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This is the prompting post!

Prompts can be from any fandom. Please read the rules first.

When leaving prompts, please leave them in the following form: Fandom, characters, prompt. 

Crossovers should be left in the following form: Crossover, fandom a/fandom b, characters, prompt. (please put fandoms in alphabetical order)

RPF prompts should be left in the following form: RPF, fandom(s), characters, prompt.

You can leave as many prompts per comment as you like and as many prompts in one comment as you like! You do not have to plan to claim prompts in order to post prompts and posting prompts does not mean you have to participate in the claiming round. If you wish to recycle prompts from previous rounds of queer_fest or lgbtfest, you are welcome to do so.

Any questions/concerns about prompts should go to the rules post or via pm to the mod account. The rules post has been set to screen all comments to preserve privacy. If it's just a general question and not a problem with a prompt, it will be unscreened. Please contact us if you have a problem.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Comics fandoms: When prompts are compiled for claiming, all Marvel comics will be grouped together by universe - i.e., Marvel 616 or Marvel Ultimates, including the X-Men. The same is true for the DC Comics universe. Movies will be grouped together as well. The Avengers movies will be grouped together, but the X-Men and Spider-Man movies will be listed separately because they are not the same 'verse. Likewise, the Nolan Batman movies and Superman movies will be listed separately from the comics and from each other.  So if you want to keep that in mind when you are prompting, that's great! If you don't, that's fine, too, and we'll take care of it during the compiling period.
  • Agents of SHIELD will be listed under Agents of SHIELD, not the MCU.

Happy Prompting! Don't forget to read the rules! Prompting ends on March 29.

Prompting for 2014 Queer Fest is now closed.
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Date: 2014-03-18 12:46 am (UTC)
crookedspoon: (harley smile)
From: [personal profile] crookedspoon
Gintama, Kyuubei, wondering why everyone wants her to be more female

Date: 2014-03-18 03:25 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] plot_monster24
Once Upon a Time, Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein, Dr. Whale as an aromantic asexual in the fairytale culture of "True Love."

Once Upon a Time, Henry Mills, a teenage Henry worries about coming out to his Storybrooke family and friends, because he thinks they may have "traditional" values. He is soon proven wrong.

Once Upon a Time, Henry Mills, now that he's older, Henry wants to find his true love but is worried that his asexuality will prevent him from doing so. His family convinces him otherwise.

Once Upon a Time, Henry Mills, Henry is worried about coming out to Regina and Rumplestiltskin, because considering their pasts Pre-Curse, he's pretty sure they manipulated and made the lives of those who were "different" like him miserable.

Date: 2014-03-18 05:34 am (UTC)
doctor_jasley: fall (Default)
From: [personal profile] doctor_jasley
Supernatural, cisgirl Dean, likes the ladies as much as canon cisboy dean does

Stargate Atlantis, any, A culture in Pegasus that views gender as a spectrum, not a binary

Stargate Atlantis, Teyla, has found her husband in Kaanan, now she just needs to find her wife

Grimm, Drew Wu, In the manly world of law protection, admitting you not only have no interest in women, but no interest in sex at all is difficult. Franco is the first person Wu tells he's asexual.

Red vs Blue, Agent Washington, During Project Freelancer Wash didn't have to worry about his sex drive or lack of one seeing as the Director liked to keep them jumping through hoops, then the project crashed and burned, and his life didn't settle after that. But with the Reds and Blues that isn't the case. The only question left is to decide if he wants to say anything to the Blues or figure everything out on his own.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Edmund, Growing into adulthood in Cair Paravel, the castle has seen many a suitor for his siblings' hands in marriage. Once of age, Edmund, being the Just, decreed he would not marry for it would be unjust to choose one suitor as more deserving than another, when in reality he feels no romantic nor sexual urge toward anyone in Narnia. He just wishes Peter, Susan, and Lucy understood that instead of trying to force his hand.

Date: 2014-03-18 03:09 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Any character, any fandom, she's bisexual - so no, her lover isn't her "lesbian lover," thank you very much.

Any character, any fandom, character is bisexual - so no, they aren't having a "gay" wedding.

Date: 2014-03-19 03:21 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Marvel Cinematic Universe, Steve/Tony, everyone expects Steve to have the internalized homophobia, but he doesn't have any. It's actually Tony's issue.

Date: 2014-03-19 11:36 pm (UTC)
chokolattejedi: The Comedian from The Watchmen, smirking (WM - Comedian Smirk)
From: [personal profile] chokolattejedi
So... er... it turns out that I have more queer feels about my fandoms than I realized. I managed to come up with a kabillionty a ton of prompts. XP

Buffy, Faith Lehane, Faith hates seeing Buffy with one boyfriend after another, when she desperately wants Buffy for herself

Buffy, Dawn, Dawn has some questions and Willow seems the best person to answer them (any kind of LGBTQ Dawn)

Danger Days, Party Poison, People escape to the zones for all kinds of reasons. One young girl runs away to a place where she can finally be who she feels like on the inside. (FtM Party Poison)

Danger Days, any, If you can't assimilate to normal society you end up in the zones. LGBTQ people are very bad at BL/ind assimilation

Disney Princesses, any, a chance encounter

Dogma, God, gender appearances and perception are in the eye of the beholder (or penholder)

Any fandom with Dorian Gray, Dorian Gray, Dorian's picture shows a female

Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Kazul, for all that dragons are quite free in their thoughts on gender and gender roles, they are slightly less open about sexuality

Enchanted Forest Chronicles, any of Cimorene's sisters, When Cimorene ran off to be a dragon's princess, her parent's thought that was the last surprise they were going to have when it came to marrying off their daughters. They were wrong.

FF7, Cloud, Imprinting Zach onto Cloud did a lot more than change her memories

Firefly, Inara Serra, Inara became a companion for very specific reasons, despite her asexuality

Firefly, Inara, Her first female client

Frozen, Kristoff, as an asexual, how does he deal with his family and the others trying to shove him at Anna? Can she accept him as he is?

