they are, not the sex they were assigned at birth.

Pokemon, Erika, Celadon Gym is just the place for female Grass-type trainers! Which is why Erika is going to extreme lengths to hide the fact that when she was born, there was no A at the end of her name...

Pokemon, Marill line, The Marill line is curious in that some female-bodied Azurill evolve into male-bodied Marill. How does this affect their gender identity - is the change a relief, or a whole new problem?

Pokemon, any trainer character, The Marill line is curious in that some female-bodied Azurill evolve into male-bodied Marill. A trainer watches their now-Marill adjust to the change, and reflects on the similarities and differences with their own life.

Pokemon, any trainer character, The first step in coming out is coming out to your team.

Pokemon, any of the main five XY kids, The problem with becoming famous for saving the world and being seen at a giant parade aired all around Kalos is that you just don't have the privacy to transition in peace.

Pokemon, Sycamore, Seeing one of his charges (the five main XY kids, or Sina or Dexio) struggling with their sexuality, Sycamore offers some advice based on his own experiences.

Welcome to Night Vale, any character, The Voice of Night Vale being openly queer gives them courage to come out as well.

Welcome to Night Vale, Carlos, Some time prior to One Year Later, Carlos tentatively explores Night Vale's queer community (and if he can learn more about the fascinating Voice of Night Vale, that's just an added bonus).

Welcome to Night Vale, Dana/Vithya, Dana is lost and far from home, but there's an angel guiding her to knowledge and, hopefully, to safety.

Welcome to Night Vale, Earl Harlan, Balancing being gay and being a Scout leader.

Welcome to Night Vale, Tamika, She's thirteen - old enough to kill librarians and run a militia - so why do people keep telling her she's too young to know that she's queer?

Date: 2014-03-30 02:43 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Any fandom, any character, Coming out to your parents is hard. It's even harder when it's not so much 'coming out' as 'being walked in on with your boy/girlfriend'.

Any fandom, any character, handkerchief code (or any fantasy/scifi/era-appropriate equivalent)

Any fandom, any character, It's great that everyone's going out of their way to be so accepting when a character comes out. Now if they'd just go back to acting normal again.

Any fandom, any character, Just because they're a virgin doesn't mean they don't know for sure they're queer, and they're certainly not going to rush out there just to prove something to someone.

Any fandom, any queer religious character, their religion is just as important as their queer identity and wishes everyone would stop trying to make them choose one over the other.

Any modern-day fandom, any characters, You'd think online dating services would make it easier to find someone - and maybe they would, if they didn't all seem to assume everyone is straight.

Any school-based fandom, any teacher character, A closeted teacher decides to investigate why an unruly student has been acting out. As it turns out it's due to homophobia/biphobia/transphobia. In comforting them and encouraging them to be themself, they find the courage to come out as well.

Star Trek IV, Gillian Taylor, gay rights have come a long way in 300 years.

Star Trek (any series), any character, It's pretty much impossible to keep secrets when you're surrounded by Betazoids.

Star Trek XI, Spock/Uhura, Spock/other m character, Spock and Uhura get along well, and if there's no real spark – none at all, in fact – they both assume it's Vulcan asexuality/lack of great interest in sex and think little more of it. But then Spock realises an attraction is forming between himself and another man, and has to wonder whether the reason isn't something else after all. Is the sex he's never really missed worth giving up a relationship he already knows works? Or is that just another excuse for Spock to deny part of his own identity even to himself?
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