Frozen, Hans, Hans tried this scheme once before (or tries again, after the events of Frozen), on a prince

Frozen, Elsa, What if in this world magical powers like Elsa's are an indicator of an LGBTQ youth?

Frozen, Oaken, Fun in the sauna

Frozen, Elsa, Elsa is all alone in her palace, so she creates a companion for herself (in the same way she made Olaf and Marshmallow)

Frozen, any troll or Kristoff, trolls view family, gender, and sexuality a little differently than most people

Ghost in the Shell: SAC, any Tachikoma, how does one explain gender to an AI?

Ghost in the Shell: SAC, Motoko, she could have any body she wants, even a box or tank, and she chooses a highly sexualized female body

Ghost in the Shell: SAC, the Laughing Man, when your body is a trap and cyberspace is where you really belong, how do you portray yourself?

Harry Potter, Tom Riddle, not only is he an apparent Muggle-born in Slytherin of all places, but Tom is LGBTQ to boot! How does he deal?

Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, how does she explain to her parents that she won't be bringing a man home... ever. (lesbian or asexual Ginny, please)

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, dragon colonies are a lot less socially rigid than the rest of the Wizarding world, making them a perfect place for LGBT folk,

Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Charlie Weasley, Harry realizes he has a crush on a Weasley, and it isn't Ginny

Harry Potter, Fred/Harry/George, The twins always get what they want, and what they want is Harry

Harry Potter, Padma & Parvati, identical twins aren't always so identical

Harry Potter, Albus Dumbledore, after Gellert's betrayal, Albus returned to/retreated into the closet

Instructions Not Included, Lupe, anything about her transition during the movie

Labyrinth, Sarah & or / Jareth, An adult Sarah returns to the Labyrinth, but she has gone through quite a few changes since Jareth last saw her – or him, rather.

Looking for Group, Richard, For Richard, gender is a fluid thing. And sometimes on fire.

Looking for Group, Richard, every day he remembers a little more of his past, including emotions he had thought were long gone

Mulan, Mulan, Mulan wants to become Ping permanently

Ocean's Movies, Danny Ocean, for Danny, it will always come back to both Tess and Rusty

Ocean's Movies, Danny & or / Rusty, that time at the place with the thing and the accidental outing

Phantom of the Opera, Phantom, there are many kinds of masks, including that of a male appearance

Priest, Priest, his sacrifice was harder than most, or was it? (asexual!Priest)

Princess and the Frog, Naveen, it was really too bad that Naveen couldn't kiss herself

Princess and the Frog, Dr. Facillier, the first reason he turned to his friends on the other side (back when they were *her* friends)

Psych, Shawn/Gus, Shawn has never exactly been subtle, and that holds true when he decides to come out

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964), any misfit toy, the story about how a queer misfit toy found the perfect family

RWBY, Yang, Yang has never been good at holding her tongue

RWBY, Blake, Her ears aren't the only thing she's been hiding from the others

RWBY, any, someone accidentally wanders into the queer district near Beacon. The others must follow. Realizations happen

RWBY, any, someone accidentally (totally on purpose) wanders into the queer district near Beacon

RWBY, Ozpin/Qrow, some wounds can't be healed

Stargate Atlantis, Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla's people are quite open about their sexuality but the people on Atlantis aren't quite as free

Stargate Atlantis, Jennifer Keller/any female character, Taking over for Carson is quite the job and Jennifer has to deal with an inopportune crush on top of it

Stargate Atlantis, John/Lorne, John's never quite fit into the military, and his sexuality is only one of the reasons. What will he do when he discovers that he isn't the only one?

Stargate Atlantis, Any, Atlantis is far from earth and their pesky DADT rules. Someone takes full advantage of this.

Stargate Atlantis, Sam Carter, She thought Atlantis would be far enough from Earth that she could be her true self

Stargate Atlantis or SG1, any, DADT is repealed; very much merriment is had

Stargate SG1, Jack/Daniel, this alien culture just assumed that Jack and Daniel were lovers, and one or both of the boys doesn't mind. Now how to let the other know?

Tortall, Kel, Is there more to this knight business than most people think? (trans* or genderqueer Kel, please)

Tortall, Daine, Daine has to sort out her feelings towards Ouna (lesbian or bi/pan/omni Daine, please)

Tortall, Aly, Aly has always been bi/pan/omni and wonders if her mother's disapproval has more to do with that than with her frivolous attitude.

Tortall, Dove, The islands' first queen in 300 years is required to take on a spouse. What happens when she declares her preference for a queen consort instead of a king consort?

Tortall, Kyprioth, Kyprioth has many faces and facets. One/some of them are LGBTQ

Tortall, Alanna, after so many years as Alan, Alanna isn't sure how to change back. And she isn't sure she wants to.

Warm Bodies, R, with the return of his human memories and feelings, R remembers/realizes something important about himself.

White Collar, Mozzie, Mozzie has always been genderfluid

White Collar, Neal &or/ Peter, Peter catches Neal with a man and Neal must educate him on what being bi/pan/omni means

Wicked, Elphaba, how does she deal with her feelings for her best friend?

Wicked, Fiyero, as a scarecrow, he is now lacking some of the defining physical characteristics of a male. How does he process this?

Wicked, Galinda, the obsession with fashion and the cries for attention were just a front for G's deepest secret (trans* please)

Wreck it Ralph, Ralph, Maybe what Ralph needs isn't a medal, but a sex change

Wreck it Ralph, any racer, the restoration of their memories and personalities reminded this racer of something very important

World War Z, any, in light of a zombie apocalypse, some of the things that mattered before don't seem to be quite such a big deal anymore (any LGBTQ character)

World War Z, any, given that the zombies bypass sick people, and several LGBTQ people were bitten, the WHO can now quite confidently declare that queers are not sick

XKCD, any, gender appears to be a pretty fluid thing in the XKCD verse. Play with that, please

XKCD, Beret, Beret encounters a new existentialist question

X-Men (any version), Rogue, Rogue absorbs someone who is LGBTQ, and some of the aspects are taking longer to fade than usual. This calls for a reassessment of some things

X-Men, any, There's that AU (http://marvel.wikia.com/Earth-1007) where all the X-Men got genderbent permanently. For one X-person, that was their fondest wish come true

X-Men, Mystique, becoming other people, feeling or acting as they would, begins to blur the lines

X-Men, any, how does one keep a secret in a school run by a mind reader? One X teammate attempts it

Date: 2014-03-20 02:23 pm (UTC)
calliatra: Picture of Jenny Sherpard smirking, with the text "heh." (Default)
From: [personal profile] calliatra
Almost Human, Dorian, Dorian is as open about his sexuality as he is about the rest of his feelings. That doesn’t mean John doesn’t have a lot of unanswered questions. (Why program sexuality into a police bot at all? And why a minority one? And does it ever find, er, …practical application?)

Almost Human, John Kennex, John is bisexual. What does that mean in the year 2048?

Bomb Girls, Betty McRae, Betty never expected to get a happy ending, but somehow things do end up working out.

Cabin Pressure, Martin Crieff, Introducing his boyfriend to his friends and family really shouldn't be this hard. Except, well, he's not exactly out, not as such… not in the sense that he's ever told anyone that he- not that he's ever pretended otherwise! - but people do have certain expectations and and and- this is going to be a disaster, isn't it? (It isn't.)

Community, Troy/Abed, Britta is vocally and delightedly supportive, Annie’s jumpy and awkward, Jeff thinks it’s No Big Deal (And Can We Talk About Something Else, Please!), Pierce is in gay-joke-heaven and Shirley isn’t speaking to them. So, coming out went well, then.

Elementary, Joan Watson, Joan doesn’t notice she’s falling for Mary Morstan until Sherlock helpfully points it out. Much like the rest of her current life, it’s not at all what she envisioned for herself, but it feels… right.

Elementary, Tommy Gregson, while he was married everyone assumed he was straight and he was happy to leave it at that. Thing is, now he’s divorced and dating a man and really not sure how to do the coming out thing. Then again, with Sherlock Holmes around he might not get a chance to do it on his own terms anyway.

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark, Tony stopped trying to live up to his father’s expectations years ago. He’s rich, he’s a genius and he’ll do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Except men. But that doesn't count. Because he doesn't want to. And because it's a Bad Idea. And because… yeah, okay, maybe he does have just a few residual issues there.

The West Wing, Josh Lyman/OMC, Josh isn't homophobic, but he's definitely straight. Definitely, absolutely, no question about it. So there's no way he could be falling for a man. And if his friends think they notice a change in him, they're definitely, definitely wrong. …Right?

Date: 2014-03-21 01:37 am (UTC)
punkpinkpower: (Rainbow Terror)
From: [personal profile] punkpinkpower
Revolution, Charlie and Conner, Conner has always been queer, but doesn’t know how to be open about it with his father, who is expecting a perfect son. He and Charlie discuss what it’s like to identify as queer in a post apoc world like theirs. Non-romantic queers supporting each other. Bonus points if Charlie is Bi/Pan.

Revolution, Sebastian Monroe/Miles Matheson, Back in the republic, when things had been good, they’d been together and no one had made a fuss. Maybe that was because they’d been in power and could have killed anyone who spoke out against them with a word. But now, living on the edge as outlaws, it’s harder for them to be together without drawing looks and having to discuss it with people all the time. Bass realizes things haven’t changed all that much after all in the 20 odd years since the power’s been out.

Power Rangers Samurai, Lauren, Never having had time to experiment with sexuality before her return home, Lauren watches the members of her brother’s team and tries to decide what her sexuality is. But the many definitions they use and the controversy that seems to surround them all surprise and baffle her. What is a spectrum? Can’t she just look at butts and enjoy them? Why didn’t anyone talk to her about this growing up?

Power Rangers Samurai, Antonio/Jayden, Jayden has difficulty even saying the word “Gay”. Antonio tries not to out him to his friends or family, despite the fact that they are together and he wants to be as OUT as possible. He has some internal struggle with going back in the closet for the sake of true love, even if only until their mission is done.

Power Rangers Samurai, Emily, Growing up in a small rural community, how and when did Emily realize she was attracted to more than just boys?

Power Rangers Samurai, Kevin/Mike, Kevin pines after Mike, thinking that he’s straight, but never actually asks him, only to one day in the future meet Mike’s boyfriend, and realize he’s been looking at sexuality is a binary, when for Mike, it isn’t.

Power Rangers Samurai, Mia, She wants to get married and have a healthy relationship and have five or six of her own biological children... but she's never been sure how she's going to do any of that while being asexual. The idea of being pregnant fascinates her and she wants it so much... but the idea of how to get pregnant is harder to come to terms with.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Cam/Hunter, It’s not that they’re gay that prevents them from disclosing their relationship. It’s that they’re the head teachers of the academies, and it might look… indecent for the two people responsible for most of the decisions between the two academies to be involved with each other. At least, that’s what Cam tells himself.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Leanne, Leanne as genderqueer, growing up inside the strict academy setting and being unable to truly be herself until after she graduated and moved to Nepal.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Fran/Dom/RJ, Fran is Dom’s girlfriend. RJ is Dom’s boyfriend. RJ and Fran are best friends. The three of them navigate being in a committed, queer, polyamorous relationship while also running a business together.

Teen Wolf, Cora, When she goes back to Beacon Hills, she goes back to performing her gender as female, because that’s what her surviving family will expect. It couldn’t be farther from the truth, though.

Teen Wolf, Isaac Lahey/Danny Mahealani, Danny identifies as gay. Isaac identifies as queer. Danny tries to get Isaac to give more of a label to his sexuality, and Isaac has to explain why it isn’t that simple for him.

Firefly, Jayne/Simon, Jayne can’t understand how he can be into men. He likes Simon, likes kissing him, and fucking is pretty much the same as it is with a woman, but he’s having trouble reconciling the fact that really, it’s not. It’s much, much better.

Firefly, Zoe, She’s identified as a lesbian her whole life, and still finds women plenty attractive. When she meets Wash, though, she realizes she might actually be bisexual, and spurns his advanced for a long time because she’s afraid of identifying that way, regardless of what she feels.

Star Trek Voyager, any hologram, The holographic character wonders why someone would program them looking female, but feeling as though they should be male, and asks an engineer to change their programming, or delete them.

Downton Abbey, Sybil/Gwen, There were enough barriers between the two of them, like class, and family, and politics, without adding the fact that they were both women.

The Hunger Games, any tribute from any games, Despite the fact that they’ve never identified as a boy, that’s the class of tribute they were selected for. How does the capital react to a trans tribute, and, if they win, will they be allowed to fully transition?
Edited Date: 2014-03-21 01:41 am (UTC)

Date: 2014-03-21 05:08 am (UTC)
wildandfreehearts: Odo/Quark - BEST SHIP EVAR. XD (Con & Constable)
From: [personal profile] wildandfreehearts
Any Fandom, Any Character/Any Character, Explaining to the SO about gender-switching, because they're not bigender like xie is.

Star Trek: TOS or AOS, Kirk and Spock, Omnisexual and asexual BFFs make a LGBTQ safety-zone on The Enterprise... against Starfleet's common protocols.

Star Trek: TNG, Data, His emotion-chip has made him notice certain things about his sexuality he wasn't aware of before.

Star Trek: TNG, Troi/Riker, Troi is pre-op MtF and Riker doesn't know. Yet.

Star Trek: DS9, Odo, Being a Changeling he's never thought very much about gender... but Odo is starting to wonder what it be like to spend life as a woman. And how does everyone else react if he starts?

Star Trek: DS9, Odo/Quark, The fact that they're different species isn't as 'shocking' as the fact that they're gay - Starfleet is strongly DADT... but DS9 turns out to be a safe-haven of acceptance.

Date: 2014-03-21 04:29 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Star Trek (any), Any Character, The regular meeting of the asexual crew members to play chess/scrabble/Vulcan logic games/Klingon battle tactics/game of your choice while the sexual members of the crew enjoy shore leave on Risa (or Wrigley's Pleasure Planet, depending on which era you are doing.)

Date: 2014-03-22 06:04 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hexiva
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Revan, in-universe discussion about whether Revan is a man or a woman. It turns out the answer is "neither."
Star Wars EU, Darth Bane, Bane won the battle for Zannah's body. What effects does this, and his continued impersonation of Darth Zannah, have on his gender identity?
Star Wars, Darth Vader, Under all that black armor, no one can tell he/she is trans.

The Matrix, any character or OC, A post-op trans character takes the red pill and wakes up . . . back in their original body.
The Matrix, any character or OC, the difficulties of transitioning in a society with limited resources like Zion
The Matrix, any character or OC, you wouldn't think a bodiless computer program would have a gender identity, but somehow they do. What's it like explaining this to humans?
The Matrix, any Agent characters or OCs, it's hard navigating any kind of sexuality when you're a sentient antivirus program.

Marvel 616, Machinesmith, he faces the perception that he's not "really" gay because he's no longer human.
Marvel 616, Machinesmith, the Skeleton Crew, it's a hard life being an openly gay man working for a bunch of Nazis.
Marvel (any version), Magneto, when you're as old as he is, it starts to feel like there's no point in transitioning at this stage.
Marvel (any version), Mystique, Is being mutant a privilege, when zir shapeshifting makes it so much easier to be accepted as genderqueer?
Marvel 616 or Avengers, Captain America and the Red Skull, When it comes out that the Red Skull, resident worst person in the world, isn't straight, the public's prejudices that LGBTQ people are evil are reinforced. But Steve himself is bisexual . . .
Avengers, Trevor Slattery, his experiences with situational and not-so-situational homosexuality
Marvel 616 or Avengers, Captain America, taking the serum made her body a lot more conventionally masculine - which is a problem, since she's trans.
Marvel 616, lgbtq!Doctor Doom, someone makes a homophobic/transphobic comment in front of Doctor Doom and only realizes their mistake when it's too late.

Doctor Who, the Doctor, When he regenerates into a female body, everyone expects him to be a woman now, but no, he's the same man he ever was. He doesn't understand why this confuses his companions.

The Gods Themselves, OCs, A transgender community in a world with three sexes.

Also, reposting these

Date: 2014-03-22 06:06 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] hexiva
Any Fandom : any characters, It's true that their marriage isn't a passionate one; one or both of them prefers the attentions of their own sex. That doesn't mean they're unhappily married.
Any fandom, any character, a character returns from the dead with different ideas about their orientation or gender identity. Did they 'come back wrong' or are they just finally discovering who they really are?
Any fandom, any character, In an age when no one talks about sex and ideas of men and women are possibly the most rigid they've been (think: Victorian), a transgender character does their best to live as who they really are, with the help of their tailor/seamstress who keeps their secret - either out of the goodness of their heart, or out of love for the purse strings.
Any fandom, any characters, "Heterosexism requires binary and opposing sexes and genders: if there were a hundred genders, 'heterosexuality' could not exist." - Riki Ann Wilchins.
Any fandom, any characters, "Third World queers of color, stone butches, transexuals, and other gendertrash [...] were in the Stonewall Inn that night because their lives intersected so many kinds of oppression that they had no place else to go." - Riki Ann Wilchins Tell me a story about a place (could be a bar or club, or a church, a treehouse, a cyber community, a blacktop, a community center, or anything else) that serves that function.
Any superhero fandom, any bad guy, finding support among supervillains.
Doctor Who, Peri, just because she wasn't born female and she worked hard for her body, that doesn't mean she's not offended when guys talk to her breasts and not to her.

Date: 2014-03-22 02:13 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Power Rangers in Space, any Ranger, the media discovers one of the unmasked Space Rangers is LGBTQ. Said Ranger now has to decide how to handle being unceremoniously outed to the world both as queer and as a superhero.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Dustin, all the Yellow Rangers in the comics were women. They also had skirts. Dustin's a little disappointed his suit didn't. (MtF)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Dustin, all the Yellow Rangers in the comics were women. They also had skirts. Dustin's so thankful his suit didn't. (FtM)

Power Rangers, any, When you're trying to stop the destruction of your town it's hard to be a good role model for other LGBT people out there. In fact it's hard to be out as a LGBT person anyway since you're just a body in a brilliantly coloured suit.

Power Rangers RPM, Dillon, he knows who he feels attracted to, but he doesn't remember if he was 'out' before Venjix decided to take away his memories. And what if he comes out, finds his sister and he finds he wasn't out before?

Power Rangers RPM, Gem & Gemma & Flynn, Flynn's bisexual and trying to date one of a pair of twins that really have no grasp on sexuality. He feels like their sex-ed teacher.

Power Rangers RPM, Scott, being gay in the Air Force, being a gay leader of the Power Rangers, and being the gay child of a father who has already lost the perfect son.

Power Rangers RPM, Scott & Summer, Summer thought she had a choice between Dillon and Scott - she never had a possibility with Scott as he's a Kinsey scale 6.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Hunter, after nearly-killing your nearly-friends it's pretty hard to know when it would be appropriate to come out.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury, any Ranger, being very happy to find that Jungle Karma Pizza has a rainbow flag in the window.

Date: 2014-03-23 03:25 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Danganronpa, Chihiro Fujisaki(/Makoto Naegi), after her School Mode ending, Chihiro struggles with internalized transmisogyny and her feelings towards the guy who now thinks of her as a boy

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, when all of your (six!) siblings get married and have kids, is it really necessary for everyone to bother you about when you'll settle down too? (aromantic asexual Charlie)

Persona 3, Aigis/heroine, Aigis doesn't really feel like a girl but being seen as one still affects their relationship with the heroine

Persona 3, Aigis/Yukari, moving in together after The Answer brings new layers to their relationship, especially considering their shared pasts with the hero(ine, if the author prefers)

Persona 4, Naoto Shirogane, Naoto may have been designated female at birth, but he's not comfortable with everyone else's idea that he has to be a girl (Naoto as a trans guy)

Pokémon, any, the fact that moves like Attract and abilities like Cute Charm only work on opposite-gender Pokémon really shouldn't be interpreted to mean that all Pokémon are straight

Pokémon, Leaf, Red and Leaf are the same person (trans Leaf, specific identity up to writer)

Pokémon, Serena/Shauna, being the Champion and having a parade just for you is already pretty daunting; being in the public eye and trying to be in a relationship with your cute same-gender friend is actually kind of terrifying

The Legend of Zelda, Zelda (and Sheik), Zelda is completely comfortable being both the princess and a male warrior (nonbinary Zelda)

Quick correction to one of my prompts

Date: 2014-03-23 04:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
My comment has not been screened yet, so I can't reply to it, but I must make a correction to my Harry Potter prompt. It should read as follows:

Harry Potter, Charlie Weasley, all of his living siblings are married and have kids, so is it really necessary for everyone to bother him about when he's going to settle down too? (aromantic asexual Charlie)

(There might be some discrepancy in how I originally worded it since I'm on a different device right now, but I realized a mistake with a small joke I included about Charlie's number of siblings. If the writer wants it to be an AU with all of them married with kids, that's fine by me, but I don't want to accidentally make that a requirement.)

Date: 2014-03-23 05:06 am (UTC)
busaikko: Bela looking wistfully upset (YNB Bela)
From: [personal profile] busaikko
Any fandom, Any character, A parent comes out as bisexual to their child.
Any fandom, Any character, A character's never felt the need to label themselves, but now they have a partner who'd feel more comfortable if they did.
Any fandom, Any character, A character who identified as AC/DC way back in the 60s/70s/80s never told their life partner that. Now, decades later and still in that happy relationship, they want to come out.
Any fandom, Any character, A character who identified as AC/DC way back in the 60s/70s/80s never told their life partner that. Now, decades later, they want to come out to their ex - but don't know how to explain that their being bi is not one of the reasons the relationship ended.
Any fandom, Any character, After contact with the local queer community, a character feels that they've been "doing their sexuality wrong" all along.
Any fandom, Any character, A bisexual character in a profession where homosexuality is not allowed (ex.: US military prior to lifting of DADT) or where the culture makes them feel coming out would be disadvantageous (ex.: playing some professional sports, reporting for a gay magazine): how do they balance their career with their sexual orientation?

Stargate: Atlantis, Any US military character, Being bisexual under DADT.
Stargate: Atlantis, Any character, They are surprised to find that in an alternate reality they have a different sexuality.
Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Any character, Their cultures have totally different ways of describing sexuality and of forming relationships: how do they make it work (or not)?
Crossover, Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis, Cameron Mitchell/John Sheppard, They've been together a long time: what do they do when DADT is no longer in effect?

Ando Lloyd, Ando Lloyd, Androids have functions, not gender. Or do they?
Ando Lloyd, Ando Asahi, She's in love with Reiji and Nanase.
Ando Llyod, Hoshi Shinzo, He's in love with Sakiko, but physically attracted to Isaku.

Nobuta wo Produce (TV drama), Any character, When they come out, they get support from an unexpected source.
Nobuta wo Produce (TV drama), Bando, She likes the idea of being Nobuta's girlfriend.

Yokai Ningen Bem (TV drama), Natsume Akinori/Natsume Nahoko, They're both gay and in an open marriage; their marriage is important to them.
Yokai Ningen Bem (TV drama), Ogata Koharu/Bela, The age difference means that they have different expectations and fears.

Date: 2014-03-23 02:19 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] latenightcuppa
DC Comics, Tim Drake, he's bisexual and at no point was he ever really in the closet, is it his fault everyone just assumed.

DC Comics, Cassandra Cain + any, navigating other people's assumptions and societal expectations attached to language, gender and sexuality is something she's probably never going to understand

Marvel Comics, Kate Bishop + any, figuring out where she lands on the queer spectrum

Marvel Comics, Yelena Belova, the Black Widow name stands for a whole lot of things she can't relate to

reposting prompts!

Date: 2014-03-24 02:17 am (UTC)
somehowunbroken: (Default)
From: [personal profile] somehowunbroken
Any fandom, any character, she is sick of people thinking her sexuality/gender identity is in any way related to her mental illness. (Pronouns for clarity; change as fits the character.)

Any Fandom, any character. An asexual character trying to explain that not wanting to have sex doesn't mean xie isn't sex positive.

Any fandom, any characters, A character who identified as completely straight comes to realize that they’re in a non-sexual relationship with their queer, same-sex best friend.

Any Fandom : any character, being married to [the character's] (opposite-sex) high school sweetheart made [the character's] bisexuality/pansexuality/fluid sexuality more theoretical than anything else... until [the character's] spouse brings up the idea of polyamory and opening up their relationship.

Any fandom, any character, 'asexual' does not mean 'straight.

Any Fandom, Any Character, After a magical accident/mysterious artefact/fandom appropriate incident turns everyone a different colour depending on their sexuality, people want to know why character X hasn't changed at all. (Character X is asexual)

Any fandom, any character, After identifying as asexual for so long, being in a romantic relationship begins awakening entirely new desires. What is this new and mysterious thing called demisexuality?

Any fandom, any character, an asexual wishes they could go to the local bar and pick someone up just for cuddling.

Any fandom, any character, Five lies s/he wouldn't have told if s/he'd been straight.

Any fandom, any character, that conversation you wouldn't have to go through if you weren't bi.

Any fandom, any character, they thought once they came out to their friends and family, that was it - but they're discovering the reality is that outing yourself, or choosing not to, is a decision you make on a daily basis.

Any Fandom, Any Character, Yes, they're both queer. Yes, they're good friends. No, they're not going out, nor have they ever in the past, nor will they ever do so in the future.

Any fandom, any character; what are the odds of having multiple queer siblings in one family? What are the odds that people will accept this as the truth and not a case of follow-the-leader?

Any Fandom, any character(s), Step one - save the world. Step two - tell your parents you're not as straight than they thought. So, starting off with the easy one, then.

Any fandom, any character/pairing/moresome: "The whispers that it won't last/roll up and down the pews." (from Cath, by Death Cab for Cutie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yFtWJhsT3k) What does a couple do when people are publicly doubting they'll stay together--because they're of the same sex, because one of them is bi/trans/ace/something, because it's an open or poly relationship, or for some other reason?

Any Fandom: any characters, Finding support in an unlikely place.

Any superhero fandom, any character/any character, a pair of superheroes narrowly divert another world-ending crisis. But for some reason, it was the same-sex kiss (or other show of affection) that made the evening news

Any superhero fandom, any super___ character, using the costume to present as the right gender when the secret identity can't

DC Comics, Tim Drake, trying to convince his partner that being asexual doesn't mean he's aromantic, made harder by the fact that he isn't that demonstrative in the first place.

DC Comics : any superhero character, the superhero community is a gossipy place, full of rampant speculation about other heroes' sexualities. But no one came close to guessing the truth of [character]'s asexuality.

DC Comics pre reboot, Tim Drake, for a boy who has spent his whole life holding up a mirror and trying to be what he thinks others want him to be, making the decision to come out for himself is a process.

DC Comics, All Robins, discovering which part of the queer spectrum they fall under

DC Comics, Batfamily, any character Coming out to Alfred

DC Comics, Cassandra Cain, She doesn't know the word for what Stephanie is to her

DC Comics, Damian Wayne - Damian scornfully informs his father that he is attempting to scare him with the wrong Talk, using entirely the wrong charts.

DC Comics, Dick Grayson, The scariest thing he ever did was coming out to Batman. (Optional: Now he tells the story to someone else considering coming out to their mentor.)

DC Comics, Jason Todd/any, If another straight person in this ridiculous mansion gives him the "all you have to do is accept yourself" speech, Jason is going to punch them right square in their well-meaning, heterosexual face.

DC Comics, Red Hood and the Outlaws and Nightwing, it’s a little uncomfortable being on a team with your brother’s exes

DC Comics, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, It somehow becomes public that Arsenal and Nightwing are raising a little girl together. Of all the things to get upset about people are not commenting on the fact that violent vigilantes with highly risky jobs are the sole caretaker of an innocent child or even that to have a school aged daughter in his early 20s then Arsenal must have been a teenaged father, no, what makes people clutching their pearls is the fact they are both men.

DC Comics, Stephanie Brown/Tim Drake/Kon-El, It's true that the superhero community is pretty accepting about poly relationships. Now if they'd just stop assuming that Kon's only in it for Stephanie and that Tim's only in it for Kon, that'd be great.

DC Comics, Tim Drake, he's always been amused by the local tabloid's attempts to link him to women around Gotham, but when they get a shot of him and his boyfriend stealing a kiss outside a restaurant, suddenly it isn't funny anymore.

Date: 2014-03-24 09:24 pm (UTC)
katemacetak: by phchiu2 (Default)
From: [personal profile] katemacetak
Doctor Who, any Doctor but "new" Who preferred, any companion/OC companion. Meeting a race of nonbinary aliens makes a companion rethink perceptions of their own gender.

Skins, Mini/Frankie. Being in a queerplatonic partnership works for them...too bad it's so difficult to explain to all their friends.

BBC Sherlock, Moriarty. No, he's not gay because he's evil, or evil because he's gay...your conceptions of sexuality are just really boring.

Dragonriders of Pern, any character. What Impressing a dragon of the opposite gender means for your own gender identity. (Feel free to adapt this to any people-bond-to-telepathic-animals fandom, if you prefer.)

Dragonriders of Pern, any bronzerider. Everyone assumes bronzeriders are heterosexual. But that can't be true for every one, can it?

Dragonriders of Pern, any character. After growing up in a conservative Hold, a candidate's views of sexuality are transformed in the Weyr, and for the first time they are able to be open about their identity.

Date: 2014-03-24 11:27 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Any fandom, any character(s), parent/child bonding over their sexuality.

Any fandom, any character, five ways being queer was absolutely fantastic.

Any fandom, any characters, coming out wouldn't be so irritating if people didn't immediately assume you were in love with your straight best friend of the same sex.

Any fandom with time travel, any character, in the future, there is no such thing as sexual identity; people simply do not identify themselves that way. A time travelling LGBT person finds it hard to come to terms with this.

Any fandom, any character, you’re so used to being the token straight person you don't know if you should tell your friends about your single, impossible-to-shake same-sex crush.

Any fandom, any character, A character in a monogamous relationship confronts bisexual invisibility.

Any fandom, Any character, A gay/lesbian/bisexual character who finds support and comfort in his or her religious community.

Any fandom, any character, A year after s/he comes out to his/her parents over the phone, s/he brings his/her boyfriend to visit his hometown. His/her parents are supportive, but many people from his/her past are not.

Any Fandom, Any Character, Any point on the queer spectrum: Finding a place within the queer community is hard, when one sees one's queerness as no more or less important than any other aspect of one's identity.

Any fandom, any character, Character X realises s/he's bisexual and deals with coming out to friends who really aren't surprised.

Any Fandom, any Character, Sometimes it seems like you're the last one to know about your own sexuality.

Any fandom, any character, you lost your entire family coming-out, so it's really unfair that your partner's family barely blinks when s/he brings you home for Christmas.

Any Fandom, any character, Queer is the only label that ever seemed to fit.

Any fandom, any character, Figuring out you like girls too is surprisingly easy. Figuring out how you flirt with one is surprisingly hard.

Any fandom, any character, A character comes out and finds their ideas of who would be supportive and who wouldn't were completely wrong.

Any Fandom, any character, I don't have to explain the nuances of my sexual identity to you.

Any fandom, any characters, He/she is bi, but has always hidden that fact since he/she never felt enough for another man/woman to want a long-term relationship and thus deal with the public fallout. Now he/she does, and is having to face coming out to other people - and him/herself.

Any Fandom, any characters, They never intended being open about their relationship(s) to be any kind of statement, but that doesn't stop people - both enemies and allies - from taking it as such.

Any fandom, any male/male couple, One of them doesn't like anal sex. What complications does this add to the relationship, and how do they get around it?

Any fandom, any MtF character, why she doesn't want surgery--a girl can have a penis dammit! This should NOT be a problem!

Any fandom, any pairing, 'Aren't you tired of hiding this from everyone?'

Any fandom, any queer religious character, their religion is just as important as their queer identity and wishes everyone would stop trying to make them choose one over the other.

Any science fiction fandom, any characters, On this planet, same-sex relationships are society’s dominant orientation, not heterosexuality.

Any science fiction or fantasy fandom, any character, They literally have gaydar.

Any science fiction or supernatural fandom, any characters, Humans' rigid ideas about gender and sexuality make falling in love with one difficult.

Any science fiction or supernatural fandom, any characters, They didn't think being the same sex would be harder to deal with than being of different species, and yet.

Any science fiction or supernatural fandom, any characters, A human and a non-human discuss their differing views on sexuality and/or gender.

Firefly, any characters, On the Rim, norms depend on which world you come from. Two or more of them get into a discussion about how LGBT issues were viewed on their home planets. Preferably with at least two very different views mentioned.

Harry Potter, any characters, someone finds strength to come out after they hear that Dumbledore was gay, too.

Star Trek Reboot, Spock Prime, He knows that there have been many unanticipated changes to the timeline, but it's still a surprise to find his counterpart in a relationship with a woman.

Star Trek TOS or XI, Kirk(/Spock), After news of their relationship spreads, Kirk finds himself becoming the unofficial advisor for queer crewmembers.

Star Trek TOS or XI, Spock, In a meld Spock realizes something about himself that he had never known before. Shame that whoever he was melding with now knows it, too.

Star Trek TOS or XI, Spock, The geneticists at the Vulcan Science Academy said it would be easier trying to create a female child instead of a male child, due to hormone differences between humans and Vulcans. Spock kept quiet all these years, but one of the reasons he applied to Starfleet was because transitioning is legal on Earth.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Mirror!Spock, The meld with the other universe's Dr. McCoy showed Mirror!Spock a universe unlike he'd ever imagined: a universe in which he was free to explore the desires the Empire demanded he never express.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk/Spock, Because of Kirk’s celebrity as the Enterprise’s captain and Spock’s high social position on Vulcan, their upcoming wedding threatens to turn into an intergalactic event. And not everyone’s pleased with gay nuptials.

Star Trek: The Original Series, Kirk/Spock, When the Enterprise discovers a world where gay is the norm, does that give the Captain and his First Officer the nudge they need to admit their feelings for each other?

Babylon 5, any, In canon, Minbari courtship rituals are often stated in terms of one male and one female. ("The male sleeps and the female watches.") What rituals (if any) do they have for same-sex couples?

Star Trek (any), any character, By the 23rd century, same-sex relationships among humans are considered no stranger than heterosexual ones, causing Earth to become a haven for LGBT people from more conservative species/planets.

Star Trek XI, any Vulcan, Trying to reconcile their homosexuality with their sense of duty when their species is close to extinction.

Star Trek TOS, Kirk, Being trapped in Janice Lester's body brings back memories he thought he'd left behind. (Kirk is FTM.)

Date: 2014-03-25 01:27 am (UTC)
bessemerprocess: Elder duckie Ursala Vernon (acid-ink) (Default)
From: [personal profile] bessemerprocess
Haven, Nathan Wournos, he uses his Trouble as a cover for his identity until he doesn't want to anymore.
Haven, Duke Crocker, Duke spent those ten years away from Haven getting his body to fit himself. Nathan may hate him, but both before and after Duke leaves Nathan's always respected the him part (but never the smuggling part.)
Haven, Sarah, Lucy, Audrey, their sexual indenity is just as changing as their hair color.
Haven, Nathan/Duke, the Rev still hates them more for being Troubled than anything else, but coming out together hasn't exactly helped.
Haven, Garland/Simon, just because Garland loved Simon, doesn't mean that he's going to let him off the hook for killing all those people and it doesn't mean Garland is ever going to tell anyone what happened, especially not Nathan, even if Duke and Nathan seem to be going in the same direction.

Lost Girl, the variety of identity are even more complex among the Fae.
Lost Girl, Bo/Dyson/Lauren, Dyson and Lauren negotiate a relationship even when Bo isn't there.

Date: 2014-03-25 08:08 pm (UTC)
radondoran: Perry the Platypus in a musketeer uniform, wielding a saber (Default)
From: [personal profile] radondoran
The Gay Detective - Lou Rand, Tiger Olsen/Francis Morley, Tiger isn't swishy at all--and yet he's falling for his employer

Date: 2014-03-25 10:02 pm (UTC)
tsukino_akume: (Fanboys Unite Icon)
From: [personal profile] tsukino_akume
Crossover, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Power Rangers Zeo, Adam, In one timeline, Adam was happily in a poly relationship with Rocky and Aisha. After the Orb of Doom, he suddenly found himself exclusively dating Tanya. What caused the change, and does Adam know? How does he feel about it? (Alternatively Rocky, Aisha, and/or Tanya's POV.)

Power Rangers Zeo, Billy, Billy didn't move to Aquitar for Cestria - he moved for the LBGT community.

Power Rangers, Trey, Karone, Maya, Ryan, Trip, Cole, Tyzonn, Camille, Sexuality and gender identity from someone raised in unusual circumstances. (One or several; writer's choice.)

Power Rangers in Space, Astro Rangers, Zhane and Andros take the team Kerovian/Space clubbing. Bonus: Justin comes. Double Bonus: Andros is the one who fits in.

Power Rangers Wild Force, Taylor, Some days Don't Ask, Don't Tell is the mantra that keeps her going.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Dustin, Dustin is the one person on his team that's never questioned his sexuality - or anyone else's. (Preferably bisexual Dustin.)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Conner, Conner is totally comfortable with his identity. Totally. Absolutely no issues. So why does meeting Tori, who's clearly one of the boys, bother him so much? (FtM Conner)

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Mack, Mack never realized he didn't have a sexuality until he became human. Now there are *hormones* and *turn-ons*, and he has no idea what's going on.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Spencer, No one actually noticed that Spencer was gay until the day he brought home his long-term boyfriend. Bonus: Mack with protective child syndrome.

Power Rangers Samurai, Antonio/Jayden, After years of isolation and self-discovery, Jayden is very comfortable with both his sexuality and his feelings for Antonio. Antonio is the one who's never taken the time to think about considering Jayden as being anything more than a friend.

Power Rangers Megaforce, Troy/Jordan, After a lifetime of bullying, Troy's more than a little gun-shy about relationships in general. Jordan is determined to fix that.

Date: 2014-03-26 02:26 am (UTC)
rivulet027: (Default)
From: [personal profile] rivulet027
Power Ranger Turbo Justin Stewart Dating when you’re bisexual and half your old teammates can’t seem to see that you’re an adult now.

Power Rangers in Space Zhane He openly flirts with both men and women and isn’t sure what to do with these new teammates who seem a bit shocked by his behavior.

Power Rangers Jungle Fury RJ Coming out as asexual to his team.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue Kelsey/Nancy Kelsey’s whole team knows she’s a lesbian and dating Nancy. She’s only just getting used to the limelight being a Lightspeed Ranger brings, she wasn’t prepared for the whole world to find out about her relationship.

Power Rangers MegaForce Gia She thought everyone at school knew she was a lesbian, she’s been out and proud for years. It’s clear Jake has a crush and doesn’t know. For the first time in her life she isn’t sure how to come out to someone.

Power Rangers MegaForce Gia/Emma They’ve been best friends since they were six and girlfriends since junior high, but they’re not out. How do they tell their teammates?

Power Rangers Samurai Jayden/Antonio Jayden has known he’d grow up to marry Antonio since he was four, he’s just now sure how to tell Ji or his sister that.

Power Rangers Samurai Kevin/Mike Keven has spent his whole life either training for the Olympics or training to be a Samurai. He’s never even thought of dating and what he’d want until he met Mike. He’s not sure where to start.

Power Rangers Time Force Lucas is not only Time Force but a famous race car driver who has a bit of a reputation for being a heartbreaker with both the both the ladies and the men, only now he’s stuck in 2001. How does he cope?

Power Rangers Time Force Wes/Eric The one regret Eric had when leaving prep school was breaking up with Wes. It took him awhile to accept his sexuality and he’d like another chance with Wes, he’s just not sure how to ask.
Power Rangers Wildforce Max/Danny Everyone always assumes they’re a couple, but they don’t realize they want to be one until their trip around the world post mission.

Power Rangers Zeo Rocky/Billy There are many things Rocky wished he’d said to Billy before Billy left for Aquitar. How do you tell your best friend you love him when he’s moved to another planet and dating a woman?

Power Rangers Lightspeed Chad The only woman he’s loved is a mermaid and his teammates were supportive, so why is he so nervous about telling them he has a boyfriend?

Power Rangers Samurai Mike Loving Emily doesn’t mean he loves Kevin any less.

Power Rangers Megaforce/Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Mack explains sexuality to Roboknight when Roboknight is confused by Troy’s attraction to him.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Kelsey She’s bisexual. Chad is her best friend and teammate. Nancy is smart, funny and Kelsey is enjoying becoming friends with her. Kelsey’s grandmother is having a party and she’s requested that Kelsey bring a date.

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. Jemma/Leo/Skye Jemma’s bisexual. Leo’s asexual. They’ve been together for years and both would like to bring Skye into their relationship.

Torchwood Tosh and Jack. They don’t get rescued in ‘Captain Jack Harkness’ and must now adjust to being queer and living in the 1940’s.

Date: 2014-03-26 12:20 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
tw: incest, non-con - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie Kelly, coming to the realisation that his asexuality is an identity other people share, and not being 'broken' by Uncle Jack
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